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(AQ) The Journal of The Uncreator

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7/9/2008 15:31:54   
Legendary Loremaster

These are compiled from notes and sources I can find. It appears as if The`Galin has continued to write even after death and rebirth. Herein lay what I have been able to recover. Naturally such is spread thinly and as such will take much time.

Falerin Ardendor, Loremaster.

Volume I: Collaborative Fiction: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=8328936

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11/12/2007 9:59:03   
Legendary Loremaster

I stand at the edge of a vast chasm or a great corridor I see possibilities and they are wonderous and terrible. I am writing this entry now some vast time after the others. Much has changed but in the end more has stayed the same. I am I must say afraid of what might come of this journey. I hope every day that I might fail in the task I am assigned.

My fears were not alleivated by my most recent visit to the Chamber. I had argued with the Elemental Lords for some time about the ir culpability in the corruption that still consumed Lore. While each and every one aided me in casting Tjeli into the sea so many years ago none will admit that their own temples have become dangerous places.

"I am not fit to be your gardner no less a refiner for someone else" I cried to my love in exasperation.

"You lack of certainty affirms our choice" She responded firmly and kindly.

"Why do you then encourage them in their complacency. Why do you say one thing to them and somehting very different to me?"

"Their nature is to build. Your burden is not their burden. They cannot see because they are within the problem even as they ignore it and the world."

"I sometimes wonder if my burden is your burden either. I sit here and know fully that the path we are on will eventually cause us to come into conflict with each other both directly and indirectly and I despair of it."

"And once you leave no doubt so will I as I will forget our arrangement as I must lest my knowledge cause me to hesistate. We must do as we must do. Such is our lot. Never doubt that your burden is my own. Worse I bear both burdens. Still I am resolved. Creation must heal from within and you as creation ascended are the only choice that makes sense.. I know that you love creation as much as I do. Like a sculptor you must sculpt your medium and cut away that which is not part of the final product. Like a smelter you must trust in the ore that is creation and smelt out the impurity within."

"That does little to console me"

"I fear I can offer you little comfort. Only to encourage you to have faith."

"What can I do though. How can I affect such a change....I have visited again and again and it is at best a field dressing on an open artery"

"Seek one who is like you.Open your mind and find one who has suffered as you have and who knows what you know. You say you wish to show the Lords and Ladies the folly of their ways then show them with their own churches very clearly."

"I do not understand"

"Seek someone to be your communicant love and find them and all will come clear"

And so I searched for months looking through that world. Seeking a communicant was new to me and I did not expect I even had the capacity to call one but then I became aware of him. I watched him day and night and through him came to know his lineage and his desires. I came to know his passion and I became sure. He was Silari and he was very ill treated. I watched that treatment grow as time passed and as in times past and noted with some distress that the elemental temples were much of the source of that mistrreatment. He wanted nothing more then to serve the Gods and yet the denied his loyalty and they mocked his passion. He was unlike their norm and so he was cast aside and worse yet abused both emotionally and phyisically. I watched him be assaulted time and again and I began to hear his plaintive cries in my own mind very clearly. I came to know he was to be mine long before I opened myself to him and spoke to his soul.

I only hoped that he would resist my call at first. For were he to readily go along with what I said then he was fully lost to passion and beyond reason. I became certain that he would and so then as instructed I called to him. After one particularly egregious assault.

"Xilar... son of Xilan" I called simply, and he heard me clearly.

"Yes?" He answered and I felt a fear and exhilaration that echoed my own.

"We have long waited your arrival here.... we had known you would come...."

"Who. Who... are you...."

I did not hesitate now to speak my mind for I sensed in him growing alarm.

"I am the Consort of Creation. I am The'galin truth bringer and I have come to change the world."
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11/12/2007 11:09:49   
Legendary Loremaster

"Pain and loss. So much pain and loss and wickedness. Is this the nature of creation its own destruction" I cried these words to Lorithia in despair standing there that day so long ago. Her response was classic Lorithia, calm yet pained.

"Not if there is success. I would prefer to lose not one. Do as you know that you must. Forget never that you are part of that creation"

"Yes! That very same aspect of self-destruction it seems. I am tasked with bringing that I lament."

"The irony is not lost, but you are selective. Should it be in the hand of the dictator of the moment. What makes it right..."

"Your questions lack answers the only objective thing is power itself."

"Which you have been given and earned in abundance. Do what you feel is correct. Do what you know in your heart to be true. Do not waver."

"Your plan to forget me will bring us to blows."

"If I do not forget you I might hesitate in my own part. It is more then mere forgetting. I must blind myself utterly to the truth for a time. I cannot color your action. No question may remain. It must be you and not I. To do otherwise risks the great unraveling."

"And so I have found Xilar and so it begins. This is goodbye."

"Yes. For ages perhaps. All things must come in time. Look for the signs"

She kissed me then. Our last kiss.

How far away that seems, and yet like an infinity. The progress of the first war is known. It was recorded in part by Xilar's own cousins and their relations. They have gotten it wrong of course. Seen only what they wish to see. Still the outward details are evident enough. For my part a reputation that inspires dread may serve some purpose. I cannot say such pleased me, but it was necessary. They have hidden away, and believe that such is what deterred me. As if I could not sense them. As if walls could keep me out. They have gotten it wrong, but they had showed the sign agreed upon and so we moved on. I doubt more though. I have seen a glimpse but even it is tied to other things and wrongheadedness. Corruption shall have swelled in new forms among the Kruath'ri by now of that I doubt little. Just as it did among the Derenians ages earlier. Tjeli was cast into the sea but the seed of corruption is choice itself. Yet also here the seed of redemption. I plod on. It has been what time since I last saw her, 500 years? Still I plod on.

It was Xilar who brought her to mind. He among the last of a species reborn. Xilar who finally after centuries gets it, in part.

"Why surround ourselves with such Lord. These filth cost innocents their lives. These filth are the reprobate. Is it not them we seek to eliminate."

"Very little is ever so clear. Very few so disposable. It is part of the fire lesson. It was not just that the chaff fertilizes the soil. It is that only when touched by fire do some things ever show their true majesty. There are trees that need wildfire to ever grow at all... did you know that"

"Yes but that does not really explain your position. It is enigmatic at best." He answered. His to the point demeanor refreshed me. I had forgotten how differently my mind ran then that of some.

"Simply this. I have been told to do what I KNOW is right. It will not do to do what I THINK is right. Only what I know to be so. Sometimes that means I WILL have to act in an unfortunate manner for a better good, but ends rarely justify means."

"But your people use just those such means. If their actions are so defiled then clearly keeping them about to do more damage is folly. They will wreak havoc in your name and despoil those who are good"

"Would they not anyway? They are what they are Xilar. Ends do not often justify means, but for something the only justification that exists is choice itself. I do not make them what they are I gather them. While they might still do great mischief they might do it guided. While choices may be made that are wrong at least they will be choices."

"But their choices cost innocent lives. They lead to destruction."


"How is that fair."

"Free will is not fair it is only just. Others come to me too, for the right reasons. I rarely turn away. There will be times I am more directed but I must KNOW clearly. I too will make errors on that path. I have to have that flaw for my actions to be valid you see."

"But why concentrate so much on them. The dregs, the very things you hate."

"They need me more then the pure. They are far more lost."

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2/12/2008 8:58:10   
Legendary Loremaster

The hour of the return approaches rapidly and I hear whispers and rumors. I cannot be sure of what will come though I do know that while some serve faithfully many are engaged in duplicity. They seek to control me on their terms, they shall fail in this. Inilar sought to subdue me in my mortality and they failed. Ultimately having me killed on Deren but still I am ressurected and still I persist while their civilization has been cast under the depths of the ice. In the twenty or so millenia that have passed since that time I have stood and grown and they have been forgotten. Civilization has risen and fallen again and again and their great empire is dust. While I cast their city into the chasm of the sea and froze it deep beneath the ice. I did not destroy it. It remains a vast monument to that which was and yet still none recall them. I am timeless and eternal and I stand fast. How then these would be servants think they shall manipulate me when an entire civilization failed at the same task I cannot say. They shall push for what they think they want but when they receive it they shall like it not. I come like a raging storm; some can be saved but for others the time is passed.
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5/3/2008 19:11:44   
Legendary Loremaster

My return is at hand. It will come even should I will it not. I shall war against her temple and see it fall. And I shall annihilate lore if the signs have not been made manifest. I must. As agreed I must. My communicant seeks to make that happen. Unfortunately I fear I shall lose two communicants soon. For one seeks to take the other. I am afraid he will succeed. I can only see that the Caelestian's salvation is realized. I will release my communicants obligation and not collect what is due to me. You are free my child. Have no fear. You have been redeemed. The cost is expensive but I am willing. As to the other, He seeks to hide what I know. Omega seeks to use me but I shall in turn use him. I seek to fail. I pray that I do. I have faith in Lore. I have faith in it's creator. Therefore my manifestation will die. For this reason the communicant chosen for it must be one I deem disposable. Who would be willing but also one I would be willing to so freely set up to die. I now know whom. I fully expect it. I only hope they fail in what they intend and I see the signs. Regardless however the time of their comeuppance is soon at hand.

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