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RE: =AK= The MechQuest Nostalgia Thread

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6/9/2010 11:45:23   
Griffin the awesome

I'm kind of new to mechquest. The first time I played was when it was really new, I got bored of it fast because everything felt like it wasn't finished. The second time I played mechquest I was satisfied with the amount of releases, classes, stuff that wasn't there before, but unfortunetly I made the stupid mistake of selling my best mech for the police mech. So I deleted my character and tried to start over from scratch. Sadly, by then the only computer I had acsess to was really slow, so I got stuck as a noob for too long and got bored of it. Finally, the third time I played mechquest, nothing went wrong and now I'm addicted.


MQ  Post #: 301
6/9/2010 12:36:00   

i remember when the newbatron was god with the scaling and you could beat any enemie
does anyone remember the first time they tried to release soluna city and everytime you hit land you got blackscreened
I also remember when all items were mostly equal no matter what they were(ng,sc, or nsc)
the good times
MQ  Post #: 302
6/9/2010 16:44:01   

Here since the shuttle was the only thing in the game xD
Repeatedly jumping out the ship to see what would happen.
Thinking how awesome i thought the n00b missiles were =P
Thinking how awesome mechs were in comparison to my pathetic AQ account.
MQ  Post #: 303
6/10/2010 22:16:28   

I remember farming for 30 minutes before school, at 7:00 am, just to get the wolfblade mech level 6. I kept on avoiding mino-ton at my best.


regards, Uncle Dolan
MQ  Post #: 304
6/10/2010 22:21:10   

I remember doing order 66 around 200 times in order to purchase the mecharoni mech.
DF MQ  Post #: 305
6/23/2010 15:52:11   

haha i remember when the decimator was this ridiculous un killable mech i remember i tried so hard but couldnt kill it until end of war. Then recently i came back to it with my corrupt drakel and just annihalated it. Just goes to show how time has changed the meaning of challenge.
Does anyone remember the clown mech series? those mechs rockeD! i used my level 13 one until level 20 and never lost. i wish they would let us upgrade our clowns.(sob) GOOD TIMES..
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 306
6/23/2010 16:02:20   

@Zaikou Newbatron still can beat almost everything I use it to do the shrine missions
MQ  Post #: 307
6/23/2010 17:47:51   

Back then (not long ago) i could beat a mech with 50hp left out of 150. Now i face a morehawk and there's only 4hp left. Those were the good times, beating (unlucky) mechs 'till they reached negativity. Now before i get a mech to a negative number i'm on a single digit number.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 308
6/25/2010 1:08:42   

I remember when you didn't get any money and you couldnt get any good mechs thank god 4 ng I was here since like day 1 did everything every war good times


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 309
7/9/2010 5:57:30   


does anyone remember the first time they tried to release soluna city and everytime you hit land you got blackscreened

@AoW: What did you do when the screen was black?
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 310
7/23/2010 0:07:48   

I remember the time when I went through the Val's Museum, It was about as annoying as energy blade training.
MQ  Post #: 311
7/23/2010 5:10:37   

I still remember when MQ was just an idea/concept of a Sci-fi/mecha-based version of DF.
And when you couldn't even land at Soluna. Those were good, albeit boring, times indeed.
Well, it's nice to look back and marvel at MQ's growth, from then up to now. ^_^

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 312
7/23/2010 11:06:02   

Lawls xD I remember the first time I played... Lvl cap was 3 and I thought it was a bit boring at that time. About a few months (Maybe half a year?) later, around X-Mas, I started playing again, but I forgot my account. Otherwise this game gets you kind of addicting because there is lots of stuff in it...

Btw, Does anyone remember the 2nd Bug War? :O
Post #: 313
7/23/2010 13:21:08   

The good days when Warlic was the face of MQ.
MQ  Post #: 314
7/23/2010 19:50:16   

i remember creating an account before it started and you were not even on a dropship. you could just create an account. i spent days and days and weeks waiting and hoping it would open. when it finally did i thought it was epic. you could use a machine to fight people. i remember hearing a rumor of a spacehelmet helm and kept hurling myself out the door trying to get it. when i was about to go for another one that would have been my last, the screen turns black as you jumps out so you couldnt get it. anyone remember that?


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 315
7/31/2010 0:05:39   

lvl 3 being the ultimate level...

the military repeater doing more then 4 dmg per turn that it does now...

being nsc...
MQ  Post #: 316
8/10/2010 23:30:29   

Certainly remember the lulls between level cap raises. Especially when I had done all there was to do. I'm in one now, anyway. I completed everything and am the maximum level. Which means I have to wait for an update.

I remember the level cap being 15, for example. Nice elf mech for nova gem users. Was distinctly feminine and looked distinctly weird with a Santa head. Got rid of it now. =( Was the best mecha at the time, though! Now, my best is the Frankenmecha.

I've been with AE games for 5 years. That's pre-DF, pre-MQ, and pre-anything else you care to mention. I quit the games multiple times due to lulls in updates. However, I'm an X-Guardian, DragonLord, Star Captain, and still with AE!


Post #: 317
8/11/2010 20:12:46   

anyone remember the smokey flamethrower 1-hit-KO glitch (only heard of it never tried till ppl said it was fixed)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 318
9/1/2010 5:44:48   

The thing I missed most was the Shadow Purge. If only I had been an SC since the beginning....

Anyway, I created an account only after the Soluna City "Blackout" problem was fixed. In the middle of the ShS War, there was an end-of-year test so I forgot to play Mechquest for two full years! !

Also, at that time, there were no arrows pointing out where to go in the Dropship and other places, so it's like move here and there to figure out where to go.

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DF MQ  Post #: 319
9/10/2010 21:07:18   

My happy moment will be when the salesman dude gets here
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 320
9/10/2010 21:41:32   

Ooooookaaaay...Epic Fail moment:
Me: Bonus +40
Enemy: Defense -50
Enemy dodges my next two attacks...Critical Failure,GO THE HECK AWAY ALREADY


Post #: 321
9/10/2010 21:43:19   

Dodge has nothing to do with bonus or defense. It has to do with dodge, and reflex.
DF MQ  Post #: 322
9/10/2010 21:49:01   

Fail: Used Subzero Gaze and I missed 3 turns in a row (Subzero Gaze gives +80 bonus to hit)

This one shouldn't even be possible.
Subzero Gaze + Ticklish Zorbo
The next turn....
They hit me

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 323
9/10/2010 21:52:24   

That, is a fail. They must have had a lot of accuracy.

I have been hit with first turn of zorbo, as well as first turn of gaze, but I don't think I have ever been hit with both of them.

And wars in general that are not extremely short are fails, because they prove how little people actually fight in them.

According to math, they should take hours.

In reality, they take weeks.
DF MQ  Post #: 324
9/10/2010 22:09:34   

Actually stealthwings,I'm pretty sure that at least Defense has a lot to do with Dodge.
Enemies with high Defense have a tendency to dodge a lot.
I'm not so sure about bonus,it affects my hit chance(more bonus = less chance to miss)
The worst thing is I was fighting a Rusty Rat,not some overpowered opponent.I consider this an Epic Fail.
Post #: 325
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