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RE: =AK= Ultimate Favorite ANYTHING Thread

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11/2/2009 17:28:32   

House Runehawk, talking to house leaders
DF MQ  Post #: 226
11/2/2009 17:36:46   

Fave Uniform: SC Uniform
Fave Lasersword: Frozen Claw
DF MQ  Post #: 227
11/2/2009 17:41:46   

Fave mech: Eagle
Fave outfit: SC!
Fave NPC: *TWANG!*
Fave Event(s): Mogloween + Frostvale!
Fave Enemy Mech That I Can't Have (F.E.M.T.I.C.H) Vampire Minion!


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 228
11/2/2009 18:23:27   

Mohawk officially replaced Hammerhead as my favorite mech....Mohawk is just so cool...it's...amazing!

ShadowScythe Devastator is cool because it looks like Devastator from transformers.
DF MQ  Post #: 229
11/12/2009 17:25:26   

Fav mech. Bc shadowarrior(just plain beast!)
Fav front arm: generic/ brand name candy arm. it so useful! it uses candy ammo but you can still hit regular damage if you have no candy ammo! plus i have mortis map so i can get as much ammo as i want!

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 230
11/12/2009 18:05:23   

Fav oddity: BC smack talks.
Fav mecha: toss up between BC and Reaper
Fav NPC: korin
MQ  Post #: 231
11/27/2009 12:44:49   

I guess it's time to update my list of Favourites...

Favourite Mech: Adamantium Falcon. (Almost everything about it is awesome.)
Favourite [Mecha] Weapon: Bloodcurdling Mask. (It's a bit outdated now, but I still keep it around as a trophy of sorts.)
Favourite [Character] Weapon: Soul Sapper. (The Necryptos energy blades look silly, and the character can't even hold the Staff of Raw in it's hand properly...)
Favourite Uniform: Sleuth.
Favourite Hairstyle: Lulu. (Shaylyn just wouldn't be Shaylyn without it.)
Favourite Zone: The original Mortis, with the battle against the Headless Horse Mecha and so on.
Favourite Quest: Warlic's Espionage mission.
Favourite NPC: Korin.
Favourite Music: Crush the Weak! by Evil Jim.
Favourite Sound: Turkey gobble sounds from the latest Thanksgiving release.
MQ  Post #: 232
11/27/2009 13:02:16   
Snow Raven

^Above you should listen to my army of turkeys yapping away in my starship. (ID:3494526)
Anyway here's my list.

Favourite Mech: Adamantium Falcon.
Favourite Uniform: Swashbuckler
Favourite Weapon:Dragonhelm
Favourite NPC: Korin
Favourite Event: Turkageddon/Mogloween
Favourite Area: Mortis
Favourite Starship Item: Attack Turkey (I have four five of them so that should show my love for them)
Favourite Enemy: Insecromancer
Favourite War: The First ShS war on the moon

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MQ Epic  Post #: 233
11/27/2009 13:10:34   

Favorite Mecha: Warbear :P
Favorite Mecha Weapon: The Dual Strike shoulder series on Zargon. They got me through some tough times. :P
Favorite Character Weapon: Brute Blade. Brings back lots of memories from before I was an SC.
Favorite Uniform: Pajamas
Favorite Zone: Arthuria looks pretty cool even though we haven't been there yet
Favorite Quest (Quest Chain): All of the quests that led up to going to the Moon
Favorite NPC: Korin and King Alteon
Post #: 234
11/27/2009 13:18:28   

Favorite Mecha: Uber Jameson
Favorite Mecha Weapon: Turkey Cannon
Favorite Uniform: Swashbuckler
Favorite NPC: Evil Jim - Wasnt too hard to guess
Post #: 235
11/27/2009 13:25:48   

Favourite Mech: Adamantium Uber Jameson
Favourite [Mecha] Weapon: Dragonguard Backarm
Favourite [Character] Weapon: Soul Sapper.
Favourite Uniform: Swashbuckler
Favourite Hairstyle: Crazy hair
Favourite Zone: Toth
Favourite NPC: Korin.
Favourite Music: The music from the ShS war for the SC =P (recent war)
Favourite Sound: One of my enemies mecha exploding xD.
MQ AQW  Post #: 236
11/27/2009 14:30:24   

Favorite Current Rare Mech: Adamantium Falcon
Favorite Current Nonrare Mech: Hunter Eidolon
Favorite Past Mech: Golden Newbatron V3008
Favorite [Mecha] Weapon: Baster XL40 (BA)
Favorite [Character] Weapon: Solar Spike
Favorite Uniform: Swashbuckler
Favorite Zone: Mortis
Favorite NPC: Korin
Favorite Special: -bth
Favorite build: -bth/+defense
DF MQ  Post #: 237
11/27/2009 17:25:54   
The Great Abraxas

although i totally saw it over my head: this month mech... its better then the mohawk and i like it alot!
AQ AQW  Post #: 238
11/27/2009 21:30:53   
Ryan stevens

My favorite planet is zargon.


I rock with my my lv 87(aq), 54(df), 34(mq) and 28(aqw) and 24(ED) characters.
DF MQ  Post #: 239
12/21/2009 16:33:52   
jonny bravo

I think J6 is awesome.he;s like a cross between Jango Fett and a cowboy!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 240
12/21/2009 16:48:32   
Deleted User
[Deleted by Admins]
  Post #: 241
12/21/2009 18:36:06   
omega zeron

Favourite Mech: Jason series (Im sorry, but a chainsaw AND a machete? Now thats one hell of a knife fight)
Favourite [Mecha] Weapon: The frostval bag series (An ammo bag with no ammo? Impossible!)
Favourite [Character] Weapon: Brute blade
Favourite Uniform: Elf
Favourite Hairstyle: Spiky FTW
Favourite Zone: Camp murky lake (Awesomest background ever!)
Favourite Quest: Sheriff Broncho showdown
Favourite NPC: Korin (Just.... Freakin...... WIN........)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 242
12/21/2009 23:32:11   
jonny bravo

Fave Uniform:SDF rebel
Fave Mecha:Mohawk
Fave Mecha weapon:falcon bomb
Fave character weapon:Broken blade
Fave zone:Athuria
Fave NPC:J6(awesome guy!)
Fave enemy:univirso
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 243
12/22/2009 17:04:44   

Favourite Mech: Mohawk
Favourite [Mecha] Weapon: Admirals Cutlass
Favourite [Character] Weapon: Wraiths Claw
Favourite Uniform: SDF
Favourite Hairstyle: Emo :P
Favourite Zone: Space battle on the Westion war
Favourite Quest: Allies!
Favourite NPC: Sys-Zero
Favourite Music: Crush the Weak! by Evil Jim.
Favourite Sound: machine guns!! ratatat ratatat
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 244
12/22/2009 17:22:55   

Fave Mecha: Uber Jameson
Fave Front Arm: Dragonfist Frontarm (even though I don't have it xD)
Fave Back Arm: Dragonfist Backarm
Fave Shoulders: Photon Machete,Star Parrot Launcher
Fave Head: None
Fave Body wpn.: Ultimate Devastation!
Fave E-Blade: Solar Spike
Fave Uniform: Swashbuckler
Fave Hat/Helmet: None
Fave Enemy Mecha: Mega Zorbotron
Fave E-Blade Enemy: Vampire
Fave Job/Class: Planet 51 missions
Fave GEARS House: WB! >=D
MQ AQW  Post #: 245
1/4/2010 16:49:58   

Fav Mecha: Delta Star Leader *Prays for a buff* LoL
Fav Front arm: Gift freeze ray!
Fav Back arm: Dazzler
Fav Shoulders: Ticklish Zorbo and Maxi Missile (I sold Maxi :( )
Fav Head: New Years Roboflash or the Aegis Head
Fav Body: D.F.A.
Fav E-Blade: For looks, Phantasm Blade, for strength, Solar spike
Fav Uniform: Swashbuckler
Fav Hat: Memory is quite vague, but it's something from the TLaPD thing
Fav NPC: Korin
Fav Enemy: Nephrysis. I never did beat her on Extreme.
Fav E-Blade enemy: Wrath thing.
Fav Job: Lolz, Ghost Hunting! Took me forever.
Fav Gears House: Runehawk, but I'm in Mystraven. LoL
Fav Event: The First ShadowScythe War. Finished within 24 hours.
MQ  Post #: 246
1/12/2010 22:09:10   

Corrupted Drakel Power Armor, Best Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DF  Post #: 247
1/30/2010 18:20:25   

Favorite NPC:Korin(Epic paper bag)
Favorite Attack:GEARS Devastation(WB)
Favorite Enemy:J6
Favorite Uniform:Wolfblade
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 248
2/1/2010 7:42:08   

My precious Skullcrusher ultimate model.
Post #: 249
2/3/2010 18:57:41   
Deleted User
[Deleted by Admins]
  Post #: 250
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