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4-Leaf Clover Field!

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6/9/2008 1:10:53   
 formerly In Media Res


4-Leaf Clover Field!

«Scene: Just outside Battleon, a Leprechaun sneaks across the fields anc continues into Battleon.»

«You»: Hey!!
???: Grrrrrr.....!
«You»: Aren't you leprechauns a bit out of season for sneaking around our town?
???: I hate ta be admittin' it ta' a human, as daft as you often are, but we leprechauns got a wee bit o' a problem back home.
???: Ye don't look too bright, but I say ye likely have tha... muscle... fer the job..
«You»: Why should I help you after all you've done to us? You tried to tax us and take all our gold to use in making an army of cyber-Leprechauns!
???: If ye don't help us, think o' all the innocent Leprechauns tha' could get hurt!
«You»: ....... Innocent Leprechauns?
???: Aye, o' course. Who else do ye suggest we harass when we can't get ta people such as yerselves?
???: Not just O'Meanies, O'Greenies or O'Beanies... but all the wee Leprechauns in bibs, 'n all their grannies 'n gran' pappies. Regular old Leprechaunian folks.
«You»: I really don't want to help YOU, but I can't let innocents be harmed... *sigh* How do we get back to your homeland?
???: Simple. Tha first part o' it is right behind ye.
«You»: Huh? What's behind me?? *looks*
???: SHILLELAGH!!!!!!

«The leprechaun takes out a Shillelagh»

«You»: Wait-- What?!?

«The leprechaun takes the Shillelagh and knocks you out. The scene switches to the Portal to Leprechaunia, where both of you enter and reach Leprechaunia.»

«You»: Ugh...what hit me just then?
???: It's about time ye got up, lazy human! Yer in our lands, now.

[I]O'Friendly enters

O'Friendly: Next time, don't hit tha human so hard, O'Fisticuffs!
O'Fisticuffs: It was just a wee tap on the head!
«You»: I'll have to pay you back for that later, greenie. For now, what am I supposed to be saving you from??

«O'Fisticuffs points to his left, and him and O'Friendly turn that way»

O'Fisticuffs: THAT!

«Scene switches to a dog on the mountains before switching back»

«You»: What, behind the dog??
O'Fisticuffs: Nay! It IS the dog!
O'Fisticuffs: It's not just ANY dog-- It's a giant Wild Bingo-- and ye know what THAT means!
«You»: No. We don't have Wild Bingos where I come from.
O'Fisticuffs: That means the giant dog is the LEAST of our problems!

«The leprechauns look at the same direction O'Fisticuffs pointed previously»

O'Fisticuffs: Look again!
«You»: Do I have to?
O'Fisticuffs: Aye! Again!

«A flea appears on the Wild Bingo»

O'Fisticuffs: Uh-oh! Quick! Hide behind the tree!!

«The flea jumps around on the Wild Bingo before moving down the mountains onto the fields, where it is joined by a swarm of fleas. The fleas move towards the town, where a scene shows destroyed homes of the town. The Wild Bingo appears at the town.»

«You»: That's a big dog!!!!
O'Fisticuffs: 'Tis na' really a dog-- It's a Wild Bingo!
«You»: He has giant magical fleas? How much weirder could this get?
O'Fisticuffs: Shut yer yap, human, an' get on wit' what ye do so well!
«You»: The dog is going down first. You, Leprechaun? A close second.

«The Wild Bingo barks towards the tree you and the leprechauns are hiding»

O'Fisticuffs: Ak!! Me lucky ears!!
The Leprechaun Nation is in dire trouble! They have long been our enemies, but without our help they will never survive to wage another Blarney war upon us again! We must save them!

  • To Battle!
  • Guardian Shillelagh
  • Adventurer Shillelagh
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Oh no's!! There are so many scary monsters out here today!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Click on O'Fisticuffs' hat if you want him to join you in battle!
  • This magical 4-leaf clover just healed you!

    «All players can click on the Leprechaun's tophat to wear it. Guardians can refill their potions from the potion sack if they have less than 5 potions on hand.»

    To Battle!

    «Optional Healing after the second battle»
    «After all monsters were defeated»

    «Optional Healing after every other battle»

    «You»: All of the Flees and Mytes seem to be gone!

    «Wild Bingo enters»

    O'FisticuffsAye, now ye only need to fight the GIANT WILD BINGO!
    «You»: Promise me that if I fall in battle against this castle-sized beast that you will take up the fight where I left off!
    O'Fisticuffs: .............
    O'Fisticuffs: Aye, laddy, I promise........... I promise I will take off.
    «You»: ...............Hey! I think I'm going to need some significant HELP here... If only there were an Archmage or two hanging around.

    «Kalanyr appears»

    «You»: Whoa-- Who---??
    Kalanyr: This is quite an interesting situation. You will not be able to defeat this creature without some kind of... balancing.
    Kalanyr: Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!

    «Two lightning bolts hit the Wild Bingo»

    Kalanyr: Magic missile!!

    «A normal missile hits Wild Bingo»

    «You»: That really just looked like a plain old missile. Not anything magic about it.
    Kalanyr: You're right. I should ask for my money back.
    Kalanyr: Alas, it seems as though the best recourse is to help you by reducing the scale of this threat.

    «Bingo glows and shrinks slightly»

    Kalanyr: Now THAT is a bit more manageable, wouldn't you say?

    «Kalanyr disappears»

    «You»: ...................
    «You»: He's still... big....
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE«You»: No way...All those attacks, and it's still standing. What kind of

    monster IS this?
    O'Fisticuffs: Well, go after tha dog again, human!
    «You»: I can't fight that thing again! It's going to take an army to bring it down, unless you have another idea!
    O'Fisticuffs: Nothin' fer it now. I didn't want ta do this, because if it dinnae work, it could destroy the villiage. we have no choice now, though.
    «You»: Wait-- the WHAT?!

    «A giant bone is thrown past Wild Dingo. It catches his attention, and he runs off after it»

    «You»: Wow! Dumb as a frogzard and ten times as huge!
    O'Fisticuffs: Enog yllatot s'eh.
    «You»: What did you just say??
    O'Fisticuffs: Nothin', ye daft human!
    O'Fisticuffs: Ye aren't supposed ta understand the Leprechaun language. Thanks fer helpin' us out of this spot, but ye must be goin' now.
    O'Fisticuffs: SHILLELAGH!!!!!!!!

    «O'Fisticuffs pulls out a shillelaugh and clubs you over the head. You wake up in Battleon with a war chest.»

    «You»: Gah...my head hurts, but I'm home.
    «You»: And the leprechauns left a chest for me? It's probably trapped, but LET'S OPEN IT ANYWAY!


  • Get War Reward!

  • Lucky Bingo Foot
  • Lucky Keno Foot
  • Lucky Lotto Foot
  • Flee Hatchling
  • Myte Hatchling
  • Young Myte
  • Young Flee
  • Adult Myte
  • Adult Flee
  • Elder Myte
  • Elder Flee
  • Lucky Wild Bingo's Foot

  • Replay
  • Back to Town

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