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Lord Darkovia -> Haunted House (1/5/2007 19:09:26)

Haunted House

Location: Amityvale (Books 1 and 2) -> 5 times right -> Upper right -> Up, Amityvale (Books 1 and 2) -> Thursday -> Quests -> Haunted House
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 5th, 2007

Objective: You've come to Thursday's haunted house to try and find her missing pendant and return it to her... If you make it out alive!
Objective completed: You defeated Underbed, Awdreetoo, and the terrifying Nightshade and found Thursday's Pendant. But what for Thursday's Family Secret, and the master about whom Nightshade spoke?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Awdreeto
(8) Red Spectre
(1) Underbed
(1) Nightshade - Boss


Thursday's Pendant
Ensorceled Chest
Obsidian Chest

Thursday: I grew up in the haunted house on the hill over on the path, but I've been forced to leave. The spirits and monsters have taken over my home completely.
Thursday: I was forced to leave in such a rush that I left all of my family's possessions behind, but all I really miss is my Pendant.
Thursday: It is with some other family heirlooms in a chest in the basement closet, but we had to double lock the door.
Thursday: The most dangerous spirit in the house lives in the basement closet; we had to keep people out for their own safety.
Thursday: The two keys to the door are with the Monster in the Greenhouse, and the Monster Under the Bed.
Thursday: If you happen to find my Pendant while adventuring in there, I would gladly reward you for returning it to me.

At the Greenhouse:
Awdreetoo: AH, more plant food, good. Come closer, I can't eat you from there.
<Character>: Tempting, but no thanks. All i want is the basement key.
Awdreetoo: The key. I have a secret about the key... I want to whisper it to you, come closer
<Character>: For a plant, you're really creepy. You know that?
Awdreetoo: Yeah, I get that a lot. But then again, I eat everyone who says it.
<Character>: You've also got a weird thing about eating people. There is just no way that you're going to give me the key, is there?
Awdreetoo: "GET IN MAH BELLY!"
<Character>: *sigh* Ok, here we go.

After defeating Awdreetoo you'll get a Greenhouse Key.

In the bedroom on the attic:
Underbed: ...GO AWAY! Some of us are trying to sleep.
<Character>: You take your nap, all I want is your basement key.
Underbed: Do you know what happens to people who wake sleeping monsters?
<Character>: Um... They walk out of the room with a basement key and the monster goes peacefully back to sleep?
Underbed: Don't MAKE me come out there...
<Character>: Don't make ME come under THERE.
Underbed: I don't know why you would want to go into the basement closet... HE is there...But you want the key so bad, tough guy, come and get it.
<Character>: ...You live under a bed, how big can you possibly be?

After defeating Underbed you'll get a Bedroom Key.

After getting the two keys it is time to confront the boss, Nightshade. Once you've entered the room on the basement:
Nightshade: Ah, another hero to join my happy family of ghosts.
<Character>: You've been collecting the souls of fallen adventurers? Thursday set me up!
Nightshade: No, the child knows nothing of this. She also knows nothing of your importance to the master....
Nightshade: She doesn't even know of her own importance, or her family secret.
<Character>: The master? So you're just another one of Sepulcher's goons?
Nightshade: BAH, Sepulcher is a simply a tool of the master. So are you, hero.
<Character>: !
Nightshade: Enough of this chatter. After I destroy you all of your questions about the true master will be answered. COME HERO! JOIN US!


While doing Cure in Thyme from Mogloween Chapter 7 you can find Cat Item (Cat's Whiskers) as a temporary item. 2 Right -> Down -> Right.

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