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Mr. and Mrs. Puddingshins

Location: The Hatching, Love Ship

Quests Given

Shops Owned

The Hatching

<Character>: (Imitating as a sock puppet) "... Oh, Mr. Puddingshins, you scoundrel!..."

Love Ship

Mr Puddingshins: Hmmm nice ship, I wonder if it's iceberg proof?
Mrs Puddingshins: Oh Mr Puddingshins, you scoundrel!
Mr Puddingshins: Not again with the routine! We're supposed to be on a vacation!
Mrs Puddingshins: ...

Mr Puddingshins: It's cold out here and it reeks like fish!
Mrs Puddingshins: Oh Mr Puddingshins, you sco-
Mr Puddingshins: DON'T even say it!
Mrs Puddingshins: ...........

Mr Puddingshins: That's the worst cocta-
Mrs Puddingshins: What's wrong honey?
Mr Puddingshins: I'm seeing you in a whole different light now!
Mrs Puddingshins: Ooooh Pookey.
Mr Puddingshins: Oooh Darling!


Note: Star of the saucy puppet show. Mr. Puddingshins is the purple one, the green one is Ms. Puddingshins.

Thanks to
-- ShyTails.
-- Stephen Nix for reformat.

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