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Senomi -> Guffer (1/19/2007 18:11:52)



Location: Yaga Stone Circle

Quests given

Shops owned

Guffer: I guess. "Savage Outworlder"? Is that waht they're calling me? My friends call me Guffer.

Guffer: Nice ta' meet ya.

Guffer: Ya, I've noticed that. Don't see why. Listen, Nothing personal but I have ta end your world sometimes soon so I'll see ya.

Guffer: Ya, I was summoned ta your world ta end it so I just need to by ya there.

Guffer: Ok, so much for the polite approach. COME HERO! FACE ME AND MEET YOUR FATE!


Thanks to
-- Stephen Nix for banner information.
-- Peachii for correction.
-- Voodoo Master for the image.

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