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Paxia Award Trophy #1

Level Requirement: 50
Price: N/A
Sell back: 4000
Location: Given out after the second Clan War to all characters in Aerodu, Nautica or Geoto meeting the Level Requirement.
Element: Neutral

MP Cost: 75
Effect: Combat Defence +5. This only works if your current clan is Nautica, Geoto, or Aerodu.
Activation: 1 Turn

This is a special award item for members of the Geoto, Nautica, and Aerodu clans. The item can only be used by active clan members of these three clans. When activated it will increase your melee, ranged, and magic defenses by 5 each.


Thanks to Sornor, xxxdark_paladinxxx, dna cupcake, bballman23, and LightningIsMyName. Element from .*..*..*.. Image thanks to Valentine.

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