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Skunch Yaga

Location: Yaga Stone Circle, The Yaga Sisters

Quests given

Shops owned

Yaga Stone Circle

Skunch Yaga: Walk forward. The Savage Outworlder awaits you.

Skunch Yaga: You are very confident <Character>. But, I think not.
Skunch Yaga: The beast draws his power in this world from us. The Five Yaga Sisters...
Skunch Yaga: As long as we five still stand, the Savage Outworlder's power is unmatched.

Skunch Yaga: Enter, Hero, and face your doom.

The Yaga Sisters

Skunch: Information?
Skunch: Hahaha!
Skunch: Why should we help you at all?

Skunch: ... You wish to take all our fun away, don't you, hero?

Skunch: *whisper* ...Sister?


Thanks to
-- Axe in a sack and Senomi for the dialog.
-- ArchMagus Orodalf for new location.
-- Stephen Nix for corrections and partial formatting.
-- Peachii for correction.

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