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The Fight for the Land of Purate

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7/10/2008 4:04:11   

I realize some go strait to here and THEN click the link for the comment thread, so I'll save ya the trouble. [link=]The comment Thread is Here.[/link]

There are many mystical things in the world of Purate: guns being beaten by swords, magic, ancient powers, kingdoms falling, chaos, order, powerful heroes, more powerful enemies, adventurers, and many more. Amongst some of the most legendary are the group called the ‘Purate Siblings’. It is rumored they have a noble lineage, hence their title, but they themselves merely call their group ‘The Siblings’. If they are really royalty, it is probably that they were cast out at a young age by the current tyring, Miru. He is the ultimate king and tyrant of the land who has ruled with an iron fist for nine years.

They are known for their good deeds, and while they openly oppose the Tyring, they are generally left alone. Perhaps he just views them as not a threat, or maybe he just doesn’t care. It is possible he is just letting them live for the moment while waiting to kill them, and some even spread rumors that the siblings have a deal with the Tyring. The siblings have stated that the people can believe what they want to about them, but that they swear they have no such deal.

Going around doing whatever they feel like—which will often be a deed of good nature—they have accumulated enough of a reputation where everyone knows their powers.

Zunak, the youngest of the group. Despite his young age, he is a deadly fighter, known for his assassination skills. His speed, stealth, and small size allow him to sneak behind his opponents and kill them before they know what’s going on. Even though he is only ten, he shows wisdom in the arts of killing that ninjas triple his age do not know.

Burak Fasto, the second-youngest of the group. He is known for his legendary speed. He is a master of his arsenal of weapons: A handgun with ten shots along with four clips of ammo, along with dozens upon dozens of throwing knives. He also carries on his back occasionally a sniper rifle. Using his master of his weapons combined with his speed, he can hit a target from all angles in only a few shots.

Runcho: A mage capable of casting some of the most deadly spells in existence.

Apara Tizer, the third-oldest of the group. She is a deadly archer, her mastery of the bow legendary. She carries her primary weapon—a top-quality wooden longbow. She also wields a metal recurved, composite bow. In most ways—with her skills—it is equal in almost every way. The only difference is that it has a little bit less range, but much greater power. In addition to that, she also carries a crossbow. She uses it for closer combat, the extra power and smaller size allowing her to kill a target at a much more rapid pace. The downside is that it has slightly less range than a bow and it takes a little longer to reload. She has three quivers, one holding sixty wooden arrows, one holding sixty more modern arrows, and one holding thirty crossbow bolts. If all else fails, she has a dagger to use at point blank range. In coordination with Burak, the two can lay deadly traps: they have been known to lay spike pits, arrow traps, landmines, trap doors, ‘natural’ disasters such as landslides, and several others to ensnare and kill their foes.

Zupero, the second-oldest of the group. He is a tank by nature—he has super-human endurance and he dishes out a mighty blow. His armor is heavy and his metal shield is mighty. He wields a sword second only to his older brother, using his longsword to cleave through several foes. He carries a small battle axe as well, allowing him to chop his enemies in half when his sword is rendered worthless in battle. While he is slow, he can keep a whole army occupied by himself because of his endurance and strength, never allowing an enemy to get past him.

Dinero, the oldest of the group. He is balanced in his arts. He has good endurance, is fast, strong, stealthy, good with a bow, has talent for magic, and generally, balanced. He is practically a master at all of his arts, second only to his siblings in their specialties. He surpasses even Zupero in his skill with a blade, his long katana piercing and hacking through many enemies. He can wield it two-handed, but can wield it equally as well with just one hand, using his wooden round shield in his left hand instead. While not in use, he carries his shield on his back, covering up his other weapons: On his back lays a small, short bow with a quiver of twenty arrows. In addition to that, there is a small blade similar in structure to a longsword, but actually managing a length similar but longer than a dagger.

It remains in its sheath until his other weapons have been exhausted, followed only by his emergency supply. He carries a small, lumberjack axe closer in description to a hatchet to use mainly as a tool, but if the need arises, as a weapon. He carries a gun on his belt, a six-shot pistol. He has about twelve bullets in a pouch, the last of his ammo. He carries a throwing knife in each of his boots as well as two on his belt. In addition to that, a small, curved dagger is hanging exposed on his belt. This truly is his last weapon, but millions would be slain before he would have to use this. Dinero serves as the leader of the group, telling them what to do next, where to go, and formulating the strategy to use in a battle.

Individually, they would be fierce enough. But together, they are rumored to be unstoppable. Any who cross their path with the intention of harm end up dead, the only exceptions being when pity is shown for the ones merely trying to survive themselves. For those who truly wish to kill them, be it for money, power, reputation, or just for the sake of killing, they show no mercy and no reports of any survivors from those encounters can be found. But now, they will find that the Tyring has a surprise up his sleeve for them, and that surprise could finally bring them down…
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