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=AQ= Mogbusters' Mailbag!

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3/22/2008 22:53:07   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Jamog and Adamog, in the finest Mogbusters tradition, are always looking for new myths to bust and are turning to their audience for ideas!

If you have a myth you'd like to see the Mogbusters tackle, you can submit it here. Please include the following with your submission. All letters not following these guidelines will be crumpled up and used to test whether or not the electricity generated by an Energy Dragon's breath can start a fire in flammable material (that is, deleted without notice).

1) The legend, story, or myth.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

Remember that your myth must be viewable by audience-members of all ages. Any that aren't will be crumpled up as the others.

Adamog and Jamog reserve the right to research the myth on their own, design their own experiment based on their years of experience, and so on. They also sent me the following note:

We are not looking for myths that are just there for you to make money while helping us out. We are not looking for to restate what countless adventurers have proven in combat time and again, such as whether ice can hurt a firezard. We are looking for myths that would be entertaining to test. Keep in mind the myths you've already seen us tackle: the durability and strength of moglins, the plausibility of soda-propelled launches, whether a single dragon wing can be used as a glider, and so on. So while a myth about whether Roqfruit actually can conduct a current may be worthwhile, we do not want to see anything about whether Vince’s Gold will do the same. (We already know that gold's a remarkable conductor.)

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3/23/2008 3:15:29   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

1. The legend, story or myth.
The myth: A moglin can be made a vampire then cure by just being launched into a nest of light dragons.

2.What the experiment will be testing.
Face 2 vampires with Twig to get to Safaria's castle where Twig gets bitten. Then back at the mogbusters camp he gets put back into the Twig cannon and launched to the top of a mountain into a light dragon nest. You climb the mountain, on the way you fight 3 light dragons, then at the top another 5 to save twig.

3. The outcome of the experiment.
Suprisingly yes it is true but it doesn't work on humans unless light dragons were twice or thrice the size they are.
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3/23/2008 8:39:49   
Outsmarting Bugs

A Xyfrag's Blecchfast

1) The legend, story, or myth.

A young adventurer, eager to start their adventures, chanced upon a small band of blecch. The story goes that, assuming this to be an easy battle, the adventurer casted an ice spell on the slimy creatures. However, this spell ended up freezing the blecch TOGETHER to form a xyfrag, which promptly ingested the adventurer and went on its way.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

Can a xyfrag really be formed by joining blecch together?

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

Easy enough. Knock out a couple of blecch, bring them together and test a couple different methods of joining them. Force them together by applying pressure or launching them at each other at high speeds, freeze them together, or maybe even attempt using energy to try and fuse them together.

A Choking HaZard!

1) The legend, story, or myth.

A completely different adventurer, slightly older than the first, was out and about battling random monsters when he was attacked by a vicious terrorzard! Having nothing with which to damage the foul beast, the adventurer knocked out a passing monster and chucked at the terrorzard. According to the myth, the terrorzard, so terribly amused by the attempt to kill it, did not chew its food properly and choked, allowing the adventurer victory.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

Is it actually possible for a zard to choke on its food?

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

For one, it would be wise to have an on-call veterinarian (or perhaps a zard expert of some sort...) to ensure no zards are harmed in the testing of this myth. We don't want to be associated with harming innocent zards, do we?

The actual myth would be fairly simple to test. Lure a zard to a pile of food, disguised so as to not arouse suspicion. However, within this pile of food would be several well-sized pellets that cannot be chewed. If a zard CAN choke on its food, swallowing these things whole should do the trick.

Should that fail, however, we could always toss Twig at the zard and see what happens. Maybe bony-fleshy creatures can cause more choking hazard than inanimate food. Every precaution will be taken to ensure it is hilarious when we feed twig to the zard and wow did I just say that out loud? I meant every precaution will be taken to ensure twig is not harmed. Yes, that one. Let's go with that one.

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3/23/2008 8:46:32   
Gandlo de Sandra

OK, lets try, shall we?

1) Myth, does a ninja who loses his stealthiness loses all of his other ninja abilities?
2) Find an unstealthy ninja, and ask it to try its skills.
3) Battle 10 random forest creatures, till you reach a ninja village and find an unstealthy ninja.
4) Dun-Dun-Duuuuuuuuunnnn.....................
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3/23/2008 11:50:24   

Fireball. 'Nuff said.

1) The legend, story, or myth.
The awesome power of Fireball.

2) What the experiment will be testing.
Whether or not any creature can withstand the might of Fireball.

3) How the experiment will be conducted.
First of all, of course, we need a volunteer who'll test how he'll be affected by Fireball. As we've already got Twig on the team, no worries there.
But, he refuses to do the experiment. What to do? Get some fishy, of course! (We would get him some Ice Cweam, but it tends to melt if put anywhere near Fireball.)
Alas, we don't have any fishing rods. So we'll have to catch Piranhas, or Malgrus, or Rayfish, with our bare hands. And weapons, of course. (Hint: That means, fight 'em.)
After this is done, we'll have to lure Twig to the spot with the big red X, where Fireball will hit. However, as we've all seen, Twig is quite the hungry moglin, so we'll have to drop a cage on him.
After we've 'found' our little subject, we're all set to start the experiment!
No, wait, we need someone to cast Fireball.
Luckily, we've already thought of that and asked Beleqwaya to join us today. If we want to experience the true might of Fireball, we need an Archmage to do it. No, Warlic was too busy. Said something 'bout love potions.
Now that we've got everything, let the experiment commence!
Watch Bele cast Fireball.
Watch Fireball floating slowly to the caged Twig.

4) The outcome of the experiment.
...Twig using the fish as a shield and afterwards enjoying fried fish.
So is it true or is it a myth?
Well, the fish is fried a tad too much. Meaning, it's kinda pitch black.

Tetanus isn't that bad.

1) The legend, story, or myth.
Legend has it that once, a guardian and an adventurer were traveling side by side, fighting countless enemies, until one day, Vivi (the guardian) and Ocoma (the adventurer) had an argument over their strength. Ocoma was at a higher level, Vivi had the better equipment. After parting their ways and cooling off, Vivi found that he was sorry and wanted to apologize. Though as he found Ocoma, he saw how a Tropopause Tyrant landed the final blow against him. Full of anger, Vivi scared off the Tropopause Tyrant and cried at his friend's lifeless body. To honor his loyal friend, Vivi took his Long Sword and from then one used it to fight off evil.
What he didn't think of was that the Long Sword was made of cheap material and eventually began to rust.

2) What the experiment will be testing.
Whether or not it is a myth that one can fight with a Long Sword so rusty that it should break apart any second.

3) How the experiment will be conducted.
Now, all that we need is someone who will use the Rusty Long Sword, and someone who will get struck by it. And a Rusty Long Sword.
Obviously, we'll have the player to be the person who'll use the Rusty Long Sword. Alas, we can't take Twig as the one who'll get hit by it. He's too small, he'd evade.
So I guess Chester will have to be the one. No excuses, there's no other choice.
No we need a Rusty Long Sword.
As we could only get hold of a normal looking, sharpened Long Sword, we'll have to make it rusty first. So we give it to our beloved player character, disable all other weapons (And spells. We want the player to use the Long Sword.), and let him fight for a bit underwater. As this Long Sword is sharper than a normal one, it actually has damage values that will make those few fights not tedious.
After a handful of fights, we notice that the Long Sword started to rust. Now, lets get ready to fight Chester!

4) The outcome of the experiment.
Well, we're fighting Chester. We're hitting him with the weapon. As it's rusty, it has alot more sharp edges where the rust already began to damage the sword. High(er than before) damage guaranteed!
Side effects may include Tetanus, which will severely reduce your Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance stats, as well as wounding yourself with the sharp edges on every hit.
Positive side effects may include winning the battle 'cause Chester takes doesn't like such sharp edges, either.

So is it true or is it a myth? Well, you did fight with it, and won. On the other hand.. someone call an Ambulance!

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3/23/2008 12:41:29   
Tapeworm Shoelace

1) The legend, story, or myth - We all know that Werewolves and Vampires, and certainly Moglopyres (however rare they may be) have always stayed in Darkovia aside from the occasional war between the two groups. However, Darkovia is very peaceful at this time of year and Moglopyres have been sighted as far as Gatta Island! Did they come from Darkovia, or some other area? Why are they there?

2) What the experiment will be testing - An investigation of the existence of Moglopyres in Gatta Island.

3) How the experiment will be conducted - Darkovian creatures are known to be extensively savage against the opposing subrace, while other Werewolves and vampires are generally rather tolerant of each other as tension is not as great between them in other areas. There is no dispute over land, etc. Therefore, if the Moglopyre is Darkovian, then it will act rashly toward a Werewolf if it were to meet one; therefore a surefire way to determine whether or not the Moglopyre is Darkovian is to drive a bunch of Werewolves into Gatta Island and see what the Moglopyres do! I mean, Gattans are cool with Werewolves, right? RIGHT?!
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3/23/2008 12:45:09   

Myth Number 1: Nerfkitten + Toast = DOOOOOMM!!!!

1) The legend, story, or myth:

This one involves an artificer with a very strange idea. Because toast always lands butter side down, and a cat always lands on its feet, the artificer supposedly constructed a perpetual motion machine by strapping a piece of toast butter side up to the back of a Nerfkitten, then throwing the nerfkitten into the air.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

Whether toast strapped butter-side up to the back of a nerfkitten which is thrown into the air will hover and spin indefinitely.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

Toast will be strapped butter side up to the back of a nerfkitten, which is tossed into the air, while Jamog and Adamog hide behind several blast shields in case the nerfkitten gets loose. A second test will determine in a Moglin always lands on its feet by strapping a Nerfkitten and Twig back-to-back, then using a remote catapult to throw them into the air.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

They do, in fact, hang in the air and spin indefinitely, until Twig eats the toast and is savaged by the Nerfkitten.

For the second part, Moglins are proved to always land on their feet, as the bundle hangs in the air and spins indefinitely, until the Nerfkitten eats Twig.

Myth Number 2: Twig vs. Nerfkitten(s)

1) The legend, story, or myth:

One day, a scholar was observing a Moglin eating some fresh-caught fish. Suddenly, a Nerfkitten appeared, and attacked the moglin in order to steal the fish. The Moglin fought back with astonishing ferocity, and actually managed to defeat the nerfkitten.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

Whether a threat to a Moglin's fish or Ice Cream incites a temporary ferocity and power that is enough to combat a Nerfkitten.

3) How the experiment will be conducted (OPTIONAL):

Character will catch 2 Rainbowfish (rainbowfish are a weaker type of Rayfish, but still have nerfing powers), the Moglin's favorite type of fish (coincidentally, the Nerfkitten's favorite as well). Afterwards, the character will procure at least twenty-one (21) nerfkittens, preferably caged. First, 1 nerfkitten will be released to try to take Twig's Rainbowfish. After that experiment is concluded, Jamog and Adamog decide to test if Twig's defense mechanism can withstand 20 nerfkittens at the same time.

4) The outcome of the experiment (OPTIONAL):

Twig can withstand one nerfkitten with relatively little damage (ie, very few bandages). However, against a pack, he sustains massive injuries (ie, completely covered in bandages, crutch, etc), but is able to beat them off using a flash-frozen tuna.

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3/23/2008 12:57:21   

The legend, story or myth: A crazy moglin inventor from Lolosia needed to get to stonerule within 4 hours (not known why). Since ships take about a day to cross the Great Sea, he sat in his new war weapon, the Uber-Catapult 3000, set it to full power and launched himself over the great sea and landed in the crater.
What the experiment will be testing: Is it possible to launch a moglin (Twig) from an Uber-Catapult 3000 in Lolosia all the way across the sea to the crater?
How the experiment will be conducted: Jamog will launch Twig from an Uber-Catapult 3000 in Lolosia. Chester will be on the beach doing nothing. Adamog will be in the crater waiting for Twig to land.
The outcome of the experiment: Twig flies straight up in the air, keeps going into space, bounces off the moon and lands next to Adamog in the Crater.
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3/23/2008 14:24:28   
Venus Djinn

I decided to do this one based on a REAL myth they had to bust. It's close, if not perfect.
1) The legend, story, or myth: A house can be painted in record time by placing a large can of paint in the middle of the room and blowing it up magically.
2) What the experiment will be testing: Whether or not it's possible to repaint your house's interior in seconds using explosives.
3) How the experiment will be conducted: Can of paint in middle of house. Tortoise from Woodland Pack is captured (fight Woodland Pack) and put in the room facing the can. It walks forwards.
4) The outcome of the experiment: Myth confirmed - with flying colours! Possible reward would be a Paint Bomb weapon which splatters the enemy with paint to reduce their B2H (vision obscured by paint in the eyes). Paint colour could match the attack's element.

And a more AQ-ified one.
1) The legend, story, or myth: It is possible to become trapped in the portable hole in which adventurers and guardians keep their equipment when not using it.
2) What the experiment will be testing: Whether or not Twig becomes stuck in the portable hole when you change your equipment.
3) How the experiment will be conducted: Twig stands behind you whilst you fight. You must change your armor at least once in the battle. You then conduct another fight under the same conditions to get him out again (only to discover he used the Teleporter to get out).
4) The outcome of the experiment: Twig becomes stuck in it - but only until he teleports out. Myth confirmed. Possible reward item would be a Portable Hole Generator weapon which throws monsters of the weapon's element out of a hole at the enemy.
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3/23/2008 17:10:28   
Omega Dragoon

1) The myth is, if you mix a lot candy and mognip in a cursed cauldron, you get the cure for vampirism and lycanthropy, but moglins near the mix turn into moglinsters.
2) Will the cure be created and will the test moglin, Twig, turn into a moglinsters.
3) Mix candy with a lot mognip in a cursed cauldorn, let a werewolf drink some of it and then ask what it tasted like, then kick the test moglin AKA Twig in the cauldron and see what happens.
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3/23/2008 18:58:35   

1) Can pressurizing water in a Drakel Tube explode the weapon in the wielder's hands?
2) Whether pouring water into a Drakel gun and capping it, while shooting it to boil the water can increase the pressure high enough to explode it.
3) Chester is magically controlled to hold the water-filled and capped gun and shoot it.
4) The outcome: Chester's head gets blown into Akriloth and you have to get it. Joy of Joys.
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3/24/2008 9:23:47   
Master Of Evil

(Based on the story 'Sint Joris en de Draak', which means 'Saint Joris and the Dragon'. This is an AQified version)

1) The legend, story, or myth.
Long ago, Lore knew an era Lorians still refer to as 'Dark Age'. Everyone fought each other for honour, glory and of course, to go down in history as the Hero Who Saved The World (Again). One of them, a youthful Adventurer named Robin, tried to accomplish that by trying to tame a dragon by reading him boring literature.
The dragon had been roaming about in Battleonia, and the King had ordered that someone should deal with it. Of course Robin volunteered immediately, for he had nothing to do anyway.
The King had offered him a horse and a companion of Battleons Elite Guardians, but Robin had refused. The only thing he requested was an ancient novel from Terra.
The King, appreciating the boy's courage, let the book be brought forth from his Royal Library, and with a raised eyebrow at such stupidity, bid Robin farewell
And so, Robin went searching for the Dragon, which wasn't all that hard, for it was waiting for him in the Mountains of Dragonspine. And it was hungry.
Robin hesitated, but opened the book and started to read. It was an old play, taking place on Terra, in a distant country Terrans called Denmark.
At first, the dragon tried to eat Robin alive, but after a few hours it started to get annoyed by Robins calmness, patience, and his lack of fear. With a loud roar it spread its wings and flew away. Never to be seen again.
Robin returned to the King, and was rewarded for his service to the Kingdom. His name got a place in the very same books that are now in the library of Battleonia's Last Guardian Tower, so that he be remembered forever...

2) What the experiment will be testing.
Whether or not you can slay a dragon by reading it boring literature.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
A volunteer (Twig of course) must first find a Dragon. Because he is so small and eatable, you offer to go with him. You find a Dragon and return it to Jamog and Adamog. (That means you will fight a couple of random dragons, after which you can choose which one you want to take with you to experiment with.) After that, Twig is given a book (which you choose). The dragon and Twig are put together in a large cage, where Twig will read the book for the Dragon.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Of course this won't work. Twig gets eaten and the dragon will break free. You of course, are held responsible for the mess, because you came up with this idea, so you will have to dispose of the dragon.
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3/24/2008 22:13:10   


1) The legend, story, or myth
One history book from the library of the Isle of D'Oriens claims that the fight between vampires and werewolves started after an ancient arguement between Safiria and the werewolf king. The book claims the arguement started because they couldn't decide who's teeth were sharper......

2) What the experiment will be testing.
Will Vampires and werewolves stop fighting once we can tell who has sharper teeth....

3) How the experiment will be conducted.
Invite Safiria - go to castle - battle 4 vampires then talk to Safiria -
and Invite the Werewolf king - go to werewolf lair - battle 4 werewolves then talk to the Werewolf king -
to a "PARTY"....
trap them both in Seperate cages.
lure twig into Safiria's cage with fishies and let twig get bitten....
then lure twig into the werewolf kings cage with icecream and let twig get bitten......

4) The outcome of the experiment.
*twig in bandages...* we ask twig "what bite hurt more?"
twig says "bad vampire teef hurt lots......" then Safiria wins and laughs at werewolf king.
werewolf king hits twig. werewolf king and Safiria fight.
we watch them fight. no one wins.

myth failed

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3/24/2008 22:23:53   
Blue Revenge


1) The legend, story, or myth.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

The Myth of Dumbee

1) The Story: Blind Beard the pirate was on his ship, SS Jay(get it? :P), when he discovered there was a leak in the ship. He quickly began throwing things off board, and accidentally threw his pet Moglin, Dumbee off. The Moglin began twitching its ears, and flew away to safety before it could drown.

2) The Test: To see if a Moglin can be scared enough to flap its ears fast enough to fly.

3) Conduction:

  • Take any Moglin, preferrably Twig, to a high point and scare him with a spooky story
  • "Accidentally" push the Moglin off
  • Watch to see if he/she flies. If not, don't worry, the net that Adamog was supposed to set up with be there to catch him...

4) The Outcome: Adamog put the net in the wrong place and Twig the sees that the net isn't there, he teleports to Yulgar's Inn.
You and Jamog are then shown standing at the high point, speechless.


The Few. The Proud. The Warriors. (:<
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3/25/2008 3:11:30   
king cy

1) The legend, story, or myth.
Heroes always win.
You are saying to the Mogbusters "But it is not a myth, We heroes always win, it is in the rules!"
Twig looks a you a starts to laugh, laughing even harder, starts rolling around and says that you can't even beat him!
You- I can too, I can beat you any time any place!
Twig looks up and smiles ( this is the first time he looks evil ) OK, a Ice Monster contest!

2) What the experiment will be testing.
You vs Twig in who will battle and beat the most Ice monsters

3) How the experiment will be conducted.

You Battle Monsters from your Random Adventure list with an Ice background.
(You battle two monsters back to back and then get a chest followed by a full heal,
35% gold, 25% 3 heal potions, 25% 3 manta potions, 10% special prize chest(A temp fire weapon)
and 5% a empty bowl of ice cream with a note from Twig "Got-ch, end of quest")

4) The outcome of the experiment.
Twig wins! The Whole area is covered in ice cream bowls!
You win! Twigg looks over at you,he is laid out on the beach tummy fat, and laughs "You may have won buy I got Ice Cream!"

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3/26/2008 13:40:58   
Master Conspirator

1) The legend, story, or myth.
If a WereMoglin (like a Werewolf or a Were-bunny) bites a human, the human will get an unstoppable desire for fish and get much shorter.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
To see if a human infected by the bite of a Wer-Moglin will fight through several monsters to get a bucket of fish.
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
A bucket of fish will be placed behind several random monsters and the player has to fight through them.
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
It seems that the myth is true, but thinking the results were a very flat fish, the player eats the results and the myth is inconclusive.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
3/27/2008 12:47:52   

1) Name of Myth: Barrel of Fish! (You know you want to do this one)

2) This myth would revolve around a moglin (twig) who was building a tower for a wizard, He was harnessed to a scaffolding with a barrel of fish used as a counterweight and snack as he wanted. Unfortunately for this poor moglin, the barrel fell and he was thrust upwards, the barrel hitting him on the way up. Once the barrel hit the bottom, it broke and all the fish spilled out, the counterweight was gone, and down he goes. After all this, the barrel falls again and hits him on the head, and the moglin surprisingly survived.

3) How the experiment will be conducted: Set Twig up to do this. Your character will have to go cut down trees (strength roll) in the forest, in a similar fashion to building your house, you will also have to go get a large amount of fish.

4) The outcome of the experiment: Twig gets really hurt, but the myth is confirmed, and Twig eats all the fish. Maybe a barrel plank melee earth weapon or something like that as a reward.

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3/28/2008 21:34:38   

Story: A man fully clad himself in armor, hoping to prevent the fires of a dragon from burning him. However, the metal quickly melted, and even FUSED to his skin, and he died anyways.

The Test: If Yulgar's armors melt from a fire dragon's breath.

The Testing: You are given Yulgar's armor, and you can choose to wear it or not. You could be forced, but can the game developers actually do that? It seems like a lot of work...

Outcome: You are treated for serious burns, your skin and hair become grey, and you say, "I am an iron man! Why?!?" Jamog follows up with, "Da-na na-na na-na na-na
nuh-na-na!" The end.
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3/29/2008 19:50:30   
Murray the Hill Troll

1) The legend, story, or myth: One day, Murray, the Hill Troll came across a large and ferocious dragon. Acting as a large and ferocious dragon does, it began to breathe fire on Murray. Murray's natural healing abilities allowed him to stand in the way of the breath, while healing at exactly the same rate. Murray was unharmed and the dragon continued to breath fire until it ran out of oxygen. Murray then ate the Dragon.

2) What the experiment will be testing: Whether a Hill Troll can heal faster than a dragon can burn it.

3) How the experiment will be conducted: A troll and a dragon will be tied to seperate tethers at a distance of 50 feet. The tail of the dragon will be pulled to force it to breathe fire onto the troll. However long the Troll survives will be recorded.
AQ  Post #: 19
3/29/2008 20:07:24   

1) The legend, story, or myth: Once, a dwarf encountered a wolf. The dwarf tried to tame the wolf, but he failed. The wolf said that only one thing could tame it, but he never revealed the thing that tamed it. The dwarf tried all types of ore, but it didn't work on the wolf. Finally, the dwarf sprinkled a little bit of mognip on a whip and the wolf obeyed the dwarf's commands any time the dwarf whipped him.

2) What the experiment will be testing: If mognip would actually tame a wild wolf.

3) How the experiment will be conducted: The player will enrage a wolf untill it looks like it's going to beserk. Then the player will strike the wolf with a weapon with mognip on it to try to tame it.

4) The outcome of the experiment: Mognip won't tame the wolf, it will just make it bigger and badder.

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3/29/2008 21:01:44   
Saint Kilda


1) The legend, story, or myth.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

The Myth of the Exploding Rayfish

1) The Myth: One day, St.Kilda was saling across the South Sea and got Chomped by a Rayfish. He and his ship was inside the belly of the Rayfish. But luckily, he wasn't digested. So, he used his spells inside the Rayfish's stomach. He blasted the spells towards the top of the Rayfish's Stomach. After a while, the Rayfish's Belly exploded and St,Kilda got blasted out of the water along with pieces of his ship and some of the 'remains' of the Rayfish

2) The test: To see if blasting spells inside a Rayfish can make it explode and blasts you out of the water.

3) Conduction:

  • Sail across the Seas.
  • Let a Rayfish eat you. Hope that the Rayfish doesn't "digest" you.
  • Use spells inside the Stomach of the Rayfish until it blows up. If it doesn't, ...

4) The Outcome: You didn't blow the Rayfish up and free yourself with your Spells. You only had enough MP to use one spell and it's "Shapeshift". You Shapshifted into a Gogg. But the Gogg was too big for the Rayfish's Stomach and it exploded. Adamog and Jamog was "Supprised" to see you!
AQW  Post #: 21
3/30/2008 14:24:57   

Story: Legend goes that a vampire and werewolf bit each other at the exact same time. Instead of transforming the werewolf into a vampire and vampire into a werewolf, both creatures merged to become a werepire.

test: Are Werepyres created by the simultaneous biting of a vampire and werewolf?
AQ DF  Post #: 22
3/30/2008 21:46:15   
Madam Mutant

1) The legend, story, or myth.

lightbringer likes giving ice-cream to moglins doing nothing or good on dark and gloomy days in the sight of necromancers

2) What the experiment will be testing.

do lightbringers give moglins ice cream if the find one that is doing nothing

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

you must go to the mountains and fight creature then capture a lightbringer and bring it to the mogbusters .
then you set Twig doing absalutly nothing and force the light bringer in his dirrection(there is a icecream truck on the way to Twig and Twig is downhill to her)

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

Only if it is hot and dark will a lightbringer do this if otherwise it is a fish with more wish attached
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
4/2/2008 18:49:36   

More MogBusters: http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c45/mturf/Mogbusters.jpg
from left to right - To'Ray, Keri (a Neko-Moglin), and Grunt

Myth: Escape from Isle K'Traz
Years before the water breathing potion accident of Osprey Cove the remote Isle K'Traz, renown for it's inaccessibility due to hazardous currents, deadly marine life, and dense naturally occurring anti-magic field, was used as a high security dungeon by an evil tyrant (Drakath's family?). It was thought to be inescapable, many tried, failed, and were changed into undead guards. However, it is rumored that three inmates did escape. The MogBusters intend to follow the escapee's plans (supposedly inscribed on the prison wall) and recreate the inmates break for freedom... but first they need to get onto the Isle K'Traz. At least if the escape fails they won't have to worry about drowning... just hazardous currents..... deadly marine life............ dense anti-magic field....................... and undead guards..................................................
.......Perhaps the MogBusters can rope someone in to helping them.

Myth: Echo-locating-flying-mammal-man
It's rumored a rich noble in Darkovia is pretending to be a vampire by using Drakel technology. It's time to try and built these type of gadgets to see if they can actually be used to mimic the supernatural powers of a vampire. If they're real perhaps they can be used to fight crime... and random monsters.
- enemy:
The Jester, special version of Jester
- rewards:
Vamperang; 100% special ranged weapon with a chance to drain health
Grapplergun; you attempt to "fly" with the weapon special, pulling random items from the sky onto the enemy head
Robin; small bird sidekick (pet/guest)

Myth: What's Magic-proof
The MogBusters have found three moglins willing to help them in their quest to test all the myths in Lore; Keri, Grunt and To'Ray. They've found an easy myth to get them started.
We all know that armour and shields can increase or reduce your chance to block spell damage using no enchantments, but most of the materials are rare and difficult to work with making the items expensive. The myth is that some everyday objects, when carried about the body, can help stop a Magic Missile. All they need to do is get the common items and fire the Spell Cannon at eachother.... or someone else, whatever's cheaper.
- items to test (and get as reward misc items)
Thick Pocket Book
Pack of Playing Cards
Un-Enchanted Talisman
Roll of Z-Tokens
Empty Mana Potion
Metal Flint & Tinder Box
Small piece of un-worked Material used for the SpellBlocker shield

Myth: A strong beverage served in a tavern can sooth Sneak Venom
Some rare animals have venomous attacks, but Sneaks of all variety can poison you, and can be found on many random adventurers. Some Heroes say that soaking the wound in a very strong drink (known to have adverse effects on the lorian body) served in taverns can sooth and even stop the effects of the bite.
step 1 - Go to Boogs Tavern, Yulgars Inn, and Gibet's Pub to collect their strongest drinks
step 2 - Catch a Sneak
step 3 - Get bitten twice
step 4 - Dowse one wound in a drink, and leave the other au naturalle to compare
step 5 - Repeat steps 3&4 for all 3 drinks and a traditional salve
- reward (misc items)
Venom Salve - After activation can be clicked to try and remove one status effect
Wod-Kar - Lowers your stats but if u click it u have a chance to recover a little hp along with a chance to heal an inflicted status effect
Vood'Kr - Raises stats, if u click it u have a chance to heal hp & an inflicted status effect, while activated there is a chance u won't attack
Vode Cair - Lowers ur stats (drastic on Cha), click to heal a little hp & an inflicted status effect, the monster also wont come near you some turns because you... smell

Myth: Negetive Damage
(This "Myth" is taken from my own suggestions thread and could actually be considered a real AdventureQuest Myth)

Original: mturf's ye olde Curious Suggestions Shop - Editted a little to fit this page better
Negetive Damage
Spell: Negetive Reaction - lvl 70 - 80 mp cost - 8 hits of each element (-0.3 damage each, +30 BtH) + 1 element X (-1 damage, +100 BtH)
nb - by my math that'll do:
over 100 damage to an enemy with -500% on one element
about 30 damage to an enemy with -100% on one element
all i'm unsure on is enemies that have multiple elemental drainage
the minus 1 element X ensues the spell has an extremely slim chance of actually killing anything, unless it has mystery mod's against X

Spell: Negetive Strength - Summons temp weapon "Long Sord" - 50mp
Temp weapon: Long Sord - (0-(lvl/6))-0 damage, melee, earth. Special, 10% chance, 1 hit of each element, ranged damage, -1 each.
Spell: Negetive Power (Guardian) - Summons temp weapon "Gardion Blayd" - 50mp
Temp weapon - Gardian Blayd - (0-(lvl/5))-0 damage, melee, random element. Special, 20% chance, 1 hit of (0-(lvl/4)), random element, ranged.
Spell: Negetive Charm - Summon guest "Phia" - 50mp
Guest: Phia - 2 hits, first hit -5-0 earth/energy/light/dark, second hit -5-0 fire/water/wind/ice
Spell: Negetive Luck / "Teh Unluckeh" - (0-(luck/2))-(luck/2), random element - 70mp (gains no int bonus)

Weapon: Mega Dwagon Blade
Price: 2000 Tokens - Sellback: 400 Tokens or 10,000 Gold
Level: 30
Element: Element X
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: -5 ~ -25
BTH: 5%
Triggers on: Dragons, Drakel, Lizards & Velociraider (Types not Names)
Triggered Element: The enemies greatest defence.
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: -8 ~ -33
Description: A more massive Dwagon Blade, weilded by to most incompetant of Dragonslayers. However, when weilded by a skilled Dragonslayer, it can prove to be a valuable method of getting the upper hand. When you come upon a dragon or dragon-kin it transforms and uses the enemies own element against it. Fight fire with fire!
Appearance: Mega Dragon Blade with pink details instead of red

and now, a negetive fearing beastie;
Slayer, The Dragon
hp: 5000
mp: 2000
LvL: 100
Exp: 1500
Gold: 750
Melee: 35
Ranged: 35
Magic: 20
Strength: 150
Dexterity: 150
Intellect: 50
Endurance: 100
Charisma: 25
Luck: 25
Fire: -400
Water: 50
Wind: 20
Ice: 20
Earth: -400
Energy: -50
Light: 0
Darkness: 0
Description: Well now isn't that some very... interesting armour. Rumor tells that the only weapon to do truly heavy damage to it was once wielded by a foolhardy Dragonslayer who challenged "Slayer" to regain face after losing misserably in the guardian arena. But who can trust silly rumors.
Appearance: a humanoid dragon, not much bigger than a standard character. Grey skin, coiled tail, and wings. carries a white/grey dragonblade looking weapon in one hand and a dragonslayer helm in the other (holding like Dragonhand/Z). Patchwork armour with parts from (possibly some, not all) AuP, NmP, Dragonslayer, Dracomancer, and Guardian armour.
Attack 1: 1-100, melee, element X. 25% chance. attacks with the sword, it glows as if being triggered by you.
Attack 2: 40-60, ranged, random element. 50 % chance. fires an attack from the DS-helmet, looks like energy ball attack from dracomancer lvl10
Attack 3: 4 hits, 20-80 each, ranged, 2 hits fire 2 hits earth. 25% chance. Green fire breath attack.
nb: this dragon would be susceptible to pain from the Dwagon Blade. minus 20 to zero earth damage should therefore do 0-80 damage per hit. also, an enemy is more susceptible to be hit by an element that would cure it, hence the Dwagon Blade with it's 50 bth + it's element would "cure" Slayer, it'll barely ever miss.
this enemy may be suitable for the void, maybe not, i aint too good at that kinda thing, but a weaker version could easily be made

This is a silly myth. The story goes that a foolish warrior renown as the worst Dragonslayer in the history of Lore, after being miserably defeated in the Guardian Arena, proceeded to challenge a legendary Dragonkin known only a "Dragon, the Slayer", wielding the pathetic Dwagon Blade (known by all to actually heal the monster it strikes). As the Slayer looked down on the pathetic example of a Hero, the fool closed his eyes and lashed out blindly, cowering behind the weakest blade ever known. This took the Slayer completely by surprise, slashing him brutally across the chest, face and neck. The Slayer fled, leaving the warrior confused as to what had happened.
Since hearing the fable many have theorized that the healing properties of the sword could have some how had an adverse reaction to the legendary beast's ability to absorb attacks, yet most are not foolish enough to attempt to test it. One half crazed hero (mturf / Juno Makali) insists the tale is true, and claims to have tested his theories by hunting down TerrorZards with the DwagonBlade (yes, i actually did that. tried it on void nightbane too (if memory serves well), an u know how that turns out). It's time to see if this Myth has any grain of truth to it at all.
- to test it u are given the temp weapon "DwagonBlade" (Adventurers too). u then hunt down weak monsters that absorb the earth element
- after seeing this myth might actually be plausible, u then test each of the other weapons using different negative damage weapons
- after proving it, u have the option to hunt down rumors to find "Dragon, the Slayer"
- after tracking him down u fight him. this is not a real fight, u only need to do a little damage, then he speaks and runs away
- reward shop (see negetive damage items above)
- option to follow "Slayer" (deeper into the cave, hard fight), or leave "Myth Confirmed"
- - possible option to "test your new scientific knowledge" against TerrorZard(s)

Myth: Undead Vampragon
Since the existence of Vampragons it has plagued the minds of all who have imagined it. Part Dragon, Part Vampire. They're already half undead... sort of. Is it possible to make an Undead Vampragon???
An artist's impression: http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c45/mturf/undeadvampragon.jpg
We're going to need help from a Necromancer on this one.... we need help from..... Zorbak!

Myth: Coin Drop
The myth is if you drop a gold coin off the top of a guardian tower it has the force to break bone, kill, or even embed itself in stone.
step 1 - "borrow" a variety of coinage (gold coin, z-token, ancient dragon coin, coin's coin, etc)
step 2 - try to get to the top of the guardian tower
step 3 - drop

Myth: Does a Zards... Quack (?) echo? What noise does a Zard make???
The myth is that a Zard's quack doesn't echo. Well, we thought it was an odd myth too, but the crazed lunatic that told us it was insistent. We went away and we were certain it was a self-busting myth, "all sounds echo" we said to ourselves, "even a Zard's....... QUACK!?!?!?!?"
Thats when we decided we should try and discover what noise a Zard actually made, and whether they all made the same sound. Then, if there's time, we'll see if they echo.
- Catch a Zard of each element and a few "rare" zards made specifically for this quest
- Test them for sound
- Reward - Pet: Zard Linguist. A strange breed of Zard that can mimic not only other Zards, but makes other, more familiar words (actually makes sounds)

Myth: Feeding Moglins at night
We've found a book about moglins written by a strange old scholar. In it is a strong warning about feeding moglins after midnight. We dont know why, and we dont know what happens. We think it's hogwash but strangely enough none of us can remember having midnight munchies. Lets test it.

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well this legend is known for centuries- that vampires hate and are afraid of garlic!! but why??

AND there is a myth that if u give a vampire garlic (vampires eyes are closed) and he eats it he wont notice a thing until u tel him its a garlic!?! but if he finds out what ur up to he goes on rampage?!

truth or myth??
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