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RE: =AK= Ultimate Favorite ANYTHING Thread

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6/6/2008 10:05:46   

Favorite Combo (Uniform and Hat): Rebel Uniform and Rebel Helmet
MQ  Post #: 76
6/11/2008 16:51:46   

Enemy = Kingadent
Mech = SDF Delta Star Leader
Weapon = Purity Blade
Uniform = Wolfblade
Energy Blade = Broken Blade
Fave FA = Purity Blade
Fave BA = SDF Delta Star Leader Default
Fave FS = SDF Vampiric Blast
Fave BS = Nova Bomb
NPC = Warlic
House = Wolfblade
Melee Or Ranged = Ranged
Most Favorite Thing In MQ = I Get To Fly In A Huge Ship, And To Blow Up Things.
Post #: 77
6/11/2008 20:14:49   
Vincenzo The Greater

Ultimate Favorite Gremlin: when your mecha decides to walk BACKWORDS instead of Forwards. it looks like its doing the Moonwalk--EVEN when its on Westion which is NOT the moon.


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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 78
6/14/2008 19:09:47   

Favorite NPC: Mine isint in MQ yet but you kind of get the idea who it is. If you dont look at my avatar and sig.


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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 79
6/14/2008 20:40:13   

Mecha: Nova Hawk
Enemy: Shadowtech
House: Runehawk
NPC: Starbuck
Uniform: Runehawk
Job: Mecharoni
Weapon: Vision Portal
Staff: Cysero


Made to be avatar, before I knew.
I first heard about AQ from Powerpets
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 80
6/14/2008 21:25:46   

Definitly the new snake mecha. (Especially it's constrictor move)!
MQ  Post #: 81
6/14/2008 22:32:06   

fav house:WB
fav mech:gunslinger
fav weapon:wolf smash
fav uniform:spy
fav enemy:E3
fav npc:Clyde
fav food:cheeseburgers
fav job:defending the city
fav hobby:playing mechquest!

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MQ  Post #: 82
6/15/2008 13:30:23   

Favorite NPC Starbuck
Favorite Mecha Khael Diamondback
Favorite Job Knife & Spork
Favorite Planet Westion
Favorite Uniform Star Captain
Favorite Mecha To Fight Shadow E2
Favorite Attack Constuction
Favorite Energy Blade Broken Blade
Favorite Release Customizable Starships
Favorite House Mystraven

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Warp Knight
Post #: 83
6/15/2008 13:59:17   

my favorite mecha split between nova hawk and shadowscythe floater
favorite uniform is spy
favorite sword is reaper
favorite house runehawk
favorite npc is clyde
favorite job soluna police dept
favorite class engery swords 101
AQ MQ  Post #: 84
6/15/2008 14:04:03   

fav house: RH
fav mech: Kael Diamondback
fav weapon: Constrict
fav uniform: RH
fav enemy: Slugworth
fav npc: Clyde
fav food: anything eggy
fav quest: Boss (In walics office where you have to defeat sluggy, lots of xp (180) and credits (1250) for one battle + (SPOILER) his head in a jar
fav hobby: playing any RPG/MMORG


MQ  Post #: 85
6/18/2008 19:12:25   
Omega Maximum

Favorite Mech: Knightron SE
Favorite Uniform: Wolfblade Uniform
Favorite Enemy: Shadow E3
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 86
6/18/2008 19:14:52   

mech looks kealh
frying pan's looks
fav mech is rebel general(NG)
fav wep is napalm
uni spy

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 87
6/19/2008 4:07:20   
Mr. Safety

Enemy: J6, Genocylicsm (That spelled right?)
Mech: Khael or Wrangler or E3
Weapon: Mana Blast Sphere
Uniform: Runehawk
Fave FA: Purity Blade
Fave BA: Pyromancer Phoenix
Fave FS: Galactic Orb
Fave BS: Galactic Orb
Fave H: Telepathy Scan
Fave B: Mana Blast Sphere
Post #: 88
6/25/2008 0:46:47   

I love my Wolfblade v3!!!!!
I call him Fang ^^


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In Artix we trust
MQ  Post #: 89
6/25/2008 17:40:47   

refrence to evil dead on the first shotgun diciption... and this is my BOOM stick!
MQ  Post #: 90
6/27/2008 19:25:00   

Favorite Mecha, hmmm

either Runehawk Star Commander 3.0 or Khael Diamondback.

My favorite uniform is either Runehawk or Rebel.

I love to fight Shadow E's.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 91
7/5/2008 17:02:33   

my favourte mecha right now is the rare 4 th of july lvl 23 tank and my favourite uniform is the starcaptain.

MQ character page



AQ DF MQ  Post #: 92
7/12/2008 16:20:44   

MQ  Post #: 93
7/12/2008 16:25:53   
Private Caboose

Favorite mech: MystRaven SC v3.8
Favorite uniform: SDF Rebel
Favorite enemy: The SS's


Post #: 94
7/14/2008 11:27:51   

my favourite uniform is the rebel outfit and hat (i wish they would make more uniforms like that)

my fav mech for looks is the shadow scythe floater
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 95
7/14/2008 21:11:00   

I like the Wolfblade House uniform, as well as the SDF uniform. (Technically not Rebel, since Odessa is back in power.)

My fav Mecha is definitely the Knightron SE.

And, my favorite weapon that I'm currently using would have to be the WB Blast Shell Autogun. But for nostalgia's sake, I still love the Crusader's Shining Repeater. That thing got me through some tough times.


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 96
7/17/2008 17:01:41   

Favorite mech: Equinox mustang
Favorite uniform: SDF Rebel
Favorite laser sword: Brute Blade(i did a 51)
Favorite weapon:Whip(default BA of Equinox Mustang)
Favorite enemy:Vul'Kharim



AQ DF MQ  Post #: 97
7/23/2008 18:45:49   

Want to talk about your favourite Mecha?
Currently my fave is the Equinox Stallion... I'm non-SC but this thing is way strong! Although I am using the Khael Serpent right now for farming purposes only because it's level 19 as opposed to the Equinox Stallion which is 16.

Perhaps your favourite Uniform?
It used to be the Spy Uniform purely for the coolness factor... but now, definitely the SDF Rebel Uniform... simply because it offers unlimited energy in out of mech battles! Say goodbye to that irritating 49er and his uber-high evade rate!

What's the enemy you most like facing?
As of this writing, the Big Bad Broncho... challenging and yet offers great rewards!


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MQ  Post #: 98
8/2/2008 18:43:41   

Favorite Mech:Either The Equinox Mustang or The DPA.
Favorite Uniform:Scrubs, reminds me of my favorite TV show, Scrubs.
Favorite Enemy: Dragyron, it just looks so detailed and it's a worthy opponent.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 99
8/2/2008 19:14:06   
zero 455

mech: forensic defender for great effects and dpa for looks
uniform:runehawk makes me look smart
enemy:shadowscythe e1,2,3 they look so awesome
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 100
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