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Icemaster Yeti -> Granite Edge (5/30/2007 4:57:48)

Granite Edge

Also see Shale Edge.

Location: Quest for the Elemental Orbs - Earth Orb Quest
Price: 37,000 49,890
Sellback: 28,000 27,750 24,945
Level: 85

Element: Earth
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 7-29 6-29
BTH: 9%

Monster Type: Earth
Element: Weakness Seeking

Monster Catagory: Worm
Damage: 150% base, 125% random

Hits: 2
Element: Earth normally, Weakness Seeking vs. Earth based monsters
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 280% base and random per hit
BTH: +50%
Rate: 20%

DESCRIPTION: This special blade seeks the weakness of any enemy that attacks with the earth element, and also does bonus damage to worm-type creatures.

Picture courtesy of Teuvi.

Thanks to Manofthetrees, CrimsonDarkness, Asura, Nickwright, and Teuvi.

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