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Before you post i'll say this. This is not the same as Mighty Mosquito's Timeline of DF. That is a list of Game updates and build updates and I think it's a wonderful guide.

This Calendar is a list of events of Lore. Imagine if you will a LoreMaster diligently noting the events that happen in the world around him. This is a guide that you might us if you were to be writing a story (which i often am) set in the DF era. This will ensure you follow the right time-scale.

This is an unfinished project, if you have any dates or events to contribute then super say so. I'm not however going to post dates of quests like the dragon egg saga which is an event in a character's own timeline and could be played anytime. Also the Dragon Egg Saga for instance was released over a few weeks when in actual chronological fact it would have happened in a day or two.



-March 23: The Shadow Reaper of Doom is purchased from Sabrina for the first time by a guardian named Kolo.

-March 24: Ash Dragonblade Arrives in town. Our Heroes venture into Doomwood and confront the most powerful monster, the Doomcrawler.


-April 3: Knights are called to hold off a regiment of Elementals that are appearing via portal

-April 14: Patch opens a barber shop in town

-April 29: The Skull Staff of Doom was purchased from Sabrina by Roibup and Cyanda.


-May 1: An Enchanted Grove is discovered

-May 9: Several Weapons belonging to a Dragonlord are discovered. Cysero crafts weapons for Furfur, Enzik and Lord Max II after they purchase the Twin Daggers of Doom.

-May 16: The Town is redesigned. The sneevil boxfort is discovered aswell as the Linken Lumbermill.

-May 26: An Army of Undead attack the town

-May 28: Our Heroes defeat the attacking army and claim the rewards


-June 6: The Doom Weapons glow red and the monsters in Doomwood grow in strength. The sky also turns red.

-June 16: Gorgok the Dragon and his Army attack Willowshire

-June 19: Gorgok himself is defeated.

-June 23: A Party Hat appears in Patch's Barber Shop


-July 8: Our Heroes discover monster eggs.

-July 10: Cysero begins peddling monster eggs aswell.

-July 13: Gorgok leaves Willowshire and our heroes descend into the Guardian Tower

-July 21: Our Heroes' Monster eggs hatch


-August 11: A letter from Warlic about the Crystal Cave arrives.

-August 18: An advance guard of Duelist Knights arrive in Falconreach

-August 25: Gramms' Pet Shop is built

-August 30: Gramm's Pet Shop Opens for business

-August 31: Meteors are seen in the sky


-September 8: The Meteors open to reveal the CorDemi Codex

-September 18: Maryann flees the inn and Serenity takes over.

-September 20: A Gorrillaphant cursed by Doom is discovered.

-September 21: Dr Voltabolt begins his operations in Surewood.

-September 22: The Doom Weapons are stolen by the Mysterious Necromancer


-October 13: Cysero starts to seel larger backpacks. An army of Unlucky Undead from Doomwood attacks Falconreach as the sky is turned red.

-October 15: The Deadwood Destroyer appears after our heroes push the approaching army back.

-October 16: The Defender Shop in the Town Hall opens

-October 20: An army of Pumpkin monsters attacks Amityvale

-October 21: A large group of monsters from the Pumpkin army flees.

-October 23: Our Heroes met the Paladin, Artix in the graveyard of Amityvale.

-October 26: The Necromantress commands Jack Strife to Attack our heroes


-November 10: Sneevil begin to cause the Oaklore knights trouble.

-November 16: A Frost Dragon begins raising its army outside Falconreach

-November 17: An army of Frost Monsters attacks Falconreach

-November 19: Dragonmaster Frostscythe and Glaisaurus the ice dragon, arrive and are beaten by our heroes


-December 15: News arrives in Falconreach: Ice Master Yeti has stolen the Moglins of Frostvale. Our Heroes fight to retrive them.

-December 20: Our Heroes reach IMY's lair and save the Moglins. To celebrate the annual holiday of 'Frostvale' is created.



-January 1: Frostvale Gift Boxes open to the heroes.

-January 5: Cysero arrives in Falconreach he flips the guardian tower upside down during his experiments.

-January 10: Cysero turns the Guardian Tower into a fish and he makes the snow also disappear totally.

-January 26: An army of Vampiric Creatures attacks Amityvale


-February 2: Our Heroes beat the Vampire Creatures back and go on to face the Vampire Lord, Frydae XIII

-Feburary 8: Sepulcher rides through the pitch black night focused on the difficult quest given by his evil Master, he must kill Alteon!

-Feburary 14: Big Daddy's Snugglegram messengers call in sick. Our Heroes take their place and deliver the Snugglegrams.

-Feburary 16: An elemental named Blowheart is discovered. A teddy bear helm is also discovered in the aftermath of the deliveries.

-February 23: Flying Eyeballs invade Falconreach; the War at See begins.


-March 2: Our Heroes discover the Irismancer in the Ancient Eyedols.

-March 21: An army of Xan's Fire Monsters attack Falconreach.

-March 22: Gramm's Pet Shop is destroyed and the Helm of 300 Flames is discovered in battle.

-March 25: Falconreach is destroyed totally. Our Heroes face off against Xan himself. Our Heroes Donate gold to the reconstruction of Falconreach.

-March 27: The Moglin Rouge and his work team of moglins begin to re-built Falconreach. They are paid by the Falconreach funds which totalled over 3 billion gold.

-March 29: New Falconreach is built. Cysero leaves town. Nythera shows up in town.


-April 1: ChickenCows appear in Falconreach.

-April 2: ChickenCows leave Falconreach.

-April 13: The Unlucky Undead re-emerge from Doomwood once more wearing Hockey Masks. Coinciding with their arrival the sky turns red. Guardian Trainer Eckhard begins to train new guardians.

-April 20: A Greater Dracolich with an entire castle built upon it's back flies over the Temple of Four Winds. Drakath leads an undead army from the cursed fortress and steals the White Dragon Box. The Undead leave the Temple in ruins and monsters begin to pour in. With the closer proximity of Doomy's castle there is a shift in the balance of power. The Doom Weapons grow in Power once more. Their price is also raised by the Mysterious Necromancer.
After months of searching the Hydra's lair is finally discovered by Knights of Oaklore.
In Falconreach money is spent developing the town hall. Mayor Rayf, his Assisstant Alesia and the town legal advisor Damien begin their work in the hall.
The Unlucky Undead Army is once again defeated by the heroes of Lore.

-April 27: A great Dracolich with an entire castle built upon it's back draws closer to Falconreach.
Inside the castle, Drakath comes before Sepulchure offering the White Dragon Box in exchange for power. Sepulchure denies him saying that he needs both Dragon Boxes, Black AND White.


-May 2: The Dragon Eggs belonging to our heroes are stolen. Townsfolk notice that there's been an increase in the amount of spiders lately.

-May 4: Falconreach comes under attack from Clan Chaos Weaver... a venomous horde of half-spider, half-DOOM subterranean monsters! They are come up through the holes that appear all over town. Several special Spider Slayer Weapons are found in the waves of monsters.

-May 10: The Clan Chaos Weaver is defeated. The Dragon Eggs are retrived. Twilly announces that the eggs will hatch in a months time.

-May 11: The Spider Clan retreats from Falconreach after the Spidermancer is defeated. Keelia opens a new shop in her Dueling colliseum for the higher ranking duelists. Warlic sends heroes to aid the town of Lymcrest against hoards of elementals.

-May 18: Xan is once more challenged by our heroes, this time in the mining town of Lymcrest. It was he who conjured the elementals that attacked the town.

-May 25: Six mysterious chest appear across the land. Heroes from all over set off to find these artifacts. Each have timers set into them, the number displayed is '5'.

-May 29: After counting down to '1', the Chests open to reveal a helm made of Whiteiron that allows the wearer to continue motion where others are not, a helmet worn by an ancient sect of paladins that restores lost blood and seals wounds when worn, an evil looking helm that looks at the weaknesses of the wearer's enemy and exploits them, a pair of wings fashioned from the feathers of the legendary Golden Condor, another pair of wings made from the feathers of the terrible nocturnal predator the Night Raptor and a pair of wings made of the feathers of the rare magic eating bird, the Phantom Roc.
Our Heroes gained much power this day. Whether it is for good or ill remains to be seen.


-June 8: The Dragon Eggs hatch at long last. However they are just baby dragons and haven't yet woken up from their slumber. Artix, Zhoom and Cysero appear from the future and call upon a hero who will one day become a DragonLord to go with them into the future to face an enemy that threatens them, the Hero's future self having been knocked out leaving nobody to command their dragon.

-June 10: A Hush falls over the world. It is one year since the Dragon Amulets first appeared on Lore.

-June 11: Lady Celestia uncovers yet more tomes telling of ways that a Dragon's future appearance can be altered.

-June 12: Another few volumes of Dragon lore are interpreted by the Priestess allowing what a Dragon will one look like to be shaped.

-June 15: After a week of pouring over tomes ans scriptures Lady Celestia, the Priestess, finds where the armour belonging to the DragonLords lies. At once she tells the soon-to-be DragonLords who each rush to battle the Man of the Mountain to earn the right to wear the armour of a DragonLord.

-June 22: Inspired by the leader of his Defenders Cysero tells an abstract version of the events of the Great Cysero Rebellion.
The baby Dragons wake up and begin to eat anything given to them. They are dissuaded from eating Twilly.

-June 26: Twilly groans as heroes awaken and decide that they'd like to have breakfast in Falconreach bakery.

-June 29: As heroes of the world take a break and hang out on Falconreach beach an army of light monsters attacks. Within the waves of monsters are hidden powerful light weapons. Is this attacking army a blessing in disguise?


-July 4: The army of Light monsters numbers four million. Sir Render, the Knight in charge of the Falconreach Militia has put in a request with the mayor, Rayf... a request to hire Mercenaries to thin the enemy ranks! Three offers were made by Valencia, Zhoom and the Mysterious stranger!
Rayf decides that in the interest of democracy he best put the desicion to a town vote.

-July 5: Mayor Rayf announces the results of the town vote. The heroes have opted for independence and have chosen to fight without the aid of any mercenary.

-July 6: Four more chests are rumoured to have been hiden somewhere. Without pause the heroes of Lore begin yet another search.

-July 10: The bright summer sun, with all of its brilliance, is stoically blocked by the thick black curtains of Miss Fortune's house. She sits patiently inside with a devious grin and the anxious jittery stomach that some get before opening their Frostvale presents.... but the holiday she is looking forward to is far more unlucky. Her chair breaks. The beautiful and slender girl picks herself up from the floor and attempts to remove a splinter from her finger with her mouth. A black cat darts across the room knocking over a candle setting fire to the calendar. Miss Fortune mistakenly grabs the oil cleaning rag to beat out the flames. As the flames dance towards her illegal fireworks arsenal... which also happens to be next to her great Granny's extremely fragile glass and origami moglin figure collection... she glances at the half-burnt calendar and her heart is filled with joy. The Friday coming....IS FRIDAY THE 13TH!.

-July 11: The chests scattered across the land have been obtained and are opened revealing two items of protection, a lucky wererabbit and a special type of dragon food to feed young dragons with.

-July 12: An army of undead approaches from the west toward Falconreach whose beach is still under attack from the army of light monsters.

-July 13: Another army of Unlucky Undead assualt Falconreach and rather than clashing with their natural opposite, the light monsters the two attacking armies join forces and assail the town united. It transpires that it was infacta plan conjured up by Xan and the Necromantress of Amityvale. Xan used the Pyronomicon to make an entire army of fire creatures appear to be alligned with light.

-July 17:

-July 25: The floating undead Dragon castle has been spotted in every region from Swordhaven to Lolosia. Rumors are spreading that Sepulchure, with his recently acquired Dragon is now questing to gain the allegiance of the other villains whom he will use to take over the world to spread his darkness.
Jimmy the Eye has been tracking the flying castle carefully. It had been at Xan's volcanic fortress for quite some time before moving to what Jimmy describes as a Pirates Cove, a Ninja Training facility, a Pyramid, a Haunted Forest, an Ice Castle and the land of the Giants.

-July 27:


-August 3: Artix, the Paladin arrives in Falconreach. He gives those there directions various undead 'haunts' one being a castle that is just teeming with the undead.
Heroes journey into a crypt where the ghost of a dead paladin names Sir Malifact, has lost its memory. After finding all the required items to restore it the heroes discover they made a huge mistake and have inadvertantly resurected a DeathKnight that the Mage Trelix and Rogue Stabine had previously sealed away.

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