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Seahawk -> Moonglow (1/14/2007 14:19:58)

This rare powdered mineral has many uses in magic and glows faintly in low light. It gathers only on plants grown in full moonlight.
(No DA Required)

Location: The Pumpkin Patch
Price: N/A
Sellback: 2 Gold

Level: 1
Max Stacksize: 20

Combine 1 with Gold Cabit Tail to form Sky Charm
Combine 2 with 3 Crystals to form Mind's Eye Rod
Combine 2 with 3 Crystals to form Silent Alarm
Combine 2 with 9 Obsidian to form The Gloryblade

Combine 5 with 15 Ahzite Ore to form Jade Edge
Combine 5 with 15 Black Pearl to form Jade Rod
Combine 5 with 15 Wind Scroll to form Jade Point

Combine 10 with Bleeder to form Moonbleed
Combine 20 with Bleeder to form Exalted Moonbleed

Combine 10 with Crash to form Mooncrash
Combine 20 with Crash to form Exalted Mooncrash

Combine 10 with Striker to form Moonstriker
Combine 20 with Striker to form Exalted Moonstriker

Use 10 to unlock the 10th Guardian class skill

Use 1 to unlock the next item in The List Turn In

Use 5 to complete Fireworks!

Use 1 to unlock the next item in Breaking Down

Rarity: 1
Item Type: Resource

Thanks to
  • westward_ho! for entry reformat.
  • ~noobs~ and Nol002 for updated combine information.
  • nieco123 for max stacksize information.
  • Stephen Nix for corrections.

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