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7/5/2007 22:11:39   
Elemental Leviathon


Location: Travel Map » Travel South » Transfarmers

Stories of abandoned villages have been growing recently. You travel with Robina and Galanoth to investigate…

You: Robina! Galanoth! I came as soon as I heard about the disappearances!
Galanoth: We may not need your help after all, (Insert your name here). I think I have figured it out.
Robina: Ha! Go ahead, tell our friend what you ‘figured out’.
Galanoth: *grumble* Robina, you will shine my metal boots when you discover I am right.
You: So Galanoth, what happened here?
Galanoth: It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. DRAGON DID IT. They came and carried off everyone in the area… that is everyone they didn’t already EAT.
You: Heh….
Robina: Hehehe… Yeah, I’m sure Dragons did it… even though I, a ranger, haven’t found any dragon tracks anywhere, and no sign of a battle.
Robina: You are a Dragonslayer-- maybe you are just jumping to conclusions as an excuse to go slay more dragons.
Galanoth: Bah! Never! I would never do that. Ehem…
You and Robina: …………………Suuuuuuuurrrrrrrrre.
Galanoth: Well, I don’t care what ate the villagers! I’m going to hunt for it. You can come with me if you want!
Robina: We don’t even know for sure if they were eaten or kidnapped. But searching the area is the first to finding out. Let’s go!

  • Go with Robina
  • Go with Galanoth
  • Search by yourself

    Fight 7 monsters from the list below:

    Level 1-14
    Dark Cave
    Evil Eye
    Giant Spider
    Huge Rat
    Seed Spitter
    Woodland Pack

    Level 15-29
    Dark Cave
    Little BURP

    Level 30-59
    Dark Cave
    Greater WarBeast
    Ruby Golem
    Woodland Pack

    Level 60-79
    Acid Spitter
    Big BURP
    Dark Cave
    Woodland Pack

    Level 80-130
    Acid Spitter
    Dark Cave
    Wind Wasp Defenders
    Rabid BURP
    Woodland Pack

    Galanoth: Nice of you to finally join us, (Insert your name here).
    You: Did I miss anything?
    Robina: I found something in this hut… A note.
    Robina: Apparently everyone in and around this town fled because of a thread that proved to be “more than meets the eye”, whatever that means.
    Galanoth: I know what can be more than meets the eye… DRAGONS!
    You: So what do we do now? None of the monsters we came across so far were anything special…
    Robina: The note went on to say that the neighboring village met with a disturbing fate, and that this village is next. Maybe we should go to the next village?
    You: Let’s do it! I’ll lead the way.

    You: Uhhh… It looks like the note was right. The village met with a disturbing fate, alright.
    Robina: The village of Dunderweed has been turned into-- a giant FARM!
    ???: Not just ANY farm!! This farm is growing corn, which can be turned into ETHANOL-- a natural, clean burning fuel that we can use as a power source--
    ???: --while we continue on our quest to take over the whole UNIVERSE!
    You: Just who ARE you???
    ???: Why, we are the---- TRANSFARMERS!!!

  • Fight with Robina
  • Fight with Galanoth
  • Fight alone

    Level 30 and Below: Autozard (5)
    Level 31 and Above: Autozard (40)

    Level 30 and Below: DecepDragon (5)
    Level 31 and Above: DecepDragon (40)

    Level 30 and Below: Autozard (5)
    Level 31 and Above: Autozard (40)

    Level 30 and Below: DecepDragon (5)
    Level 31 and Above: DecepDragon (40)

    Level 30 and Below: Autozard (5)
    Level 31 and Above: Autozard (40)

    Level 30 and Below: DecepDragon (5)
    Level 31 and Above: DecepDragon (40)

    Robina: We drove the Transfarmers away! But I found some tracks leading back to the other village.
    You: We need to get back there fast, before they turn into a farm too!!
    Galanoth: Let’s roll out!

    Robina: Why don’t you go search this house-- we’ll keep looking around outside!
    You: Sounds like a plan!

    You: Hmmm… this place is empty. I wonder where the bad guys are hiding??
    ???: Well in that case-- would you mind meeting the BOSS OF THE BAD GUYS!?!
    ???: I am MegaGalvaUnicron Prime, from the planet Slobbertron. Or as my friends call me, HUGGY.
    You: Why are you here, destroying these towns to make farms, which you will grow corn on to make ethanol as fuel?
    Huggy: You answered your own questions. Ethanol is the lifeblood of us Transfarmers. We can only create it on certain types of worlds. This is one of them.
    Huggy: Now, I will reduce you to your component atoms and then inhale your windblown particles through my air intake, and expell you via me exhaust system.
    You: Well, uhhh… One shall stand, and one shall fall! Yeah!

    1 BATTLE
    30 and Below: Huggy (15)
    31 and Above: Huggy (60)

    You: Hey you two! You won’t BELIEVE this! I just fought a robotic teddy bear that could turn into a big gun! I saved the world!
    Robina: ………………
    Galanoth: Suuuuurrre you did……
    You: No, really, I did--
    Robina: I didn’t find any traces of those Transfarmers around here. I think we scared them away. Time to go round up the villagers. Thanks for your help!
    Galanoth: Yeah, we’ll keep an eye out for teddy bears. *snickers*
    You: ……………………………………

  • Equip Transformer Armor (temporary until logout)
  • Buy Transformer Armor (Guardians only)
  • Replay
  • Return to Town

    Transformer Armor (levels 50 and 75)

  • Replay
  • Return to Town

    Monster links thanks to Pink_Star.

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