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RE: =AQ= Mogbusters' Mailbag!

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5/23/2008 22:24:51   

How Sir Pwnsalot died

1) The legend, story, or myth.

One day Sir Pwnsalot was training a young guardian's stats. Then the guardian began attacking with their blade of awe until Power Word Die appeared. The reaper shows up and reaps away Sir Pwnsalot's health until he is only left with 1 hp. The reaper is obviously annoyed on how a non-god individual could survive him and threw concentrated moglin healing essence. The essence healed Sir Pwnsalot so much that he had overflowed with hp and had gone past 1 hp.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

If a stat trainer really can survive everything with 1 hp left.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

Guardian Dragon, Adventurer Dragon?!?!

1) The legend, story, or myth.

A high leveled adventurer was wandering around until he had found a dragon hand.
He said, "Wow I am going to be able to own with this!"
He didn't realize that it summons the Guardian dragon so he continues to use the weapon. Eventually he summons the dragon and the Guardian dragon follows
the orders of an adventurer.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

Whether or not an adventurer can summon and control the Guardian Dragon.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

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5/26/2008 16:41:33   
penguin moglin

the ledgend, story, or myth?
once upon a time in a galaxy not so far man wondered if a penguin and a moglin could be mutated soon after he had disappeared without a trace
what are you testing?
can penguin d.n.a be mixed with moglin d.n.a?
how the experiment will be conducted?
warlic and vephoma will merge twig with a penguin
the outcome of the experiment?
there love for fish becomes to much and it becomes out of control
fight penguin moglin goes back to normal
shop opens
penguin moglin elemnt ice and water
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5/26/2008 17:06:28   

1) The legend, story, or myth.
There are rumors from a long time ago that say that a great adventurer once managed to escape the Reaper in his own death, without owing him any favors. The rumors say that the adventurer managed to get his life back by sacrifying someone else's. How did the adventurer manage to do this? His death was caused by a deadly strike from an evil war lord trying to take control over Battleon (Same old story, as always). Though in his last seconds he managed to grab hold of the evil war lord's leg, and dragged him with himself to the Reaper. There he convinced the Reaper that it was the evil war lord who died, not him, because he was such a great adventurer, so who could ever manage to defeat him? The reaper agreed, and sent the adventurer back to life, while the evil war lord was doomed to spend his time in Death's Domain.

2) What the experiment will be testing.
First of all, there are some points to this myth that are doubtful. These are:
  • Can you manage to grab hold of someone while you're dying?
  • Will this person go to the Reaper as well? After all, he is actually alive.
  • Are you able to convince the Reaper that it wasn't you who died, but the other?
  • Is the Reaper so kind to send a man/woman back to life without getting anything for it? Or will he just send you both to Death's Domain?

    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
    Well, as you are an adventurer you are obviously the perfect test subject. To do this test, you will of course have to die (Safety is very important for the Mogbusters!). Wolfwing, as helpful as he is (and hungry for celebrity-status by having a guest appearance in this famous show), helps you in your death as you are too proud to die to something as a FrogZard. Then, when you die you will have to grab Buster's leg, check if he gets dragged along to the Reaper, and then try to convince the Reaper that Buster is the one who has died.

    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
    Rough sketch:
  • *Introduction of the myth*
  • Fight Wolfwing to die
  • Pass a Statroll (Luck) to grab Buster's leg
  • If you pass, you both meet the Reaper
  • Pass a Statroll (Intellect) to convince the Reaper that Buster died, not you.
  • If you pass, the Reaper will not let you go back to life. Fight the Reaper to get back
  • If you win, you get back, and you all realize you have forgotten about Buster who is trapped in Death's Domain.
  • You die again, go to Death's Domain, and do something similar as the walkaround quest in the Nowhere quest to find Buster.

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    5/30/2008 15:50:04   

    1.the myth: a warrior was fighting and he had no weapons to attack with so he used two energy zards to make lightning and defeat the enemy.
    2:if there can be a special move with a certain armor that allows you to do that
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    6/2/2008 14:19:17   

    1) The legend, story, or myth.

    one day,an adventurer comes across a trobble,feeling bored and in the mood to smash something
    he stomps on the trobble,soon,thousands of trobbles are swarming him,and after some smashing
    he wonders what brought all those other trobbles

    2) What the experiment will be testing.

    are trobbles connected by an invisible link?

    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

    jamog is ready to go,but amog lost the trobbles,you have to go find them,fight 3 monsters then fight a trobble
    return to the mogbusters,then they have chester smash the trobble

    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
    idk,you figure it out


    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 55
    6/2/2008 23:27:58   

    1) The legend, story, or myth.

    One day Twig was walking down the side of a small river when he wandered to close to an Ice mancers training ground and sat next to the river when a sunday spell hit him on the noggin and when Twig fell in the river a big salmon hit again on the noggin and he fell back to land were
    he was cared for many months by ice mancers
    2) What the experiment will be testing.

    why Twig loves ice cream and fish so much more than other moglins.

    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
    Battle 4 random monsters to find Zorback and drop a sunday on his head then slap him with the sword fish weapon and use icecream
    to stop the swelling

    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

    see if Zorback can not stop eating Ice cream if it works

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    AQ DF  Post #: 56
    6/2/2008 23:52:17   

    1) The legend, story, or myth.

    the zardhunter,after a long walk,searching for zards,is lost,and he's hungry
    after getting a fire started,he takes a frogzard out of his hunting bag
    he starts roasting the frogzard,but nothing gets the frogzard cooked
    in desperation,he provokes a firezard into setting the frogzard on fire
    it works!! but when he's about to dig in,it comes to life!!!!

    2) What the experiment will be testing.

    can firezard fire bring things back to life?

    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

    amog droped the wood for the expiriment,you have to go find it,fight 3 earth monsters to get the wood
    then you need to go get a firezard,fight 3 fire monsters then fight a firezard
    to test you need someone to die...hey twig,theres tons of icecream over by that monster
    jamog,you get to provoke the firezard! fight the firezard again

    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

    twig bursts into flames!!!!!! he springs up screaming and starts running around
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    6/6/2008 11:54:01   

    Myth or Legend: If a moglin gets bitten by a vampire and that moglin bites an adventurer, does the adventurer become a healing vampire?

    The Experiment: If you do become a healing vampire.

    Conducting: You lead Twig to the castle, on the way you fight two vamps and one vampire lor
    you meet Safiria and she bites Twig. You go back to the Mogbusters and Twig bites you. You have to fight Twig. (Same as Twig from the April Fools thing except he has fangs and all his attacks are darkness) When you defeat him he turns back to normal. Reward is whatever you want

    Outcome: It's not true at all instead you get a vampragon's head. (The head is temporary)

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 58
    6/23/2008 10:38:52   

    the legend story or mythThe viking heaven Asgaard is right above Thunder Mountain and weapons and armors sometimes fall down from there
    (it is even said that Thor lost his hammer Mjollnir that way)

    what the experiment will be testing
    can a moglin enter Asgaard by being shut out of a cannon from the top of Thunder Mountain

    how the experiment will be conducted
    transport a big cannon to the top of Thunder Mountain and shoot Twig directly up in the sky to Asgaard
    -2 battles agains energy monsters
    -cutscene where Twig the player and the mogbusters are sitting in a camp with a big cannon (full health and mana)
    -2 battles agains energy monsters
    -cutscene where the mogbusters set up the cannon at the top of the mountain (full health and mana)
    -battle a Guard Uf Asgaard that know what you are going to do (looks like an adventurer with thunder armor)
    -cutscene where they fire Twig up in the sky with a rope on him and then some time later when they try to pull the rope to get him down they see that it has been cut and the player gets fired out of the cannon to get him
    (and one of the mog busters say ''i told you it was a good idea to bring the xl cannon)
    In Asgaard the player finds Twig but he dont want to go home and the rules says that you have to defeat him in battle to force him to go back

    -1 battle against Twig
    one of the following (based on your level)
    Twig lvl 15
    Twig In Normal Viking Armor lvl 35
    Twig In Thunder Armor lvl 60
    Twig In Valhalla Armor lvl 75
    Twig In Asgardian Armor lvl 95

    -a cutscene where the player binds the rope to a tree and slides down with twig and then Twig looks sad and say ''they had ice cweam''

    the outcome of the experiment
    it is true that Asgaard is over Thunder Mountain (and they have ice cream)

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    6/27/2008 16:50:04   

    Could you make new monsters combineing egg DNA?
    Story: uh...i don't have any ideas
    Objective: You must get a vampyre's egg or whatever they're called, a wolfbane's hair,an eye of a flying eye thing,a dragons wing and some turtle shell
    Outcome: once you grab all the items, the mogbuster's will get some comtraption enchanted with evil darkness that Zorbak donated to them, and then put all of the items you have colected into the contraption...then....ya out comes out a....

    Level:80 monster Melee: 60
    Gold:0 because robina hasn't been to that monster Ranged: 80
    XP:900-1000ish Magic: 125 because of ZORBAK!!!
    Ster: 100ish
    Dex: 80
    int: 100
    End: 10
    char: 0
    luck: 0

    water: 90%
    wind: 90%
    ice: 110%

    Just an idea.


    Check out my latest AQ sugestion
    If link doesn't work copy and paste link on the search typing area thingy...you know the one at the top that says
    http://forums2.battleon.com/ or something....
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    7/2/2008 23:51:52   

    myth: a moglin is walking through aria's store when he trips and a baby trobble falls right in his mouth and transforms him into a giant lightning moglinster and he was reverted back when all the elements of vampdragon in the store zap him.

    suggestions- adamog tellis twig the trobble tastes like tuna and ice cream, twig eats the trobble whole and you have to make him cough it up with your sord (lol), wonce he coughs it up he transforms and you fight a yellow moglinster with a lightning element and bring him down, upon defeat he turns normal and the vampdragons burn him to a crisp anaway

    verdict- busted, cold steel and bits of magic brought him back to normal not vampdragons.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 61
    7/7/2008 4:15:07   

    The legend: one day warlic was eating a sandwitch. Then a moglin came and ate the sandwitch. Being highly angered by this, warlic turned the moglin into an animated taco.

    What the legend will test: can warlic transform a moglin into an animated object

    The test: you invite warlic for lunch to eat fish and ice-cream sandwitch's. Twig( who has a huge appetite all of a sudden) eats both of the sandwitch's. Warlic, in a rage so huge he turned red, then fights twig. you attempt to break it up(why?) with a roll of charisma.

    the outcome: If you won: warlic calms down( and returns to normal color)
    If you lost: warlic turns twig into a ball of yarn and a NERFKITTEN steals him.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 62
    7/8/2008 23:43:45   

    1) The legend, story, or myth.
    A Moglin was trapped inside of a 4 1/2 inch thick block of metal. The box consisted of dragonbane, Hard jewels, and Drakel Magscience metal. An Experienced Mage heard the moglins cry for help, and came rushing to the rescue. After trying many spells, including riptide, Ice nine, and Solar incineration, the box would not open. Eventually, he decided the best way to open the box was with high explosives, so he bought some Mystirous powered, Put it in a smaller box, and Blasted a small hole in the wall, freeing the moglin.

    2) What the experiment will be testing.
    Is the box as strong as the myth claims? And if so, Would the mix blow it open? How did the moglin get stuck?
    3) How the experiment will be conducted.
    Stick someone in the box, Pound the box with spells, then hunt for the ingredients needed for the powder
    4) The outcome of the experiment.
    The box cannot withstand spells in the level 50 range, However, the ingredants where mixed in a random fashion, due to a lack of knowledge of the recipe. the powder OVERKILLS the box(and the being inside), but is inconclusive.Duck tape.

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 63
    7/21/2008 19:35:28   

    myth:one day a moglin noticed that his house had a hole in it[he failed to notice this was where the smoke came out].So he decided to cap it with snow,the presure built up inside the house caused it to explode,moglin in it and all.It flew into a glacier with a impact so powerful the glacier colapsed.

    what is tested:could a houde explode with smoke presure made with a snow clogged moglin chimmney?And if it would,could it detroy a glaceir?
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    7/30/2008 11:14:00   
    Rich Bratt

    1) The legend, story, or myth.
    Legend has it (Not Really) that Zards once lived like humans making the discoveries of lifetimes by creating weaponry with different elements such as, fire, water, ice, air, dark, light, earth, wind, and energy. They understood not to play with these weapons or they could be killed-- When one day a Duke of HaZard became curious and began fusing the ten elements together to create an invicible Zard that he called: FirewatericeairdarklightearthwindenergyZard (UltraZard for short). This UltraZard could conduct all ten elements and caused chaos for the other Zards. Eventually the UltraZard had wiped out almost the entire Zardian empire leaving him only five friends, a NinjaZard, a ToadZard, an InfernoZard, a WhaleZard, and his creator the Duke of HaZard. The UltraZard grew tired of not having any more Zards to kill so he began moving on to other creatures smaller than him. The Duke of HaZard knew he must do something, so leaving the UltraZard he went to get some corndogs-- retrieve some weapons from the Weaponry his village had built. He got a bow and a bunch of different elemented arrows (to make the story shorter) and then he traveled back to the UltraZard and killed him with the shot of one light arrow. THE END[
    2) What the experiment will be testing.
    The yellow lettering is what will be focussed on. Can any Zard have such accurasy with an arrow?
    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
    A Zard (preferably a Duke of HaZard) will shoot at a moving target.
    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
    The Zard will not hit the Target because the FrogZard hunter will pop up out of knowwhere and say it is animal cruelty. And stop the show. (Suspense)

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    7/31/2008 19:49:17   

    The Myth: One day, two Necromancers were traveling through Darkovia, each gloating about their accomplishments. They were suddenly ambushed by a group of paladins, who gave them a choice: either fight all 20 of them, or face their "secret weapon" in battle. Since they knew that there was no way they could take on 20 paladins, they chose to face the unknown enemy. The paladins started laughing and saying stuff like,"It's your funeral." The paladins then brought out a frogzard. Both of the necromancers had faced their share of zards, so they knew the easiest way to take it down. One kept casting fear on it, and the other attacked with undead mutant. They noticed right away something was wrong. They weren't even scratching it's scales. Only after they died did they realize what a big mistake they had made in their strategy.

    The Test: Is it possible to increase the defense of a creature by using a necromancer's fear ability?

    Experiment procedure: 1.Find the Frogzard Hunter, the Zardmaster, and Zorbak (possible battles against the last two) 2.Ask all of them if they know of any way that fear could increase a zard's defenses (answer is no, of course) 3.If you know necromancer's fear ability: Battle random "zard" monsters with frogzard hunter as a guest (# of encounters based upon level). Without Necromancer's fear ability: same as above, only with Zorbak as a guest. Final Battle: Curzard (level scaled, possibly).

    Outcome: Zard hunter is pleased at fighting a new zard, zardmaster is upset because it is more powerful than his mutant zards, Zorbak is angry at being used by the Mogbusters and attacks them. Myth confirmed. A Curzard's defenses have a possibility of increasing with every attack, including defense droppers. It also could be mistaken on sight for a frogzard/ elite frogzard, so that part of the myth is plausible as well.
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    8/6/2008 16:21:01   

    1) The legend, story, or myth.
    One day a Dragonslayer was walking through the forest with his friends going to a field to slay some dragons. Suddenly a dragon fell from the sky and landed in the path blocking it. The drafonslayers decided to take a shortcut through a graveyard. The young dragonslayer said:"Whats up with that statue of a Dire shade Dweezel?" his friend responded:"That is the statue of a Dire shade Dweezel that destroyed a hundred towns and it is said any dragonslayer who can slay this dire shade Dweezel when it comes to life in the night They will be famous! I dare you to try and slay it!" the young dragonslayer knew that he far outclassed most dragonslayers so he accepted the challenge. His friend said:"Oh one more thing you have to slay it with a spoon!" that night armed with a spoon and clad in Golden dragonslayer eclipse armor he reluctantly went to the statue. The statue came to life and the Dragonslayer slew the Dweezel in 10 seconds. He knew that the spoon could only do 1 damage while all Dweezels have over 1000 health. just then he decided to go to sleep because his home was 5 miles away. The next morning his friends came to see he was asleep they tried to wake him up but found something horrifying. Under they sheets was the stone arm of the statue clasped tightly around the dragonslayers neck.

    2) What the experiment will be testing.
    Can you really defeat a dire shade dweezel in 10 seconds.....with a spoon? and will the Dweezel come back for revenge?

    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
    You go through a graveyard fighting random Darkness monsters then you fight a dire shade dweezel using a spoon that does 1-1 damage and the dweezel has 1 health 0 defence and 1000% resistance to earth damage (which the spoon does) you kill the dweezel in one turn and at the end the stone arm flies to you neck and you lose all your health and death does the whole thing when you die stuff and you return to the mogbusters

    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
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    8/8/2008 16:57:56   

    1) The legend, story, or myth. :Can a moglin kill a dragon by it insides?
    2) What the experiment will be testing. Dragons will be captured and will be feed moglins!!!
    3) How the experiment will be conducted and outcome .

    1)Some random twi.... i say moglin is choosed ( you choose!!!!)
    2)The adventurer have to capture a dragon of each element (like a fire one ,a ice one and etc), so basically you have to battle against a dragon of each type
    3)The mog busters give the dragon a twi..... a moglin
    4)depending on the Moglin:
    Twilly-you fight with the dragon anticorpes (teh things tha kills bacterias and virus, bad english LOL) 2 battles with twilly
    Zorbak- You fight with dragon heart (that will spit fire)
    Twig-No battle but he get out the dragon smelling strange ( no photo of that events)
    5)Depending the moglin the outcome will be diferent:
    Twilly and Zorbak=They get out by the dragons mouth, and it's confimed!!!!
    Twig- It's confirmed that even dragons can't eat Twig ( the killing dragon myth is ignored here)

    Zorbak mode: Spell Dragon heart: someone help here please xD
    Twilly mode: Spell Anticorpe rain:Help here again
    Twig mode:Spell Strange Smell cloud: Help againxD

    Just help me do the spells ok?
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    8/8/2008 17:10:58   
    Dragonbane Deathsword

    1) The legend, story, or myth.
    dragon amulets are still real

    2) What the experiment will be testing.
    same as 1

    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
    you have to search a dragon invested area and find a dragonlord

    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
    u almost get pwned by a dragonlord. myth comfirmed
    DF MQ  Post #: 69
    8/9/2008 11:45:39   
    death dude2

    myth:if a moglin is diped in batter and fried it will attract warewolves and vampires in under 3 minutes

    what the experament will be tested: dip twig in batter and fight a fire zard now the fire zard has burned twig he looks all bubbley and smells good then you fight 2 vampires and 2 warewolves

    Post #: 70
    8/9/2008 23:54:26   

    a long time ago a dragonslayer got hungry and had remembered he slue a fire dragon. so he cuts in to it and finds it fully cooked!
    so can a fire type dragon cook itself?

    how to test
    a fire dragon or a war dragon and see if it cooks it's self.

    condution of experiment
    you fight 2 fire type dragons (see above)

    confirmed, only because galaith approved it (he has a proplem dosen't he. sence he joins in to eat it!!!!!)


    the only thing i can say is save chuckles
    has anyone tried bloodtear for an answer
    (Bloodtear is suppose to be made up and is one of two abnormally strong gods who created everything and knows what happens before anyone, even other gods, so try askin
    AQ  Post #: 71
    8/13/2008 9:06:17   
    thed x

    1) The legend, story, or myth.
    the dragonslaying zard was made by galanoth and warlic.
    2) What the experiment will be testing.
    same as 1.
    3) How the experiment will be conducted.
    galanoth and warlic will be tied together on a chair, there will be a lamp slowly moving up and down above them.(forcing them to tell the truth(are lamps invented yet?))
    4) The outcome of the experiment.
    no. (tahdahdah) (galanoth loves slaying dragons why would he make something to slay them for him?)
    AQ  Post #: 72
    8/13/2008 9:33:04   
    Paladin Dracomancer

    1) The legend, story, or myth:

    Ragebreaker's Fissure

    Legend has it that a Berserker once fought a very agile monster, armed with nothing but Ragebreaker and IronThorn. The battle lasted so long that the Berserker's rage built up to a never-before-seen level. Going absolutely berserk, the Berserker attempted to crush the monster's skull with a jump attack aimed at its head. The monster was able to avoid the attack, causing the force to strike the ground. The impact was so brutal that the ground itself split apart, causing the unfortunate monster to plummet to its death.

    2) What the experiment will be testing

    Whether a Berserker armed with Berserker weapons would be able to create a fissure by striking the ground.
    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

    Eselgee will be chained to a chair while Adamog and Jamog (both armed with parachutes and ropes tied to their legs-more on this later) throw insults at him. Once the player believes Eselgee is angry enough--or if he snaps the chain--Elesgee will attempt to attack the Mogbusters with a jump strike. The support crew (likely Twilly, Twig, and the character) will pull Adamog and Jamog out of the way, preventing them from being crushed.

    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

    The impact will cause an earthquake, following by a fissure (if possible: maybe a reference to "a hole to China"?) large enough that everyone involved will fall in (Twilly and Twig will hold onto Jamog and Adamog with their parachutes, the character and Eselgee have a more painful landing). Unfortuently, Eselgee's rage is not satitated, and the character will be charged with the (unfortunent) task of knocking out Eselgee (through a battle) until a rescue team (a team of Truffles) comes to their aid. Success!
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 73
    8/20/2008 4:13:09   

    1) The legend, story, or myth:

    A long time ago, mana never existed. But one day, an Guardian named Linn stumbled on a DragonBlade. A terrible dragon named Trigaris (who is Trigoras' great-great-great-great grandfather and has the abilty to control all elements includin Void) was assaulting the land at that time. Linn was ambushed by Trigaris and seemed severley outmatched. But just when she was about to die, she remembered the strange blade she found before. Using it in an all-or-nothing attack, she defeated Trigaris. Death appeared in front of her and offered her one abilty as a prize for giving him Trigaris' soul. Linn asked for the abilty to use Trigaris' life force in order to enhance her prowess. Death granted her this wish and disappeared. Linn suddenly found that she could call upon Trigaris' life force to use the elements in battle. She passed this skill on to many students and thus, mana (and the concept of a 'spell') was born.

    2) What the experiment will be testing:

    Can the life force of an extremely powerful dragon can be converted into mana?

    3) How the experiment will be conducted (OPTIONAL):

    The player will hunt for a very powerful dragon (maybe a buffed Trigoras) and defeat it. Death will appear and the player will ask if they can take the dragon's life force. Then, maybe Warlic or another mage will help to try and convert it to mana. Or, someone can grab a whole bunch of mana potions and see if they can bring a dragon back to life by changing the mana into life essence. Of course, the dragon has to be defeated first. And in both quests, you have to hunt for it first, getting past a few monsters.

    4) The outcome of the experiment (OPTIONAL):

    For the first, it will work but the mana will be too much for the player to handle. The player is damaged (much like any of the Manasplosion spells when attempted with too much mana) and a whole bunch of monsters (3-6) will be attracted by the explosion. Jamog, Adamog, and the mage disappear and the player is left to fight them on their own.

    With the second one, it will work but the player uses too much mana potions. There is an explosion and a buffed dragon appears. Again, the MogBusters and the mage disappear and the player has to defeat it.

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 74
    8/20/2008 4:46:59   

    1) The legend, story, or myth.

    Once, an an animal-abusive hunter caught a Deery. Not knowing of its morphing power, he just let it lay in a corner with its many wounds after the hunt. The hunter decided to whack the Deery just for the heck of it. The Deery's life was already slipping, so it did what all Deeries naturally do, morph into a crazy undead/skeleton buck. The hunter quickly realized what was happening and quickly bound the Deery's legs. As it was finishing its transformation, it was not able to expand its legs and let them transform, leaving it in a half Deery/half Skeleton Buck Deery thing.

    2) What the experiment will be testing.

    Whether or not binding certain parts of a Deery will halt its transformation.

    3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

    1. Capture a Deery.
    2. Bind its legs and head to the ground, using different material each test (ex. rope, wire, magical rope, string)
    3. Hurt it until its life is at half.
    4. Observe.

    4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

    The outcome is plausible. It actually depends on the strength of the binding material and the strength of the Deery transforming. Since this was just near pure monster abuse, the hurting part of the experminent was censored. No cast members were harmed during the experiment, though Jadamog was brusied a little after a Skeleton Deery broke out of the binding, which was glue, and chased him around the field.

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