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The Band of 77 Vs. The League of Mercenaries

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7/10/2008 10:58:50   

The Band of 77 and the League of Mercenaries

The Search for the Orb of Power

We all know about how two sides can often war each other to the death. But usually, they are labeled as good or evil. There is no such thing in a good majority of some older and a few recent cases, and this is no exception. The Band and the League are the most ancient enemies, and neither is good or bad. Sure, the league has more evil members, but they are also at least twice the size of the band, so that nullifies this point. But why would they conflict in the first place? It isn't for morales; they both have done less-than-heroic acts, nor is it for money; the money is just a bonus for their true goal, and is the cover for the real reason for such a conflict...an object exists, or rather, did exist, that contains so much power, the user of which can become a god in power, though that person is still mortal. This object: The orb of power. However, it is not alone.

In the world the League and Band are from, the orbs contain immense power. There is the orb of power, but it was broken into a thousand and one pieces, and is what the sides seek. But then there are the orbs of the colors. There are six orbs of color: The Blue Orb contains the complete control of fire, lightning, ice, and water, while the green contains control of nature, gases, acids, and poisons. The red orb contains power over fire and blood, and the yellow orb contains power over light, fire, and lightning. The orange orb contains the power of fire, and the power of the void. The purple orb contains control over the void and all liquids that are not water, poison, or acid.

Those are the primary orbs, and the secondary orbs are the orbs of White: Containing lightning, ice, water, and light. And that of Black: Simply Darkness. But everything has an element, so there are third sets of orbs: These are everything else.

Some include Growth, Shrinkage, Speed, Strength, Vision, and so on. Literally thousands. All of which have just one orb. But one orb was not enough, so people found ways to replicate weaker versions of the orbs, meaning thousands were created.

You can now find red, green, speed, strength, blue, white, whatever, orbs in any given marketplace to increase your power.

...But the two groups seek greater things: They use their money--earned through such things as bounties, hunting, selling, and in less honorable methods which shall not be mentioned, amongst others--to increase their power, but they seek all of the original orbs.

...Above all else, the orb of power. But those 1001 pieces were scattered throughout the land, leaving a rather difficult task at hand, as even a shard of one increases one's power by 10 fold. So that is what they seek. But things are not as they seem.

Now let us share three perspectives:

The Beginning of the Band of 77

The Early Rivalry of the Band and the League

And finally, what is happening today...the threat greater than any imagined before now plaguing the land that has caused something the two sides thought not possible...friendship.

The Beginning

At first, it just started off with one member--a lone rogue whose name shall remain hidden at the moment. His only goal: Fight his way through some random base for fun. He is just about average height for his build, and he is one of the elite fighters in the world. He literally dove into the base, holding his large torch-staff in hand and charged. "I'll have some fun massacring these people in here!" he randomly rambled as he rushed pass the first room. However, he found himself facing loads of guards, blocking his only route to advance. "Good. A chance to test out my powers," he smiled as he unleashed a large blast--in the area where the flame should be--from his 'staff', aimed directly at the soldiers. All of them were instantly vaporized, but who knows what would be behind the next door? He didn't care; his purpose for being there was to kill. And he enjoyed it. That look of glee in his face was to be the last thing many of his opponents would see, as killing was what he was born to do. This gradually got harder, and every room contained increasingly difficult challenges and guards, all being overcome.

Finally, in one room he encountered a man guarding a computer. The two fought for a long time, their power nearly even. The first clubbed at the second, his weapon being a most potent blue orb. The whole base was built for the purpose of defending, so all inside used the equipment handled to them to fight. With a powerful blow from a jab, the guard was stunned. The attacker channels his power into his staff and channeled it all into the tip--chipped from battle--creating a golden glow. The blast let off nearly killed him, but he merely was unconscious. Taking a slight tint of curiosity, he turned the computer on. Contained inside: All the information about the orbs, mostly the orb of power. After a little reading, he learned there was a jackpot of these at the back, as well as a dozen or so shards of the orb. Now he had more reason than killing to continue on. The man he defeated moaned and opened his eyes, fully recovered. He had read the information before, yet he had not believed that he alone could obtain it himself. "Hey, stranger. May I travel with you?"


"You just read up on the orbs, didn't you? I'm only here because I wish to find someone who is capable of defeating me; one powerful enough to help me. Do you want the help or not? There are people more powerful than me in here."

"Sure; I could use the help...for now."

For once, the two shared a laugh, now with a common goal. Now while the beginning of the band was still far off, two members with a common goal is a beginning.
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