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Location: Amityvale (Books 1 and 2), Choose Your Own Adventure Quest

Quests given
The Pumpkin Patch

Shops owned
Lugosi's Shop

Amityvale (Books 1 and 2)

Lugosi: Welcome <Class>! Take a look around. I make and sell a wide variety of weapons.

  • Shop - opens Lugosi's Shop.

  • Weapon Quest
    Lugosi: Do you want to quest for Moonglow? I can use it to make powerful light Dragon Amulet weapons out of any of the weapons that I sell.
    • Tell me more...
      Lugosi: For a level 15 weapon, I need the weapon from my shop that you would like enchanted and 10 pouches of Moonglow.
      Lugosi: for a level 22 weapon, I need the weapon from my shop that you would like enchanted and 20 pouches of Moonglow.
      Lugosi: The Moonglow is rare. If I get enough of it, I can charge any of the weapons that I sell with light, and make them Dragon Amulet weapons.

    • Quest for Moonglow! - Takes you to The Pumpkin Patch.

    • Make Weapons - opens Lugosi's shop.

  • Talk
    Lugosi: Me? I'm Lugosi. I moved to Amityvale about 5 years ago, and I decided to settle down here and start my weapon shop.
    Lugosi: Well... I guess I didn't really "decide" to settle down here. It was more like I didn't have a choice. The road was clogged with zombies.
    Lugosi: But I've always been lucky. In a town like this people always need the strongest weapons that they can get! Everything worked out just fine.

    Lugosi: I SAID EVERYTHING WORKED OUT FINE! *ahem* So see anything you'd like to purchase?

  • Rumors
    Lugosi: I've heard it said that the recent attacks are all the work of a single, very powerful necromancer.

  • Leave

    Choose Your Own Adventure Quest

    Lugosi: Cysero wants to build what?! Are you sure you want to help him with that, <Character>?

    Lugosi: That's probably for the best, <Character>... Besides, you know Cysero...
    Lugosi: He's probably working on his next, hopefully less dangerous experiment anyways.
    Lugosi: While you're here, I do have a new set of weapons for you to try out.


  • Note: Lugosi is a reference to Bela Lugosi, the famous actor that played Dracula in the first movie adaptation of the book.

    Thanks to Stephen Nix.

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