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The Revengers Part I

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6/19/2008 20:07:13   
Lost Star

The Revengers!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » The Revengers! » Revengers!

«Scene: The town of Battleon»

«You»: Zorbak! Just what are you doing so far from your hideout? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of "hiding out" if you keep showing up in town??
Zorbak: If all I ever did was "hide out", then no one would ever have the opportunity to PH33R ME!!!
«You»: Okay, do I have to go get Artix to kick you out of Battleon, or will you go peacefully?
Zorbak: You should not discriminate against ebil. I will report you to a Mod.
«You»: What is this "Mod" you speak of? Some kind of deity?
Zorbak: *grumble* I don't know exactly.. The word came to me in a vision.
Zorbak: Bah! You are getting me off-track! I am here to announce my RETIREMENT!!
«You»: YEESSS!!! So when do you want your party?!?
Zorbak: Wh-- Wait, why are you HAPPY??
«You»: .................. Because you're going away? Maybe to a nice tropical island....
Zorbak: I hate islands!! They are surrounded by WET! *shivers* Are islands common retirement spots?
«You»: Islands, or swamplands... Maybe someplace in the mountains near a ski resort?
Zorbak: Gah.. none of those places PWN. I-- I can't retire... especially when you WANT me to!!
Zorbak: NO-- Instead, I must KICK IT UP A NOTCH!! I must become better, faster, stronger... I must become a SUPERVILLAIN!!
Zorbak: .........................
Zorbak: Any hints or suggestions, here, pal?
«You»: Oh.... Hmmm. Well, you can't be a supervillain until you BEAT THE STUFFING OUT OF A COUPLE SUPERHEROES!! Yeah, THAT's the ticket!
Zorbak: Mehehehe... Indeed. When next you see me, I shall be EBIL INCARNATE! A supervillain among supervillains!! MEHEHEHE!!

«Zorbak leaves»

«You»: First, he needs to beat the stuffing out of two superheroes. Which I seriously doubt he can do. Mehehehe---
«You»: Whoa! Did I just "mehehehe"?!?

«The next day, two incredible figures appear in Battleon!»

Invincible Hogg: Metal man make Hogg angry!! HOGG SMASH!!
Irony Man: All I wanted to do was show you what it was like to enjoy a nice weekend in the countryside!!
Irony Man: How was I supposed to know there would be a Dragon War (TM) going on at the same time we were camping??
Invincible Hogg: GAARWWWARRAAARRRR!!!! *squeeeee*
Irony Man: Okay, no one says that about my mama and gets away with it!! EAT PROPULSORATOR RAY!!!

«Irony Man shoots two propulsorator rays at Invincible Hogg»

Invincible Hogg: Ouch!! That SMARTS!!
Irony Man: Hahaha, how IRONIC that you would say that my propulsorator ray SMARTS when you have the wits of a 3 year old!

«Invincible Hogg stomps the ground, hurting Irony Man in the process. «You» appear»

«You»: Whoa! What's going on here?!? Aren't you two guys BOTH SUPERHEROES?!?
Invincible Hogg: Me forget... *oink*
Irony Man: Why, yes, I believe we are. Though Hogg sometimes has temper tantrums... Actually, he has temper tantrums ALL THE TIME!
Irony Man: How ironic that is. He is a superhero, yet he always does bad stuff. ALWAYS.

«Invincible Hogg smacks Irony Man»

Irony Man: My head is ringing from that one, buddy. But maybe NEXT time you should try harder, because I have been recharging my PROPULSORATOR RAYS this entire ti--

«Invincible Hogg smacks Irony Man yet again, sending him flying to the air»

«You»: HOME RUN!!! Go, Invincible Hogg, go!!
Invincible Hogg: Urrr---?

«Scene: A field near Battleon where Irony Man just landed»

Irony Man: Perhaps I should have just blasted you instead of telling you I was going to blast you...
Invincible Hogg: Little man dumb!! SQUEEEEEEE!
Irony Man: Ugh... my power unit is failing... I might die here any minute.... Please, Hogg, tell the rest of the Revengers that I died fighting the Devourer...
Invincible Hogg: Oh no! Hogg feels so guilty!! Hogg must go visit psychiatrist friend... Lucky Hogg know psychiatrist!! Hogg's personality very complicated!!

«Irony Man rises up»

Irony Man: HA!! SURPRISE!! I'm not going to die!! I feel GREAT!!

«Irony Man puches Invincible Hogg»

Invincible Hogg: OINK! Thank you for scratching itch on Hogg's nose! Metal man never remember that Hogg is strongest one there is!!
Irony Man: You can take a hit, but let's see if you can BREATHE IN SPACE!!!!

«Irony Man flies toward Invincible Hogg»

Invincible Hogg: SQUEE!!! HA-- HAHA hehehe... puny man tickle Hogg's tummy!!!

«Irony Man lifts Invincible Hogg to outer space»

Invincible Hogg: Hogg think it ironic that shiny man not fill boot-gas tanks all the way when shiny man know he would fly a lot today!!

«Irony Man's boots run out of Gas. Both he and Invincible Hogg come crashing to a field near Battleon»

Irony Man: Maybe we should call it a day?
Invincible Hogg: Hogg agree. Hogg hungry, too.
Irony Man: Great! Let's go back to that little town. I can refuel and you can eat!

«Meanwhile, you are just finishing up a small quest involving volcanic fire monsters and a staind cheap imitation Persian rug that tied the room together...»

«You»: Show yourselves, Scorched Marshmallow Gang!!! You dripped molten marshmallow goop all over my favorite rug, and now you will all pay!!
???: We do not care. We are nihilists. Come get your revenge. No, wait-- we will bring it to you. Here we come. Now-- No, one moment. Okay. Now!!

«Full Heal after each fight. No Heal between the 3rd and 4th fight.»«You»: Zorbak!! What are you doing here?? I still have to fight the boss of the Scorched Marshmallow Gang!!
Zorbak: You don't have time for that!! THEY WANT YOU BACK IN TOWN RIGHT NOW!!
«You»: WHO wants me in town?
Zorbak: The world-famous superhero team, the Revengers!! Two of their members are in Battleon right now looking for you!
Zorbak: They heard just how GOOD you were at getting revenge and thought you would make a great addition to their team!!
«You»: ....................... Really? They really like me???
Zorbak: Hurry!! Go now!! It's a limited-time offer!! You get 2 memberships in the Revengers for the price of ONE if you hurry up and go NOW!!!

«Scene: The town of Battleon»

Irony Man: I don't know about you, Hogg, but the fumes from my new boot fuel are giving me a weird headache...
Invincible Hogg: *oink* Hogg feel funny, too...
Irony Man: Oh dear, I hope you are not getting ready to experience another personality split. I hate it when that happens.

«Scene: «You» arrive»

«You»: It's you two again!!
«You»: I'm glad to see you're not fighting anymore. Hey, a "little birdy" told me that the Revengers were looking to recruit some new blood-- ME!
«You»: Might I say, I would be HONORED to be a part of your esteemed superhero team!
«You»: What's wrong? Just because I don't have superpowers doesn't mean I can't join the team! Look at Look at Ratman or The Pwnisher... No powers, just lots of motivation!
«You»: ..................
«You»: Guys? What's taking so long?
Invincible Hogg: Hogg... can't.... stop...Must...SMASH....
[bIrony Man: Irony Man.... has no control.... Have to..... vaporize you...
«You»: Aw no... Not this! Not mind control!! Not when I was about to become a REVENGER!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

1 BATTLE«Full Heal»

1 BATTLE«You»: I want to apologize deeply for absolutely beating you two to a pulp. This in no way means that I don't want to still join the Revengers!
Invincible Hogg: SQUUEEEEEE *oink*
Irony Man: Whew! Thank goodness, Hogg is definitely back to normal! So am I... Whatever mind controlled us has worn off.
Irony Man: Friend, you were tricked by someone it seems. They told you that we wanted you to join our team just to get you here. And they apparently wanted us to crush you.
«You»: Well, the plan failed, and I beat YOU two! I think that proves that I'm worthy of being an official superhero.

«Zorbak arrives»

Zorbak: MEHEHEHEHE!!! You FOOLS! You have been unwitting pawns in my master plan!! Because of you, I have BEAT THE STUFFING OUT OF TWO SUPERHEROES!!
Zorbak: This act makes me a true SUPERVILLAIN!! YEESSSS!!!!!
«You»: But you didn't beat them! I did! All you did was trick me and poisoned their boot fuel and food with a mind control agent!
Zorbak: SO?!? A supervillain is allowed to do whatever it takes to succeed!! Isn't that right, fellas??
Invincible Hogg: Hogg think tiny blue man with big ears and funny stick and scar over one eye is right.
Irony Man: True. A supervillain is unrestricted by morality or trickery.
Zorbak: See!!! I told you so!! Mehehehehe...
Irony Man: However, our friend here forgot ONE key component to FULL SUPERVILLAINHOOD.
Zorbak: Huh? What's that?
Irony Man: Hahaha....Your dreams of supervillain greatness have been thoroughly crushed!"
Zorbak: .........................
Zorbak:Yes, yes they have been. Well, I concede. You three have bested me once and for all. I shall slink back to my miserable little hideout and sleep away my remaining days...

«Zorbak leaves»

«You»: Oh. My. That was a little depressing.
Irony Man: He's the bad guy! And we won! That's good enough for me! Now, I have been thinking more about you joining the team...
Irony Man: ...and I think you would make a great addition to the Revengers! Hogg, what say you??
Invincible Hogg: *snort*

«Irony Man pulls out a Frogzard Costume»

Irony Man: EXCELLENT! Welcome to the team-- ULTRA MASKED CAT SHADOW CAPTAIN!!!
«You»: I'll have to think about that name-- But otherwise, count me in!!

«Deep within Zorbak's Ebil Hideout, the mastermind enjoys a secret victory...»

Zorbak: Mehehehehehe....
Zorbak: Incompetent superheroes! Little do they realize, I am a NECROMANCER, able to summon AN EASILY REPLENISHABLE ARMY OF HIGHLY LOYAL YET EXPENDABLE TROOPS!
Zorbak: Any time I want!
Zorbak: From now on my new name will strike FEAR into the hearts of all superheroes!! I will be known as--
Galexsideokijoker: Galexsideokijoker!


REWARD SHOP: Superhero
  • The Zard Wonder Costume
  • Captain Zard Costume
  • WonderZard Costume
  • SuperZard Costume Z
  • SuperZard Costume

  • Replay: Does the Quest Again
  • Back to Town: Takes you Back to Town

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