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[image][/image]The Ancient Eyedols

Location: War At See! -> Ancient Eyedols
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet
Release Date: February 24th, 2007

Objective: Warlic contacted you with information. Texts tell of an ancient temple that is home to The Irismancer and his "army of a million eyes" as well as the ancient idols that are the source of his power. Your job is to destroy an ancient idol and escape the temple.
Objective completed: You successfully destroyed one of his ancient idols and escape the traps set by The Irismancer. Hopefully it was enough to reduce his strength and to bring him out of hiding before Falconreach meets its end.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Flying Eyeball
(2) Opticlops
(2) Red Eye
(2) Seeing Eye Sluggy
(1) Blinky - Boss

Jimmy the Eye

Belt of Sight
Defender's Medal


<Character>: Uh oh. "CLICK" is never good.
<Character>: Classic. Oh how will I ever get out of this poorly made cage made of sticks tied together with vines?

*Rattle Rattle Rattle*


<Character>: Hmmm. Mabye not so poorly made, after all. I could either scream for help or starve to death.
<Character>: ...and screaming will just make me look like a wimp, so STARVE it is!
<Character>: Great, I guess you're here to finish me off.'re a BLUE eye. You're the good kind, right?
Jimmy the Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: What's that? You say that your name is Jimmy The Eye and Warlic sent you to rescue me?
Jimmy the Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: Of course I understand you. I may not speak fluent Blinkanese, but I know enough to get around.
Jimmy the Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: You know where the release switch it??! GREAT, could you go hit it for me?
Jimmy the Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: Thanks JIMMY THE EYE!

After destroying the idol:
<Character>: Oh, hi Jimmy The Eye. What's up?
Jimmy the Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: Run? Why?

*Rumble Rumble*

<Character>: Oh. I see. YIKES!

Thanks to
-- Peachii for corrections.
-- Jay for correction.
-- JaggedKatana for information.
-- senomi15 for information.
-- BrianDFSmasher for information.
-- Karika for information.
-- Barong the DemiGod for information.
-- Stephen Nix for information.

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