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Primal Garb

Also see Feral Garb

Requirement: You need to be a Level 5 Rogue and a Level 5 Fighter to train as a BeastMaster.

Level: 40
Price: 6,000 508 Gold
Sellback: 1,500 3,000 254 Gold
Location: Beastmaster Class Shop

DEFENSE MODIFIERS  Level 1-7  Levels 8+
Melee:               25 	30	
Ranged:              25 	30	
Magic:               25 	30      

Fire:                 95	   90 	
Water:                95	   90 	
Wind: 	              95 	   90 	
Ice:                  95	   90
Earth:                95           90
Energy:               95	   90
Light:                95	   90
Darkness:             95	   90 

2 Hits of 75% Base and Random damage (total: 150% Base/Random, 200% Stat)

Description: This golden totemic armor allows you to unlock your inner beast with a 2-hit regular attack. Buy this armor only if you wish to go on the Beastmaster Quest. Only Guardians have the connection to primal forces required to possess this armor.



Level 1 - Beast Claw!

Call upon the savagery of the beast to make a powerful strike! You have a 30% chance of a critical strike for even more damage!

Hits: 1
Damage: 200% Base and Random, 100% Stat bonus
Element: Earth
Attack Type: Melee
Cost: 70 MP

Critical Strike
Damage: 500% Base and Random, 100% Stat bonus
Rate: 30%

Level 2: Resistance Bonus

Increased Elemental Resistance!

Level 3: Call Forth Beast!

Summon a wild beast to aid you in battle! New beasts become available as you level up.

MP Cost: 40 MP

3: Bat
4: Dragon
5: Frog
6: Hawk
7: Shark
8: Snake
9: Tiger
10: Wolf

Level 4 - Beastial Skin!

Embrace the power of the beast to adapt to your enemies' strengths!

MP Cost: 80 MP
Effect: Gives you an addition -10% protection against your enemy's lowest element and +5 against its highest defence.

Level 5 - Wild Force!

Increase the damage of your pets and guests by 30%!

Effect: Pets/Guests deal 130% Base and Random damage while wearing the Garb.

Level 6 - Beast Lore!

Use your knowledge of beasts to flawlessly strike your enemies' weaknessess! Consumes mana based on damage done!

Hits: 1
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: Element Seeking
Damage: 150% Base, 150% Random, 100% Stats damage
BTH: +0 plus Stats
  • There is a 25% chance of the attack dealing 300% Base, 300% Random, 100% Stats damage.
  • Drains MP equal [DamageDealt/2] - 5 MP (Minimum of 0 MP, maximum of all your MP).

    Level 7 - Internal Beast!

    Unleash your inner beast to boost your statistics! Increases all of your stats by 10!
    MP Cost: 80 MP
    Effect: Increases all stats by 10 until the end of the battle or switch armours.

    Level 8 - Defense Bonus

    Increased defense!

    Level 9 - Beast Mastery!

    Call forth two beasts to help you at once!

    MP Cost: 90 MP
    Effect: Summons two beasts from "Call Forth Beast!"

    3: Bat
    4: Dragon
    5: Frog
    6: Hawk
    7: Shark
    8: Snake
    9: Tiger
    10: Wolf
    + Dismiss

    This will function as a single guest. You cannot summon two of the same guest.

    Level 10 - Tame Beast Spirit!

    Use the monster's element and attack power, which you had previously defeated in the attack.

    1) Click the ability in the class skill menu.
    2) This causes you to forfeit your turn, pets and guests still attack.
    3) During the enemy's turn, you will "absorb" whatever attack it uses. If you change armors after "absorbing" an attack, you will lose it and will need to do steps 1-3 again.
    4) After "absorbing" the attack, you must defeat the monster without changing armors.
    Note: You will still keep the "absorbed" attack if you change armors in any battles after the battle you "absorbed" the attack.
    5) During the next battle, or any after that, select the Lv 10 ability again. You will mimic the attack that you "absorbed". The specifics of what you will mimic are: Element, # of hits, Damage Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic), base and random damage, and BtH.
    Special effects, such as life drain or MP damage, are not mimicked. You can only use the mimicked attack once.

    Details for Tame Beast Spirit courtesy of Kamui. Normal attack from Yagno2000. Linkage and cleaned up some effects, thanks to ayashi. Lv7 clarification from OW Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Corrections from fsb2nsxform and Dwelling Dragonlord. Skill tree from feral__john. Beast Lore from Aelthai. Correct MP for Beast Claw from Las12345. Location from Sora Aeragorn.

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