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6/25/2008 15:39:18   
Legendary Artist!

Heyas L&Lers is there a story/poetry book/magazine article that you believe everyone should read as well? Well here is the place to suggest it as long as you follow the format.

Remember that:
1)Anybody can suggest the same thing as many times as they want as long as the personal opinion is different.
2)I would suggest putting spoiler codes on anything extra about the story as in anything that shouldn't be revealed until someone else read its.
Here's an example:

Clyde dies in the end of the story.

3)Do not Flame/Spam/Harass or even call anybody out or pick on them for a story they picked.
4)Follow the =L&L= Rules of Engagement for Legends and Lore
5)Have fun with this.

  • Title: What's the name of the literature?
  • Author(s): Who wrote it?
  • Genre: Is it Action, Thriller, Fantasty, Sci-Fi, etc?
  • Short Summary: Explain the plot a little bit.
  • Personal Opinion: What personally did you like most about the story or poem? Did a certain character stick out the most?
  • Rating(Optional): out of


    [b]Short Summary:[/b]
    [b]Personal Opinion:[/b]

    I have modified the rating system to be something pictoral we can actually do. There is a reason star ratings actually use stars. For this thread only and only for ratings the smiley rule is relaxed to a maximum of 5. Now tagged and stickied ~Fal

    For now I'll just list it until I find an a better system. I might go by Genre if I find a list of all types of Genre. Hmmm. maybe Color Codes....


    CHERUB: The Recruit by - Robert Muchamore
    Half Magic, Seven-Day Magic, Magic By The Lake, Magic or Not several others by - Edward McMaken Eager(E. Nesbit)
    Good Omens by - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
    Eats, Shoots & Leaves by - Lynne Truss


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    6/25/2008 15:42:08   

    Title: CHERUB: The Recruit (And the rest of the series)
    Author(s): Robert Muchamore
    Genre: Fiction; Espionage; Youth
    Short Summary: A young troubled boy's mother dies, and he is thrown into a world of espionage, done by... kids?
    Personal Opinion: Amazing. A point, however; the boy get's older in the series, and well...


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    6/25/2008 18:58:28   
    Legendary Loremaster

    Title: Half Magic, Seven-Day Magic, Magic By The Lake, Magic or Not several others
    Author(s): Edward McMaken Eager
    Genre: Young Adult/Children's Fantasy
    Short Summary: Roughly these books are all pseudo-sequels written very much in the tradition of E. Nesbit.
    Personal Opinion:Eager manages to create a timeless quality in his stories despite their setting. He died many years before I was even born but his stories still hold true.


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    6/25/2008 19:03:20   
    Legendary Loremaster

    Title: Good Omens
    Author(s): Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
    Genre: Apocolyptic End Times Fantasy/Comedy
    Short Summary: The angel Aziraphale and the Demon Crowley ( an angel who did not so much fall as vaugely saunter downwards [sic] ) become embroiled in a plot to bring about the end of the world. Crowley is made to deliver the antichrist. Problem is Crowley and Aziraphale like earth and it's people an awful lot. So they hatch a scheme to switch the Antichrist at birth. Resulting in hillarious mayhem as the Antichrist turns out to be a really nice kid who is concerned for the environment and about war and not all that interested in armageddon either.
    Personal Opinion: This book is hillarious, it is slightly irreverent but it is respectful of faith. Some might find it insulting to Christianity. But those people clearly just don't get it. It is far from that.
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    6/25/2008 19:05:11   

    Title: Eats, Shoots & Leaves
    Author(s): Lynne Truss
    Genre: It's a handbook about English punctuation. XP
    Short Summary: It explains the use of the apostrophe, comma, dashes, and several other punctuation marks that go ignored by the masses.
    Personal Opinion: Funny. As. Heck. Also highly informative; I learned a few things from it.
    Rating(Optional): As funny as it is, it's still a book solely about punctuation. XP"

    I affirm this book it is hillarious as heck

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    6/25/2008 21:47:27   
    Eukara Vox
    Legendary AdventureGuide!

    Title:One Hundred Years of Solitude

    Author(s):Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Genre:Magical Realism

    Short Summary:THough this book does not have a typical plot that is found in most books, it makes up for it by concentrating on the one thing we are all taught about history: remember it or suffer the consequences. The story follows a family for 100 years in a fictional town of Moncado as they try to get from point A to point B, while never paying attention to history.

    Personal Opinion:This was the first Magical realism book I ever read and loved it. The story's twists and turns keep you smacking your forehead wondering why no one can ever learn what they need to get by. History could have saved everyone a hundred times over and you get to the point of realizing that you are just like them. The end makes you shake your head. I have already suggested this to someone in L&L and would suggest it without a doubt.

    Rating(Optional): 1/2

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    6/25/2008 22:58:15   

    Title: A Song Of Ice And Fire

    Author: George R. R. Martin

    Genre: Epic fantasy, dark fantasy

    Short Summary: Well... It's a bit hard to explain, but it consists of three main plots, connected into one story: 1. A struggle for power in the continent of Westeros- 2. A young girl's (and heiress to a fallen empire) quest to retake her old land, building up a power base- 3. The attempts of "The Wall" (a giant, well, wall in the North, and the organization that guards it) to safeguard against a race of monstrous and demonic creatures that live in the north.

    Personal Opinion: For a mature reader: The book contains large amounts of violence, gore, sex, drug use, etc. It was made when the author decided to take a more adult take on the genre of fantasy. It's good, yes, and much different from the usual fantasy- His prose is beautiful, and the characters he creates human and vivid. It's only drawback is the aforementioned large amount of gore and violence, as well as the fact that it suffers from having quite a lot of characters... There are so many, it's quite hard to keep track of who's who.

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    6/26/2008 0:46:01   

    Title: Stormblade

    Author(s): Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

    Genre: Fantasy

    Short Summary: A Kingsword is created deep in the mountain stronghold of the dwarves, a sword destined to unite the dwarven thanes under one king- if it can be found. Stolen before it can reach the thane it is meant for, Stormblade vanishes into the mists of legend. Years later, the apprentice to the master smith who created the sword sets out to find the sword, running into kender, elves, and humans on his quest and opening his eyes to a world he had shunned like the rest of his people for thousands of years.

    Personal Opinion: I'm reccomending this book for the sheer beauty of the prolouge. It details the creation of a master work, a process that so closely mirror the creation of a story I fell in love instantly. But I suppose there has to be more going for it then an amazing prolouge, eh? Alright then. Kender are an amazing race, rather like children in their curiosity and excitement for all things new. They have no concept of possession, and happen to be excellent theives, but because of the first the second has no meaning to them. They provide all the humor, and they are one of the main reasons I like the Dragonlance series. For anyone who likes this I suggest the rest of the series, starting with Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

    Rating (Optional): I refuse to rate books. Rawr.
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    6/26/2008 3:51:23   
    Argeus the Paladin

    Title: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    Author(s): Luo Guanzhong
    Genre: Historical
    Short Summary: In 181 AD, the Han emperor Ling died, and turmoil began to envelop middle-aged China, as warlords split the land among themselves and warred against one another for hegemony. The war then boiled down to the struggle between three sides, Wei, Shu and Wu. A fairly accurate, yet literary chronicles on one of the bloodiest wars in the history of China (and thus, the world) lasting a hundred-odd years
    Personal Opinion: One of my favorite history-literary work, and it helped forge me into who I am today.
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    6/27/2008 1:03:58   

    # Title: Wyrms
    # Author(s): Orson Scott Card
    # Genre: Science-Fiction, elements of Adventure
    # Short Summary: Humanity has developed on foreign worlds, and one such world is home to a powerful creature of legend, the Unwyrm. Patience, a teenage girl and trained assassin, has taken it upon herself to find - and kill - this dangerous Unwyrm. Along the way she must face the powerful will of the Unwyrm, traveling through dangerous territory and confronted with all forms of roadblocks. If she fails, all of mankind is in peril.
    # Personal Opinion: A race of creatures known as the "geblings" were extremely interesting and made the story special, especially the way they interacted with other members of their species. While some of the aspects of the storyline may seem similar to other Card masterpieces (the Ender Quartet), the end product is a distinct and intriguing tale. Every character has a life of his or her own, as Card's characters always do, and the diversity of personality in this story really makes it, in my opinion.
    # Rating(Optional):
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    6/27/2008 10:48:22   
    October 2008 Poet of the Month...Woot!

    Title: The Historian
    Author(s): Elizabeth Kostova
    Genre: Mystery/thriller
    Short Summary: A modern re-telling of the Dracula story, The Historian delves deeply into the nature of history and its relevance to today's world.
    Personal Opinion: This book is the most suspenseful book I have ever read. Kostova's unique way of narrating is brilliant.
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    6/27/2008 15:17:28   
    Nex del Vida

    Title: 1984
    Author(s): George Orwell
    Genre: Science Fiction
    Short Summary: In a classic dystopian society, Winston Smith must overcome the tyrannical and all-encompassing reign of the mysterious Big Brother.
    Personal Opinion: Holy amazingness amazing. This book is ridiculously depressing, thus making for an incredible read. Even better if you've read Animal Farm before, even better than that if you know a bit about Soviet Russia.

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    6/27/2008 15:30:55   

    Title:Ender's Game

    Author(s):Orson Scott

    Genre:Science Fiction

    Short Summary:Ender, a 6-year old boy has been sent to military training. He quickly gains enemies and friends while preparing to fight the buggers, an alien species which is invading Earth. (I'm pretty sure that's how it is)

    Personal Opinion:A great story which includes the morals and development of a child.


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    7/26/2008 17:19:13   
    Cow Face
    One Heck of a Guy

    Title: Temeraire: In The Service Of The King (it's a compilation of three books)

    Author(s): Naomi Novik

    Genre: Fantasy/Alternate History

    Short Summary: The story of Temeraire- a dragon- his captain William Laurence, and the Napoleonic war between England and France.

    Personal Opinion: Wonderfully written, entertaining, and at times, quite humorous. The author is very imaginative, coming up with a new version of old history. The Dragons' roles as both war beasts and personal companions is reminiscent of the Pern novels.


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    8/13/2008 20:41:23   
    Flash Runner-Up 10

    Title: Marley and Me
    Author(s): John Grogan
    Genre: Non-Fiction
    Short Summary: A Florida couple adopt, what they consider to be, the world's worst behaved dog. From puppy hood to adulthood, Marley provides a plethora of laughs for the reader.
    Personal Opinion: I loved this book. By far the best I have ever read. I laughed, I cried, I closed my eyes in embarrassment for the Grogan family. I recommend this book for any dog lover or anyone who wants a good read.


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    9/2/2008 17:20:45   

    # Title: Night Watch
    # Author: Terry Pratchett
    # Genre: Comedic Fantasty
    # Short Summary: On the day of his son's birth, while chasing Carcer, a crazed serial killer, Commander Samuel Vimes of the Night Watch (and, incidentally, Duke of Ankh-Morpork) is caught in a time rift and transported 30 years into his own past along with said serial killer. He finds himself in a darker, filthier Ankh-Morpork on the brink of a bloody revolution, under the rule of insane Lord Winder. A group of upstart nobles is forming , lead by Lord Snapcase, and aiming to depose the crazed Patrician. The Night Watch is just an underdog in this mess, and what passes for the Law is delivered by the insidious Cable Street Particulars, under the maniacal Captain Swing, who through brutal torture, merciless interrogation and geometry brands honest citizens as criminals. To make matters worse, Carcer's been made a seargeant in the Particulars, and Sam's younger self is a Lance-Constable in the Night Watch who is being taught to be a very bad policeman indeed. Now, posing as Sergeant-at-Arms John Keel, with only the memory of a future that may never be to keep him going, Sam Vimes has to fight against history itself and avert the outcome of the Glorious Revolution...but the hitch is, if he wins, he's got no future. And he's seen the headstones in Small Gods Cemetery. His name's on one of them....
    # Personal Opinion: Samuel Vimes is at his glorious best here, as a character. His constant battle against the barbarous instinct that Pratchett identifies as "the beast", his reflections on human nature, his furious incorruptibilty and his struggle against the force of history make him shine out from his grimy surroundings. (Fans of the Night Watch mini-series and of the Discworld series in general will probably be pleased to recognise old characters, such as a newly married Fred Colon, a child street urchin Nobby Nobbs, a newly debuted C.M.O.T. Dibbler (still the same old pies =))a teenage Vetinari, and a still breathing Reg Shoe :D) Night Watch is less a satire novel than the older Discworld books; it's darker, deeper, more outraged at what people are prepared to do to other people just because they can, but also prouder of what people are willing to do for each other. One of Pratchett's absolute best.
    # Rating(Optional): 5/5

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    9/2/2008 17:59:03   

    Title: The Face on the Milk Carton
    Author(s): Caroline B. Cooney
    Genre: Mystery
    Short Summary: Janie sees her face on the milk carton at lunch for being kidnapped at age three. She remembers nothing of this event and the answers slowly reveal until the end of the book when all is on the right path.
    Personal Opinion: I loved this book and have purchased the others of the series. I ws hooked amd it kept me reading untill the end, thirsty for answers.

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    9/2/2008 18:35:31   

    Title: What happened to Lani Garver
    Author(s): Carol Plum-Ucci
    Genre: Mystery/Adventure
    Short Summary: When Lani Garver arrives at the Hackett island's small highschool, questions are raised. Who is he? Where did he come from? How old is he? And the most disturbing of them all: Is Lani a girl or boy? Popular Claire McKenzie isn't up to tormenting Lani with the rest of the highschool elite. She befriends the intriguing outcast, and her world is turned upside down.
    Personal Opinion: Lani is an amazing character with embarrassing secrets and a brilliant mind. Claire stands out from the rest of the crowd, and she's a strange yet unique person. Carol Plum-Ucci has really put souls into these characters and the rest of them, bringing them to life in this colourful, interesting tale. The ending was wonderful, but I won't spoil anyone (well, you might read the book and say, "Wth how can she like this ending?!" To be exact, it's what Claire says that's nice)

    I'll put another one, since this is also a good read...but I read it quite a while ago so don't kill me if I mess up the details...

    Title: The Five People you meet in Heaven
    Author(s): Mitch Albom
    Genre: Drama/Mystery
    Short Summary: Eight-three year old war veteran Eddie dies in a tragic accident, trying to save a girl from a falling cart at an amusement park. When he reaches heaven, he finds out that it's not a lush garden where one can relax for the rest of their days, but a place where your earthly life is explained to you by five people who were in it. These people may have been close or distant, yet each of them has changed your life's path forever.
    Personal Opinion: The author completely changed my view of the afterlife after reading this, and the meaning is very touching.

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    9/4/2008 14:28:02   
    April 2008 Writer of the Month

    I'm going to be stunningly original here, as ever;
    This is a comic.

    Author(s):Alan Moore
    Illustrations:Dave Gibbons

    Genre: Though one. It's a graphic novel, for one. I'd say put in it the novella list, rather than making a graphic novel-list. Then, I'd say it's probably a social satire, as well as one of superhero comics, while also being a superhero comic itself, in ways.

    Short Summary: There's a lot to say, but I'll be as brief as possible, leaving out loads and loads: This is a story about real batman-like superheroes. They dress up funny, and fight crime with little more than just their human strength. They are mocked, feared by those they ought to protect, etc. etc. It's what I would imagine would happen to a real-world superhero. And then there's tons more, but I'm afraid to turn this into an essay, so just read it and you'll see.

    Personal Opinion:Very original. Very dramatic use of scenery. Interesting plot, and greatly unlike your average comic. Grim, but in a way that doesn't depress, but rather arouses interest. Great sense of humor, too.

    Yes. Five. On a freaking comic!

    Let me leave you with the information that there will be a movie out next year ('09), and it'll be "the next big thing", and with a quote from the comic:

    " This city is afraid of me. I have seen it's true face. The streets are extended gutters, and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the *CENSORED* and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"...

    And I will look down, and whisper: "No." "

    -Rorschach's Journal
    AQ  Post #: 19
    9/4/2008 14:53:45   

    Just an addition to that last post, Watchmen is the only graphic novel to have ever won a Hugo Award (listed under 1988), and was also the only graphic novel to be selected by Time as one of the best 100 novels of all time.
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    9/4/2008 19:04:04   

    This is rather...unconventional, but hey - it inspired me, maybe it'll inspire you. e___e

    Title: Deja Entendu.
    Author(s): Brand New, or more specifically, Jesse Lacey.
    Genre: Lyrics?

    Short Summary:

    Aside from Brand New's merit as an accomplished rock act, the lyrics to their songs - penned by lead guitarist and vocalist Jesse Lacey - could easily stand as works of art outside of the actual music they accompany. Brand New's second studio album, Deja Entendu (as in Deja Vu - however, "Vu" means something like "seen," while "Entendu" means something like "spoken), particularly stands out in regards to Lacey's skill in lyricism. Allow me to provide a short example of his work.

    From I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light:


    The time has come for colds
    And overcoats.
    We're quiet on the ride, we're all just waiting to get home.
    Another week away,
    My greatest fear.
    I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ears.

    If looks could really kill,
    Then my profession would be staring.
    Please know we do this cause we care, not for the thrill.

    Collect calls to home.
    To tell them that I realize,
    That everyone who lives will someday die and die alone.

    And we won't let you in.
    Though we're down and out.
    We won't let you in.

    I wrote more postcards than hooks.
    I read more maps than books.
    Feel like every chance to leave is another chance I should've took.
    Every minute is a mile.
    I've never felt so hollow.
    I'm an old abandoned church with broken pews and empty aisles.
    My secrets for a buck.
    Watch me as I cut myself wide open on this stage; yes, I am paid to spill my guts.
    I won't see home till spring.
    Oh, I would kill for the Atlantic,
    But I am paid to make girls panic while I sing.

    Personal Opinion:

    Not only do I strongly identify with the themes presented by Lacey's lyrics, but I am also quite moved emotionally. Something about his phrasing, word choice, and imagery completely grabs - and holds - your attention. For a man who never attended college, Lacey's mastery of the English language - at only 30 years old - is quite evident.


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    9/6/2008 21:58:18   
    A Twisted Thought

    Title: Green Angel

    Author(s): Alice Hoffman

    Genre: Young Adult/Juvenile

    Short Summary: A story about a young girl named Green who has everything she had ever known and loved torn away from her before in a fire before she could appreciate it. The ashes rising from the flames completely blind her, as well as set her hair on fire. Green, deeply hurt, both physically and mentally, changing her appearance and her name to Ash, deciding to forget her past to conceal the pain she is feeling. To further comfort herself, she tattoos most of her body in thorns of ink as the story goes on. However, through many interactions with a number of animals seeking shelter in her home, each affected by the blaze in some way, and a mute boy she calls Diamond and a kind neighbor, she once again takes on the identity of Green, on her 16th birthday, finally strong enough to tell her tale.

    Personal Opinion: I think this story is simply amazing. It may be short, but it says so much. I identify with Green in many ways. I, too, was shy, and didn't really interact with anyone, nor fell very affectionate towards my family. After reading the book, I truly understood the meaning of "taking things for granted." Things you have today could be gone the next, and you have to take life by the horns.

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    9/6/2008 22:22:37   

    Title: The Long Walk

    Author(s): Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman

    Genre: Drama

    Short Summary: Every year, on the first day or may, one hundred boys between 16 and 18 line up at the America/Canada border for an event known as the Long Walk. It's a competition that takes place in the not so far away future. The goal is to walk everybody else into the ground... Litterally. There are several rules. If you fall below four miles an hour, you get a warning. You get three warnings before you "buy your ticket". You can get a warning for several things. Dropping below speed. Stopping, and assaulting are a few. However, if you walk for an hour without another warning, you get to drop one of your warnings. After your third warning, you buy your ticket, your ticket to the after life.
    The event is run my soiciopathic leader known only as the Major. Very little is revealed about him thoughout the book. There are three starring charecters. Ray Garraty, the star. A walker from Maine. Peter McVries, who joins the walk as a form of suicide. And Stebbins, who doesn't play a real role until later in the book. Several back=up charecter help define the story, including a jerk named Barkovitch, a man named Hank Olsen, who starts out strong but hit a wall quickly, and several others. Without them, the story wouldn't be the same.
    I know my plot summary sucked. Go to Wiki and Type the Long Walk. I've already checked and they've got it right. The Long Walk as told by Wiki

    Personal opinion: A VERY dark book. An unescapable message. A picture frame into a future amercia. Very good. If you don't have a strong stomach stomach or d get depressed easily, aviod this book.

    Rating: out of

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    9/7/2008 11:45:47   
    Albino Slug

    Title: The Fountainhead
    Author: Ayn Rand
    Genre: Philosophical/political fiction
    Summary: The story of a young architect who builds not for money but for his love of architecture. He is constantly battled but is not defeated. (Thats the best I can give. Its long and really incredible).
    Personal Opinion: Incredible. I can honestly say it has changed my life and how I think.
    Rating: 10/10
    Post #: 24
    9/7/2008 14:26:36   
    Katy Kat

    Title: Atonement
    Author(s): Ian McEwan
    Genre: Fiction, Historical.
    Short Summary: Because I am lazy...I will start by quoting wiki: "Atonement is a complex novel told from several points of view and divided into four parts." (If you want more details go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atonement_(novel) ). The main character, 13 year old Briony Tallis, is a writer-to-be. One day in the summer of 1935 (England) she comes across a certain scene and mistakes its meaning. One thing leads to another, she tells a truth that she is uncertain of, and a friend of the family named Robbie is accused of a crime. The book follows how this one act haunts Briony and changes her life while she tries to find ways to atone for it. Time passes, Briony becomes a nurse while the war is raging. Robbie, now free, has been sent overseas to fight in France during the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940. By this time Cecilia (Briony's sister and main antagonist/exhiler after the event) and Robbie's relationship has come into the open and matured. The plot touches on many things, including family tensions and life outlooks. I am trying to not spoil too much so this is very vague, but give you some sort of idea of what it is about.
    Personal Opinion: This was perhaps one of the better works I have read in a good long while. McEwan's writing style drew me in and dazzled me. I also happen to be into studying history, and WWII is one of my pet subjects, so I was thrilled to see that included as well. The book has a imagery that engages several of the senses at once (which is -good-) and often the narration and flow of the plot gives off a tone of introspection and deeper layers hidden behind the words. The perspective changes are well structured and I like how the book leaves the reader in doubt of just what the truth really was by the ambiguous end (I will not say more, for fear of spoilers.).
    Rating(Optional): I normally do not like to rate book, but for this one: (out of 5).

    (Note: I read a lot in various genre, so I know a lot of books I could recommend...But I will try and pace myself least I flood this thread. ^_^; )
    Title: Galatea 2.2
    Author(s): Richard Powers
    Genre: Fiction, Sci-Fi/AI, Autobiographical Novel, etc. (It is a hard book to pigeonhole.)
    Short Summary: The book follows the main character Richard Powers as he finds his way in life. A large part of the book focuses on his past relationship with a woman the book calls "C" while also taking the reader through the experiences of his present as he works as a writer and teacher at his old alma mater "U." (University of Illinois). During his stay at U. Powers gets roped into helping a cynical neuroscientist named Lentz in creating an artificial intelligence neronet that can learn and pass the literature exam on the graduate school level. The AI in its final form is eventually named Helen. There much much more to this story, but I will not spoil it. One last thing to note is that Powers make good use of the Pygmalion myth in this book. If you want more details go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galatea_2.2 .
    Personal Opinion: I liked this book enough that I actually did a research/literary criticism paper on it. It is just...Wow. It is very rich with subjects and thoughts, from AI stuff (Especially from the Connectionist school of thought), to questions on education and cognition (and memory), to reflections on the study of literature and what true intelligence is. Also a large part of the book seems to explore the idea of what normalcy is and what are "disablities" and if they are truly always bad. I guess I was also biased slightly in my liking of this because I could relate to the life of the main character (drawn from the life of Richard Powers himself) in several areas. For example, I also have an interest in the sciences but switched during college to the domain of writing and literature. And, like Powers, I also dabbled in programming and technology for awhile (So I could understand his search for an area to study and what it would be like to pass through very different areas and experience plus compare their perspectives on life.). I recommend this book not only for its topics and contents, however, but also for the writing. The book uses an original style of writing that none the less works and is worth reading at least once (It is also one of the few books I have read where the writer successfully uses flashbacks yet keeps a coherent plot.).
    Rating(Optional): This is another of those books that deserves a rating: (out of 5)

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