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Journey of the Frozen Phoenix

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6/25/2008 14:22:00   

Comment thread: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=14056849

Authors Notes: There are words that are in French, so I’ll have the translation up if the chapter has them.

Frontière stérile = Barren Border
Culte profond = secret society
Gardien de glace = Ice Guardian

Journey of the Frozen Phoenix


It had been seven years since the war ended between the two clans. The planet was desolated, empty, and dead. The two clans had destroyed each other completely, annihilated each other’s resources, and killed many innocent people. All that was left was the barren earth, pain, sorrow and suffering. You might think, How could anyone do this? Well it was possible, when two powerful clans dominated this very planet for millenniums. The two ruling bodies, Flaming Cerberus, and the Frozen Phoenix clan. Ever since then, the lands were separated by a border called Frontière stérile. Spanning a million kilometers long around the globe, the width itself extended to about ten kilometers across. Dead grass and dried shrurbs occupied this very border, no sign of life, nothing; just a lifeless place.

Flaming Cerberus contained members of fire who could transform into powerful fire canines. They guarded their land with power, strength and precision. The other clan, Frozen Phoenix, were ice birds who protected the lands of the north. Elegant, diligent but yet powerful, they defended their descendents for centuries.

The world was at peace before the mutiny, betrayal, discrimination and hatred. The land was prosperous back then, living harmoniously. Trades, businesses, commercial deals and many things that made the world perfect existed. As soon as the mutiny broke out, the two clans went into instant war. From that day on, the world was in discourse.

Many truths and lies were hidden before and during the war. None were ever talked about, none were ever leaked, none were ever mentioned in any historical records. But what would happen if one found such records of the truths and lies? What would happen if one of the clans knew? This was where the story took place. A journey of young girl will soon start when she discovers the truths and lies between the clans. What will she do? Will she survive? And what will happen if a new force emerges and threatens both clans?

Chapter 1

Our story began in a city where the Frozen Phoenix clan thrived. Gray, brown buildings spawned the area at each and every corner of the empty streets. Only a few people walked about. In the mid-southern area, there lived a small family; a family of two. They lived in a small apartment ever since the war ended,and made their living by selling recycled paper. Although their apartment was small, you could still feel the family unit and warmth that resided.

Right as you enter the front door, a tall, thin coat hanger stood. Looking straight ahead was a dining table accompanied by four wooden chairs. Behind all that furniture was a double window which faced the city. The kitchen area sat on the right of the house, while the two bedrooms occupied the left end.

“Mom, what's so bad about the Frontière stérile? How come we can’t cross?” I asked curiously.

“I thought we went through this many times. It’s simply forbidden,” Mom answered. She turned back towards the counter and continued to cut the vegetables.

“How come it’s forbidden?” I questioned again, waiting for her answer as I sat in the kitchen chair.

“Lucia, if you cross there, the Cerberians will kill you,” she ended it with a blunt tone.

“Oh...” I responded sadly while fidgeting with my fingers.

I got out of the chair, walked over to the window and looked up at the gray empty sky. No birds, no butterflies, no insects. It was just a deserted sky, with only white, flat clouds shading the Earth from the sun. Lifting my right arm, I placed my hand on the window and sighed heavily.

“Can I open the window?” I asked quietly, turning towards her.

“Yes you can, dear.”

As I opened the window, I was greeted by a warm breeze which blew my straight, blue hair gently; some covered my eyes. I brushed my hair away from my blue, sapphire eyes and took a deep breath. My white dress wavered as the wind continued to flow gently into the house. Closing my eyes, I let out a breath, releasing all my worries.

It was strange, well at least to me. Every time I let the wind in, a quiet, soft voice would pass by, whispering something; something I could hardly make out. Sometimes I thought I was crazy, but soon I became accustomed to it and started to understand those words. One of which I always remembered, Beneath the sorrow is a dark story, to see them you have to open up your heart. Look deep within those memories and you’ll find that place. I never knew what that phrase meant, nor had I ever cared. However, that soon changed as my last few months had been even more grotesque. I had visions, disorganized, random ones during my night slumber. The images ran like a film through my head, with no end, with no beginning.

All I remembered was a strange woman, standing on top of a high cliff, looking out into the dead sea. In that vision, the wind blew hard, the waves of the sea roared like lions, as they hit the rocky shore. Thunder and lightning both clashed in the sky above as the rain poured onto the earth below. Then she whispered, mouthing words similar to the ones the wind told me about. Then it all stopped. Darkness. Emptiness. Nothingness.

“Lucia!” My mother called out loudly, walking over.

I instantly snapped out of my thoughts and looked at her. “Yeah?”

“Can you set the table please? It’s dinner.”

“Yeah.” That was my last response before heading to the cupboards. I turned and looked outside one last time. The wind was still blowing, you could hear the quiet sounds whistling pass. I sighed and turned back, walking over to help my mother.

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Chapter 2

The sky dimmed as the night approached, the wind picked up speed as the clouds rolled in. Soon the moon was covered; only little streams of the light seeped through. The many trees of the forest rustled softly as the wind swept past them, dust rolled along the solemn ground, along with the dead leaves. The hoot of the howl echoed throughout the night as the bats flew above hunting for pray. Every so often, the faint breaths of a teenage girl resonated throughout the forest in a rhythmic tone. Suddenly it stopped. Mellow sounds of dried leaves and dirt reverberated as she began to move. A little groan came out then a yawn. The blue shappire eyes finally opened to the night.

As I opened my eyes, I was in shock. I sat up and frantically looked around turning to each and every direction. I yelled out loud, “Mom! Are you there?”

I started to panic and my breathing became heavy. With my five senses at the max level, I stared into the dark forest before me. My heart started to beat faster and faster as if it would jump out; sweat dripped on my back and my hands turned cold. Still trembling, I got up slowly and took a couple steps forward, continuing to look around. As my gaze began to shift back to the left, I suddenly saw a speck of light at the corner of my eye. I stopped abruptly and turned to the direction of the light. The light looked ever so warming, hopeful, and happy. As I continued to stare at the light, I didn’t realize the landscape around me began to change. The trees became wonky, the clouds in the sky twisted, the leaves on the ground flew in the air forming a funnel. The speck of light wasn’t just a speck anymore, it was a burst. The light exploded, getting closer and closer until I was engulfed by it. I covered my face with my arms hoping they would protect me.

In a flash, I was in a completely differently place. A completely empty, dark place. It was so dark I couldn’t even see my hands if I held them in front of me. There was nothing there; blankness. Just plain old darkness. I shouted, “Hello? Is anybody there?” The only response was the faint echoing voice of what I just shouted. Unexpectedly, a lit staircase appeared right in front of me, little by little each step emerged and ascended upwards. The staircase was long, reaching up into god knows where.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I go ahead? Or should I not? What happens if I don’t? I debated with myself continuously. Then the final decision. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I lifted my right foot and slowly took a step forward up the stairs. I opened my eyes and noticed nothing happened. The stairs didn’t collapse, and I was still in one piece. Continuing up the stairway, I noted the strange images flashing on both sides. The images were shuffling quickly, flashing about as new ones appeared every so often. I watched each and every one of them as I made my way to the top. As I approached the top, a light, blue door loomed in from the bottom of the last step. I was afraid to open it. What happens if this door didn’t lead me home? What will I do then?, the thoughts kept bombarding me and worries began to arise. Once more, my heart pounded and my hands went cold. Gathering all the courage I had, I held tight onto the knob and pulled it down. The door bursted open emitting an intense amount of light. I walked in, as the light continued to blind my eyes. Thump. I turned around and looked back. The door slammed shut.

Out of nowhere, another burst of light materialized and this time, it didn’t expand. Instead it stayed as a ball. Soon the wavering ball of light halted, and a clear, shiny layer formed. I didn’t dare to move closer, instead I squinted my eyes and looked at it carefully. “It’s glass,” I murmured.

The glass ball floated in mid air, letting out numerous beams of light. Then, something inside it seemed to move. Something dark swooshed around the edges then back, all around. I gulped, carefully, walking closer and closer. Nervously stretching out my right arm, I reached for the glass ball as my hand shook from fear. Before I touched the ball, a voice sounded from nowhere. “Welcome Lucia.”

I gasped, quickly withdrew and panted deeply. My heart was once accelerating again, I became even colder this time. I was in complete fear.

Soon the glass ball liquefied, elongated, stretched, twisted, expanded, then finally took the form of a woman. My eyes widened as I saw the figure. “You’re.... You’re...the....woman...on the...cliff--” I stammered.

Tentatively she spoke, “You need to find Cerbero.”

I raised an eyebrow and wondered what she was talking about. Before I could ask, she vanished in thin air. The room began to shake, the walls shattered, and everything began to be sucked into the ground below my feet. As the wall smashed into pieces, I grabbed onto one of the pieces, I looked down at what it used to be. “That’s no good,” I mumbled. The ground began to rotate in circles, as a dark vortex formed below. Everything was moving much faster now and dropped in to the bottom as things approached. It sucked everything in, the wall, light, and me. Suddenly a huge piece of the wall plunged into the vortex, creating a thundering sound, then emitting a burst of light. I had to get myself out of there before I would get drawn into the vortex.

I breathed even harder, my heart hammered even more, my hands sweat vigorously. I closed my eyes tightly and prepared to be killed. Silence.

I fought my way back into wakefulness and the silence of the dark room resurfaced. I paused for a moment before I opened my eyes. I’m on the bed right? I asked myself, as I felt the bed cloth under me and the cozy blanket on top of me. Gradually I opened my eyes, I was staring directly into the ceiling. I sat up, looked at the room around me and whispered, “Ok, it was just a dream.”

Chapter 3

Soon the sun rose from the horizon sending beams of sunlight across the earth. The sky turned from black velvet to pure orange. The silhouettes of the long, slender pines blurred and shortened as the light shifted. A light morning breeze swept across the city, picking up dust and dirt on its travel. The morning dew on the tree branches dripped and trickled down onto the ground as the force of gravity pulled. Splash. Hitting the ground, the water landed gracefully.

What was that all about last night? I pondered, as I got up from the bed. Who was that woman? Was that even real? I argued with myself. Sighing one last time, I strode out of the room and into the bathroom.

Grabbing my toothbrush with my right hand, I slowly held it steady as I squished the green, minty toothpaste out of the plastic tube. Shoving the toothbrush into my mouth impatiently, I stared at the mirror before me. I thought, It was too real to be a dream, but if it wasn’t a dream then I wouldn’t be here. I shook my head, emptying all the thoughts and blinked tightly. As I opened my eyes again, I felt a cool breeze running across my back, then it came closer, down my spine. I shivered, looked up at the mirror. Staring back at me emotionlessly was the same woman in my visions. She didn’t move, she didn’t say a word, she just stood there, staring. I didn’t dare to turn around but remained still, gazed at her through the reflection.

She then mouthed something which took me a lot of concentration to understand. I squinted my eyes hopefully to see her more clearly in the mirror. As soon as she finished, she vanished again, leaving a several snow particles behind, floating in the air. I spit out the toothpaste, gurgled some water, and dashed off into my room. Hurriedly, I grabbed a pen and wrote out the message onto a crumbled piece of paper. It read: You must find Cerbero. When the moon is at its highest in the sky, meet me at the Forgotten Forest in front of the lake. Do not be late. I read the message over and over, raised an eyebrow. This is really strange. Am I dreaming or is this real? What is going on? Maybe I’m seeing things, I wondered, as I continued staring blankly at the paper.

I debated with myself again, uncertain and confused. Should I go? Or should I not? If I don’t’ go, will something bad happen to me? If I go will she kill me?

“Lucia, it’s breakfast,” my mother noted. I snapped out of my thoughts and back into reality, as the clanging of the dishes and forks continued. I could hear her walking around, setting up the table. Then she yelled once more before she placed the plates on the table, “Lucia, your breakfast is getting cold you know?”

“I’m coming,” I answered. I changed into my normal day clothes, throwing my pajamas onto my bed. They dangled freely on the edge as I left my room, not caring to place them back.

Throughout the day, I debated with myself on the whole situation; sitting on the couch, looking out the window as I pondered . Wondered if I should tell Mom, wondered if I’m sane. I honestly had no idea what to do, my indecisive nature always seemed to get me when these kind of issues took place. I had to make a decision soon, it was either all or nothing. I sighed out loud, and Mom looked at me.

“Something the matter?” she asked worriedly, walking over as she rubbed her hands on her apron.

“Nah, nothing. Don’t worry about it,” I responded. She turned around and walked back to the counter of the kitchen. “Well I hope so....”

Once again for the last time, I thought to myself and set a final decision. Alright I’m going, then not noticing, I nodded.

The night soon came, the sky darkened. The sun slept soundly under the horizon, the moon rose and enjoyed himself, shining away. The air was still tonight and no clouds appear either, noting the environment as I looked out the window. I planned to leave the house when Mom was deep asleep, hopefully she won’t wake up in the middle of the night.

Shortly I heard soft sounds of breathing and little snores, I knew then it was my cue to leave the house. I slowly walked out of my room, quietly shutting the door behind me, peered into Mom’s room, shut her door. Then headed out the main door. Trying my best not to make a noise, I gradually turned the key, locked the door and dashed out of the apartment building.

The streets were even more quiet than in the day time. There were exactly no people, no light, no sounds at all. You can probably hear a pin drop at this time. Walking forward in the empty streets for about ten minutes, I took a right turn into a narrow thin alley which was damped with shallow water puddles. The alley had a peculiar smell to it, accompanied by dripping water from the roof. Opened garbage cans and closed ones stood quietly in their place, as I moved through the alley, making splashing sounds while stepping on the puddles. Near the end of the ally, I took another sharp turn to the left, entering into another main street. The only light of the night was the moon which lit up the upcoming destination, the Forgotten Forest.

Making my way down the road I paced myself. As I approached the end of the road, trees appeared larger and came closer. I was getting to the forest fast. Soon another smaller path intersected the city road and led straight into the forest. The path was more like a dirt path rather than one made with concrete. Coming up to the dirt path, I started to run instead of walk since it was soon to be midnight. I didn’t look around this time, instead I focused at the path in front of me and just ran. Taking a right turn, I could see the lake flash by me behind the trees. Getting closer and closer the lake emerged and the whole thing appeared. Slowing down, I stopped. Started panting, and bent down, placed my hands on my knees, staring into the ground. A sudden cool breeze swept behind me. My eyes widened as I gasped, and immediately stood up straight. The cool breeze whooshed beside me, then in front of me, then as it passed over the lake, it crystallized it into tiny ice particles. Materialized. Aggregated at one place, the woman appeared, floating above the water.
Before I could start speaking, the woman began her talk. “Welcome Lucia, to the Forgotten Forest. This is a place where many secrets lie, a place that no one ever had the heart to look for.”

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously, as I carefully walked closer.

“You’re a very special person Lucia,” she continued, “You have a special bond with a Cerberian, a bond that was formed long, long ago, a bond that was hidden forever.”

“Who are you and how do you know these things?” I questioned once more. I stopped walking and stood quietly as I waited for an answer.

“Sit down and I’ll tell you the story,” she stated. I sat down on the ground, crossing my legs and placed my hands on my lap and listened.

She began, “About three centuries ago when the two clans were still at peace, something unexpected happened, something so shocking it was hid away forever. There was a cross between the two bloodlines, the Flaming Cerberus clan and the Frozen Phoenix clan. The cross happened between a gentleman named Pyrrhus and a woman named Chrystal. They had two children who were both hybrids. One took in the Cerberian form, the other, took in the Phoenixian form. The high councils of both clans were afraid to have this news break out.... So they hid their bloodline from the rest of the word for centuries by the help of a secret association called Culte profond. Their job was to keep the hybrid bloodlines underground but yet to preserve the bloodline. They were not to be harmed but monitored forever, even the future generations.”

She paused and looked at for about ten seconds. I looked down, then at my hands and finally back at her. “So I have something to do with this?”

She nodded and smiled. “I’m the Gardien de glace, the one who watches over our clan for eternity. I predict there would be something coming so I came to you, hopefully you will help. You, Lucia, are one of the descendents of the hybrid family. You have a job to do...you need to find your distance brother, Cerbero in the Flaming Cerberus clan and unite the two clans to face the upcoming threat.”

Once I heard the news, I was in shocked, unbelieved, scared and mostly confused. I stared out into the lake for the next few minutes, not saying a word, but trying to absorb all this. The woman in turn, looked at me waiting for an answer.

Looking up at her I finally spoke, “So all this time, my mother, and my ancestors were in this bloodline?” I was still in disbelief.

She nodded.

I inquired again, “And nobody knows about this except for you?” She nodded once more. I looked down and place my hand on my head, took a deep breath, sighed again. Once more I didn’t say a word for the next couple of minutes. Quiet.

“So what do I exactly have to do? And can Mom know about this?” I asked softly.

“Your mother can know about this, since she is also part of this bloodline. But no one else can. With my guidance, you need to cross the Frontière stérile, cross the land of the Flaming Cerberus clan and find Cerbero. It’s not going to be an easy task, but with my training you’ll be ready.”

With that being said, she disappeared yet again into the night and I was alone. Alone in the Forgotten Forest, debating with myself one last time.

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Chapter 4

Time past by quick as I discussed this matter with Mom the next morning. For the first half of the day, we sat on the couch talking, with her sitting directly across me , as I sat on the coffee table. My hands clasped together as they rested on my thighs, Mom holding a cup of water listened. Little murmurs and mumbles resonated throughout the house as the discussion continued. The morning sun rose higher in the sky as noon approached. Clouds still covered the gray, sleek heavens as a balmy breeze blew in. The wind chimes sang near the window, the curtains wavered in the air like free spirits roaming about. Talking, discussing and more talking was all that happened. Once in a while Mom would nod, and once in a while Mom would reply, “I see.”

Mom finally spoke, “I understand now. Well since you need to do training before going to find Cerbero.... go ahead and do this.” She ended it with that, smiled, got up and walked to her bedroom.

I did not know what Mom was thinking or what her intentions were but all I knew was she understood. I wasn’t sure if she was shocked or annoyed by the situation, I had no idea what her other views were. I wanted to know if she was just fine with this or was there something else on her mind, but she said nothing at all. All I can do now was to meet up with Gardien de glace and start my training.

As the clock struck twelve, the grandfather clock sounded with a low pitch ding-dong type alarm. It was time to go to the Forgotten Forest once more. Before I left the house, I peaked into Mom’s room, looked at her sleeping soundlessly and whispered, “I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

Running through the usual path to get to the Forgotten forest, my mind only had one thing. Whatever new force is coming, I will stop it. It was the first time in my life I felt useful, confident and knew what I was doing. Back in the time, I was indecisive, lacked confidence and often lacked direction, lacked my own will. Now it had changed.
Snapping back into reality, I pushed the thoughts back and focused on what was happening now. I was almost there, at the Forgotten Lake. Before I walked out from behind the woods I murmured to myself, “What ever happens, happens. I will do my best no matter how bad the situation gets.” Slowly walking out from behind the tree, I strolled closer to the lake and watched the still water linger silently. Several minutes later, Gardien de glace finally appeared. This time she was right in front of me instead.

“You’re on time once more,” she noted as she looked at me.

“So what are we going to do now?” I asked curiously. She suddenly grabbed my wrist, lifted me up off the ground. I had no clue what was going on, or what was going to happen next but her grip was firm. Before I could panic or say a word, she flung me forward towards the lake and let go. I flew in the air for a short moment in time as I struggled. Splash. Water filled the air and landed on the near-by shore as I plunged into the lake. Sinking deeper into the lake, I thrashed about. Waving my arms and legs in the water, I managed to get to the surface. As I reached the surface, I quickly took in a some air. Shaking my head, rubbing my face and brushing my hair out of my view, I glared at Gardien de glace.

“What was that for?” I yelled angrily, still treading in the water. The water was really cold, probably only several degrees above freezing. My hair probably started to crystallize while the rest of the my body was embodied in the freezing cold water. I sneezed and shivered as I waited for her answer.

“This is part of your training, you must feel the cold before you try your first transformation like everyone else in the clan.” She swiftly moved forward and hovered over the edge of the lake.

She continued, “Now close your eyes. Think about how cold you are, and concentrate that cold feeling inside your heart. Focus the rest of your energy to the rest of your arms and legs.”

Slowly but surely, I closed my eyes just as she requested. I honestly had no idea what she meant with the whole concentration process but I tried to do it anyways. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours as I remained in the cold water with my eyes closed. I was starting to wonder if this was even working; nothing seemed to be happening. The forest was quiet, the wind blew ever so gently, ever so often making me even colder. I couldn’t hear anything but those soft sounds of the wind, brushing passed over the lake; little ripples formed. Soon I was starting to doubt anything was going to happen. Opening one eye I looked around carefully, nothing, just freezing cold.

She then interrupted, “Keep your eyes closed and focus!”

Wow, she sounded mean there. I thought to myself. I sighed, closed my eyes and continued. Before long, before I knew what exactly happened, the water around me started to freeze, crystallize. It turned from a clear, liquidity water to a white, shiny sheet of ice with nice snow flake engravings traced all over it. I was complete stuck now, in this icy layer, couldn’t move my upper body.

Soon I felt somewhat strange, a cold, energetic, energy rose in my body and swelled up near my heart as if it was about to explode. And it did. I was engulfed in a bright blue aura, lighting each and every corner of the forest. It was as if I was a light bulb. The light grew and expanded and eventually covered the entire area. The light quickly sped across the forest, the lake, crystallizing everything in its path, leaving trails of frosted snow. I could feel my muscles expanding, my legs and arms stretched astonishingly at long distances. The glow started to lessen, as the transformation was nearing its end. Out of nowhere, two frozen, crystallized wings flung out from above. It’s feathers distinctly defined, frozen; the actual limb holding the feathers, frozen. Blue as it could get, my legs turned into claws, frozen. Behind me, a long tail whipped out in a whiplash movement, long, blue with triangular ends, it trailed. Before the blue glow disappeared, my head rose ou; an elegant, blue, frozen phoenix head. The frosty, blue sapphire eyes illuminated with determination, and power. Snowflakes loitered about as the transformation finished, surrounding me.

“Ahh, the Frozen Phoenix is complete,” Guardien de glace, successfully stated.


In an island far away from the Frozen Phoenix clan, just off shore of the Cerberian territory, a teenage boy lived on his own, in a small lava cave. Tonight it was different though, he wasn’t sleeping in his cave, he was out hunting, hunting for food.

Steady, rhythmic, trots were heard as the pace of the Cerberus moved faster, leaping over logs, rocks, racing at the target. As the target got closer, the movement became swifter and quickened. Soon a loud thump was heard, as the Cerberus pounced at the target, grabbing hold of him by the neck. Gasping for air, the Cerberian flaming limb held the prey’s throat tight, then he gave in, took in one last gasp of air, closed his eyes. As the predator, the wining Cerberus, won he panted as he remained still. His two fiery tails fluttered in the air powerfully, his flaming, ruby eyes looked at his prey. Covering his body with a yellow, orange flame, it followed his every movement closely, as the fire swung about. Suddenly a sound was heard, the Cerberus’ ears twitched, listening closely.

Grabbing his reward, he leaped off the ground and darted for the forest in front of him, back into his home. His one head aimed forward, as he ran faster and faster while the fiery elements trailed behind him. Slowing down to a stop, he arrived at his home. De-transforming back to human form, the human Cerberian, started a fire for his meal. “Today we got a feast, Cerbero,” he said to himself.

Wow I haven't written this in ages but now I shall continue it ^^

Chapter 5

Snoring away into the night, this young man slept soundlessly in his little place called home. Although it was not some high class place similar to those in the city, it had enough room for a bed, desk, and shelve. At the far end was a bathroom and a little kitchen sat a few meters away. It was quite cozy for someone who lived all alone.

Night was the time of danger in this part of the world. Night was a place where men came out to hunt for food, kill for survival. Night was not a decent place for youngsters. For this Cerberian he preferred to sleep.

The moonlight shone through the window brightly which dimly lit room. A cool breeze greeted Cerbero every once in a while, as his slumber continued. Deep breathing sounded rhythmically throughout the calm night. Crickets flapped their wings as they sang, crick-crick. As the witching hour continued, a small civil war broke out in the area. Soon flashes of light lit up the sky as the flames engulfed the surrounding trees; men screamed for their lives and some fled for safety. Boom. Another loud explosion erupted. This time sending huge flames across the forest, obliterating everything in its path. Burned, crisp trees were left behind, as the animals were scorched from the fire’s fiery. Boom. Another one.

The explosions became louder and louder, and finally the sound reached the ears of the sleeping Cerberian. “Wah! What the?” he screamed and jolted into an upright position. He looked around frantically from side to side then out the window. “Flames? What’s going on?” he asked himself. Throwing the covers to the side he headed out the door. Arriving outside, the scent of smoke greeted his nose; his eyes were blurred by opaque, gray clouds. Listening carefully, rumbling sounds came from the east as weak screams followed. Quickly, he transformed into a Flaming Cerberus and rushed to the site as fast as he could. Passing many trees and bushes, or what’s left of it, he reached a small hill. As soon as he arrived, huge, black smoke clouds had risen into the sky, covering it completely. “A fire.” He looked down, and what he saw shocked him. A small village completely burned down, devoured by the fire. Nothing was left, everything destroyed; gone.

“Who could have done this?” murmuring angrily, as his eyes flared with fury. He yelled and howled. The echo was heard miles away as his cry of pain continued. Innocent ones were lost once more.


Far away in another land, this cry was heard; I felt the pain and suffering as the howl reached my ears. What’s going on? I thought, I swear I heard someone scream. I sighed, looked up at the ceiling and pondered. Silence.

“That was him. Cerbero,” a soft gentle voice spoke, as Guardien de glace appeared and sent a chill down my spine; I shivered and pulled the covers closer. She always had an interesting way of appearing and interrupting your thoughts; most of the time it was just creepy. There she was, floating inside my bedroom looking at me. “What are you looking at? Can you at least tell me you’re here next time instead of just appearing? ” I told her.

“It’s time,” she replied in a ghostly voice.

I looked at her with a clueless expression, “Time for what?” I asked.

She placed her hand on her head and sighed heavily. “To go look for him…”

I chuckled, “Oh right… So when do we exactly start? Like how do I find him?”

“We’ll set out tomorrow night and head south,” her voiced trailed off and no more was said as she slowly faded away, leaving a some bits of ice on the floor. The room was quiet once again.

“So tomorrow…” I whispered to myself.

I don’t know if I am ready for this adventure but if this is for the good I’ll do it. I just hope I make it home alive…

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