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Location: Aeris Battlespire, Another Floating City, Aeris Dragon Tournament

Quests given
Aeris Minor Tournament
Akira's Challenge

Shops owned
PvP Novice
PvP Scrapper
PvP Brawler
PvP Pit Fighter
PvP Arena Fighter
PVP Savant
PVP Professional
PVP Contender
PVP Elite
PVP Grand Master

Aeris Battlespire

Keelia: Welcome to the Aeris Battlespire! I am Keelia, one of the five Arena Masters. Would you like to join the current Tournament?

  • Join a Duelist Tournament
    Takes you to the Aeris Minor Tournament

  • Akira
    Keelia: There's someone I would like to see you talk to, <Character>.
    Keelia: His name's Akira, and he's spent most of the past day annoying my other patrons.
    Keelia: Keeps yelling how he's the strongest fighter on LORE... If only I didn't have to remain impartial... What do you say you try and show him what's up?
    To Battle! - Takes you to Akira's Challenge

  • Talk
    Keelia: You look like you're ready to rumble. GREAT! Let me just get your name and I'll announce you in the next battle!
    Keelia: The people come to Aeris to see a good fight so do your best, but remember, this is all just for show. No one gets hurt.
    Keelia: ...ok, sure...people do get HURT but no one gets KILLED. Get out there and give the people what they paid for.

  • Rank Up
    Keelia: There are 20 ranks you can achive as a Duelist. Turn in Trophies to increase your rank starting next week!
    Refer here for a list of ranks.

  • Shop
    Keelia: Your shop depends on your PvP rank. Rank up to access better equipment shops.

  • Set Home Town
    Keelia: You must really enjoy dueling! Are you sure you want to set your home town to Aeris Battlespire?

  • Done
    Leaves conversation.

    Keelia: Save up your Torphies to increase your rank, level up the Duelist class armour, and purchase new gear!

  • Construction
    Keelia: The Duelist Arena is open! Curious about future additions to the Battlespire? Read the Aeris future construction plans.

  • Plans (Web page)
    Takes you to a link that shows you the future plans of Aeris Battlespire.

    Aeris Minor Tournament

    Keelia: Welcome arena fans! We are about to start a brand new Tournament.

    After completing the first match, till the 4th match:
    Keelia: Good fight! Rest up, the next match is about to begin!

    Before the final match:
    Keelia: This is it! One more win and <Character> will earn an Aeris PvP Trophy!

    Another Floating City

    Keelia: Nice job, <Character>! You took out all those other contractors with no problems!

    Keelia: We get so much less junk mail that way though! Now, what did you have for me, <Character>?

    Keelia: We use magically treated ore mined from the southern jungles. It's really quite extraordinary. Azhite Ore.
    Keelia: Our supplier was a giantess, I believe. If your friend wants to know what keeps Aeris afloat, she is the one you should write to.
    Keelia: I'm sure I have her name around here somewhere...

    Aeris Dragon Tournament

    Keelia: Welcome arena fans! Keep your distance, these dragons can be dangerous. We are about to start a brand new Dragon Tournament.

    After defeating the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd opponents:
    Keelia: Good fight! Rest up, the next match is about to begin!

    After defeating the 4th opponent:
    Keelia: This is it! One more win and <Character> will earn a Dragon PvP Trophy!


    Thanks to
  • Lord Darkovia for information.
  • Pink_Star for location link.
  • Highlord Sendai for dialogue and location link.
  • Peachii for dialogue and corrections.
  • Hopeful Guy and ILmaster13 for dialogue.
  • Doomstalker for correction.

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