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RE: =AQ= Mogbusters' Mailbag!

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6/10/2009 13:03:40   

1) A strong magma dragon was questing to see if their was a monster stronger than him. So he found a low lv rockgolem and chalgend him to a fight. The magma dragon took the first strike(breathed magma on him) and to the dragon suprise the magma hardened into rock makeing the rockgolem stronger and contined to breath on him until he was so big and strong he coud not bet him and lost.

2) To see if a weak rockgolem could bet a magma dragon if it breathed on many times.

3) Get a rockgolem and magma dragon to fight each other and see who wins and if the rockgolem gets stronger.

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6/26/2009 22:39:41   

1)The legend, story, or myth
a hungry adventurer one day decides to go fishing, but all he catches are mermazon! He decides to eat one and finds that it tastes just like strawberrys

2)What the experiment will be testing
Weather or not a mermazon tastes like strawberries

3)How the experiment will be conducted
Twig will be fishing and catch diffrent types of fishes. each one a creature that you have to defeat in a fight (you will be completley healed after each battle AND you have the option of battleing alongside chester if your a guardian). Upon 4-6 battles you will fight a lv.25 mermazon after defeating it you will bring it to shore where there is a fire roaring and the MogBusters are there Adamog in a chef's hat and cooking apron. Then twig jumps at the mermazon and the screens goes black then you see twig running around on fire!

4)The outcome of the experiment
No mermazons do not taste like strawberries , infact every time you eat a mermazon you catch on fire!

it should be made AS FUNNY AS POSSIBLE!!!
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7/17/2009 1:46:28   
The Wrandom Warrior

Legend, Story or Myth:
That Beserkers can do up to twice as much damage when they are angry.

What the experiment will be testing:
Whether or not Beserkers can do up to twice as much damage whilst angry

How the experiment will be conducted:
The Hero talks to the Mogbusters (Chester is in his chair, of course) They tell him about it... The Hero suggests asking, or watching Eslgee, but Adamog quickly vetoes the idea, because Eslgee will try to show off if he has watchers. So the Hero goes off to find a good vantage point (4-6 battles of forest animals on the way there) where he can watch a Beserker (A Badger Beserker, so no new monsters needed) When they get there, there just happens to be a Beserker enganged in a battle with an Earth dragon-- But nobody has the upper hand... Adamog suggests throwing a stone, and then hiding behind a another. You have to Roll The Dice, for Dexterity (difficulty 40) If you fail, the rock you wanted to hide behind turns out to be a Slatwob, and you missed the beserker, instead hitting nothing at all. If you manage to hit him, the Beserker JUST wins the battle, making it...

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10/29/2009 22:27:05   

1) Legend/Story/Myth: That you cannot teach an old Dog new tricks.

2) Expieriment will test whether or not you can train a low or high level Guard Dog for example, a new trick.

3) How the experiment will be conducted:
The hero talks to the Mogbusters, who inform the hero about the myth. The hero suggests traveling to Aria's Pet Shop to facilitate the test. Adamog also agrees but thinks they should also test whether a normal person like Chester can break the myth, or if only a trained professional like Aria can. When they arrive at the shop a wild dog breaks loose and chases Chester around the store barking at him. Aria suggests using a treat or net to catch, and/or calm the dog down. To capture the dog you roll the dice for INT (difficulty 65). If you are successful you calm the dog down, and Adamog suggests having the dog roll over or sit, something easy. The dog after awhile of teaching completes the training, after a successful CHA roll (50). This time Chester is about to call a command. Adamog yells something to confuse the dog while Chester tells him to sit. The dog turns his head confused; Chester gets Angry and points at Adam and commands the Dog to "get him". The dog then runs after Adam who hides in a barrel at Yulgars Inn. Jamog declares the myth busted, under one condition. That is proper training and handeling be followed at all times.

Outcome: Myth Busted.
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11/1/2009 3:25:18   

1) Legend/Story/Myth: Void Moglins.

2) Expieriment will test whether leaving a young Moglin in the Void for sometime will grow into a disformed, mutated Moglin just like leaving a baby dragon in the Void will turn it into a Void Dragon.

3) How the experiment will be conducted:
The hero talks to the Mogbusters, who inform the hero about the myth. The hero suggests traveling to the Void to facilitate the test. Adamog also agrees but thinks they should use a normal Moglin like Twig as he is the first volunteerer. Falerin appears at the scene and Adamog explains to him myth and agrees to conduct the experiment and so teleports them to the Xyphos Tower where he opens a portal and explains this experiment is dangerous and must be taken carefuly. Adamog throws some fish and ice cream into the Void and so Twig follows after it (End of scene 1) .(Few weeks later) Adamog and the rest of the gang return to the Xyplos Tower where the hero suggests that it is ready to retrieve Twig and look at the results so Falerin opens the portal, Adamog is excited so decides to follow you inside. Adamog gets creeped out and a Void Dragon attacks him so you battle three Void Dragons and get a full heal between each battle. You suddenly spot Void Twig but he quickly runs away! To capture Void Twig you roll the dice for LUCK (difficulty 50). If you are successful you chase Void Twig through the portal into the Xyphos Tower then you roll a dice CHA (difficulty 20) to calm Void Twig down. Adamog faints and the hero explains to Falerin that we need Twig back to normal and so Falerin turns Twig to normal using his complex Archamge magic. Adamog gets up and is so happy to see Twig back to normal.

Outcome: Myth Plausible.

Rewards: Spells


Void Torment
Level 50
Price: 50,000
Sellback: 32,500
Location: Warlic's Beginner(for now)

Element: Void
Cost: 250 MP

Effect: Opens a portal beneath your enemy's feet and consumes it with 5 hits from the Void (4-10 each hit) also has a 20% of paralazing you enemy with fear.

Void Torment
Level 80
Price: 80,000
Sellback: 32,500
Location: Warlic's Advanced(for now)

Element: Void
Cost: 300 MP

Effect: Opens a portal beneath your enemy's feet and consumes it with 5 hits from the Void (9-20 each hit) also has a 20% of paralazing you enemy with fear.

Void Torment
Level 120
Price: 190,000
Sellback: 32,500
Location: Warlic's Advanced (for now)

Element: Void
Cost: 500 MP

Effect: Opens a portal beneath your enemy's feet and consumes it with 5 hits from the Void (18-50 each hit) also has a 20% of paralazing you enemy with fear.
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11/15/2009 14:38:13   

1. On the way to summer camp, a frogzard distracted the bus driver, and they crashed by the outskirts of Granemor. While most went in for shelter, one disorientated moglin got lost, and spent the night under a discarded dragon wing. The next morning, the moglin woke up to find he could no longer heal anything.
2. The unknown materials that make up dragon wings filter out the necessary power that allow moglins to heal other creatures.


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11/25/2009 11:35:15   
Gravy dude

Yulgar walked outside, about to go to war and help an adventurer. Then, he saw a werepyre and a werewolf locked in combat in the air. the werepyre killed the werewolf, but not before the werewolf tore off its wing. Just before landing, Its wings sprouted out again, saving its life from the fall.
2. this will be testing if a werepyre's wing grows back after being torn off.
3.you set out werepyre food (Twig sandwich) as bait. A werepyre shows up (look, I remember that one-- it's Wolfwing!) and picks up the twig sandwich. Twig lets out a scream of, "I want ice cweam!" and you jump out and battle Wolfwing (200) After you lose, Wolfwing will decide wether to help you depending on CHA. If you roll high enough, he'll agree. (next scene) Wolfwing is dangling from a rope 500,000 feet in the air. He asks, "so, how does this work again? you have a net, right, (character name)?" you tear off his wings and let go of the rope.
4. Twig is enjoying his promised ice cweam. Wolfwing falls right on top of them. they go down underground until they meet the reaper. Wolfwing sprouts his wings and flys away without twig. He says he'll never do anything for you ever again. Twig climbs out and is splattered in ice cweam.
AQ  Post #: 107
11/25/2009 19:40:43   
Travis Touchdown
Reality Touchdown!

1) The legend, story, or myth:

Leg Of Gogg:

Recent excavations of anicent towns in the northern regions of the world have found markings that appear to claim that, in times long past, Goggs had large, wide feet, as well as long, muscular legs. Using these legs, it appears as though the Gogg would race through the frozen tundra in pursuit of their prey. While the Goggs of today appear to slide around through their icy domains in search of prey, some of the zoologists amongst Lore's scholars believe that Goggs may, at one time, have feet, and wish to discover why the Goggs lost their feet.. Never to be deterred from a myth to bust no matter how chilly the terrain, Jamog and Adamog, in the company of an adventurer, head to the reaches of the Northlands in the hopes of solving this zoological mystery.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

a) Whether or not the Goggs had feet at any one time of their existance.
b) If the Goggs of today have any traces of legs or feet.
c) If yes, why the Goggs lost their legs.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

Heading to the northlands, Jamog and Adamog decide to test the myth of whether modern Goggs still have any traces of their legs, as this may be the fastest myth to test. Fortunately for them, a ravenous Gogg is headed their way, hungry for the taste of Moglin meat. The Adventurer will fight the Gogg in combat. Upon slaying the beast, the Mogbusters ask the Adventurer to help them flip the beast over (a repeated Strength stat roll-- the Adventurer will have to keep trying until it is successful). Upon doing so, they come to an important discovery: The underbelly of the Gogg is made of a mucusy material that is prevented from freezing by biological fluid and the Gogg's body heat. However, upon further inspection, they find little wide, flat lumps on the underbelly of the Gogg which seem to have some wear on them. The MogBusters take this to believe that the Goggs do, in fact, have feet.

After resting for the night (and a delicious meal of roasted Gogg which heals the Adventurer), the Mogbusters and the Adventurer set off in the direction of one of the villages recently excavated. After a couple scrapes with the local wildlife, they come to rest at a nearby hot spring which was recently dug up and developed as a tourist attraction (this rest heals the Adventurer). Jamog, however, feels some mild sesmic activity. While Adamog dismisses this as nothing more than the aftereffects of roasted Gogg, the Adventurer decides to leave the hot spring. As the Adventurer travels around the outside of this spring, he witnesses an avalanche on one of the mountains nearby. This disturbance reveals a cave near the bottom of the mountain, and the Adventurer desides to investigate. Inside, they fight a few Ice Monsters. After defeating the monsters, the Adventurer sees something large moving deeper inside the cave. Suddenly, a large Gogg ambushes the Adventurer... on two large, hulking legs! After the Adventurer puts an end to the Gogg, they see more large things moving in their direction. They are given a choice: Whether to stay and try to slay the monsters (an infinite number of these bipedal Goggs with no healing), or run out of the cave.

As the Adventurer runs out of the cave, Jamog and Adamog are waiting for them. Adamog chides the Adventurer for leaving them behind and having them pay the bill, when they hear the roar of the Bipedal Goggs in the cave. They all run as a pack of these large Goggs thunder towards them. Just before the Mogbusters and the Adventurer are caught, however, the ice begins to crack underneath the Goggs. Suddenly, the Goggs all tumble into the icy water and do not resurface.

Jamog begins to understand, and presents his findings to the Adventurer and Adamog. The Goggs did once have legs, but such large legs posed problems when hunting prey in areas where bodies of water had frozen over. Over time, the Goggs' legs shrunk to prevent this problem. Eventually, they shrunk to the point of stubs that were incapable of running, which is why the Goggs developed a gland on their underbellies that spewed mucus and allowed them to slide. These stubs still existed on the Goggs to allow them to stop, turn, or reverse, even in areas that did not have ice on them. This eventually allowed Goggs to migrate to slightly warmer climates. The only reason the Goggs who had existed in the cave still had legs was because the inside of the cave was full of snow, not ice, which still promoted the legs of Goggs. The other species trapped inside provided prey for these Goggs, which prevented them from dying out.

The Adventurer makes a remark about how Goggs with legs would have been very deadly in warmer climates. Jamog agrees, and claims that he is thankful that it is highly unlikely that the Goggs will re-evolve their long lost legs in warmer climates at any point in even the Mogbuster's lifetimes. Everyone laughs as they go home.

A cutscene unfolds involving a Deery, who is grazing in a forest nearby BattleOn. A pair of hulky legs, the owner of which is obscured in the shadows, appears in a different scene. The scene switches back to the Deery, who turns to look offscreen. A first person view shows the Deery from a sideways angle, partically obscured by trees. Suddenly, the camera zooms in quickly towards the Deery, who turns to look towards the screen just before the screen cuts to black.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

a) Confirmed!
b) Confirmed!
c) They evolved beyond the use of their legs to allow them to hunt their prey with less danger to themselves in icy climates.

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11/27/2009 23:01:18   
Ultimate Destroyer

Salek Sprayers made the ocean water salty.

What the experiment will be testing:
If a salek sprayer can make water salty.

How the experiment will be conducted:
First of all, try to make a Salek Sprayer to kill you (or at least take your lolipop). Then, lure it to your pool. Make sure you are inside of the pool so the salek sprayer is in the pool.
Taste the water, then make the Salek Sprayer go away. Record the data by using your taste buds.
AQ  Post #: 109
12/7/2009 21:03:03   


Long ago, Artix and Galanoth were fighting off a pack of darkness dragons. Unfortunately, Twilly was with them at the time and got swallowed whole by one. Somehow, Twilly managed to snuggle and slither his way back up and out. Everyone had no clue how this could have happened due to the fact that dragons insides are so squeezed and packed together for all of there abilities.

What the experiment will be testing:

Whether or not Twig can get swallowed, then crawl his way back out.

How the experiment will be conducted:

You, Adomog, Jamog, and the star pupil, Twig, decide to go to a darkness dragons den. Unknowingly, this isn't just dragon. This is the powerfull dark wyrm Grimgear! Said to have fought off Akriloth for territorial purposes. After fighting off a ton of darkness creatures, Galanoth comes to help. Finally defeating Grimgear, Galanoth explaines that Twilly had eaten some type of magical soap skin cream. You have a backup though! "Twig, there's a pile of fish out here waiting for you." Twig shoots out of the wyrms mouth finding nothing.

Outcome of the experiment:

No. You can not wiggle out of a dragon. Twilly's just a freak and would be bitten by 30 sneaks, then get stampeded by 100 mastodons just to get fish and ice cream.
Post #: 110
2/1/2010 19:47:18   
Cecil Azeling

1) The Legend: Xan's Bad Flare Day
Xan wished he had a toilet, so he got one installed in his volcano, after he used it the first time, his volcano froze up then the ice blew up injuring Xan.

Twig and you will go down the volcano, fight off some fire based monsters to clear the area, then adamog and jamog will flush the toilet to see if the base of the volcano freezes from the pipe that leads to the toilet. If it works, then Twig will go to the top of the sheet of ice to hear some pressure building.

Appairently, the toilet was borrowed from one of the ice elementals and if froze the lava, and because the cold collided with the heat, it built up pressure and caused the ice to explode. (poor Twig)
Post #: 111
3/13/2010 20:25:07   
Gale Hawthorne

1) During Frostvale, an evil sorcerer conjured up a volcano. They say that an especially cold fish was able to freeze the entire volcano by just jumping into it.
2) If you can freeze lava with a frozen fish.
AQ  Post #: 112
4/7/2010 23:52:10   


One time, during Frostval, Kringle the Barbarian was said to have had a small amulet in his sack that he carried on his bag to magically recreate rare Frostval weapons like what came in gift boxes and the Stolen Gifts from Kabak.


Can Kringle's Sack really reform rare items from the time of Frostval?

How to conduct it:

Go look around Lore to find Kringle the Barbarian. After finding him, battle him, then steal his sack. Take out the amulet, it resists and you must fight it, afterwards, you click it and the bag opens to reveal...


Kringle apparently just makes empty wrapping paper for gift boxes! The MogBusters are disappointed and then you can access a reward shop to buy "Empty Gift Box" (many level versions)


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4/15/2010 16:52:47   
Veve Man

The Legend: It was once said that the long, swirly end of an IceShifter's Head can cure even the cruelest sunburn. As IceShifters Sheed this once every year, it does not seem too hard to get one. But unfortunatley, seeing that this may help their enemies, IceShifters attempt to destroy this valuable piece of healing equipment as soon as possible.

The Myth Being Tested: Whether or not the swirly bit on the end of their heads can actually heal a sunburn.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 114
4/18/2010 22:06:23   

Myth #1: Zombies, when cut, bleed, but the blood doesn't clot

Backstory: A young boy who lived in Granemor liked to visit the graveyard to pay respects to his dead grandfather. One day, however, as the boy was about to leave, countless zombies popped up from graves everywhere. Nearby Paladins held off most of the zombies, but one zombie broke away and went after the boy. Pulling out a hunting knife he kept with him at all times, the boy hacked at the zombie. Despite most of the slashes cutting only air, a few hits landed. The zombie countinued after the boy, due to the fact that the cuts weren't major. The boy bolted, with the zombie right on his tail. As the boy reached the end of the grave yard, he looked back to see red blood still flowing down the zombies arm. Checking a nearby sundial, he realized zombie blood had been flowing from its arm for 20 minutes. The boy saved himself by slashing when the zombie was near enough

Plan: Give Twig a knife, put him in Granemor cemetary, and wait for Twig to come out, zombie on his tail. A trap will catch the zombie. The trap will be the classic loop trap, hanging the zombie from a nearby tree. Leave the zombie there, only checking on it every 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, if the zombie is still bleeding, the myth is confirmed.

Twig comes racing out, only to get caught by the trap in his craze. The zombie comes, arm bleeding, and grabs Twig and drags him into the cemetary. After fighting several undead, you find Twig, Dazed, and zombified(at this point you can take the sidequest "Save Twig!" or you can countinue with the quest). You bring Twig back, only to have the mogbusters demand you get the zombie itself! After going back in, and fighting several more undead, you find the zombie. After beating it into submission, you take the zombie back to the Mogbusters, who sell you a smaller version of the maimed zombie, Horrificus.

Results of test: Plausible. Our zombie perished after 3 minutes, most likely due to your pummeling of it

Sidequest: "Save Twig" You take Twig (or Zombie-Twig AKA Zwig) to the Mogbusters, who give you a list of items neede to cure twig. After attaining the items through a series of battles, you give them to the Mogbusters, who cure Twig (with the side effect of Twig having to speak backwords) A shop then opens that allows you to buy Zwig. You then have the option of returning to the original quest or going home, to Granemor, or to the Guardian tower

Myth 2: The Zarglin: Does it truly exist?
Backstory: According to legendOne day, the Zardmaster, in one of his frequent (not to mention hillarious) bouts of insanity, decided to make a zard the could be undefeatable. He theorized that if he combined a Moglin's healing abilities with a zard's strength and tenacity, it could theoretically take down even the toughest of enemies. So of course, he made the Zarglin! Through hundreds of trials, he discovered the Zarglin could even heal other zards within a close proximity. Even more to his delight, the Zarglin seemed to require no mana to utilize it's heling abilities. Thus, the Zardmaster was going to release his new Zarglin on Battleon and watch the effect. Unfourtunately, the Zarglin escaped, never to be seen again.

Plan: Lure the Zarglin out with Twig and capture it

Twig finds the Zarglin, only for the Zarglin to fall in love with Twig. Twig comes back, Zarglin in tow. And expwains the situation. The Zarglin perceiving you as a potential threat to it's beloved, attacks. After defeating it, the Zardhunter enters, and takes the creature off your hands. A shop then opens, where you can buy a Zarglin pet.

Results of test: Confirmed

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4/30/2010 18:10:47   

1) The legend, story, or myth. Electric Explosives
2) What the experiment will be testing.
Can silk armor or an energy spell make fuel burn. (based on the cell phone/gas station fire myth)
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
Adventurer collects fuel underground fighting 3-4 Earth monsters
Adamog get Yulger's help to make a temp. silk armor that Adamog uses to ignite the fuel
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
The fire burns on most of the silk on Adamog and one eyebrow and most of his hair
Fire atracts many fire monsters that the adventure must fight
Adamog jumps in and gets attacked be Water monsters you fight 3-4 water monsters to save him.
Myth Confermed
AQ  Post #: 116
5/30/2010 22:35:51   

a Dracomancer goes mad if he sees the moon, but calms if he sees the sun.
What it'll be testing: If a dracomancer goes mad at night, and calms during the day.
How it'll be conducted:
1. Go to DragonSpine and fight a Dracomancer.
2. If you return, the MogBusters will put him in a cage.
3. Twig, you, and the MogBusters wait until night.
The Dracomancer breaks out of the cage and you have 2 fight him again.
Prize: a baby Dragon or Lord Cyrus' armor.
alter this all you want if you want 2, AE.


Are you sure we didn't kill Barney and Dora?
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7/18/2010 15:35:28   
Master JM

1) The legend, story, or myth.

It is rumored that there is a mighty creature called the Flowery Asgardian Nerftroll that has the ability to enlarge its club so big it could crush the Guardian Tower with one blow. We wish to find that out.

2) What the experiment will be testing.

If mixing the Flower Armor, Asgardian Plate, Nerfkitten and Battle Troll in a cauldron will indeed summon this mighty creature and if it can destroy the Guardian Tower.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)

By putting the ingridients (see above) in a cauldron and waiting for 2 minutes. The beast should then pop out of the cauldron.

4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)

A creature is indeed made, but it has the ability to bash off one brick off a wall, at most. It also likes to fight.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 118
8/9/2010 14:04:07   

Basilisk Mucus

1) The legend, story, or myth.
They say Basilisk Mucus is the 2nd most sticky thing in the universe (Next to duct tape of course).
2) What the experiment will be testing.
Is Basilisk Mucus strong enough to tape the jaw of a moglin closed forever?
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
We Fight some basilisks and do a skill roll (very hard one for dex) to see if you can extract some Mucus from a basilisk, if not you fight until you beat the skill roll.
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Yes, but guess who has to go get the solvent? You... So you have to get the strongest acid on Lore which is...

HaZardous Materials

1) The legend, story, or myth.
The Zardmaster has mutated a zard so completely horrid that its saliva is enough to melt the strongest bonds. So horrible that even HE doesn't have the heart to unleash it, so he keeps it locked away deep within a special magic holding cell.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
Is that Zard's saliva strong enough to melt Basilisk Mucus?
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
Break into Zardmaster's lair and fight him (really hard as always) or dex roll to sneak in, or luck roll to see if you came at a time when he went to the bathroom. Then go into his basement and face a bunch of really hard Zards. Then face the Zard and kill him. You go back to Twig.
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Adamog puts the saliva on the mucus and it just goes *fizzle*. Then Jamog goes "Too bad it didn't work... " and you go "Yea, but at least now hes not screaming 'FEESH!'" Then Jamog goes "And I had this big fish ready for him to-" Then Twig rips open his lips and yells "FEEEEEEEEEESH!!!!" And the Adamog says "I guess basilisk mucus can't keep a moglin's lips shut forever. Now to try duct tape..." Everyone laughs and then it goes to that ending screen newer quests have.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 119
9/29/2010 2:14:09   

My myth is: You can turn Safiria into a Hydra.
Experiment: If by putting a runix cube in Safiria's Castle she will turn in to Hydra.
AQ DF  Post #: 120
10/6/2010 8:22:57   

1) The legend, story, or myth.
Which dose Twig wuv more Fish or Ice Cweam?

2) What the experiment will be testing.
If Twig loves either fish or ice cream the most.

3) How the experiment will be conducted.
A pile of fish and a pile of ice cream will be set on two sides of a field and Twig will be set in the middle of the field. Twig will have to make a choice. But you will have to fight off other monsters who want the fish and ice cream while Twig decides.

4) The outcome of the experiment.
What is the fun of it for me if I already know the outcome?
AQ  Post #: 121
1/11/2011 18:18:51   


A red fire dragon tried to go through 400 miles of icicles that are as solid as metal.


Whether a red fire dragon can go through 400 miles of icicles that are as solid as metal


Capture a red dragon, and then make it fly into 400 miles of icicles that are as solid as metal at a 900 mph speed.

AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 122
3/19/2011 12:22:22   

Stop me if you've heard this one.

The story
More than 500 years ago, a horde of undead led by a renegade darkness dragon attacked early BattleOn. An army of paladins led by the paladin queen Katarina Engel III came to BattleOn's aid. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, but the paladins were hopelessly outnumbered. In a desperate move, Queen Katarina took up a greatsword from one of her fallen allies, charged into the highest concentration of enemies, leaped off of a stack of crates, and split the darkness dragon's head down the middle. The entire undead horde immediately fell apart, and BattleOn was saved once again, but Katarina later died from her injuries.

The question
Can a paladin really chop a darkness dragon's head down the middle with an ordinary greatsword?

The procedure
The player visits Adamog and Jamog, who are about to launch Twig into another experiment. After it's done, Jamog reads the tale of Katarina Engel III. Adamog wonders where to find a paladin who would be willing to test the myth, and the player immediately mentions Artix. The player and the Mogbusters journey through Darkovia to visit Artix and ask him for help testing the myth. Artix mentions that the legend of Katarina Engel III is common amongst members of the Paladin Order, but no members have successfully replicated the myth before, and he gladly volunteers under the condition that the player first combats Syllith the Lich. The player agrees, and after defeating Syllith and her minions, Artix returns to BattleOn with the player and the Mogbusters. Since the myth can't be tested on an actual darkness dragon, the Mogbusters go for the next best thing: a fake dragon head with density and resistance similar to a real one, but no one knows where to find such a fake. Suddenly, Jamog comes up with an idea: Cysero the weaponsmith. The player eventually tracks down Cysero, who is working on his latest project and needs a special tool from Vince. The player asks Vince for the tool described by Cysero, and Vince hands him the tool. When Cysero tries to use it, however, he finds out that it's broken. He asks the player to help find a missing piece in Greenguard, which the player reluctantly agrees to. After finding the missing piece, the player hands it to Cysero. Cysero completes his project, which turns out to be a machine designed to create test dummies for the Mogbusters. The player realizes that itís exactly what the Mogbusters need, so he/she brings the machine to Adamog and Jamog, who use it to create a fake dragon head for Artix to try and cut in half. Artix stands on a stack of crates, jumps off, and successfully cuts the fake dragon head in half with a greatsword donated by Cysero.

The outcome

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The Myth: If Akriloth's [or any fire dragon] tongue will stick to a freezing/cold metal pole.

The Procedure: Player will beat Akriloth first. Then tie a fireproof chain to his neck and drag to the scene. At first Akriloth will not stick out his tongue, but then Galanoth steps on his tail making him shout and stick his tongue at the pole. At first, the tongue shall stick. Then breathes out fire to the pole, melting it in process. It breaks free and goes berserk! Everyone [Galanoth, Player, Adamog, Jamog] panics into a scramble then Robina shoots a tranquilizer at Akriloth, making him fall asleep. Then they return him to his place/lair.

The Outcome: Plausible.

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1) The legend, story, or myth.
Krenos once punted a moglin from Alnaphar to Paxia Island
2) What the experiment will be testing.
The strength and patience of an energy dragon, the aerodynamics and terminal velocity of moglins
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
Bring twilly to krenos and see how long it takes for twilly to annoy krenos enough for him to punt twilly, then measure the distance. Twilly talks repeatedly about random rubbish, which irritates krenos, then twilly tries to snuggle krenos which makes the dragon go mental, and punts him off of his mountain into darkovia forest, and smashes a window in safiria's castle. we have to battle to get twilly out and persaude safiria not to eat him
4) The outcome of the experiment.

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