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Suikoman444 -> Monster Scaling Formulae (11/26/2006 1:16:28)

HP: ?
MP: ?

Gold: ?
Exp: ?

Attack Damage: ?
BTH: Normal BTH * (Current Level / Normal Level)) + (Current Level / 15)

Strength: (Current Level/Normal Level)*Normal Strength
Dexterity: (Current Level/Normal Level)*Normal Dexterity
Intellect: (Current Level/Normal Level)*Normal Intellect
Endurance: (Current Level/Normal Level)*Normal Endurance
Charisma: (Current Level/Normal Level)*Normal Charisma
Luck: (Current Level/Normal Level)*Normal Luck

All monsters can be affected. Commonly affected monsters include:
"Elite [Monster]" and "Deadly [Monster]" monsters in RA.
Crossroads: All Bosses
Granemor Cemetary: Halenro the Paladin
Paxia: Nautica Clan Member, Aerodu Clan Member, Geoto Clan Member
Stat Trainers: Combat Practice Trainer
Nightbane Chronicles Part 3: NightBane (145)
Death's Domain: Salamander, Fire Demon

NOTE: Level-scaling maxes out at the original level * 2.5 If the monster would be scaled above that point, then it is rounded up to the nearest number.

e.g. An (originally) level 35 monster can be scaled to a maxium of level 87.5. If it would be scaled to level 88+, it only becomes level 88.

Thanks to phoenixfire555 for the BTH info.
HP: Normal *2
MP: Normal *2

XP: Normal *3
Gold: Normal *2.5
PACKS of 3
HP: Normal *3
MP: Normal *3

XP: Normal *4.5
Gold: Normal *3.75
PACKS of 4
HP: Normal *4
MP: Normal *4

XP: Normal *6
Gold: Normal *5

Note: These will be updated when we get the values for the missing information.

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