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RE: =AQ= Mogbusters' Mailbag!

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8/21/2008 3:33:38   

1) The legend, story, or myth.
The story goes that once a man walked through the forest and encountered a zard. The man had no weapons, nor did he know any magic, so he was doomed to get eaten. When the zard opened its beak and prepared to take a chunk from the mans chest however, the man saw the chance to hit the zard inside its large mouth. The zard appeared to enjoy this, calmed down, and left.

2) What the experiment will be testing.
Does the zard indeed, like the story tells us, like being touched inside his mouth?

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
You will be unleashed in an arena full of zard. Strong ones, weak ones, all kinds. After killing a zard you get a roll which is affected by your luck. You need 100 or higher to manage to scratch the zard inside his mouth and find out wether it has any effect. If you roll any less then 100, you're fail doing so and are forced to fight another one to find out.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Totaly busted. Anyone sticking his arm inside a zard mouth is more likely to lose it then calm to beast down. *your character on the background, picking zard-teeth from his arm with a sad face*
AQ  Post #: 76
9/3/2008 8:09:21   

1) The legend, story, or myth.

It was once said that a certain player in the history of lore managed to infiltrate an entire stronghold by merely punting a moglin at food. (Obvious reference to the Moglin Punt ebil game and also a possible Df crossover, albeit unlikely) This has been received with mixed responses as such a feat could not have merely been achieving by punting a dumb moglin, or could it?

2) What the experiment will be testing.

The Mogbusters believe that there may actually be magical properties to punting a moglin at food, or maybe just the prospect of punting a moglin itself which allows miraculous results to be achieved. The experiment aims to test if this is true or not.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

Since Twilly is unobliging to volunteer (aww), Twig would have to be the guinea pig once again. The Mogbusters require someone with the decency to punt, and there is nobody more suitable than your over-enthusiastic character. There could be a small game in this quest with similar gameplay to that of Moglin Punt. Twig is then punted at almost anything and everything, from metal walls to spiked surfaces to safiria's castle to the sky (perhaps Vince randomly happens to test his boot kicking machine for players who get stuck while getting ejected from the boiler room, which incidentally punts Twig right back at you).

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

The results lead you to come at two possible conclusions. Firstly, it would be that punting a moglin has absolutely no magical properties at all. Rather, it is hypothesised that if Drakonnan and Artix ever had something in common (or something even more contrasting for hyperbole), it would be that they both are fascinated by a well rounded game of Moglin Punt. In fact, punting a Moglin is able to entertain the very most nefarious of hearts and nothing can withstand being amused by it.

Secondly, it would be that punting a Moglin happens to rip apart the very fabric of space and time, temporarily distracting the minds of enemies for a second. At worst, however, it could distort reality as we see it, scarring the would of Lore forever.

As both the Mogbusters and your character proceed to dismiss the second idea with the laugh, the Mogbusters flee the scene as you muse over punting them. You then give Twig one last punt before leaving the screen, which then zooms to the sky showing a small rip across it.

The rewards could be some armour with a giant boot for punting your enemies =P
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 77
9/19/2008 2:45:57   

1: myth
to defend himself from a legion of orcs, a moglin leapt into a barrel before it was shot by 500 arrows
2:what we testing
to see if a moglin can protect himself from orcs using a barrle
3:admog jamog and a moglin meet you and tell you a bout the myth
they then need you to annoy a legion of orcs enough to attack the barrel
kill three random orcs
they decide to attack you first and you battle against 3 orcs at once
CONFIRMED twig was not seriously ingured however you and the mogbusters were.

pls pm me
AQ DF  Post #: 78
9/21/2008 19:10:53   

1) The legend, story, or myth.
An unfortunate Guardian encountered a seeker much to strong for him. Right before the Seeker's blade promptly cleaved him in half, he grabbed it with him bare hands, and the
blade, although strong length wise, was incredibly weak width-wise, and broke, saving his life.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
Wether or not a seeker's blade is that weak.
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
Your overly compassionate character will seek out a seeker, and stop the blade, and hopefully break it, with their bear hands(literly, lol)
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Unfortunately, the myth is not true, the Blade cleaves you in half, and you take a trip to the reaper.

The reward is the seeker's blade.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 79
9/29/2008 6:32:43   

Myth: An ancient book tells of a Vartai guarding Medrovia while Solar Wind hit the moon. The wind was turned into magical light which hit the Vartai and transformed him into a gigantic, three-headed but legless Dragon, known as a Trigon.

What the experiment will be testing: If power reflected by the moon is able to transform a Vartai.

How it will be tested: Adamog drops a rock onto the head of a Vartai and binds him to a tree. After the Vartai wakes up in the night Adamog fires a Drakel laser cannon at the moon, which reflects it at the Vartai.

Conclusion: Proved. The Vartai transforms, breaks the ropes and chases Twig around the forest.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 80
10/6/2008 19:53:31   

1) The legend, story, or myth.
once not long ago a fierce gurdian Dil came to Battleon and slayed a hundred monsters in one night.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
the mogbusters tell you to fight ten monsters for the small scale test
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
you fight ten monsters to see if it's possible to kill one tenth of the monsters Dil killed
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
after you kill the tenm monsters the mog busters say time to do the full scaled test yur charactor says uh..oh..coming Zorback(i can't believe im saying this.)
the mog busters laugh and tell each other they put 100 monsters all around him. after you kill 3 monsters you meet zorbac k who says meh i have atleast had to kill 97 monsters or something just a huanch
then zorback says come i came to tell you mogbusters in on their having a special on killing a 100 monsters in one night!
then the rewrd shop opens and the mog busters conclude that the ebil moglin killed 97 onsters so it's definatly due able by ebil moglins.
AQ  Post #: 81
10/16/2008 12:26:30   
Highlord Sendai

1) The legend,Story,Myth
Undead Draconic Warrior's were said to feed on dragon brains for Intellegence and if they didn't get enough they would be slayed and the remains of there soul would be contained in a Golden Ball with a Skull Mark on it.

2) What the experiment will be testing.
Wether or not these Golden Ball's are real,and if Undead Still have a soul.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
A.)You will first need to fight Undead Bezerker's,Beast Warrior's,Cleric's,Warrior's,Mages and Draconic Warriors.
B.)You will then arrive at a camp containing Scatered Bones around the camp but also you see a golden Shimmer of light you must choose to Ignore it or go to it.
C.)If you go to it a Huge Undead Dragon with a Undead Riding It you must defeat and go back to option B.). However if you Ignore it you find a Golden Ball with the Mogbuster's around it.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Unfortunatly the Myth was false,you find a golden ball but all it contain's are a few left over Moglinween Candy's each with a Choclate Soul Inside.

Reward:Choclate Soul Staff,Sugary Soul Sword,Candy Soul Dagger,Candy (Only on Moglinween's)

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 82
10/19/2008 17:26:49   

Moglins don't transform when eating Candy...

1) The legend, story, or myth.
One night, accidentaly, a moglin ate a small candy, which, according to the moglin structure, would tranform them in Monsters.
This moglin, however, did not transform in a monster.
It was said that he did not transform because he had eaten a batch of snow early in the morning...

2) What the experiment will be testing.
That moglins do not transform into Moglinsters if they eat snow before the candy.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
First, Twig shall eat a small batch of snow from the Northlands. Afterwards, in the night, Twig will eat a candy, any type of candy.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
I prepared two outcomes:
1) Twig, after eating the candy, transforms into a Moglinster. You have to defeat it after that.
2) Twig, instead of transforming into a Moglinster, transforms into Ice Cweam, and starts eating himself. Luckily, he gets back to his old form after that.

Do BattleOnian Heroes die ?

1) The legend, story, or myth.
Once upon a time, there was a BattleOnian hero who lost to an enemy.
Normally, these heroes are given life back again by the reaper.
But, unfortunately, this hero did not come back to life, even if he did want to be alive again.

2) What the experiment will be testing.
If BattleOnian Heroes do die, or if it just a hoax.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
A volunteer will be asked for(with volunteer, I'm talking about you, <insert character name here>) to die in battle and then coming back to life... or nor.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Fortunately, you got revived... or did you?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 83
10/29/2008 21:42:21   

1) The legend, story, or myth: A rouge werewolf, against the Were-King's orders, attacked Gatta Island. During the attack, one of the gattan's were bitten, which usually infects many species with Lycanthrope. While none of the other gattan's expected it, the one that was bitten was turned into a half-werewolf half-gattan creature, which then preceded into attacking both werewolves and gattan's in a fit of insanity from the natural instincts of the two races clashing with each other. He was eventually defeated by a gattan general in order to stop it's rage.
2) What the experiment will be testing: If a Gattan can be infected with Lycanthrope and, if so, it will attack both canine and feline spieces because of their clashing hunting instincts.
3) How the experiment will be conducted: Simple, the mogbuster's convince a werewolf warrior to bite a (not so willing) participating Gattan. After fighting about 6 werewolf warriors until they found one willing to do so, the player travels to Gatta Island with the mogbuster's and the werewolf they asked to do the test with (who come's on a leash) to fight a gattan pride until they found one weak enough to "ask" to participate in the experiment.
4) The outcome of the experiment: While the bite DOES in-fact create a lycan-gatta crossbreed, dubbed the Lycatta (this name can be changed) by one of the mogbuster's, the Lycatta, instead of gaining a werewolfs desire to hunt gattan's, he gains the werewolf's taste for moglin blood, and attack's the mogbuster's, and the player has to defend them. You fight a Lycatta (It's basically a gatta warrior with lycan like atributes, with the regenerative power's of a Lycan warrior). I am not sure if I would do a reward for this quest.

(no different races were harmed in the making of this test. Now if only that was true)

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 84
11/9/2008 19:10:15   


How Sir Pwnsalot died

1) The legend, story, or myth.

One day Sir Pwnsalot was training a young guardian's stats. Then the guardian began attacking with their blade of awe until Power Word Die appeared. The reaper shows up and reaps away Sir Pwnsalot's health until he is only left with 1 hp. The reaper is obviously annoyed on how a non-god individual could survive him and threw concentrated moglin healing essence. The essence healed Sir Pwnsalot so much that he had overflowed with hp and had gone past 1 hp.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

If a stat trainer really can survive everything with 1 hp left.

ACTUALLY, tershak, I had just recently had PWD activate on Grimweld(Warrior trainer) And he had, in fact survived PWD with 1 health. HOWEVER, Sir Pwnsalot does not have said luxury. Around 5 months ago, PWD had activated against him, and he suffered the same fate as most monsters. He lost all HP and I won the battle,(not what I wanted to happen.)

...I use the Spear of Awe against stat trainers, so I had a higher chance of it activating against them. rest was just luck ^_^.



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AQ DF  Post #: 85
11/19/2008 19:20:00   

when you guys decide to include these how will we acces them?

will we just click on mogbusters and the options will be there or will we need to finish the quest again to access them?
AQ DF  Post #: 86
12/9/2008 19:10:52   

1) Legend has it that Twilly is from a long line of Moglins that before then they were called Punters.
2) Figure out why this legend was written. (HINT: Begging of when you start playing Dragonfable.)
3) You will go into Dragonfable and find out if this legend if true or not.
4) It is either gonna be a lie or a truth.


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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 87
1/4/2009 13:45:54   


1) The legend, story, or myth. "once there was a man who said he saw a dragon nesting 3 human babies. those babies soon gained dragon characteristics. every month he visited those humans. they seemed to become more dragonlike each day. eventually they stopped changing. it was like they were stuck in a form half dragon half human. they were still sain in both the dragon and human since but they couldn't be treated as either. no one knows what happened to those people since." Olga Ames, story teller
2) What the experiment will be testing. lord Cyrus left some orphaned babies in a dragon's nest 16 years ago.
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL) the nest is guarded by a gang of cruel dragons. the humans are still OK but you need to get rid of the dragons to find the humans. make sure the humans that were left in there were not harmed.
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL) the humans have indead become half dragon.

kudos to those who get the reference about the storytellers name.

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Post #: 88
1/10/2009 12:45:45   

Can Pae the Gecko "swallow" anything?

1) The legend, story, or myth.
Everyone who has been to Isle D'Oriens has seen Pae the Gecko on the tree. Most if not all Adventurers and Guardians alike could not resist to poke the small green reptile. They would then find themselves being swallowed hole by the Gecko and in the Gecko's stomach, pretty much like a fleshy cave. Those who've escaped tell others, saying "It can open it's mouth to an extreme size, and that it's Tum-Tum is actually huge on the inside!" Most of the replies said, "Nah, it's just the Gecko casts a shrinking spell on you, then gobbles you up." But the victims don't remember feeling smaller or the effects of being shrunk since they are as big as normal upon "exit".
2) What the experiment will be testing.
To what size can Pae "swallow".
Can Pae open her mouth to extreme sizes?
Does she have a huge stomach, which is only huge on the inside?
Can she "cast" a shrinking spell on you/anything she likes?
Is there such thing as a shrinking spell? (excluding Vince's Shrinking RAY, unless Pae borrows it every time)
Is it possible for something other than Velocigobblers to gobble something else?
Or finally does Pae just grow to extreme sizes to swallow you?
3) How the experiment will be conducted.
Mogbusters convince someone to help them capture these different sized monsters (you), and send you on your quest with them sitting well back the whole time.
Capture Pae and covince to do experiment (Using Adder's/Vince's pidgeon catching bubble gun, same minigame).
You will capture different sized monsters, bigger one each time. Starting with a Mondrogor, then sneak, frogzard...and so on ending with something like a Huge Salamander (battle 2-3 monsters on the way then battle monster to capture).
Put captured monster in cage with Pae and force monster to continually poke Pae.
See what Pae does in reaction. Swallow with huge mouth/Shrink to gobble up.
4) The outcome of the experiment.
None decided. Maybe each time Pae gets annoyed and is about to do what she does, something distracts you and the Mogbusters, so when you look back the monster has gone and Pae is right where she was before, but looking less annoyed, a look of glee on her Gecko face. After final monster Twig steps forth (by himself!?!?!?! without being lured by fish or icecweam?), he is convinced Pae will never be able to get him. So again, Twig now acting as the captured annoying poking monster in cage, just before Pae is about to react something distracts you and the Mogbusters. When you look back Twig is still there, but Pae is nowhere to be seen/ Pae is still where she was before.
Inconclusive results.

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AQ  Post #: 89
1/12/2009 18:45:22   

Myth:A werepyre has a bigger mouth than a werewolf

Quest:1.Get 1 werewolf

*battle werewolf*

2.Get a werepyre

*battle werepyre*

Solution:Get twig and put him in their mouth with measuring tape


Put twig in werewolf:Werewolf bites him and he swings his legs around the air alot

Put twig in werepyre:He won't openhis mouth and when he does he quickly says: "I don't know were thats been except in his*points to werewolf* mouth"
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 90
1/23/2009 6:40:18   


is it posssable to sling something to another sling and have it sling it back to that sling continualy?
AQ DF  Post #: 91
1/26/2009 10:55:02   
x blarg

The myth,legend, etc.

Do vampires die in the sun or get weakened by garlic

What the experiment will be testing

You go on a quest to vampire castle with vampire hunter A and lure a vampire out in the sun then he mutayes and turns into a sunvamp and then you say "Nope just makes them uncontrolably powerful"

Then you go back and the vampire hunter gives you the garlic sword and you attack the vampire and it turns into a vampire bat You say "so thats were the legend comes from
AQ  Post #: 92
1/26/2009 11:36:24   
Manga Maniac

The Arcanic Bow

1) The legend, story, or myth.
According to an ancient story the was an elf. The elf was a hyrbid between a Ranger and a Mage. One day he enchanted his bow using his magical spell in the words 'Play-us-mog-lus-was-li-co'. However this bow had to of recently been touched with a Moglin's staff after the Moglin had healed a human. The bow would then have the power to kill Safiria with one arrow.

2) What the experiment will be testing.
Whether the bow will really be able to that and to see if the story is true.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

We will get Twig to heal us, then Warlic will enchant the bow. Next we will just say there is fish in Safiria's castle, hope he makes it to Safiria without being eaten, and then will shoot an arrow at Safiria.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
The story is of course fake and Safiria kicks Twig out of the castle with a straw in his head.
Post #: 93
1/29/2009 15:29:11   

1. Is it possible to tell what gender a nerfkitten is?

You are sent to get a male Nerfkitten Walk up and see to Nerfkittens with Eachother purring and wondering which 1 is the male battle both of them (they are same level as you and can nerf you) And then drag them in a little sack to Aria, she cant tell which 1 is which but she suggests her gran (GRAMS!) So you go to Find gran and come to her housed but there is a little kennel and you look inside and see a bunch of monsters (not visible to you but you fall over infront of the kennel and get dragged in) and fight 10 random monsters then you come out with a bandage on your head and grams meets you and after a nice cuppa she tells you which 1 is which and TADA done.
AQ  Post #: 94
1/31/2009 13:05:34   
Prince Anarchy

1) The legend, story, or myth.
- The legend goes that a young adventurer was fighting a blech when he got some of the blech on his armour, later that day the adventurer tried some sports, and , to his amazment , he was extra fast, extra strong and extra everything. The next day he talked to a famous warlock who told him that the Blech he fought had given his armour special powers.

What the experiment will be testing.
- The experiment will test if getting blech on your armour will give your armour magical abilites

3) How the experiment will be conducted.
- The Mogbusters send you to kill 10 blech and bring back some of there jelly, once you have gotten some they mix it together in a vat and add some random armour they found in a locked chest, bound with magical chains and spells.

4) The outcome of the experiment.
- Turns out that blech DONT give you armour magic abilites, it just brings the armour to life. you need to fight the blech armour, but the bad thing is that the armour they got from that chest was actualy made by an evil necroforger, so the armour is extra strong. you end up fighting it. If you win you get the Necroforge set.


DF  Post #: 95
4/17/2009 14:32:58   
adam egan

The legend/story/myth
When a young adventurer ecountered a land shark he ran into the sea only to be eaten by a normal shark. The same land shark was later caught by captain rhubarb fishing (on land), he found that the land shark had eaten the normal shark the question was HOW?

what will be tested
What happens when a land shark comes into contact with water

how the test will be conducted
First off you need something to lure a land shark and since it worked so well in the myth (and theres no way your doing it) you decide to go to battleon and beat up an adventurer to use. after you beat him you will have a strength role to tie him up before he escapes if you fail you need to fight another adventurer.
You then need to find a land shark so a few random battles later you set the trap up and the land shark comes the adventurer is then lifted up out of the way you then have to run to the sea this is followed by a dexterity rle if you succeed you make it to the water if not you have to fight the land shark and then lure another one

Outcome of the experiment
dont want to spoil anything so let the AQ team come up with something better than i could

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AQ  Post #: 96
4/23/2009 19:54:42   

1. legend, story, or myth

the myth is that a moglin can eat 2x their weight

2. what the experiment will be testing

It will be testing how much a moglin can eat. to test the myth, Twig will have too eat 2x his weight. Twig will go to a room with 10,000 pounds of ice cream. Twig will eat to much, and the myth will be wrong. The myth is that a moglin can eat 2x their weight, but Twig eats 257x his weight.
AQ  Post #: 97
5/24/2009 13:08:24   

1MYTH how many monsters does a moglin battle while runing 10 feet in the rain

2 the story :the story goes that one day kabroz was running away from his brothers fundead army in the rain through the forest,
then he randomly battled 10 monsters over ten feet

3the quest: you battle 2 undead monsters to get to zorback and battle him and bag him and then you become him and you run ten feet in a minigame like the run of the kessel minigame and whenever you battle you turn into zorbak

out come 1: the myth is real
2:it s not real shop with cool items if it is real
AQ  Post #: 98
5/25/2009 2:38:56   

Note: It might pay to make sure you're high-level before doing this quest.

1: The legend/story/myth
Once an adventurer got killed and sent to Death's Domain. Unusually, Death had not yet filled up his quota of souls and would not let the adventurer go free. The adventurer, however, knocked Death into a purple swirly thingie. While Death was finding a way back into his domain, he had no control over it and the adventurer walked free.

2: What will be tested
If removing Death from his domain will enable the dead to go free.

3: How the test will be conducted
As Chester isn't totally alive in the first place, and Twig couldn't possibly push Death into a purple swirly thingy, the MogBusters are forced to use you as a dummy. Early in the morning you go and fight an infinite amount of Random Adventure monsters without any heals in between until you die. You meet Death and make a stat roll based on Charisma. If you lose, the MogBusters arrive and tell him that you died testing a myth (which is true) and they want you back. You then leave the quest. If you win he takes you on a tour of the underworld. After fighting three Random Adventure monsters you reach a purple swirly thingy. Than you fight The Reaper. (Well, I warned you to make sure you're high-level! If you die at any time while in Death's Domain Death heals you and you start again from the beginning of the tour.) When you win you knock Death into the purple swirly thingy.

4:Outcome of the experiment
Confirmed (much to your relief)! You escape Deaths Domain and report back to the MogBusters. Mission Accomplished!

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DF  Post #: 99
5/30/2009 13:53:32   

1) legend: can you cure twig of his fish/ice cream dilemma?
2) how you do it: you force twig to watch a movie called fish+icecream=bad but then a giant ice cream/fish monster jumps out called icish
you will have to fight 5 mini icishs (30) with twig and then he gets sucked into mega icish wand he bones twicish [:P] he is level 50
3) is it true: it works but only temporairly if he sees a fish the spell will be broken

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