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By EricDB1

Weapon Comparison Spreadsheet Version 2.4
User Guide

Requirements to use
  • Microsoft Excel for Windows or for Macintosh
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for User Guide

  • Monster Element table
  • Cell Protection
  • Criticals
  • Advanced Specials
  • Piviot Table
  • Class Ablities
  • Separate Sheets for viewing different classes


    Version 2.4
  • Added the +10% Boost to each ability.
  • Recoded spreadsheet for new weapon damages.

    Version 2.3
  • Clumped Similar Abilities
  • Recolored Abilties to Show Which Class they're from

    Version 2.2
  • Boost

    Version 2.1
  • Added Special Type
  • Added Special Bonuses
  • Added Special Element

    Version 2.0
  • Added Stats to Weapons
  • Fixed Triple Error

    Version 1.9
  • Fixed Pivot Table error.

    Version 1.8
  • Fixed element bug.
  • Added Piviot Table
  • Fixed Final Blow bug.

    Version 1.7
  • Changed specials around to accomodate specials like Revolving Rifeblade.

    Version 1.6
  • Fixed alternate attack bug.(Go to viewing sheets to see change)

    Version 1.5
  • Added element table
  • Fixed double and triple bug
  • Added Protection

    Version 1.4
  • Fixed first triple error
  • Added data verification

    Version 1.3
  • Fixed major spell error
  • Fixed stat error

    Version 1.2
  • Fixed rapid error

    Version 1.1
  • Just a few bugs

    Version 1.0
  • Finished Spreadsheet

Other info,

Bugs. Nobody is perfect, if you see a bug tell me. If you tell me I can fix the bug for everyone. Please if you can, tell me how to fix it.(If you know, of course) Guides 1.0-1.4 were bugged so I didn't add them.

I've also added separate sheets for the different classes.(Click the tabs at the bottom) These are so, if you are looking for numbers for a certian class, you don't have to look through nonrelevant information. These sheets are read only.

User Guide. Since my spreadsheet is moderately simple to understand, the user guide may seem basic, but it might be helpful to nonexperts. Also for troubleshooting tips, look at the user guide. And about it being a PDF file, I couldn't turn it into a web archive.

If you need help, want me to add something, or want to point out an bug, PM me or post in this thread

Feedback is nice. And Please, no destructive criticism, only constructive.
Thanks to Tolkienfanatic for finding a stable hosting site.


ORIGINAL: Tolkienfanatic

Re-hosted both the user-guide and the actual spreadsheet on a more stable download site. With the permission of Eric of course.

User Guide

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