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Gilth Yaga

Location: Yaga Stone Circle, The Yaga Sisters

Quests given

Shops owned

Yaga Stone Circle

Gilth Yaga: You have kept us waiting

Gilth Yaga: We? We care nothing for the child. It is the master's will that she be kept safe. Especially this close to her time.

Gilth Yaga: HA! Did you hear that sister? No. The master does not fear you, but he will take no chances. He has controlled her entire life to this point.
Gilth Yaga: Keep going, Hero. You are almost there.

The Yaga Sisters

Gilth: ... You wish to take all our fun away, don't you, hero?

Gilth: Yes, whoever did that does good work...


Thanks to
-- Senomi for dialogue.
-- ArchMagus Orodalf for location.
-- Peachii for correction.
-- Voodoo Master for the image.

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