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Tale of Two Knights

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7/10/2008 10:55:53   

Tale of the Two Knights
Dragon and Fox Collide

Destiny has a funny way of throwing unexpected twists at you, and this is no exception. Before recorded history, there was once a great kingdom with a mighty king, and he had many loyal knights. But two were the best of the best, the Dragon Knight Draco, and the Fox Knight, Sir Shale Fox Dravtix, or simply Sir Dravtix. Dravtix was amongst the elite because of his multiple styles...he may have been a knight officially, but in truth trained in every ancient order except the forbidden art of necromancy. His skills as an archmage were unmatched, and no wizard, sorcerer, or mage dared challenge him. His cheery attitude made him popular, and he ruled over his little section of the kingdom with a kind heart. His skills as an archer also were legendary, so he often held tournaments of magic, archery, and swordsmanship, where the champion of each category was given great prizes, and the chance to be taught as an apprentice of the knight.

He also led the way in technology development, while still caring for nature. No soul could beat him in any aspect, and since he did everything, every order worshiped him as a near-god, and since the king had no direct family, the fox knight was named his successor. His balance was superb, and on a scale of 1-10, in each class, with the exception of Knights (which was 10), he was roughly 6, but that still placed him in the elite. He said himself 'To go any further in any class would be to damage my skills in another, so this is the perfect balance.'

However, then there was the Dragon Knight. He was the exact opposite of the Fox knight, and hated that man with a passion. He ruled his little section of land with an iron fist, and was the one thing that the Fox knight feared...the dragon knight was literally capable of anything, and the fox knight correctly suspected him of being pure evil. But what 'the fox' did not expect was how the knight was actually more powerful than imagination. He had trained to be on the same scale a level 10 necromancer in top secrecy, and also blackmailed the other classes into training him. He then learned from the rouges of each class, so his power level in almost all became 7. Almost being the key word. A few were considered 'too good' for his tastes, so he ignored classes such as archers. However, his plans had not even just began...he had a rather evil weapon planned for creation, along with a matching armor and shield. His power was about to become that much larger, and the fox was about to learn the full extend of his plans...

The Blood Dragon and the Demon Fox

"Soon, very soon, my plans shall be carried out."

"Yes, my lord, they shall. I will serve my purpose well."

"You better, Nox, else I'll kill you for being worthless and turn you into one of my undead minions."

"I know, My lord. Which is why I shall not fail you..."

That dialog was the first step in the knight's plan, and he would not be stopped once it would be achieved. However, his plans had an unexpected hitch in them. At the same time the final step towards his power was being taken, the fox was out training in the mountains...

Block, Parry, Dodge, Thrust, Jump Back, Parry, Slash, throw fireball. Such was the routine of the 'fox' training in the mountains, just waiting to become more powerful. This is not something a normal man would do, as the endurance required to reach the mountain, not to mention the iron hard techniques, deterred most people. But not the 'fox'. This to him was a second home, and he feels at ease. When suddenly, a fox demon sprouted from a shrine nearby, towering over sir Dravtix. However, the knight showed no fear, and merely bowed with respect at the demi-god before him.

"I'm impressed. Most people would run of cowering or try to kill me. Yet you just show the respect that I deserve, and not so much so that I seem like a god to you."

"I am the Fox Knight, and I am merely here to train. Your power is what I seek to embody amongst us mortals, so may I formerly ask permission to train here?"

"Apparently, from the stirs in the East--where you come from--you'll be needing that training...I sense a powerful force approaching, and it is pure evil."

"What? How bad is it?"

"A Blood Dragon. They match me in power, and since they are evil, slowly become more powerful than me."

Dravtix was quite stunned at this, but his lightning-fast reflexes save him again, as he begged "Kind lord Fox of Fire, Earth, and Light, may you allow your spirit to flow through my blade?"

"More than that, Sir Dravtix. I fear for the kingdom's safety, so I shall give you much greater things than that..."

With those simple words, The fox Spirit entered the fox knight, embedding the full powers contained within. The power flow almost killed him, but he channeled it through his armor, shield, and his sword. His shield in it's magnificent noble glory was colored purple, but in the center of the shield, there was something that had not existed before...a silver fox has been indented into the shield, shining brightly. The armor was also purple, but the gauntlets, shoulder pads, kneepads, and the very chest glowed a brilliant gold. For the chest, it was in the form if a giant fox head. This head radiated with the power of protection, a power used to save, no kill.

But the blade was the most magnificent of all: The golden blade shined with the powers of light, energy, and fire, combined with a tint of earth. Such power emanated from the blade that The fox knight could feel the pulses of energy spawned. The hilt fit perfectly in the knight's grip, giving him a feeling of customization. The guard was shaped like a fox's head pointing up towards the blade, the actual guard being the ears pointing down. Slightly above this, there was a small secondary guard, this one smaller and pointing up instead of down. While far away from the head, it would seem almost like the fangs of the beast lunging out to strike. The knight now had his weapons...

The process of forging had gone well. In the background, the sight of a crimson dragon had dominated this cave not long ago. His beautiful size was matched only by his ferocious power. And he was the pet of the Dragon Knight. However, this new forging would change all of this. Before, the Knight had planned to keep the dragon alive, only plucking a few claws and teeth off. That way, the beast could ravage the land while he mastered the blade.

However, he discovered that the task would be much easier with the dragon already dead and would infuse much greater power in. So, he gathered all the ingredients he would need: Dragonbane, four claws of a dragon, eight fangs of a dragon, his own blood, the hatred of a thousand souls, his own evil, necromatic orbs and finally: The blood of a blood-dragon to hold it all together. The power would also fuse bloodlust, the urge to get more powerful, and unimaginable evil. But this would be the final step in forging the blade, so the dragon was kept alive for the moment.

The blade went through forging, the metal, dragonbane, claws, and teeth all melting into a mold for the weapon. Still in molten form, it already was powerful enough to emit an aura to be suppressed. However, the knight did not, instead focusing the power into the dragon, lunging the mold into its neck. The dragon cried out in pain, at which time the knight did something that he never did before and would never do--ever, no matter what--again...he shed a single tear for his pet as it collapsed, dead. The blood pouring out from the wound entered the mold, cooling the blade to harden instantly. The knight then poured the leftovers over his armor and shield to further this increase in power.

The shield was a large black square, a silver dragon indented in the middle. The armor was of identical style, though the kneepads and shoulder pads were also silver. However, this brilliant display pales at the sight of his blade.

The power of the dragon slowly slipping away--bones appearing where flash once was--straight into the blade, it did not take long for the full power of the blade to be shown. Full control over darkness, blood, necromancy, and fire. Partial control over earth. Such power he had dreamed of only moments before now his forever. The silver blade glistened in the cave, showing what once was the forge. The blade's hilt was perfect for the knight, built by him for him. The guard was four claws--or teeth, as it was hard to tell--curved to seemingly bite the blade itself.

Now would be the time to test its power. Necromancy usually meant reviving the dead as skeletons, but in the first few seconds of forging a blade of hatred, it might be possible to revive the dead as a fully-fleshed fiend. Doing so to his dragon, the knight was impressed with how only a rib or two was showing; the dragon now served the knight again. Now, this power contained in his weapons would be used to conquer the kingdom. The Dragon Knight had begun his campaign...

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