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RE: Pet/Guest Bugs

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6/6/2016 15:34:08   

I've looked around and I couldn't find any reports of this bug, but the level 150 Summon Poelala guest consumes 114 MP instead of using 114 SP, like the message when you've run out of the resource would imply. Looked like a bug to me. Only guest I've had consume mana as well. Screenshot Here
Post #: 226
6/6/2016 16:17:08   

@above. Not a bug, poelala's upkeep is indeed MP
AQ DF  Post #: 227
6/6/2016 23:52:52   

Ah, so it's just a typo on the "low resource" message?
Post #: 228
6/7/2016 0:16:14   

Yes, it's a typo on the low resource message, not on the guest.
AQ DF  Post #: 229
7/7/2016 15:50:58   

In the War of Giants Part 3. Zephyros is bugged. He is doing more than 500 damage at 50% modifier and 7000 damage vs the alt carnax.

Should be fixed. Clear your cache. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 230
7/31/2016 0:03:08   

I looked and did not see any thing posted about this. I just bought the PikaZard from the limited time shop today and noticed while in a battle when I clicked it to focus on damage it instead paralyzed the monster. So it's supposed to do the same thing as the FruitcakeZard. One click to focus on damage and another to attempt to paralyze, but for some reason it's reversed.

Investigating. PikaZard may need some tweaks, so I'll include this fix in the tweaks. Thanks in advance! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 231
7/31/2016 16:29:33   
Zee Flametail

I trained my custom zard to control enemies, but instead it seems to inflict elemental burn. I went back to the quest and the ingredients list is the same for all conditions. I think regardless of what you choose, it defaults to the first item in the list which is burn.
AQ  Post #: 232
7/31/2016 17:12:49   

@Above. I tested with both daze and with MP heal, and it worked just fine, didn't test with control to see if it worked properly, but I can assure you that at least those 2 are working properly.

Are you sure you selected the correct ingredient for the control?
AQ DF  Post #: 233
7/31/2016 17:33:33   
Zee Flametail

I thought I had to find all of the ingredients. It only tells you what ingredient you need when you mouse over each ingredient. As a note on design, it should probably only show the ingredients you need fo rthe status you want since you select that from the previous menu.
AQ  Post #: 234
8/10/2016 12:29:16   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Resolved in PMs, thanks afterlifex.

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Post #: 235
8/11/2016 9:20:37   

I think custom zard's low damage is to pay for the extra effects such as control.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 236
8/13/2016 8:44:05   

Buccanneer Monkey has a rare occasion of not attacking
AQ  Post #: 237
9/13/2016 19:58:52   

CustomZard's Dazing might be bugged to not stack properly, even though the popup indicates that it has dazed the foe already.

I tested against Combat Trainer and tried stacking it with Chocolate Syrup, the Daze does not get stronger on the Zard's Daze attack when the enemy has daze from Chocolate Syrup but the popup says that the zard has dazed the foe.

EDIT: Also apparently Dazezard's Daze can't stack with itself either. I just saw it successfully use its daze attack twice due to celerity, and both stun attacks inflict daze successfully.

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AQ  Post #: 238
9/16/2016 20:54:09   
The Fr0st Monarch

The poelala pet pop up doesnt shows the renamed Pets name, "example if i rename my poelala to Gandalf and i click on her the pop up in battle will still say Poelala instead of Gandalf"
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 239
9/17/2016 17:43:19   

Flareos Control works differently from most other sources of control, instead of giving one turn of 100% chance of not acting, it gives 2 turns of X% chance of not acting, which means the monster has a chance to act normally.

You could check that just by reading in-game the status that Flareos inflict on the enemy...

So, not a bug.
AQ DF  Post #: 240
9/24/2016 10:40:42   

The Ultraguardian Frogzard's 2-hit attack does Melee damage instead of Ranged.
AQ  Post #: 241
3/15/2017 22:29:54   

Not sure if bug or intended, but Carnation Doll's Control status doesn't stack with anything. It just refreshes the status, or does nothing in control mode should the mob be under a stronger control.(e.g. Love Potion's 1 turn 100% chance)

Rose Doll's statuses are stacking normally, but the Berserk status appears to be preventing UltraGuardian Shield's SP healing from procing. Regardless of whether you block the last hit or all hits.

Also the -bth lean of Berserk status seems to be applied to player/pet/guest attacks as well based on my testing.

< Message edited by poopbum -- 3/15/2017 22:31:38 >
AQ  Post #: 242
5/10/2017 11:37:06   
Sir Cloud

The new Tree Troll pet doesn't stay in the healing mode for me (if selected) for each battle. This may be a bug as most other toggle pets (like Moglord Warboar) will keep the mode until deselected otherwise. Thanks for looking into it. :)
AQ  Post #: 243
5/20/2017 5:22:24   

Can confirm what Sir Cloud said. The Tree Troll seems to reset after every battle instead of having the same "per login" memory that other such toggable pets (Dogzilla, for example) all seem to have.

Oh, and it also doesn't have those pop up messages that appear when you have your mouse hover over a toggable pet where the message says that you can click on the pet to toggle it. It only has those pop up messages that come up when you actually click on it. In other words, instead of having a total of four pop up messages attached to it, the Tree Troll only has two. Just thought I should bring this up since I'm already posting in this thread.
AQ  Post #: 244
6/3/2017 11:57:16   

When I try to finish off a monster with Floating Pie in paralysis mode, the healing at the end can prevent the monster from dying. This is probably because of the fact that the damage penalty comes in the form of healing at the end, so I believe that using a standard damage penalty (like Keyote's) prevents this bug from occurring.
AQ  Post #: 245
8/14/2017 7:08:15   


Nerfbat pet's nerfing attack is now doing Melee type damage, when here it clearly states it's supposed to have been Ranged.
AQ AQW  Post #: 246
9/12/2017 11:02:28   

Carnation Blossom's Control status still can't stack with any forms of Control, even its own. Is this intended?
AQ  Post #: 247
9/22/2017 16:12:29   

When you finish off the monster with Floating Pie set to paralysis, the monster's HP increases above 0 for some reason, so they're not dead. I understand the logic behind this occurring (the damage is not actually reduced and the healing compensates for this), the monster's HP going up after dying is a bug.
AQ  Post #: 248
10/6/2017 11:53:17   

Ruby Rose Guest uses the same description as Grakma when you do not have enough SP to upkeep it to attack.
AQ  Post #: 249
12/20/2017 10:20:57   

Mau of Osiris is bugged. When the monster is immune to Fear, the cat keeps using its eye attack rather than the claw attack.
AQ  Post #: 250
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