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RE: =AQ= Mogbusters' Mailbag!

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6/25/2011 19:30:31   

1) The legend, story, or myth.
Wind Dragon's breath is harder hitting than any other dragon breath.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
The strength of all dragon's breath.
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
The Mogbusters will get you and Twig to fight all of the dragon types. Once captured, they will be held down by a huge steel-inforced rope.
They will then be forced by the adventurer to breath on the test dummies they set up.
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Unfortunately, the fire Dragon, which we dubbed Archy Bald, melted the steel on the rope. the Hero fought through the dragons again, but this time he recorded
the dragon's type, and their breath damage. Wind Dragon Breath did prove to be the most powerful.

1) The legend, story, or myth.
Twig can eat a bowl of Ice Cweam in less than 10 seconds.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
Whether Twig can have brainfreeze....
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
The hero kills an Ice Cweam, and tells Twig to eat it. Twig goes on an ice-cweam eating spree, and a zombie eats his brain. The zombie then dies and Twig's brain goes back into Twig.
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Yes, Twig can have brainfreeze, but he can't feel it.

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Post #: 126
7/12/2011 15:37:34   

Moglin strong? Or week?

1. The legend, story or myth.
Moglins can turn evil and powerful when there at there weekest state

2. What you will be testing to see if moglins get a high power lvl when they are at there weekest state!

3. We will conduct the experiment by using twig of course! You will have to fight twig! he's week now but...
if this myth is true than you will fight him till his health is at 1 and when that happens twig will become a giant
powerful creature at a Lvl High as or Higher than your own and his attribute will become darkness! [his attacks
woln't change but there element will] Evan with his high power his health will only be 100! But his defence will
be HIGH and so will his attacks! Once defeated [if you beat him] he will turn back to normal

4. The outcome of the experiment

Surprizing yes it works but it could kill a moglin!


Who gave the noob the blade of awe :O
Post #: 127
7/29/2011 6:15:52   

1. The legend, story, or myth
- A moglin can fly with a soda bottle and a kite.

2. What the experiment will be conducted.
- Can a moglin fly defying gravity and the scientific belief on this world.

3. How the experiment will be conducted.
- Kidnap Zorbak, Twilly or any other moglin. Shake the soda bottle. After that tie him first with the soda bottle, then the kite. And then finally Open the bottle cap and watch some amazing Mogfly :3


AQW  Post #: 128
7/29/2011 6:45:59   

1. The legend, story, or myth
- Everybody poops, and if they the're and android.

2. What the experiment will be conducted.
- Let a android eat Twig.

3. How the experiment will be conducted.
- Leave android in a room until it gets hungry, then let it eat Twig.

4. The outcome of the experiment
- Android poops Twig out and a few gears.
AQ  Post #: 129
8/10/2011 21:17:32   

1) The legend, story, or myth
A monster with a negative resistance to its own element (Ex: a fire monster that is healed by fire) can keep hitting itself until it becomes a near invincible creature with massive ammounts of health.

2) Can we make a regular, weak little frogzard (enchanted by Warlic to have a negative resistance to earth of course) hit itself and become powerful?

3) Go to the frogzard hunter with Adamog and Jamog and request that he capture a frogzard for you. After obtaining a frogzard you will go to Warlic and ask him to cast a spell on it to give it massive resistance to earth. After it has been enhance there will be an animation with your character hitting the zard with a stick. The zard will realize it has not been hurt, rather it was made stronger. It then walks over to a rock and keeps headbutting the rock over and over. The mogbusters and your character realize that it will become invincible if it keeps hitting itself, so the mogbusters tell you to stop it. You will then fight the zard, renamed SuperZard. Its resistances will be that of a normal frogzard, except for a negative 300 resistance to earth. The zard wont hit very hard BUT it will have a massive ammount of HP, Im thinking 500+(YourLevelx100) so a level 1 will fight a zard with 600 hp, and a level 100 will fight a zard with 10,500 HP. After you defeat the zard you will have Warlic remove the enhancements from it.

4) The outcome of the experiment
Yes, but we will agree to tell everyone else that it does not work. Seriously, what if Akriloth had known about this???
AQ  Post #: 130
8/17/2011 14:05:34   

The story
Almost 300 years ago, a young moglin sorcerer in Deren prepared a spell that he felt would change the face of the battlefield forever. Upon hearing word of a massive invasion approaching Deren from the Frozen Northlands, he cast the spell on the incoming enemy army at the shoreline. Unfortunately, although the spell incapacitated the entire invasion force, it did the same to the moglin's own allies. The reason: as soon as the moglin cast the spell, everyone except him suffered a massive seizure from looking directly at it.

The question
Are moglins immune to seizures?

The procedure
The player visits Adamog and Jamog, who are sitting beside a table. Jamog reads the story of the moglin sorcerer, and Adamog wonders where the player might find the components of the spell. The components are...
a giant crystal ball
adalon dust
essence of a four leaf clover that somehow got dipped in gold paint

The player first visits Yuglar, who refers the player to Warlic, who says that he's never heard of the story but imagines that it would've been an unfortunate accident. Nonetheless, Warlic tells the player that all three components can be found near the Frozen Northlands, so the player heads there. After retrieving all three components, the player returns to Adamog and Jamog, who accidentally drop the spell components over a cliff into the ocean below. The player reluctantly goes to retrieve the components but ends up fighting a horde of monsters led by Captain Munch in the process. The player retrieves the components just as Warlic arrives to help the Mogbusters prepare the spell. They test it on Twig, who immediately collapses and twitches helplessly on the ground with spirals for eyes upon seeing the flashing lights.

The outcome
Post #: 131
9/16/2011 21:07:56   

The story: Countless years ago, Werewolves and Vampires lived in peace In darkovia, Legend has it that Safiria and Constantin fought over something whose name was lost in time.
For countless decades, they battled and still fight today over this, yet it is no longer known what.Which brings up the question

The Question:What were they fighting for that lasts centuries?

The myth: Destroying this thing will get both of them to stop fighting

The procedure: Send an invite to a "Vampire festival/ werewolf festival" to Safiria/ Werewolf King. Then have both of them be distracted while someone(Twilly prefferably) tries to "casually" find out what they fought over.Of course he fail's miserably and you have to fight and angry Werewolf king/Safiria (of course you lose)
Then they both notice each other, and begin arguing. In the middle of the argument, you ask what has them both so angry. Simultaneously they both say"he's mine!" you ask who.
Safiria tells you that long ago before all the fighting began, she was made the Godmother of an old friend's son- Wereking interrupts and says they chose him not her, and they both continue arguing. That's when twilly says "Dwo eider of you knwo where he is?" They stop arguing and punt twilly. Then continue arguing.

The outcome
Inconclusive(they kept arguing for DAYS!)
AQ AQW  Post #: 132
9/19/2011 23:49:27   

What is the Capital City of Assyria?
1) In the Skraeling Desert, there once existed a grand civilization which stretched over all of the sands. The ruler of this civilization was a simple Nomad who had came across a Sphinx. The Sphinx presented the Nomad with a mysterious riddle. Upon returning from the encounter, the Nomad commanded vast wealth. However, no evidence of this civilization exists and no known man has solved a Sphinx's riddle.

2) What happens when one solves a Sphinx's Riddle?

3) The MogBusters Team journeys in the Skraeling Desert. Along the way, they may/may not encounter certain mishaps with their caravan, the intense heat, and the fact that sand is everywhere. Eventually after some good ole fashion AQ Puns and misadventures, a Sphinx is found. The Sphinx engages without a second thought and after some fighting is "captured" by the MogBusters. From here, the subdued Sphinx refuses to give us a riddle unless we can present her with the coat/head/whathaveyou/etc. of a LeopardZard. The MogBusters team is utterly baffled and decides to consult the best expert of Zardology, Dilwod Sackelberry! Who coincidentally has been sighted taking a vacation from his monomaniacal ways at the sandy shores of Lolosia. After a short battle with sea creatures and a Zard or two, the team encounters the ZardMaster himself (Who may or may not be playing Volleyball? etc.) After some brief dialogue, the ZardMaster is in awe by the LeopardZard whom he considers to be the most rarest of all Zards. He remarks that he himself has not encountered any, and all his experiments have ended in a miserable failure. Though rumor has it that if one follows a white rabbit, they may be led to the location of a LeopardZard. Coincidentally, a White Rabbit passes by the screen. After some more puns, complaining about how obviously convenient that was, etc... the group decides to follow it. Eventually they are led to the outskirts of Darkovia where they have it cornered. As the team goes closer, out of nowhere a mysterious enchanter named Tim appears. Tim warns the group that they are horribly mistaken and that the Rabbit is actually an All Consuming Were-Hare. The Were-Hare then appears and ala Rabbit of Caerbannog, immediately slaughters two easily replaceable interns of the MogBuster team off-screen. As the Were-Hare goes closer, Tim hands the MogBuster's team an AQ equivalent to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch which is thrown and the Were-Hare promptly, snuffs it. As nothing happens, the MogBusters team remarks that it was a blistering waste of time and decides to set up camp as it is getting dark. Cliche time! Middle of the night, various spooky sounds are heard as the team screams in terror inside their tents, eventually forcing an extremely scared player character outside to face . . . Oh Snap; a LeopardZard.

etc. etc.

The Sphinx is pleased and it agrees to give out Riddles.

Several random and more easily replaceable interns are thrown at it, which promptly spews forth bizarre questions such as the Capital City of Assyria, the Wingspan of an Unladened Swallow, and the infamous "Blue... No wait YELLOOOWWW-" questions. Finally the player is up and is asked "What is the Meaning of life?" at this the MogBusters team cheers on the player with the advice "DON'T PANIC."

4) My brain has quite really run out of juice right now, and I don't think I'll ever rebuild the interest to finish this later. So instead of saving it as a draft, I'm posting it now. This quest obviously ends with the Upstairs "42" Door in Yulgar's Shop . Rewards are generalized around Ancient Egyptian Terminology and Sphinx-like stuff. Use your imagination and figure out the rest, after all, its more of the basic idea, not the execution.
AQ  Post #: 133
9/20/2011 0:15:26   

1) The legend, story, or myth.
whether or not the Nogh'da are really cursed.
2) What the experiment will be testing.
the extent of Geotal's powers in Earth he has to communicate with his or another EARTH elemental Lord's to remove a curse or to lighten the burden on them.
3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
firstly summon Geotal and his highest level efficiency clericsto the Eath Lord he represents.
then summon the chieftan of the Nogh'da to deliberate a discussion about the curse which has befallen them.
then get the two Partys to discuss the matter and strategies a plan.
then go to a place which has alot of access to the EARTH ELEMENTAL PLANE.
begin a say ounce where GEOTAL and his helpers would try and communicate with the EARTH ELEMENTAL LORD who put the curse on the Nogh'da
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
ok here is MY outcome of this experiment.....
Serentity comes flying into the place we started the say ounce after we are all pummeled BY this fake Earth God but its actually an Earth Demon where it gets its powers from cursing tribes and naturally Earth Alligned areas which are close to EARTH ELEMENTAL PLANE DIMENSIONS. so once she gets there she taps into Geotals's power because he was the most vulnerable but can't move so she taps into his powers by asking him for his permission to further extend his powers to one of his minions to be a guest in a battle to help the hero to have a fighting chance or to directly enhance his follower to use a special kind of earth damage which can fight Earth Demons even if they have -200 Earth, which thus gives his follower ULTRA earth resistance against the Earth demon and beat it so bad it either weakens the curse by 89% or totally banishes the curse with the Earth demon.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 134
10/26/2011 15:16:42   

moglin can fly ? moglin can turn monster? so this are the two asks hahahah


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 135
1/2/2012 16:35:13   

The Myth: A Moglin's Lifespan depends on the amount of magic he or she uses in their lifetime. Use it all up, they die.
Allow me to explain why I beleive this:

Point One: Dewlok: Now, take a good look at this moglin for a moment. He does not use healing magic much, only when nessicary. He also does not use magic of other kinds. He has also by his own account lived through four of TheGalin's arrivals on Lore. Is it not possible that he knows of this and does not use much magic for that reason?

Point Two: Zorbak and Kabroz are the only moglin Necromancers: Now, this may seem like a larger point then you would beleive. Now, when you think about it, the fact that these two are the ONLY Moglin Necromamcers seems a bit rediculous. Also, they waste their time on mostly trival things, such as some small evils. And when they DO make an army to invade Lore, they usualy make one together. Now, this may not seem important at first, untill you consider the possibility that rasing the dead probably costs a lot more magical energy in general then simply healing. So rasing a army of undead considered large enough for a full army would probably be too much for a single moglin necromancer. They may acheive it, but it would exaust them, and cause them to nearly die. This could easly be why these two are the only ones that do so. Who knows, maybe then even know this and work together for a time without heroes where such an army will suceed?

Point Three: In DF there are other ways to heal (those things in the ground). In both AQ and DF there are potions. Moglins are known for their incredible resistance to most kinds of attacks. This means Warriors could simply bring them to battle (which they do, but not always) and heal them indefinite amount of times, but they don't. Otherwise, what's the purpose of potions if you have a better (full heal) and infinite (potions are limited) healing source.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 136
1/12/2012 21:43:27   

1) The legend, story, or myth.

Long ago, a Moglin was looking for fish, when suddenly, an Ice Cweam jumped out! Oddly enough, the force of the Ice Cweam was enough to freeze dry the fish, and the Moglin did not eat it, but left it in the water.

2) What the experiment will be testing.
Whether or not a Moglin will eat freeze dried fish.

3) How the experiment will be conducted. (OPTIONAL)
Twig is pushed jumps into a lake with some ice cweam, and all the fish in the lake, a frogzard, Carnax, and Chester float up as freeze dried. Twig gets a packet of fish and eats it.
4) The outcome of the experiment. (OPTIONAL)
Twig eats all of it, gets another 10 packets and jumps to space, while you and the other Mogbusters look, speechless with gaping jaws.
Post #: 137
1/14/2012 17:37:22   

1. Legend:If a werewolf gets touched by silver they die

2. you start in battleon but someone *maybe a werewolf stranger wearing a cloak* tells you there is trouble in darkovia and so you fight 3-5 monsters you show up there and find the mogbusters about to test the theory and so you, being a hero fight them or some of there myths...after you beat them they tell you what there doing and you disapprove but once you turn your back to leave they do it any ways afterwards you turn back and are red hot angry but the werewolf actually gets super powered and so you fight him afterwards they say this myth is busted.

REWARDS: weapon:werewolf shishkabob : description a head made into a tasty snack for any carnival lover :appearance werewolf head on a sharp stick that's caught fire :element:fire :special a big flaming werewolf assaults your foe

:armor :none

:spell werewolf assault : description looks like the full moon is on your side tonight :appearance 5 werewolves come rushing to assail your foe :element earth

:pet silver werewolf pup : description cute as a button fierce as a monstrous bear this little guy will tear your foe to pieces or bite them like theirs no tomorrow :appearance a small werewolf pup made of silver :element darkness.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 138
2/20/2012 23:47:09   
evil doodoo

Dear Jamog and Adamog,

1) The rumor: Bioluminescent species of zards have been successfully adapted for commercial use as light sources or "light bulbs". Err, scratch that. Word on the street is that these zards actually have a higher light-to-heat ratio that gives them better fuel economy than leading brands of wax candles. If true, this technology can be lower greenhouse emissions to combat the increasingly prevalent Phogh pollution.
2) What the experiment will be testing: The experiment is twofold. First, in isolated chambers, which of the following is likely to cause the most/least pollution: zard, fossil fuels, or candles. Second, whether this pollution is linked to the Fiendly (or Friendly?) Phogh.
3) How the experiment will be conducted: I have no idea, other than lighting an undeadzard on fire, and attaching a baby rayzard to an apparatus that resembles a modern desk-lamp (which I desperately want to see).
4) The outcome of the experiment: Due to their magical potential, the rayzards are nearly 80% efficient, compared to the horrid 2% efficiency of burning fossil fuels and 7% efficiently of "enchanted lamps". Everything else (including whether this pollution is the cause of Phogh's) is unknown.
Hopefully, this will bring to light the usefulness of the zard species and perhaps acceptance of them in our ever changing society.

Thank you for your time and patience,
Dilwod Sackelberry
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 139
3/24/2012 9:42:30   
Sir Arceon

I have a proposal: discovering the origin of the Droags (zombie factories)!


A new name... a new life...

But the more things change, the more they stay the same.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 140
3/27/2012 12:32:16   
Sir Arceon

RE: Shinji's Sphinx quest

I have a suggestion.

When the Sphinx asks you for the meaning of life, the answer you give will be "Go ask Squee. He knows." The audience will give an audible gasp, and after a brief and suspenseful pause, the Sphinx will reply that she will. She will tell you not to leave while she is gone. You will be given 2 options. The first will be to book it, in which you and the team go out a ways and fight a desert monster, then decide to turn back. If you decide to wait, you will move on without the battle. The sphinx will come back with a contemplative look on her face. Then, after a few moments, she will tell you that you were correct, and that he did know. She will congratulate you and open the reward shop.

I hope you like this suggestion!


A new name... a new life...

But the more things change, the more they stay the same.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 141
6/26/2012 23:16:52   

1)Legend, Story or Myth: A villain within the Terrible Twelve will rise and beat Zorbak in Ebilness.

What the Experiment will be testing: Whether any other villain is more ebil than Zorbak

How the Experiment will be conducted:
1) Ask Twig to gather the Terrible 12(+Zorbak)
2) Chester tests the villains on ebil necromancy
3) All Zorbak has to do is watch
4) The winner is declared if Zorbak shows any sign of anxiety
5) If the villains do not cooperate, proceed to disqualifying them.
6) If the villains are enraged, you proceed to bash all 12 of them up.
7) The winner gets a pat on the back and gets an ebil trophy which is truly ebil....

Outcome: Zorbak's ebil reigns supreme and unchallenged!(no other villains have interest)

2)Legend, Story or Myth: ArMegogglins can develop a liking for fish and Ice Cweam

What the Experiment is testing: Whether Twig can be fused with a ArMegoggon and retain his liking of Fish and Ice Cream

How the Experiment will be conducted:
1)Adamog and Jamog send you to catch a ArMegoggon
2)Admaog and Jamog learn a fusion spell while you are away
3)When you come back with the ArMegoggon Adamog and Jamog fuse Twilly with it.
4)Twig the ArMegogglin goes on a rampage.
5)You try to tame Twig the ArMegogglin with Fish and Ice Cweam

Outcome: ArMegogglins can develop a liking for Ice Cweam and fish, now all we need is a way to separate Twig from the ArMegoggon.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 142
9/24/2012 18:36:55   

back story:one day many years ago a young warlic decided to try to fuse to monsters of opposite elemental types these monsters just happened to be dragons

what myth will be testing is: it possible to fuse two types of dragons

how the experiment will be conducted:your character battles 6 different elements of dragons after successfully capturing sed dragons you choose two and try different ways to fuse them like melting, freezing,teleporting to the same place at the same time,or having them fight to the death and drink the others blood

the outcome of the experiment:true if you teleported or death battle
but false if you tried freezing and you get to fight very angry elemental dragons with colds

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Post #: 143
11/4/2012 1:25:31   

1.) the relationship between moglin magic and the seasons ie the holidays like frostvale and mogloween.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 144
11/23/2012 21:17:03   

1) Assassin Death Vortex
2) If your touching an assassin while it dies, you get pulled into the small vortex along with it!
3) 1st- weaken an assassin until it's close to death 2nd- grab the assassin 3rd- finishing blow!
4) you get sucked up with the assassin, screen goes black, you wake up in a large room with thousands of assassin corpses...
AQ  Post #: 145
4/11/2013 14:34:50   

Legend, story or myth
The myth- Apparently if you get bitten by a moglin and a demon at the same time you turn into a half moglin half demon until you get hit with a GIANT stick

What it will be testing
can you be turned into a moglin/demon and be turned back again?

How the quest will be conducted
first of all you will have to go kill a couple of enemies to capture a demon (get the demon by rolling the dice and getting a 75 or above for strength or it escapes and you have to kill more enemies to get it) then you have to give twig ice cream (supplied by mogbusters) to convince twig to bite you when you say to. then you turn into the demon/moglin thing and get attacked by the mogbusters who you have to defeat. then you get hit with a giant stick by the demon.who goes 'he he he he...' and runs off. you turn backto your previous state (your adventurer dude)

surprisingly true but it only works on people


AQ MQ  Post #: 146
7/16/2013 11:01:28   

1.is a vampire really un dead

2. the tail goes that once a powerful necromancer used his powers to gain domain over safiria's farther and invaded darkovia forest hence starting the multitude of monsters there today.

3. the quest starts with seeing twilly, Adamog and jamog dragging zorbak in a cage near the outskirts of darkovia after talking to them zorbak is found to have escape here we have some battles agent two vampire soldiers (two levels lower than the player) and then one undead giant (one level higher than player) before finding zorbak trying to catch his breath you then use a charisma roll (difficulty around say 30) to convince him to help then battle a few random undead with a choice of twilly or zorbak to help before a luck roll witch if you win you find a sleeping vampire and a roll to see if zorbak can control it if you win the quest is over and if you lose it becomes an alpha and you fight it.

4. the out come depends on the last roll if you fight the alpha you can buy staff level 30 that deals 7-25 damage that hits for no element except it deals light on vampires
if you don't battle the alpha then you can bye a shield that will raise dark resist and clicking it pays 10% sp a turn to have a vampire warrior in your gest slot
Post #: 147
1/11/2014 19:32:43   

1) Moglins can use their healing magic in reverse
2) This will test if a moglin can turn healing magic into harm magic.
3) Twig is pinned against various monsters ex: drakel, other moglins, and Verewog.
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