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Coronet -> Evil Battleaxe (3/23/2005 21:08:50)

Evil Battleaxe

Level: 25
Power Level: 25
Price: 5,000 74
Sellback: 2,500 37
Location: Yulgar's Beginner Shop

Type: Melee
Element: Darkness
Damage: 7-17
BTH: 3

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 209% Base, Random and 105% Stats* each
BTH: +11 each
Rate: 20%

*Stat damage only applies when a lucky strike occurs.

All normal Player attacks and weapon Specials deal *85/84 damage and have -1 BTH.

This weapon is evil! Pure evil.


Image thanks to Koree. Adventurership from Windy. Updated stats from In Media Res and Aelthai. New prices thanks to In Media Res and BlackAces.

Koree -> RE: Evil Battleaxe (7/21/2010 3:03:33)

Evil Battleaxe

Level: 20 25
Location: Yulgar’s Beginner Shop Forge, Nocturu Clan Shop Yulgar's Beginner Shop
Cost: 5000
Sellback: 2000 3 750

Attack Type: Melee
Attack Element: Darkness
Damage: 5-19 7-26
BTH: 5

Hits: 2
Attack Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 2-12 each
B2H: +0% each
Stat Bonuses: No
Rate: 20%

This weapon is evil! Pure evil.


Adventurership and new sellback from Windy.

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