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Mobuis -> Lucian Clan Art (11/30/2006 20:56:34)

Lucian Clan Art Thread
Lucian art only! xD

Have a sig/avvy/other you want to share with the clan? Want to show off your skills to further the clan? Feel free to post them here, i'll add your piece of work to the database when you post.

I thought since the new clan event was around, there might be more signatures and the like flowing in, so I made this form.


Artwork type - Creator Name - URL link.



Signature - Mobuis -

Anything not following this form won't be considered, and double check to make sure that your artwork follows all the forum rules, more so if it is a Signature.

Signature Guide/Info
Ultimate Web Resource Guide - Look here to learn sig making

Signature 1 - Zero Hex
Aq Stats Sig - Lucian
User bar 1 - C
Hikari - May the Light Show the Way by Eternal Chaos
La Luz de Lucius by Eternal Chaos
Lucius by gio1000
Light by lostkause1473
Choose the Light by X~Zaros~X
Signtaure - Venom Wabbit
First Sig by (v. 1) - Lycan5523
First Sig by (v. 2) - Lycan5523
First Sig by (v. 3) - Lycan5523
Lucian sig 5, v1: Lycan5523 Click
Lucian sig 5, v3: Lycan5523 Click
Signature - Dragon_Kind
Sig by Deimius Click
Joshuatks's Sig 1 Sig 2

Avatar 1 - Nickwright

Lucian Moglin!
SoA 1 - Zero Hex
Lucian Render - Ellopez159
SoA 2 - Venom Wabbit
SoA 2 (second try) - Venom Wabbit
Lucian Art - jorgesoc
Lucian Armor - Zero Hex
Lucian Armor [Splice] - NarutoFoxNinja

Stickied. Preferable if images are in link form. Please check that the sigs and avatars are following the Sig/Avatar Rules before you add them. Thanks Mobuis.

added* Thankz, links only. gotcha.

Zero Hex -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (11/30/2006 21:22:43)

Here's a sig.

Free for anyone to use:

Nickwright -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/1/2006 10:24:29)

Avvy my homies...

and Edit:

C_conquer -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/1/2006 16:36:04)

Lucian Underbar

I've prepared an underbar, using the motto that I use.

EDIT: Uploaded wrong one... Ok all good now

Eternal Chaos -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/1/2006 19:26:45)

Hikari - May the Light Show the Way by Eternal Chaos (400 x 100, 48485 bytes)
La Luz de Lucius by Eternal Chaos (400 x 100, 36753 bytes)
Lucius by gio1000 (500 x 100, 13595 bytes)
Light by lostkause1473 (375 x 100, 12231 bytes - Black/White)
Choose the Light by X~Zaros~X (375 x 99, 28934 bytes)

Master Blaze -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/2/2006 2:49:13)

A signature (from a member of Igneus):


Note: Orich is already using it

_Aian.89_ -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/2/2006 18:26:01)

It would be cool if someone could design a seal for Lucian

A example of a Seal is:


That is the Aerodu One

Zero Hex -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/2/2006 18:38:03)

Mobuis: Might wanna make a Resources section...;D

Lucius Render by Ellopez159

Venom Wabbit -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/2/2006 18:46:45)

For the seal, you want somethin like this?

Zero Hex -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/2/2006 18:58:12)


Here's mine. I need to work on it a bit. :D

Ciaran -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/3/2006 15:07:59)

the first sig I ever made is for my clan. Yay! ^_^
I didn't feel like spending the time to get Lucius's head selected perfectly, so he's not in it.
I don't have photoshop and fireworks give me a runtime error whenever i start it, so I had to do it in the Gimp in Linux. and Linux isn't exactly rich in the fancy fonts department...

Ciaran -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/3/2006 18:58:48)

here's another sig, made two versions of it.
Version 1
Version 2
I really miss being able to put in straight HTML code for links T_T

Krio Wolfbane -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/4/2006 0:33:39)

I made this just for a joke sig. Enjoy!
~Light Master

Oh btw click my sig I got some really great idea's for Lucian Clan Items, I espually want Zero Hex to check them out, Your a REAL great artist.

Dragon_Kind -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/4/2006 2:55:14)

this may be a little small, bit i made one[:D]
here it is!
srry, but it has my name dragon_kind on the bottom left corner >_< LOL if u want i'l try to make 1 without my name!

jorgesoc -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/4/2006 5:37:35)

I am not a very good art person but here mines[:(] I use Paint on every artwork, So its not very good, But try my best[:D] Anyone who feel that i should take this picture out, Then I will do so

Art Work 1

Krio Wolfbane -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/4/2006 8:21:01)

I made another funny joke sig, Can you guess who it is? He says 'Geez' alot. ~ Enjoy, Geez!

Zero Hex -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/6/2006 17:05:29)


Just copy paste.


Zero Hex -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/10/2006 15:24:25)

Lucian Armor:



NarutoFoxNinja -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/11/2006 23:51:48)

A suggested idea for what the armor might look like that I just submitted to the Armor Suggestion: Armor Design Suggestion

Not an ava, but I did want to show this off. Done in MX Fireworks.

NarutoFoxNinja -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/14/2006 21:27:36)

Hate to double-post, but...

An updated idea. Done in Fireworks, but this time with the Holy Armor blended in with the Steel Plate. Includes a 14 point sun on chestplate.

Updated Armor Design Suggestion

Zero Hex, like the armor design! :)

Oh, and a complete of Lucius spliced from the game.

Ciaran -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (12/16/2006 23:28:52)

okay, made two more sigs. please consider these separate from the first three, because i actually used renders in these.
sig 2, version 1:
sig 2, version 2:
oh these are free for anyone to use, btw, just don't claim them as yours.

jimbo32 -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (1/12/2007 1:20:55)

Here's a sig I whipped up - Lucius with a bunch of AQ light pets/guests. Gotta love Snootch!


Wizeman305 -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (1/16/2007 3:19:43)

This is a generic one for anyone that participated in the first wars hope you guys enjoy! Even though the clan wasnt around some of the members were so here you guys go.


Hansuke -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (1/26/2007 13:03:46)

Hi, I'm from Aerodu and I made these sigs that all clans can use for the new event :D

Killed 10+ monsters
Killed 20+ monsters
Killed 30+ monsters
Killed 40+ monsters
Killed 50+ monsters
Killed 100+ monsters

Good luck!

redmoon3580 -> RE: Lucian Clan Art (1/26/2007 18:15:24)

here's a sig i made. animated.


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