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Mayor Rayf

Location: Falconreach Town Hall (Books 1 and 2) -> Right, Gold Fever, Feast of Welcomegiving!, JellaTON Mold

Quests given

Shops owned

Falconreach Town Hall (Books 1 and 2)

Mayor Rayf: Welcome to Town Hall! Ask not what Falconreach can do for you, but what you can do for me!...I mean Falconreach!

  • Talk
    Mayor Rayf: Greetings! I am Mayor Rayf, the mayor of our fair town of Falconreach! I realize that you may have never heard of me...
    Mayor Rayf: ...but I ASSURE you, good citizen, I am qualified for this position. I was the head of the Pig Farmer's Guild for over ten years.
    Mayor Rayf: I was also voted "Most Likely To Spend Other People's Gold" back in school.
    Mayor Rayf: A lot of big changes are coming to Falconreach, dear citizen, BIG changes I say! I would tell you more but first...
    Mayor Rayf: ... I'm going to need you to fill out these WI664-K Exciting Town Upgrade Information forms in triplicate and pay the form processing fees...

    Gold Fever

    Mayor Rayf: We have a... slight situation <Character>. The town treasury has mysteriously disappeared. I need you to get that gold back!

  • Talk
    Mayor Rayf: Something has caused the sneevils to start stealing all the gold they come across.
    Mayor Rayf: The entire town treasury has been stolen by those little green men! I have plans for that gold! Real plans!
    Mayor Rayf: I never should have put 3.14 billion gold in one box.
    Mayor Rayf: Go out there and get that gold back, citizen! Be careful, otherwise those little thieves will steal your gold too.
    Mayor Rayf: And now go!

  • Heal
    Mayor Rayf: This is no time for breaks! I... the town needs you to get that gold back!

    Feast of Welcomegiving!

    Mayor Rayf: We have a special announcement coming from a very lovely troll *(is lovely an appropriate descriptor for trolls? Speechwriter, look it up!)*
    Mayor Rayf: Please welcome Oishii, the Most High LunchLady of BattleOn!

    Mayor Rayf: Thank you all for coming to this meeting.
    Mayor Rayf: Remember, ask not what Mayor Rayf can do for Falconreach, but what YOU can do for Mayor Rayf!

    JellaTON Mold

    Mayor Rayf: Thank you, <Character>, for once again saving Falconreach from a buffet of beasts!
    Mayor Rayf: You truly are hungry for battle, aren't you?

    Standing Appearance
    April Fools 2008 Appearance

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