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Royalty of New Haven

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7/2/2008 7:01:36   


Let me take you to a place
I hold very dear.
A place where happiness and joy
mix with deceit and fear.

Let me take you to that place.
That place, oh, so far from here.

This place is called New Haven,
ruled by a firm but good king.
The kind of place of which the bard would sing.

The inhabitants of New Haven are happy with their lives,
all the woman have happy children,
all the men have happy wives.
All the people are very well fed,
and every lonely child has a cute little pet.

Everything seems golden
at first, second, and third glance.
But a glance is not a look,
as you will soon find out.
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7/2/2008 7:02:08   

Children god’s king’s

The good king of New Haven I talked about before,
is not alone in his daunting chore.
He has two sons standing proudly at his side,
both happy to assist,
both happy to abide.

His first and oldest child.
The one that will inherit the throne,
the one that should be strongest,
the one that should be smartest,
the one that should be the better of both.

His name is Carlos.
And he’s none of the above.

I speak for the entire population of the city of New Haven
if I say this Carlos is a lazy, arrogant, brat.
Who spends his days in bed.
Who will only drink wine, and only if it’s red.
Who doesn’t know the difference between what he thought and what he said.
Who, worst of all,
is unbelievably fat.

Then there is Raphael,
in ever way the better of the two.
He’s loyal and he’s active.
And he always knows what, and what not, to do.

Sadly he’s the youngest
so the throne is not his to claim.
He respects that, but he also knows
about the power he could gain.
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7/2/2008 7:02:25   

Private conversations

Some conversations are private,
not meant to be listened in.
This is one of them.
You can tell.
Just listen.

We are inside the castle,
within the room Raphael resides.
That other man is his friend and advisor.
His name is Henry, and here is his advice.

“My lord you look troubled,
would you need my help?”

The prince looks up from his pounding,
the irritated look on his face disappears,
and a smile takes its place.

“Yes I would Henry,
I would so very much.
See, my brother is a screw up,
he’s lazy and he’s dumb.
And my father’s getting old,
but he won’t resign, the poor old chum.

I do not need a seer.
To know this can’t go well.
Soon either my father or my brother,
will damn us all to hell.”

The younger prince sighs,
his face saddened this time.
A quick pause gives him some breathing space,
but as he continues,
he keeps his saddened face.

“I feel as if I should do something,
to save those poor people on the streets below.
But what I can do?
I do not know.”

Henry smiles a hidden smile.
A sinister one at that.

“You are right my lord,
your father is old but no longer wise.
And your brother is lazy,
lazy and fat.

There is but one way you could save these poor old souls,”
Henry continues looking at the city below.
“You’ll have to make them both disappear.
As they can’t screw things up when they aren’t here!”

Raphael looked at Henry,
in his eyes disgust was mixed with fear.

“What do you mean, ‘make them disappear?’
They might not be the best rulers around here,
their names might not inspire fear,
but they are my family.
And I still hold them very dear!”

A response came quick this time…
Too quick if you catch my drift.

“No! I didn’t mean to kill them!
Only to ‘hide’ them before things start to drift.”

This discussion goes on for a while,
Henry’s words wrapping the prince in a cocoon of lies.
But for now we've heard enough.
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7/2/2008 7:02:44   

Party all night long

We are a few days further,
in an inn this time.
Looking at prince Carlos.
Whom is doing fine.

He’s dancing on the table.
A truly hilarious sight.
Enough wine and beer to last a year or two,
which might be exactly what he’s planning to.

People are laughing,
with, or at, their future king.
But all of them know,
this too
is where the bards of sing.

Though those songs have other titles,
titles like:
The Fall of Eden
The Death of an Age.
Or, as they deem even better,
The Party that Ensued God’s Everlasting Rage.

This particular bard though,
was already playing something else.
Something better suited for the occasion.
Something ‘truly amazing’
as our prince so loudly yells.

Hours pass before Carlos finally sits down,
panting and drunk
but most certainly without a frown.

Carlos now turns towards his friend.
And with a whisper that approaches a yell
he screams to him:
“That was fun enough to let me sleep well.
But a woman would let me sleep even better.
Have you found one, my dear Ishmael?

See, Ishmael is the guy that takes care of all the prince’s flirting.
He can get every girl he wants.
if not with charm it is with money
if not with money he’ll use force
and truly,
he does it without remorse.

Though today he didn’t need money,
nor force for that matter.
This girl, this handsome girl, came up to him for a change.
And that he found all the much better.

He smiles and whispers back:
“Yes my prince I found a woman for you to sleep with tonight,
she truly is an amazing sight.
Her smile is wide
and her teeth shine white
and her eyes give away all that she might…”

Here was a pause in Ishmael’s voice,
as he realised he had forgotten the girl’s name.
A realisation that,
filled him with shame.

“…Or might not do.”
He finished his sentence.
Less enthusiastic than before.

He hoped the prince would not notice
that he knew no more.

Luckily for Ishmael, Carlos was Carlos,
that would never change.
And Carlos was long happy,
to know this was arranged.

“But where is this girl
of which you so happily speak?
Before we sleep together,
I’d wish to take a peek.
Hey, that rhymed!”

The prince looked at Ishmael,
laughter in his eyes.
If only Carlos knew,
if only…

Then he might not have replied:
“Another good question my prince
a question that shares its answer with many other things…
Look behind you
to see your future.”
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7/2/2008 7:02:58   

Hey there king to be. Why don’t you come home with me?

There she stood,
the girl of my dreams.
More stunning then I had ever seen.
She had flaming red hair
and a creamy smooth skin.
With perfect curves,
from her heels to her chin.
This was one attractive thing.

She was just a little smaller then me,
five inches to be precise.
Her bright green eyes stared at my face
and I felt as if I was floating through space.

Curious I asked her for her name,
but when she spoke her voice distracted me so much
it was impossible to listen.

She sounded hot yet cool at the same time,
as a breeze on a hot summer’s day.

All I could really do
was smile.
And pray to god I wouldn’t drool.

The next time she talked though,
I managed to figure out what was being said.
A sentence I remember to this very day.

“As I said, I’m called Jasmina,
and I was wondering if it would not be too obscene
to invite you to my home.”
AQ  Post #: 5
7/2/2008 7:09:40   

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to a plan, is that it works out.

And so it happened that Carlos went to Jasmina’s home.

Jasmina, the woman he,
two hours ago,
hadn’t even known.

They walked,
-or waggled,
whatever you prefer-,
down the street.
Both drunk and both happy.

At least, that’s how things appear.

“So you are telling me you can hold your breath for five whole minutes…
In a row?”

Carlos yells so loud even we can hear it clear.
After which he takes another gulp of beer.

The journey took them an hour,
for a two minute walk.
Now I’m not complaining.
But that is pretty slow.

As Jasmina fiddles with her lock,
trying to get it open.
She takes a look at Carlos,
happy, drunk, fat, Carlos.
And her eyes fill with guilt.

Finally the door swings open,
and Jasmina quickly walks inside.
Followed by a much slower Carlos.
Who starts to suspect something’s not right.

Just before he steps into the darkness,
he hesitates a little bit.
Here is where he could start thinking,
but instead he takes another sip.

Ten seconds and two meters further
he suddenly gets hit in the back of his head.

The last thing Carlos saw
was Jasmina counting her money.
Her eyes filled with sorrow
and the whole of her face red.
AQ  Post #: 6
7/2/2008 7:13:36   

Trapped as a firefly in a Jar

“I do not know what scares me more,
the darkness that surrounds me,
the fear that engulfs me,
or that little speck of light flickering through the cracks of my prison’s door.”

We hear the rattling of chains,
as the source of the voice,
the voice that broke the silence,
appears to move around a bit.

“But I know what annoys me most
about this terrible place.
It’s the fact I have to speak out loud,
so I can have the least bit of company.
But speaking to myself,
I don’t do that!
That’s not likeme.”

See, we are in the dungeons,
hidden deep within New Haven’s underground.
A creepy place to be,
as it’s dark
as it’s cold
as there really is no sound.

Once per day a guard walks in,
with a plate of soup.
And once a week that guard is nice enough,
to let it actually cook.

“I have been here,
for far, far too long.
Just wait ‘till they find me,
they’ll come to set me free
a hundred men strong!”

As you might have noticed.
We are not alone.
That guy that does the talking,
he’s the one that’s being kept.
You might recognise his face from when you get your loan,
since he’s printed on the money,
as the inheritant of the throne.
AQ  Post #: 7
7/2/2008 7:16:09   

A masterful plan

Days have passed in solitude,
for the oldest prince.
Chained to a wall,
all alone,
except for the cockroaches
and other such things.

Carlos had nearly given in,
to the beatings
to the silence.
But when the sound of opening locks filled the room,
his heart jumped another beat.

He looked at the door,
shielding his eyes against the bright lights
that shone through as it swung open.

“Carlos my boy!
Are you having fun?
I sure hope you do,
‘cause things have just begun.”

Even though the source of this voice was merely a silhouette
against the blinding lights.
This man’s voice, was easily recognised.

Carlos began talking
Spitting poison with every word.
“You! Henry! What the hell is going on?
Why are you imprisoning me?
What is it worth?”

Henry starts laughing
uncontrollably load,
But after some minutes he responds:
“Now come on Carlos,
there’s no reason to shout.

Yes you are captured,
like a bird in a cage.
But it’s all for a reason.
One I’d like to tell you all about.”

Henry walks into the cell a bit further,
and leans against the wall.

“See, Carlos, I’m here to help your brother.
I’m here to help him fall.”
AQ  Post #: 8
7/2/2008 7:28:34   

Royal doubts

Raphael quickly slips himself
another purple grape.
But before he puts the jar away,
he sighs a grief-filled sigh.

It’s somewhere between the morning of the thirty-second
and the evening of the thirty-first day
in which his brother isn’t around.
And with every one of those days
his feelings of doubt grow further out of bounds.

He sits up from his bed,
only to lie down again.
“Henry has always been by best friend,
but has he gone too far this time?”

Raphael mumbled as he voiced what he had been thinking all along.

This time he got up from his bed,
a stern look on his face.
“This has gone on for far too long,
it’s time to put Henry back in his place.”

He opens his closet
and puts on some clothes.
He might not have a plan to back him up,
but he’s sure he’ll manage to anticipate on how it goes.

“This will become a confrontation
between personalities.
And I’m pretty sure mine’s better
then Henry’s.”

And so it came the youngest prince
finally turned around.
But just as he wants to leave
Henry walks in,
and he is looking astound.
AQ  Post #: 9
7/2/2008 7:47:42   

A royal FreExpression

“My prince what are you doing out of bed?
And so much earlier then you ever were before?
You didn’t have the dreams again, I hope.
As the doctor said they were once but nevermore.”

Henry stumbles
as he tries to hide something behind his back.
A small, shiny, dagger-like object.

“No it’s not the dreams that woke me up,
instead it seems to be more of a case of very good luck.
What’s that thing behind your back?
And where is my brother?
I want to see him, as I love him,
a knowledge I,
not too long ago,
simply lacked.”

As Henry listens to the prince,
the look on his face seems to change.
In the little time it took Raphael to say that
he must have had the entire range.

From surprised to angry,
from angry to sad,
to finally end with an emotion
I can only describe as ‘glad’.

“Well, you caught me Raphael
you finally see me through.
‘twas about time,
as I was getting bored of all the pathetic things you want me to do.

I’m not really your friend,
actually, I’m a spy.
I work for the kingdom of Stromy
under the leadership of queen Rico the third.
And my orders are simple,
kill the king
or die.”

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AQ  Post #: 10
7/2/2008 8:25:20   

Some say dead people go to heaven
But I’d rather stay alive and go to hell.

Raphael looked at Henry,
with fear and doubt within his eyes.
In a calm and dark voice he asks
“and you came to kill me, am I right?”

Instead of an answer,
a flash moves through the air.
Quickly followed by a thud
the thud of a fallen man.

Henry looks to the ground,
as the pool of blood gradually grows.
“I’ll need to get rid of the body,
or at least control where that stuff flows.”

And so Henry goes to work
on this gruesomenest of jobs.
Dragging the body into the closet,
cleaning the blood off the floor,
and finally putting a sign that reads:
‘do not disturb.’
On the prince’s door.

Once this all is done,
the servant spy walks to his room
and opens up his closet door.
Where a pigeon is hidden
next to the broom.

He grabs a pen,
and a piece of paper,
and quickly scribbles away.
Then he releases the pigeon.

“A new age will start today.”
AQ  Post #: 11
7/2/2008 8:52:00   

A battle short but fierce ensures no time is loshed.

His message sent
Henry walks to his final destination.
This will be where all his work will bare its fruits.

He walks down a corridor,
and descends two stairs.
Before turning left
to find another locked door
one last time more.

But just as before,
he won’t let that stop him.
He knocks on the wood
and awaits a reaction.
In his hand a blade’s reflection.

“Who wishes to enter?”
A guard yells through the wood.

“It’s me, Henry,
I came to bring you guys some food.”

A short silence,
broken by the whisper of discussion
reveals the satisfying answer.

The door swings open,
deadly silent
to reveal two young,

Put there more for decoration,
than for their knowledge of the fighting arts.

Two quick stabs with Henry’s sword
are enough to ensure
neither guard will say a word
about what happened here.

“Too bad, they were good kids,”
says the devil man.
“But good won’t get you anywhere.”

Henry walks further,
closing the door behind his back.
Resting assured with the knowledge
the king’s peace gets plenty of respect.

As Henry walks further
into the private quarters of his former king.
He feels as if he can hear his dead brother,
as if he could almost hear him sing.

As he turned around the corner,
Henry saw his former leader.
Sitting on his bed,
a sword within his hand
and a helmet on his head.

“So it is you who is behind this trouble,
behind the disappearances, behind the deaths.
It’s you… Henry.”

Henry only nodded,
in a silent reply.

“So I guess this means,
I’ll be next to die.”

Another nod.
Another sigh.

“I have but one thing to ask you Henry…

Henry looked at the king,
fury in his eye.

“Because of my brother my dear king,
because of all the soldiers you send to their deaths over a goddamned lie!”

As Henry stabbed the king.
A tear rolled from his eye.
AQ  Post #: 12
7/2/2008 8:52:51   

The note

Queen Rico had been waiting,
many, many days.
She had plotted New Haven’s destruction,
in even more, terrible ways.

Years ago she sent a man
to spy within the royal court.
A bitter man
who, since the loss of his brother,
would not say a single word.

It had taken her some time,
but she managed to make this man believe
the death of his brother
was all the fault of New Haven’s loyal king.
Since that day Henry had been spying,
telling her every single thing.

But today’s news would be bigger,
then anything before.
Today Rico finally got to hear,
if she could start the war.

She had just finished her midday wine
when the messenger arrived.
Carrying the pigeon
with the message that could change
so many people’s lives.

Carefully she unrolled the yellow piece of paper,
but she dropped it and yelled in loud disgust
when she finally read it.

On this paper only two words were to be read:
Screw you.
AQ  Post #: 13
7/2/2008 8:53:17   

One year later

One year had passed,
since these last events.
And a whole lot has happened
in all departments.

It all started with the crowning,
of king Henry the great.
An event that took place
exactly one year before this date.

It’s an interesting story too,
how Henry came to power.
Supposedly the king and his sons
had gotten tired of their jobs.
They left with the morning sun
never to be seen again.

Knowing New Haven would befall to chaos,
Henry ‘proudly’ stepped in.
Claiming the throne for him self
and thus effectively saving everything.

As the kingdom of Stromy,
also heard of this event.
So they attacked New Haven,
in their pursuit of even more land.

That war is still raging,
outside the castle walls.
And for their own safety
Henry restricted civilian’s rights,
By uttering some new laws.

They include:
No stealing, or face the penalty of death.
No lying to authorities, or face the penalty of death.
No going outside after sunset, or face the penalty of death.
No crowds of more then two at anytime on the street, or face the penalty of death.
No weapons of any kind, or face the penalty of death.
And those are only the most important,
you should see the ones that are left.

Assuring these rules are followed,
is the New Haven police.
Armed with the latest of weapons,
they’ve been instructed to kill,
not to release.

At this point we’ll be joining a friend of ours.
You might remember her from before.
With flaming red hair,
creamy smooth skin ,
and perfect curves,
from her heels to her chin,
it’s Jasmina.
And she isn’t very happy.

She is standing on a cliff,
just outside the kingdom’s walls.
Staring at the setting sun,
looking down the waterfalls.

She had been crying,
just about all year long,
as she felt responsible
As she…
Well, hear for yourself.

“Carlos I am so sorry,
for all the things I’ve done,
if I hadn’t betrayed you,
you would be king by now,
as you were the oldest one.

I still cannot believe,
how they devoured all those lies.
One would think a sensible man,
would at least think twice.

But now it is too late,
I have nothing left to do.
Nothing left to give,
I don’t deserve this at all,
I don’t deserve to live.”

Just as she prepares to jump,
upon the rocks below.
A voice calls out from the woods,
“Jasmina! Please! No!”

Jasmina turns around,
to look who’s that within her way.
To her own shock its prince Raphael,
that’s staring in her face.
AQ  Post #: 14
7/2/2008 8:54:19   

A ghostly figure

“Prince Raphael!
I thought you were captured by Henry,
just like your brother.”

Jasmina calls out to the younger prince.

She looks at Raphael,
as Raphael looks at her.
His eyes dull and without life,
eyes that reminded Jasmina of the day
her great-grandmother died.

“Oh, but I am captured,
you just can’t see the cage.”
Raphael smiled as Jasmina noted,
his skin was also awfully beige.

“I came to stop you from killing yourself.”
The prince answered Jasmina’s unasked question.
“See you are the only one,
that can change what is about to happen.”

But I am just a woman,
a lousy one at that.
I’m not a fearsome warrior,
nor can I raise the dead.”

Jasmina replies
with defeat in her voice.
And doubt in her eyes.

“Honey, you have no idea,
how wrong it is what you just said.”
Raphael laughs.

“I’m just saying,
why ask me?
When you could have chosen anyone
from rich to poor,
from master to pet.

I’m the one that killed your brother,
so wouldn’t you say I’ve done enough?”

Jasmina cries out in anger.
As her face slowly turns red,
all Raphael can do is laugh though.
This is what he said:

“Jasmina, honey, my brother isn’t dead.”
AQ  Post #: 15
7/2/2008 8:54:47   


In the next hour or so,
Raphael explained how his brother didn’t die.
Because Henry stated
he needed him alive.

From that day on Carlos had been Henry’s private slave,
Henry had hired a bear trainer
to teach Carlos some tricks.
And had spend many a day,
watching Carlos retrieve heavy wooden sticks.
Wearing a leash, while walking as a dog.

And those are just the nicer things
Henry did so far.

But Raphael also said,
the only way Jasmina can save New Haven
from Henry’s sick mind.
Is by freeing Carlos from this torture,
before Henry decides fetching sticks is even more fun
when your dog is crippled or blind.

fuelled by guilt,
Jasmina finally agrees.

This will be her life’s only goal
until her prince is freed.

“I’m glad you said yes Jasmina,
but now I have to go.

… Goodbye.”

Saying this Raphael turns around,
walking back into the woods.

“Wait! Before you go,
tell me,
will I see you again sometime soon?”

Jasmina yells at Raphael’s back,
the answer she found, though,
was not exactly what she thought to find.

“I hope not my dear Jasmina,
actually, if I never saw you again,
I wouldn’t even mind.”

With this said Raphael just vanished,
he vanished with a flash of light.
AQ  Post #: 16
7/2/2008 8:55:12   

Dreamville inn

‘Twas a dark but peaceful night,
in ma cosy inn.
But ya know how those things go,
you always need to be aware
when a stranger walks in.

This stranger was one of the usual kind,
with a long brown robe and hood.
Asking the location,
of something he or she would need to find.

But as usual as her actions,
so unusual where her looks.
I remember saying to ma bud Finn:
“Finn, it’s one for the books,
that stranger that just walked in.”

But anyway,
she walks inside,
and walks up straight to me.
I greet her as I usually greet:
“Wanna drink, talk, or hide?”
But she just looks at me.
In her face no emotion,
no frown, no smile.

Then she starts talking;

“Is this the famous Dreamville inn,
the place for those that do not like the rules.
A haven for everyone to do just about everything…
Everything she wants?”

I just smile and say back to her:
“That depends on who is asking dear.”

Again that expressionless face,
one would say she’d get bored of it.
“My name,
‘ma friend’,
is Jasmina.
And I need to know,
where the good king’s dungeon is to find.”
AQ  Post #: 17
7/2/2008 8:55:50   

Dark times, dark heroes.

“This is so dangerous I can’t even find a word for it!
I’m crawling behind an old school,
after curfew,
in a no-go zone!”

Jasmina whispers to herself,
as she does just that.

There is a reason she’s complaining though
as she’s breaking several rules
most of which face the penalty of death.

She shuffles a bit further,
in the shadow of the moon.
As the nightly silence,
is disrupted by one of Henry’s goons.

“I am very, very sure I heard something over there!
Come let’s check it out.”

A voice responds to soft to hear

“What do you mean?
It’s not like he could go somewhere!”

In this the goon was right,
Jasmina was kinda very trapped.
The only thing she could do,
was hope the goon would turn back.

But hope didn’t get her very far,
as the footsteps came ever closer.
What if he came for her?
She couldn’t fight a man!
Not if he’d been trained for war.

But suddenly the footsteps stopped,
instead came this strangely sounding garble
followed by a loud thud
like a man hitting solid marble.

Seconds later comes a cry,
originating from a second source.
But that too was quickly silenced,
by a man without remorse.

Slowly Jasmina peeked around the corner,
to find herself eye to eye
with a dead man.

Shocked she looked up a little higher,
to see the one responsible.

“Who- who are you?
And why are you helping me?”

Jasmina asks
with fear in her voice.

“You may call me Sairex darling.
Sairex the Drakwolf to be precise.
And I saved you because your goal,
isn’t all the different from mine.”
AQ  Post #: 18
7/2/2008 8:56:12   

The second handsome stranger

He was an handsome man,
this Sairex.
Charming too…
Well, he acted as charming as I suppose a killer can.

They talked for a while,
these two individuals united by a common goal.
When Sairex finally gave in,
and escorted Jasmina to the dungeon to make sure she got there whole.

When they finally reached the entrance though,
Sairex stopped within his tracks.

“Sairex what are you doing?
We’ve come to far too turn back.”

Jasmina said in an attempt to lure Sairex into the dungeon with her,
but when Sairex replied,
his voice was cold and bitter.

“I’m sorry honey but I have to go.
As I just fulfilled my goal.”

Slowly the warrior fades into the night sky.

“I guess I was wrong though,
when we last time said goodbye.

As seeing you again,
was the thing that set me free.

Now that I am out of my cage,
would you do the same to my brother for me?”

Saying this he disappeared,
into kingdom come.
All Jasmina could do was smile and wave.

“Goodbye prince Raphael.
Goodbye you poor old chum.”
AQ  Post #: 19
7/2/2008 8:56:36   

Utter geniuses

After this rather unsettling event
Jasmina knew she had to move on.
Resting assured in the knowledge,
Raphael is now completely gone.

She sighs a deep sigh,
and knocks on the wooden dungeon door.

“Who is there?”
A voice replies.

“And what do you need?”
Another voice complies.

Jasmina pauses,
as she must confess,
she hadn’t though through
what she would say next.

I’m a-

I came to inspect,
if the cells in your dungeon
are up to…
the rules and regulations
of the…

A momentary pause,
falls behind the door.
Followed by a suspicious voice.

“I have the schedule here,
and inspections aren’t in there anymore.”

Jasmina decides to take a final shot.
“This is a surprise inspection,
I’d think they wouldn’t schedule that,
or not?”

Another silence.
Another reply.

“I’m sorry ma’am,
we’ll open up the door!”

Hearing this Jasmina lets out a sigh,
once more.
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7/2/2008 8:56:56   

Jut & Jul

Slowly the door swings open,
screeching in a high-pitched tone.
Revealing two highly armed men,
both saluting their respect for the throne.

“My name is Mo miss,
private first class.”
The shorter of the two begins.

“And my name is Sith,
private second class.”
The other finishes.

Jasmina returns the salute
and throws in a smile.
She then walks further past the guards.
And, after pausing for a while,
She says:

“I will begin my inspection,
with an overview of all your cells.
Could you show me around?

Eager to prove themselves,
Sith and Mo quickly provide a list.
It contains all the cells
and who’s in it.

A quick look on that list,
revealed a promising name.
“Excuse me mister Mo,
But who’s in this cell?”

A second look at the list,
revealed an even more promising answer.
“Oh that’s just another nameless traitor.
Who goes by the former prince’s name.”

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7/2/2008 10:05:34   

The brightest of the bright

Several minutes later,
Jasmina found herself before that very same door.
The sign on it read just another number.
But in it,
she knew,
was so much more.

“Could you please open up this one too?
I’d like to make sure,
the former inspectors
did their jobs clean and pure.”

Mo looks at Sith,
both clearly in doubt.

we kinda aren’t allowed.”

Mo replies,
fiddling with his keys.

“But that isn’t our call,
it’s king Henry’s!”

A quick flash of victory,
falls over Jasmina’s eyes,
as she hears this apology.

One last time she tries.

“Good job guys!
You passed the test!
The king will be proud,
as you’ve proven yourselves the brightest and best.

Though that fact doesn’t surprise me much.

See when I came here I figured
this place would be guarded well.
But when I saw the two of you,
I knew,
it would be guarded better than hell.”

A daze of joy fell over the two guards' faces,
as they both knew
a good review
would get them into more exciting places.

So was Jasmina quick to continue,
“now the test is over
I still need to check this cell.”
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7/2/2008 10:06:01   

The meeting

The door swung open
with once again a screech.
Jasmina figured,
Someone must’ve placed the barrel with oil out of reach.
Or something.

She stared into an abyss.
Into a pit.
A hole
-so to speak-
of utter darkness.

Though it wasn’t the lack of light,
that she feared most.
No, her fright,
came in the form of smell.

Filling the room,
was the stench of decay.
The odour of death.
The kind of smell that sticks to you,
the kind of smell that will never fade away.

Slowly she walks in,
resisting the urge to puke,
and whispers:

“Hello there,
I came to help.”

A voice calls out
in silent reply.
But another voice blocks it,

“Here miss Jasmina,
take this torch.
That might help you see.
Whomever this traitor might be.”

Sith comes walking towards her,
said torch in hand.

The fire illuminating,
the walls of the cave around.
And there,
between the horrors on those walls,
Jasmina stared astound.
As there to the wall stands bound,
the former inheritor of the throne,

A sound of disbelief,
passes over four different mouths.
What follows is a haze of questions.

“Is that who I think it…”
“…The hell do you…”
“…God’s name is…”

As I said,
a haze of questions.
To none of them an answer.

Finally Jasmina sighs,
and yells:
“Just shut up all of you!”
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7/2/2008 10:06:24   

”What the hell!” the angel yells, “Satan can be nice!”

“I still can’t believe,
Henry lied to us like that.”

“I just can’t believe,
we believed him.”

Mo and Sith discussed amongst themselves,
as they walked through the prison corridors.
Behind them two people…
Jasmina and Carlos.

The prince of New Haven is limping,
and his face is covered in blood and mud.
But still he has that royal flair
that he never before had.

Jasmina supports the prince,
as she talks to him.

“and that is what I did Carlos
I didn’t know this is what would happen!”

Carlos just turns his head away,
mumbling something in silence.
As suddenly he decides to stop and stay,
refusing to walk any further.

“I have been lied to often enough,
I’ve been betrayed too many times before.
And now you,
tell me my brother and my father aren’t alive anymore.”

Saying this Carlos turns around,
and starts running around the corner.
but after some seconds there resounds a sound,
the sound of someone falling.

Jasmina follows Carlos,
to see him lying on the floor.

As she bends to pick him up,
she notices he isn’t struggling anymore.

Instead he is sobbing,
tears streaming down his cheeks.
Creating lanes of clean skin amongst the red and brown background of his face.
His eyes reddening as he tries to wipe them dry.

And through his heartbreaking cry,
all he does is ask:

“Why lord, why?”

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7/2/2008 10:06:48   

Meh, fighting

As Carlos and Jasmina,
got to know each other better.
Mo and Sith,
Had a discussion of their own.

“So Sith, when will we kill them?
I myself was thinking to let them reach the door.
Or should we do it earlier?
Like a meter or five before.”

Mo asks while unsheathing his sword.

You want to kill him?
You want to kill our prince?”

Sith replies
as the mood suddenly dims.

“He no longer is our prince,
he’s our captive don’t you see?
Our new enemy.
We can’t just let him be!
We can’t just betray the great king Henry!

Carlos has to die.”

A silence falls,
and is broken by a cry.

“Why lord? Why?”

Sith too unsheathes his sword,
as he lets out a troubled sigh.

“Two years ago I swore to protect our king,
I swore to protect him to the death.

And now,
I believe that time is near.”

Sith lets out a roar
and charges towards Mo.
Sword swinging towards his head,
Sith prepares for the blow.

The impact that follows,
Isn’t one of steel against flesh.
But one of steel against steel.
As Mo had swung his own sword in Sith’s sword’s path.

And thus starts the clash,
the battle for real.

Sith’s sword immediately swings down again,
in order to perform a diagonal slash.
Mo however swings his own sword in the way,
and once again the two swords clash.

The shockwave this clash provided,
powerful enough to send sparks flying through the air.
Had both guards disabled for a while.
But quickly enough Mo’s sword swung up again,
his look vile
but on his lips only a smile.

The sword however,
only found air.
As Sith had turned away from the sword's path
with a sense of flair.

Completing a three-hundred-sixty degree turn,
Sith swung further with his sword..
Its steel edge cruising straight at the green cloth covering Mo’s arm.

Once again Mo’s sword swung to block.
But this time it arrived too late.

That was the day,
Mo met his fate.

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