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RE: Univision: The Paxia Project (Still working on the name) Clan Vs. Clan

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3/20/2008 22:09:50   

Or they could have at the bottom of the screen when you click on, view the clans it could show you the standings underneath the dots for the houses. The numbers would have to be small so that they would fit. Or once inside your house you could click on a tab that your house leader has and it would show all the houses info.
Post #: 151
3/22/2008 9:40:57   

The problem they have, is that they can't allow recruiting?
So showing a Paxia War record anywhere but Paxia would break their own rules!

AQ  Post #: 152
3/22/2008 12:21:09   
Capn Nautilus
Banned Multi

has chaos and unity fused or sumin?
AQ  Post #: 153
3/23/2008 10:40:25   

No this thread is for skirmish between clans. An idea that has been in development for a long time.
DF MQ  Post #: 154
3/25/2008 16:45:15   
Sir Gnome

What this thread was originally for, I beleive, was to create something that would fill up the void between Paxia events, pure and simple. Anything would be good with the current state of affairs.... But if we want our ideas implemented, you guys who didnt come up with the Grand Ideas do need to help polish them!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 155
3/26/2008 15:35:31   

Hey sir Gnome, when you wrote that things we need are clan members do you mean like NPC's or enimies? Or just plain members?

~Ultra Slayer


The 301st. Falconreach's Finest.

I'm still fighting..*falls asleep while holding a mug of hot chocolate and spills it on himself and on his keyboard causing him to fidget in spasams*
AQ DF  Post #: 156
3/29/2008 4:17:56   
Sir Gnome

I meant in terms of enemies, so that means stats, descriptions, artworks, different leveled versions..... Though quite a bit of that would depend on clan armors, so helping out with Cy's project would help first.
Aside from that, would anyone mind if I moved the suggestions detailed here in to the Univision project? (Looking at you here Pie)
I'd like to be giving up the Nautican Suggestions, as its sadly dead.

< Message edited by Sir Gnome -- 3/29/2008 4:17:56 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 157
4/6/2008 16:35:07   

Rebuild Paxia- Would make a good story ONCE ie. Meteor/Devourer's minions/Explosion/Whatever destroyed Paxia and the clans need to rebuild. Also the idea of being able to hinder other clans is good because I think it will promote some competition.

Tournament- Good every so often, maybe something other than health should be used so one clan can't get overwhelmingly powerful.

Lunar cycle- I like the idea, but the badges need some serious tweaking/only allow a clan to get one badge, because a clan with all for would be unbeatable.

Relation Model- Good because it allows both the Unity and Division players to get a bit of what they want, however it does seem like a lot of coding for the AQ staff

For all of them we need some way to tell the players in-game about it 1) Have it on the AQ home page so they'll see it before they log in
2) Put it on the events list in Battleon so players can see it when they log in with instructions to "sail east to Paxia"
AQ  Post #: 158
4/7/2008 23:58:35   

This idea is too important to let die. Get out of bed maggots, we have work to do ;P

I'll work on a Lunar Cycle V2, and give a possible update to the relations system.

Is anyone actively working on new clan weapons/armors? If not I'll get a head start on that too. We need this to be fully fleshed out before we can finally let up.
AQ DF  Post #: 159
4/8/2008 0:03:23   
the big 7

do you want stats for clan weps/armours? cuase thats what i do best :P
AQ  Post #: 160
4/8/2008 3:31:14   
Sir Gnome

Well King Cy's done most of the work for us in terms of armours, we just need to make sure that all works! You can find that here
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 161
4/8/2008 10:10:37   
the big 7

k, ill take a look at it and see if i can help
AQ  Post #: 162
4/8/2008 17:26:27   

New Armors!!! What?? When did this happen???

Anything I can help with? (im sure you guys know my talents by now.)
Post #: 163
4/14/2008 14:07:54   

Lunar Cycle
V 2.0

The cycle is of course, based on the moon. For the first five days after a full moon Paxians hold a competition involving kill x monsters or defeat y enemy, a more combat based competition. The scores are released the next day, and the winner gets the "Honor Badge" for that cycle. For the next five days they compete for the "Valor Badge" in which they repair their clan bases. This could be done by having a "get resources" button and a "repair" button, and clans could not repair without resources (Z-Tokens or some other new resource). After that the scores are released and the badge awarded. Then, once again, a new competition is held. Five days, for the "Mercy Badge". Getting the Mercy Badge is done by aiding OTHER clans, getting resources and repairing THEIR bases. After those five days the victor gets their badge, and all the bases are sent on another mission to defeat z enemy and its army. The Badges now also have a special effect-

Honor Badge: Total Kills X 1.1
Valor Badge: Damage to Home Base X 0.8
Mercy Badge: Base Repairs X 1.4

Yes, the invader and their army ATTACKS the clans too. A clan that runs out of health can no longer compete for the rest of the round (although they can still get a nerfed version of the rewards). The clan who has the best damage/health ratio (not factoring in badges of course) "wins" and they recieve the rewards into their clan shop. (Elements can still vary- Aerodu can have dark elemental items and such). Badges for every lunar cycle are displayed in a trophy case.
AQ DF  Post #: 164
4/14/2008 21:33:59   

V2 seems to be better than the last one. I'm gonna run through the points sytem to check if it works.
Post #: 165
4/16/2008 17:16:07   

V2 is much improved in my opinion (regardless of what it's worth) still believe that one clan with all badges would be unstoppable, but considering
that you have to work to get them it will probably work.

Good job Shodu :)
AQ  Post #: 166
4/29/2008 1:17:38   

Alright maggots guys, we need to keep this active. It's been over a week since the last reply, pick up the pace. All the ideas need work on them, the new Lunar Cycle proposal has only got two replies- surely someone could point out the obvious flaws in my guess-balancing?

A clan with all of the badges would be... extremely difficult to beat, but then again if they earned them all you would've lost anyway. The real question is how the badges compare to EACH OTHER. Is the Honor Badge a garunteed win? Is the Valor Badge too powerful? Does owning the Mercy badge blow them both out of the water? The badges serve as a prize for the winner. You don't work for it, and you're behind. But what about the clans that DO work for it? This is also wehre the event itself would need work. How much clan health does everyone have? What kind of effect does healing have? Is it easy or hard to heal? How many enemies must you defeat before the event is over? Or is it a timed event? Any one of these elements can drastically skew the game one way or another. If clans have low starting HP and the enemies have a strong output, then defense becomes a huge factor, and the mercy badge could be nearly decisive in who gets the chance to attack, whereas if the match is timed and you have a high base HP, then offense is much mroe value. Similarly, if you have a high HP value but the boss has a high output and it's a timed event, your Valor Badge is suddenly very handy in giving you the chance you need to be an active participant.

This is where the Lunar Cycle is incomplete- the final event itself hasn't been narrowed down into a fully balanced possibility, it's currently far too vague and obsolete.
AQ DF  Post #: 167
4/29/2008 8:39:52   
Sir Gnome

Do keep prodding us Shodu, we need some action here. I'll revise my suggestion soon, looking over the figures of how many people acutally participate in the coming event, for example, to work out how many ponts there need to be in every relation band, and so on. The more posts the merrier!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 168
5/2/2008 1:07:26   


Come on guys, we really need to work on this.

List of things that need to be filled out for Lunar Cycle V2

Base Clan HP:
How much HP you heal per run:
How you heal:
Speed you heal:
How many total enemies to defeat before end of final event:
Timed? Y/N:
Enemy Damage Output:
Your Damage Output:
Honor Vs Valor (H, V, Neither):
Valor Vs Mercy (V, M, Neither):
Mercy Vs Honor (M, H, Neither):

< Message edited by Shodu -- 5/2/2008 1:20:51 >


"I really love this..."
"...well worded + intresting from the start."
"Will post for chapters..."
~Vios Kyros
AQ DF  Post #: 169
5/2/2008 22:51:41   

Here's just my ideas for Lunar Cycle

Base Clan HP: 1 000 000
How much HP you heal per run: 1-10 depending on how well you do
How you heal: Get resources- fight 3 random enemies, then repair- normal memory minigame
Speed you heal: Isn't this same as above
How many total enemies to defeat before end of final event: 250 000
Timed? Y/N: Y
Enemy Damage Output: ? (I've got no ideas)
Your Damage Output: (Still nothing)
Honor Vs Valor (H, V, Neither): Valour, I don't see how Honor helps you
Valor Vs Mercy (V, M, Neither): Mercy, the 1.4X healing increase does much more than a 20% decrease in damage
Mercy Vs Honor (M, H, Neither):Mercy, see above reasons

Looked closely and saw that the Honor badge doesn't seem to benefit the team that has it as the goal is to have the least damage/most hp when the boss and army are defeated. Wouldn't a smart strategy be simply to do nothing, but heal for the whole event while the other clans attacked? Either I'm reading wrong or it still neads some tweaking
AQ  Post #: 170
5/2/2008 23:33:14   


The clan who has the best damage/health ratio (not factoring in badges of course) "wins"

The strategy would ultimately fail.

How you heal would be like, say fighting/minigame, speed is how long or how much. You answered two with one stone.

Output is how much damage they do to you per hour. Your output is how much damage you do per attack.
AQ DF  Post #: 171
5/3/2008 17:59:18   

Oh wait it's how much damage you deal to the enemies, I thought it was how much damage you took

I understand the 'their output' and 'your output' I just don't have any ideas there.

Wouldn't it make more sense to factor in badges because a large amount of the event was trying to get them?
AQ  Post #: 172
5/3/2008 23:36:40   

You get to keep them in some kind of badge room, so those would speak for themselves, but I wasn't sure about badge factoring myself so I said no just to be safe.
AQ DF  Post #: 173
5/4/2008 8:48:51   

Please do not reset the clan health. If that was done wouldn't all the tokens donated go to waste, or is there some other use your implementing for the already donated tokens?

Are you still designing clan armors and weapons? If so, please say and I can pretty much immediately start working on some today. I am not good with giving stats to the equipment, but I'm sure I can design some neat stuff.

Is there a certain program used to create images for Adventure Quest besides Adobe photoshop, illustrator, ect?

EDIT:I see some armors have already been designed including, Aerodu and Lucian armors. What program did Z3RO[V.H.] use to create the Lucian armor?

About weapons... If possible, we should have magic, ranged, and melee based weapons for all the different possible character builds being used. So three different weapons for each clan.

< Message edited by JingKe -- 5/4/2008 9:15:09 >
AQ  Post #: 174
5/4/2008 10:22:07   
Sir Gnome

a) The Overview
This model is designed so that clans can form alliances, declare wars, and so forth. This would mean that players could influence their clan directly, by either Aiding or Attacking another clan, and so changing the relationship between the two. Under this system, smaller clans could band together to defeat the bigger ones, and forum alliances would become meaningful.

b) Setup
All clans start at 50,000 Reputation points to each other. Clan Base Health standardised.
Option: Starts with a week of non-conflict, where all the clans build up their health. The repair mini-game could give boosted rewards in this time.

c) The Options
At (very nearly) any point, you can either ‘Attack’ or ‘Aid’ another clan. Attacking a clan will lower the Relation between the clans, and Aiding a clan will raise the Relation.

You can always Aid any (non-‘defeated’) clan, but if you are ‘At War!’ with two or more clans, then you cannot Attack any new ones.

At the point at which a clan is defeated (lowered to a predetermined clan health, or Surrendering) then the victorious clans get access to a reward shop, and the defeated clan will then be classed as ‘Defeated’ for either a set time, or until they repair back to a certain health.

When a clan’s health is low, then a ‘Surrender’ button will become available to all clan members at the clan base. 80% of the members of the clan must click this button before the clan Surrenders (and is classed ‘Defeated’). The purpose of surrendering is to avoid losing as much Base Health as would be lost if the War was carried on to its end. Of course, War can also be ended by the Relation being raised above 200,000.

d) The Rewards - New bits here!

After a clan is defeated, all clans who have been 'At War' with it for at least 3 days will have a Reward Shop opening in thier Base. This shop will sell a few set items every time it's opened, (for example, items like the Edge of Unity, if they went rare elsewhere), and also a few powerful items of the element of the defeated clan.

During this time Negatus would be available, but one could not join a clan which has the reward shop.

e) Timetable
This event would be permenantly running in Paxia, unless a) A main storyline had to take over there b) The Wars become overly repetitive/one sided, and things need resetting

f) Main Information

All clans start 'Neutral' with all other clans. At this point, you can do two things to any clan - Attack, or Aid.
Attack means you fight two enemies from the other Clan (one monster from your RA list of thier element, and one Clan Member), and this drops your 'relation' by 5.
Aid means you fight two monsters from your RA list (that aren't of the other clan's element) outside the other clan's base (supposedly defending their base). This raises the 'relation' by 5.

When the 'relation' becomes high, the clans become 'peaceful'. The effects of this are:
  • The 'Attack' option, when successful, reduces relations by 10, rather than by 5 (so that if clans want to be allied, they really need to work at it).
  • The 'Aid' option now means you play the base-repair mini-game, using the other clan's tokens to repair their base. This improves 'relation' by 5.

    When the 'relation' becomes very high, the clans become 'allied'. This means that:
  • The 'Attack' option now only reduces relation by 3 - it’s difficult to become allied, but once there, it’s easy to keep.
  • The 'Aid' option now has two sub-options. The first is 'repair', and is the same as the 'Aid' when at peace. The other option is 'Mercenary' (best name I could come up with), where you fight at random any of the clans which the allied clan is at war with. The exception to this is that if they are at war with a different clan allied to yours, you will not be able to attack them. If allied clan is not at war with any other, then only 'repair' option is available.

    When the 'relation' becomes low, the clans become 'uneasy'. The only effect this has is that the effect of 'Aid' now increases relation by 10. 'Attack' is the same as if the clan's were 'neutral' to each other (so that getting into a full-blown war is difficult).

    When the 'relation' becomes very low, the clans become 'At War!'. This means:
  • When attacking the enemy clan, you do damage to their base health, as well as further reducing the 'relation' between you by 5.
  • The 'Aid' option now means you attack members of your own clan, as you defend the 'enemy' clan against people from your own clan who are attacking it. This improves relation by 3.
  • When a clan's health is reduced to a certain number (yet to be fixed), half of its Z-tokens are shared out between all the clans that it is 'At War' with, and the losing clan then becomes 'Neutral' with every clan, and cannot participate further in the event until its base health has been restored to a certain level. This means that it cannot 'Attack' or 'Aid' any other clan, nor can it be attacked nor aided.

    Relation Scale:

    0-200,000 = At War!
    200,000 - 400,000 = Uneasy
    400,000 - 600,000 = Neutral
    600,000 - 800,000 = Peace
    800,000 - 1,000,000 = Allied

    All clans start at 500,000 relation points with every other clan.
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