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Frequently Suggested Ideas (FSI) - aka "What Not To Post"

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7/14/2007 0:30:05   
Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

The following is a list of ideas that have been suggested so often as to be almost comical. They are categorized for you, but, in general, there is one underlying rule involved. Don't suggest these things. Read over this list carefully. If your suggestion falls under one of these topics or categories, do not post it. It will cause your thread to be locked and/or deleted on sight.

Clarification: An item's presence on this list doesn't mean it will never be added to the game. It means that if it is added, it is added due to internal discussions and decisions, rather than based on suggestions.

Game Ideas that are NOT going to get added.

Game Engine & Game Experience: While we are constantly tweaking the game engine and the gameplay experience, there are certain things that are never going to be added. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Player vs Player: The AQ battle engine and servers are not equipped to support live player-to-player combat or AI-assisted player combat. AQ was designed with a very flexible single-player code design, with spells, items, and pets that do a wide variety of abilities that only work when fighting a monster. Adding PVP would require all of these items to be modified to support the opponent being a player instead of a monster. There are other major factors to consider too: PVP increases the number of people that will try to cheat at games, making most PVP battles useless, or unfair if the other person is cheating.
  • Chatting in Game: Not going to be implemented anytime soon. Stick to the out-of-game IRC chat.
  • Cooperative Multiplay: We would love to add this, but it would mean rewriting the entire game engine.
  • Downloadable version: Not really possible, due to the way AQ constantly interacts with the server, among other reasons.
  • More servers, server slots, etc.: If and when AQ can afford it, these things may be done, but they are often so costly that they cannot be done at all. Please stop asking or suggesting anything related to the game's login engine or resources. This includes waiting lists, limited login times, etc.
  • Auto-attack: No. Removing 99.9% of the game's interaction just makes it a virtual farming ground.
  • Dialogue Bypassing: Certain quests have 'skip' buttons where they are needed (for example, Wars with a large cutscene at the beginning - you are expected to enter the War several times, but you probably do not need to see the whole cutscene if all you want to do is kill a few waves and help win the War). For most quests, a 'skip' button isn't appropriate - that is why the Quest is there, after all; otherwise, you should be using Battle Monsters. A 'skip all dialogue' button will never be added, because that defeats the point of having the game have quests.
  • No-Animation Option: An option to remove the animation from the game and reduce it to mere number projection will not be implemented. Graphics make up a huge part of the game. If you are having trouble with the game running slowly due to graphics, you can already reduce the graphics quality to help the game run faster.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Extremely unlikely to happen. AQ is designed to be primarily mouse-driven.
  • SP being boosted by stats: No, this goes against the very purpose of SP, which is to be a build-independent statistic.
  • Drinking one health and one mana potion in the same turn: Unlikely to happen. The problem is that only one restoration value and potion color would be displayed.
  • Misc items not de-equipping between battles: Not even possible without completely redesigning the misc item system.
  • More free music: Not feasible due to bandwidth costs. When and if we add more music, it will probably be in the form of more Muse items such as the ones already sold in the z-token shop.
  • Bring back old art: No. When we change art, we do it for a reason, even if that reason is just to clean up something old that doesn't mesh with the new art.
  • Playing AQ on (iPod | Wii | etc.): Odds are your device only supports Flash 7. Convince your device manufacturer to get with the times and upgrade their Flash version to 8 or better. This isn't something we can control. Apps or specialized programs for playing AE games are unlikely to happen due to the number of files which would need to be converted over to a different coding format in order to function without Flash. An app which allows basic functionality is possible, but is already being considered and thus does not need suggesting. AQ is already playable on some devices, but the display is so small that it would need ground-up rewriting in order to be properly functional regardless.
  • Classic Adventure Quest: Allowing old versions of the game to be playable in any way shape or form. This includes bringing back old quests or events. If the staff sees fit to bring such an event back they will do so at their discretion; but please refrain from suggesting this.
  • AdventureQuest-based video game, anime, etc.: Sorry, but the programming, contractual work, animation, etc, etc, etc, is simply far too much. Making a video game is not something that we can just snap our fingers and make happen. Same goes for an anime or any other major commercial production. While it's not impossible, it's not something that'll happen just because someone suggests it.
  • Changing the level, experience or gold caps: Adjustments to these will be made at the staff's discretion. Input is not necessary.

    Monsters: We're always on the lookout for new monster ideas or special status effects they can inflict upon your fellow players, but there are some things (in addition to the standard "derivative ideas" statement noted below) that we will not add. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Unbeatable monsters: If we make an unbeatable monster, it will be for storyline-appropriate reasons. The only time an unbeatable monster may be suggested is in the context of an appropriate storyline, and even then, you should avoid it.

    Equipment & Inventory: We're always open to suggestions for new equipment, and even open to really well-thought suggestions on how to improve the inventory and shop system. But there are certain things that are not going to change in these regards. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Trading: Tricky to implement. Maybe we'll see it someday, but most likely, we won't. This includes any variant of trading, such as player-owned shops and auctions.
  • More slots for weapons/armor/spells in battle: No. Part of the strategy of the game is having a limit on the number of available items you can carry in battle. You also will not be able to sell purchased storage slots, because it would cause too many issues.
  • Buying potions: There are no plans currently for making buyable potions.
  • Abolishing level requirements: No. They exist for a reason. Neither is it possible to restrict items that you don't fulfill the level requirement for to your storage.
  • Special/Proc Rate affecting items/features: An item can alter its own proc rate internally for certain special functions (such as the Shotgunblade), but any item or feature which alters proc rates of other items is liable to be unbalanced and prone to bugs.
  • Items/skills which increase gold/experience rewards: No, these are far too easy to exploit.
  • Void/Harm Resistance: Monsters which use Void damage are not intended to be treated like typical monsters, so means of countering one of the few advantages a monster has over a player will not be considered.
  • "Combination" Armors: In order to combine abilities from multiple armors, we would need to design, balance, and animate a separate armor for every possible combination. It just isn't feasible.
  • Highlighting rare items on a character's profile sheet: Unlikely to happen. Rare items can become rare at any time, and must be marked rare in the database before sheet highlighting would consider them such, ergo some items would go rare and then become unreare, while other items would be rare and not marked as such. It becomes more work than it's worth.
  • Rares: While we are not against a rare item being suggested as a reward for a suggested quest or event, suggestions outrightly begging for a rare to come back are not acceptable.

    Quests: Like equipment, we're always open to adding new quests to add variety to the game experience as a whole. However, we are not looking for the following list which includes but is not limited to:

  • Farming Quests: Farming in general is bad enough as it is, and quests specifically made for this are especially not needed.
  • Anything related to a current events/wars: Suggestions take time to code and animate, so in the vast majority of cases the event in question will already be finished before the idea could possibly be implemented.
  • "Romance" quests: AQ is an adventure game designed for all ages; dating, marrying, and the like are not things your character is likely to do.

    Gameplay: The following things will never change in terms of the gameplay of AQ.

  • More items or stats should be free: This is highly unbalancing in almost every way. Items are occasionally released with a (often temporary) discount; this is decided by staff when the item is released. Appearing at the end of a War or a very difficult quest is not a reason for a permanent item to be free.
  • "Frozen/paralyzed enemies shouldn't be able to block!": Yes they should, and this will not change.
  • The ability to exchange Experience for Gold: The problems with coding aside, monster rewards are balanced based on the fact that in the long run you will need much more experience than you will gold. Being able to exchange the two throws the calculations used completely out the window and will not happen.
  • Races: It's not a question of what races we want, so much as how races ought to be done and whether they can be done at all. Some work on this has already begun in WarpForce and we may see it or more in AdventureQuest in the future.

    Deity Ideas: These are problematic at best and social taboo at the worst. Problems with this include balance concerns, offending people of religious creeds and logic from an RP standpoint

  • Becoming a god/demigod: A deity of any sort is far beyond the power of any monster encounterable in AdventureQuest. Setting the problems with actually becoming one aside for a moment, making the player into any such entity would cause an inconceivable balance issue and is not happening.
  • Putting additional deities in the game: The world of Lore has its own pantheon. Should the staff decide that new deities are needed, it will be done at their own discretion and not simply because it was suggested. Similarly, AQ will not be placing deities from existing pantheons within the game. This includes, but is not limited to any member of the Greek, Norse and Egyptian pantheon, as well as the religious figures from any present day religion. Oblique references to various mythos (Asgardian, for instance) is all well and good, using blatantly religious references is not.
  • Fighting one of Lore's deities/demigods: Lore's deities and demigods are powerful enough that there is no real point to fighting them. It would be an interactive cutscene where you get to play out your character being squished. Since this is not generally much fun, it's not something we are interested in adding to the game unless there is a very good reason (such as at the end of the Devourer Saga, where it is needed to call Hope). Such a reason will only occur with a great amount of build up in a major plotline, so there is no real use in suggesting it.

    Payment-Related Issues: By this, we're lumping together everything regarding Guardianship, X-Guardianship, Z-Tokens, etc. For the most part, the general rule is thus: Don't suggest anything regarding these topics. For clarification purposes, this broad topic includes, but is not limited to, the following sub-topics:

  • Making Guardian-only items free: We regret it, but there must be incentives to become a guardian, and every lost incentive is less reason to upgrade -- making it harder for AE to stay afloat to provide this content at all.
  • X-Guardian equipment: Galanoth has assured us that there will be no new "X-Guardian" content that is excluded from normal guardians. X-Guardian exclusive equipment would be exclusionary, so will not be accepted.
  • Anything including or relating to free guardianship or x-guardianship: This will never happen. The game will never include anything that allows anyone to gain free guardianship. There may be special offers which allow for reduced Guardianship, but that rarely happens. When it does, it will be posted on www.BattleOn.com
  • More ways to get / Complaints about Z-tokens: Please do not suggest anything of this nature. Under no circumstances will there ever be a "gold to tokens" exchange or conversion. Please do not suggest that z-token items (including houses) should be able to be purchased with gold.
  • Guardianship/X-Guardianship/Z-Tokens: Anything regarding the financial arrangements - pricing, purchasing of upgrades or tokens, acquiring tokens, conversion of tokens into gold and vice versa, combo packs, discounts, etc. - are not open for discussion or suggestions.
  • Dragon Amulets: This is AQ, not DF. Any suggestions regarding Dragon Amulets in AQ - be they DA items, something special for DA owners in AQ, etc. - are not to be made in this forum.
  • Guardian/Dragon Amulet/Star Captain packages: It is not reasonable to suggest that buying one should enable you to have others for free. No suggestions for these or discount combos will be accepted.

    In addition to those broad topics, here are a few others in relation to equipment and new in-game content:

    Derivative Suggestions: Suggestions involving items already implemented in the game are not accepted. Examples of such derivative suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • Carbon copies of a given item: While not impossible by any stretch of the imagination, this is not something we need help in thinking up.
  • Low-level/High-level Clones of Existing Items/Monsters: Again, we can already think of doing this without a suggestion - we do it regularly.
  • "Form" Armor & Pet/Guest Versions of Monsters/NPCs: We do this regularly.
  • Combination Classes and Classes vs. Races/Subraces: Classes designed solely to combine two or more existing classes - such as "NecroPaladin," et al - will not be added. Classes are supposed to be unique in and of themselves. Prerequisites can help determine the character of the class and class abilities, but simply combining two or more existing classes will not be added. In addition, any armor designed to allow access to multiple classes' abilities may be added, but no suggestions are needed on the topic. On another note: subraces are subraces, not classes. Classes will not be made of subraces, and subraces will not be made of classes. The same is true for races. (Which as of yet have not made their debut into the game at all. Please leave them out of your suggestions entirely.)
  • "of Awe" Equipment: These are not an exception. Please do not suggest anything such as "Axe of Awe," "Shield of Awe," etc.
  • No-drops: This includes new no-drops equipment, changes to elementization options, prices and so on. No-drops have been massively revamped recently. Suggestions pertaining to them are not needed. Staff may come up with additions on their own and do not need ideas for this.
  • Undead ____ and ____ Zard - Taking an existing monster, class, equipment or NPC and tacking Undead before their name or putting Zard after their name does not make it an original suggestion. You may suggest undead monsters and new zards, but it must be a completely original idea, without a basis of something already in the game.
  • Update this quest/item/monster/etc: The team is well aware of what needs to be updated. Items will be updated when the staff update them. Suggesting to update anything in particular will not increase the speed with which the team chooses to update. If the team desires input on something, they will ask.

    Anything in other AE games: Though the games share the same root timeline, they take place in different parts of the world, in different variations of that timeline, and perhaps even in completely different dimensions. Suggestions for content from these games (such as classes, NPCs and crossover quests) may occasionally be added, but at the development team's discretion. Please do not suggest anything related too closely to another AE game.

    Good ideas that may get added someday.

  • Item Level Ups: The ability to increase the power of pets and items by using them in combat has been brought up by Captain Rhubarb and may be implemented at some point in the future.
  • Item Artwork/Graphics Updates: New artwork or animations for already existing items are constantly being worked on when our artists have extra time.
  • More faces: To be implemented when our artists have extra time. Be aware that hair styles, facial features, eyes and so forth count as faces (they cannot be added without creating new face files) and thus fall under this category as well.
  • Day/Night Cycle: A game clock that runs faster than real time. Different day & night graphics for the towns. Time of day affects random monster encounters.
  • More details to the item selling menu: Damage, special information, etc.
  • Advanced Lycan/Vamp forms: Higher level or permanent versions of transformed Vamp/Lycan forms are being discussed as part of the revamping (no pun intended) of the subraces during the Sweep.
  • Player descriptions: A way to add a description to your character.
  • Class/Subrace progress: Seeing all levels in classes/subraces on your character sheet.
  • Item Preview: A way to test items before purchasing.
  • Getting a refund while untraining: Not impossible, but lower priority than restatting training fees to make training easier in the first place.

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  • AQ  Revisions: 3 | Post #: 1
    7/20/2006 15:43:12   
      Captain Rhubarb

    Levelable Items

    Here's the current plan, but I have no idea when we'll be adding this to the game:

    Every time you win a battle, one of your weapons, spells, or pets will gain a small amount of XP.
    The more you use a specific item in battle, the more likely that item will get the XP.

    After that item has earned enough XP, the item will level up to a new "Power Level"
    Higher Power Level items will either hit more often, or do more damage. (not sure which yet)

    Armors, Shields, and Misc items won't earn XP

    So, someday, you might have to choose between using your old high Power Level item, versus using a brand new powerful, but not leveled-up yet item.

    "This new Katana of Death Striking is awesome!!"
    "Yeah, but can it out-perform my +50 powerlevel Long Sword!"
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    2/12/2010 19:57:19   
    Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

    Updated the FSI list to shuffle some things around. Nothing was added, but a few items were removed -- mostly things that haven't been suggested in a long time, or don't apply anymore.
    AQ  Post #: 3
    2/13/2011 15:33:13   
    Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

    Updated an entry:

  • Playing AQ on (iPod | Wii | etc.): Odds are your device only supports Flash 7. Convince your device manufacturer to get with the times and upgrade their Flash version to 8 or better. This isn't something we can control. Apps or specialized programs for playing AE games are unlikely to happen due to the number of files which would need to be converted over to a different coding format in order to function without Flash. An app which allows basic functionality is possible, but is already being considered and thus does not need suggesting. AQ is already playable on some devices, but the display is so small that it would need ground-up rewriting in order to be properly functional regardless.
  • AQ  Post #: 4
    5/27/2011 14:47:10   
    Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

    Calling attention to an FSI entry added earlier this week:


    Getting a refund while untraining: Not impossible, but lower priority than restatting training fees to make training easier in the first place.
    AQ  Post #: 5
    8/8/2011 19:46:44   
    Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

    Addition: Suggestions asking to change the level cap or daily experience/gold caps.

    < Message edited by Elryn -- 6/10/2012 8:05:59 >
    AQ  Post #: 6
    12/6/2011 22:23:52   

    Custodian (DF)

    Precision added concerning new faces (hairstyles, facial features, etc).

    Addition: Conditions regarding the suggestions with rare items.
    AQ  Post #: 7
    4/16/2012 17:13:18   

    Custodian (DF)

    Removed: Changing default non-drop equipment elements. Implemented.
    AQ  Post #: 8
    6/10/2012 8:05:06   

    Custodian (DF)

    Addition: No-drops related suggestions.
    AQ  Post #: 9
    8/2/2012 20:16:12   
    The fanciest of moustaches

    Removed "X-Guardian Money Boost" - implemented in the rewards sweep.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
    6/4/2013 22:42:59   
    The fanciest of moustaches

    Added: "Update this quest/item/monster/etc."
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
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