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Adventure on Aared

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7/10/2008 13:28:27   

As a little project of mine, I am writing the outline of a game in Microsoft Word. However, from this outline, I have based a little story off my own game (my own fanfiction ). This section will focus on the journeys of the party at Aared, the first continent they reside on.

I am still working on the details, but here is the may of Aared that I made in paint (took me 3 hours)

I'll post what I have when ready, so let that map satisfy your thirst for a while.

Furthering the drenching of your thirst, main character Bios! (I swear: No spoilers contained except for history, powers, and for place of introduction.) I am posting all those I have thought out, though many characters have yet to be created...

*Things I view as spoilers will be put in spoiler tags*

NOTE: I have since made tweaks to these profiles. I may upload them or I may not.


Appearance: Arrow is about 6’ 3”, and at the beginning of the game, has brown eyes. In flashbacks, he is about 5’ 10.5” and his eye color is hazel. When he picks up Aero’s Bow, his eyes change color to be grey, but otherwise he remains the same. His hair is short and brown, though in flashbacks it is revealed it was spiked and golden. Occasionally, he is shown with silver spiked hair with golden tints in it, the reason why still unknown. His initial clothing is light leather armor, but later he gets the option of equipping full battle armor. However, that armor is soon replaced by his battle armor, though hiss old armor still shows in town.

His new armor is comprised of a golden helmet with lightning bolts extending backwards, a golden suit of armor with white trimmings, and golden boots with wings extending forth. At this point in the game—except for when in town—he can hover to go a little faster.

The bow itself is a true masterpiece, having the very center—where Arrow grips it—being a golden loop that is both a grip and spinner to shoot out arrows at unusually high speeds. The whole bow is golden in color, glistening in sunlight. With the cylinder in the middle as the center, the bow is recurved, allowing for great power and accuracy. In front of the bow, wings extend from the cylinder (just above and below the exit point of arrows) up to reach just below the top (and just above the bottom) of the bow. The string is a thin silver wire, barely visible to the eye, so on appearance, it almost looks like the bow has no string.


Later on, the bow’s appearance changes, as the wings become larger (actually extending farther out [above the actual center of the bow] and becoming wider), and eventually the original bow disappears altogether, leaving only the cylinder and the wings to launch the missiles that Arrow possesses. Nearing the end of the game, Arrow sprouts White wings to show his ‘evolution’ into a greater being, he grows in size—as does his equipment and weapons—and emits a golden aura around his body.

Powers: Arrow specializes in ranged attacks (there are ranged, magic, and melee attacks, but the latter two are only average strength for him), using the bow he does. That same bow also happens to be the original source of his wind powers, later found to be inside of him as well, with the bow as the channeling point.

Later, he also gains some powers of light, but his strength remains in wind.


Arrow was raised as a man in a land divided in civil war, his town of Farad being a hot spot for fighting. One of his closest friends at the time was Nira, a girl that—though he did not recognize such feelings at the time—he had a crush on. Also at this location—though on a rival side of town—Sarph and Miyar were raised. However, both he and Nira would be separated as the town suffered a nasty invasion from an unknown force, Arrow fleeing thinking he had lost all he had cared for. With his home town most likely destroyed, Arrow swore that he would become strong, so entered the GMU, Great Military Underground…a group devoted to fighting. It is there his body was modified a little to give him greater strength, speed, dexterity, senses, and the whole works, so that is why his eyes changed color. He quickly rose to be one of the greatest fighters in the organization, but a traitor from the midst of the GMU—a person that Arrow had trusted—who later is identified as the very same *Insert* that Arrow has sworn to kill. With his trust betrayed, Arrow refused to trust anyone else and wandered the land, killing those he believed to be evil. Eventually, he found the ruins of his old city and entered to find the area deserted. He noticed a ruined building that had not been there before, and is curious to how such a building could have appeared, so enters. It is there that he finds Aero’s Bow, and it is later revealed that the building had an illusion placed around it so that only the one destined to save the land from evil forever or doom the land to death—depending on the outcome of his battles (dead or alive to fight again, that is)—could see it. From this point, his journey begins. In my fanfiction, he starts out after having learned of Aero's conscience within him and having unleashed his true battle armor.


Appearance: Nira is roughly 5’ 11” at her first introduction, though this height is 5’ 8” in flashbacks. Her introduction is when she already has her powers, so her eyes are green, but flashbacks reveal that they were once brown. She has brown hair with tints of green, though in battle, the green disappears. In a flashback showing her awakening her powers, it is revealed that she wore full battle armor, but when her powers were awakened from visiting Gaia’s shrine, her attire changed to be light armor. When she first enters battle, her attire changes to her full body suit, similar to Arrow’s in design.

It has no helmet, but does come with a green headband around her forehead. In battle, she ties her long hair in a pony tail, barely visible from the front. Her light armor is colored green, but the trimming is silver. This armor also features tight silver boots that have vine patterns engraved to weave an appearance mimicking real vines.

Since she has no weapon (as Gaia specializes in healing), she appears to not be unique in any way, but on her left shoulder extending down to her elbow, there is something resembling a tattoo, shaped like a tree with vines wrapped around it. When activating the ‘seal’—as she calls it—it glows green and she is provided with a temporary power increase that drains her later on.

While she has no weapon of her own, that does not mean she has no attacks. She is perfectly capable of summoning a ‘vine blade’ to destroy her foes. This blade is basically three intertwining vines shaped to create the blade and hilt of the sword. At the end of the hilt, one vine extends a little farther, presumably to be used as a spike. The guard is designed a little differently, as it is nothing more than a large piece of wood with vine engravings wrapped around it. In the middle of the guard, however, there is a small green gem, the use of which is unknown.

…While that is her favorite weapon, she can also morph it to be a whip (The vines extend to be longer, gain thorns, and the guard disappears), an axe (the guard disappears and the vines at the end are recurved to form the axe), a staff (The vines at the edge of the blade are wrapped tighter and the gem in the hilt moves up to the top. The hilt extends to the ground and the guard vanishes.), or a bow (The guard becomes a handhold and the vines extend further [in both directions, meaning the hilt as well] until they are shaped like a normal bow), depending on her preference. (This change occurs outside of combat [changing her weapon] unless she uses one of her abilities [which will go back to the default after a set period of time or combat ends])

Nira specializes in healing, so her strength is that of a healer. Her original powers come from the ‘seal’ on her shoulder, though it is revealed that she now uses her own powers with the seal as the focus point. Since the seal is on her left shoulder, she is left handed, though

in flashbacks it is suggested she was right handed. So theoretically, she could be ambidextrous, though this is not confirmed until later in the game.
When she is not healing, she can use any of the three attack types (melee, ranged, and magic), being equally skilled in all. She actually has two forms of melee and ranged weapons (axe/sword and bow/whip) and uses them all equally. However, it is revealed that—even though the sword is what she uses a little more often—her favorites are the axe and whip. Perhaps she just feels that in battle, she can use the sword better.


Nira was raised in a similar situation to that of Arrow’s, both being trained to fight since a very early age. As such, she shared a similar fate when the unnamed invasion force sacked the city. She was forced to flee at her early age, and swore that she would heal those who need healing—damaging all who are her enemies and killing them if need be. She found no organization with her goal, so she founded her own, HAS Healers and Shields. The organization was rather successful for a short while, attracting a fair amount of members and healing many of the injured land, but a rogue from an organization recently destroyed—GMU—brought his own army to crush them. They were mostly healers, so the only one capable of surviving was Nira. From there, she wandered the land in grief, healing those in need and harming those she knew were evil. Not far from her hometown—Farad—in a shrine nearby, she finds that it has somehow survived in tact, the only damage being that of aging. Inside, she finds nothing, but when walking to the center altar, she notes the silver light shining down on that green altar. When she inspects, she finds the seal of Gaia, which instantly disappears before reforming on her own body. She takes this as a gift and travels the lands looking for any survivors of her hometown, seemingly just by instinct. Later, she enters combat which she normally would not be able to win, but Gaia finally contacts her, teaching her how to fully use her powers. Shortly afterwards, she stumbles into Helios to find Arrow, not recognizing him at the time. After they do battle, she finally remembers the name of one that she admired for his great skills as a child. There is no difference in her introduction for this fanfiction.


Appearance: Sarph is relatively tall, being about 6’ 10” in height and has tan skin. His eyes are shown clearly red (though were once purple) and—unlike the rest of the party—never hides his appearance as a Fire elementalist. He has a military cut length hair, priding in it several times by stroking the short brown strands. His armor is heavy plate mail, fitting with his battle spirit. The whole thing is colored red, with a black trim. Spikes on the shoulders, elbow, and knee pads are shaped like fire and give him the ability to jab the enemy with any of those three. When in town, he wears a red headband to appear slightly more normal, but outside of town, he wears a large helmet with a hammer-shaped visor.

On his belt, his sword clearly shows, as it contains no sheath; it is merely fastened to his belt for quick access. The actual shape is that of a living flame; there is no guard. The hilt has tough leather around it and at the end of the hilt; a small flame seems to dance for Sarph to use at any time to stab into an enemy. The blade is red, though a few spots in the middle are orange and yellow in color.

Powers: Sarph is the primary user of Fire, containing the spirit of Pyre. He—like all other elementalists—at a time could only use his powers through his blade, but eventually mastered his powers and now can use them without the blade. However, a great deal of the time, he only uses his powers to increase his attack strength. But when the need arises, he is more than capable of using his powers to scorch his enemies from afar. Since he uses fire, he specializes in melee attacks, but his skills in magic are developing at a rapid rate.

Sarph had always loved battle, and being raised on the more aggressive side—one of three—in his home town of Farad made him all that more bloodthirsty.

What fueled his rage beyond control was when his town was burned down by an unknown force and he swore he would kill everyone he could trace to the event. He quickly traveled to Pyre Village, where he found a little temple hidden from view. It is there he found the sword of Pyre and living in Pyre village—full of the combat that he loves so much—he rapidly rose to his current power level. He defended the town from any threats, so when he is approached by two elementalists, it is no surprise that he attacked those revealed to be Arrow and Nira.
His introduction in this fanfiction is identical.


Miyar is about 6’ tall, being just a hair taller than Nira. Her eyes are a beautiful light blue and her skin is pale. She has long, brown hair, though in combat this becomes dark blue. Her battle attire is a light blue robe with a dark blue trim, though in town she wears light armor. She wears a dark blue headband both inside and outside of towns, never wishing to take it off.

Her staff—to her—is a work of art as well, considering how the golden circle at the top creates a nice little ring which she concentrates her power through. The actual staff is dark blue in color and just above the hilt; a dragon pattern is sticking out of the hilt, winding around all the way up to the top, where they create a light blue gem just beneath the golden circle.

Powers: Miyar is the primary user of Water, specializing in magic based attacks. However, since she uses a staff, she is also quite skilled at melee damage and has also toyed a little with the healing arts.

By the time she is introduced, she has already discovered her true connection with Myra, so her powers rival that of the party. Another method she uses for defense and offense is using mist, something that only she can do.

History: Miyar—like all the rest of the four—lived in Farad, in the one truly peaceful section.

Her quarter of the city (the quarter below being where Sarph came from and the half on the other side being Arrow and Nira’s home) was always known for only using the minimal force necessary to defend them. She, too, was raised by this belief, so when minimal defense was full power yet still was not enough, she was disappointed at how all her friends died. She found Mire Lake and decided that it would be a good place to train, though she trained just outside the village with the same name. Eventually, she was training one day and fell into her lake, but instead of surfacing—her armor would drag her down anyway—she sunk to the bottom when she noticed a little altar hidden from her sight before. She took it and surfaced with the new found power of control over water. She then chose to live inside the village that she had trained next to, where she is eventually introduced.
Her introduction is identical in this fanfiction.


Aersin is roughly 6’ 2”, being rather tall in comparison to some figures with similar powers. She wears black battle armor with a purple trim, her shoulder, knee, and elbow pads extending further to create a large shield. She has short, black hair, a trait she is rather proud of. Her eyes are black and her iris is white, but in flashbacks, it is thought she had purple eyes—and a normal iris—

before she was handed her weapon, causing contact with Dario shortly after.

Her weapon is on her back when not in combat, though she draws it to wield. Her weapon—initially—appears to be a large sword—the hilt too large for her to wield—and she uses it as such.

The hilt shrinks upon drawing, revealing a nice sword which curves at the guard. It is later revealed that the sword actually is a sword/gun and she can use each form equally. In gun form, she merely flips the sword upside-down and she wields it under her shoulder. The guard is then revealed to actually be the trigger of the gun, as it had never been meant to block with originally, and the former hilt is now the butt of the gun. This new form also explains the curve in the blade, but still she has secrets. Those two forms are equally useable (outside of combat, it is decided which she will use by the direction the gun/sword is facing when on her back; inside it is by a free ability), but she has a third that she can use, at a slight MP cost. This form is the staff, but to use it, she has to ‘warp’ the blade to be handle-able—she doesn’t wish to cut herself—and makes a slight gap appear in the middle of the former hilt. The guard/trigger becomes a little spike—facing Aersin when not using a special ability—but is relatively unimportant.

Powers: Aersin is the primary user of the secondary element Darkness.

It is revealed in a flashback a slightly younger ‘old man’ giving her the weapon as a gift, aging the old man from a young 30’s in appearance to his current state. Her powers are slightly weaker than those of the primary elements, but she makes up for it in her unusually strong body. Her weapon allows her direct contact with Dario, but they talk less often than the primary users and their elements do. Her gun/sword gives her the ability to transform from melee to range in an instant, an ability she uses to the maximum.
She, herself, admits she is not as good as she could be, but doesn’t feel like exploration of her powers will be necessary.

History: Not much is known about Aersin, other than the fact that she was raised in Eros

with a friendly rivalry of the—at the time—equally sized Helios. At some point within the last few years, the ‘old man’—still unnamed—gave her the sword/gun of Dario, allowing her to use those powers instantly. It is revealed that—unlike the primary elements—she was allowed instant contact with Dario and was at the level she currently was at when she is introduced. Her introduction is a brief sight earlier in town, but her true introduction is when Arrow's party cannot defeat a foe attacking Helios.

Jake H. Sunos:

Jake is just above average height, managing to reach 6’ 6” at his introduction. His eyes are a golden yellow and he has tan skin. His ear-length hair is brown when outside of combat, but transforms when in. The actual hair in combat is golden, with some tints of silver in it, though mostly invisible. When in town, he wears white robes and a white headband, though outside of town he dons his battle armor. His armor is golden colored, though he has a nice silver trim. The shoulder pads seem to be covered with the indent of a lion, though the reason why is not revealed. Outside of battle yet still not in town, he doesn’t wear his helmet—using a golden headband instead—but inside, he wears a helmet that completely surrounds him except for the small visor for his eyes.

Jake—unlike the rest of the known elementalists(Arrow uses his bow, Nira’s blade morphs into its other forms, Sarph uses just his sword, Miyar uses just her staff, and Aersin uses the same weapon just in a different pose)—uses not one but two weapons for his element, equally skilled in both. He wields a giant long sword, containing a golden hilt, golden guard, golden blade, and pure white see-through gem in the blade just above the guard. At the end of the hilt, a silver thread extends around him, presumably to be used to throw his weapon—amongst other uses. He initially wields it two-handed, but it is revealed that he can wield it with almost equal skill one-handed. He is the only elementalist to use a shield, hidden until he reveals that his left arm guard—which extends to his fingers—is actually said shield. The shield is golden with the same Lion indent as the armor, though the rim is trimmed silver. When using his shield, he uses his long sword one-handed, sacrificing a little power for great defense. When he so chooses, he also possesses a bow. The bow is silver and appears as just a normal bow, complete with a golden string. He—like Arrow—no longer uses a quiver (Arrow at the start did but later found that unnecessary and he made the same decision, though was not introduced at the time), instead using his powers to summon a golden arrow to shoot.

Powers: Jake is the primary user of Light, a secondary element.

He reveals that he occasionally contacts Apohellos.
It is unknown just how powerful he may actually be, though it seems like he is just a little weaker than the primary elements. His skill in the sword and bow are equal, yet he also has the unique advantage of a shield, making him one of the most skilled at blocking when he chooses to wield it. When his shield is not in use, it creates his hand guard, still offering a fair amount of defense. He can extend the shield from the arm guard (it is still in the place the arm guard normally is) temporarily to make a square (instead of the normal circle) to block attacks. While his powers are great, his physical strength is even greater, being just under Aersin in power. Perhaps his greatest strength is his dual wieldability.

History: Not much is known about Jake, only that his hometown is Helios

—at the time the same size as Eros—and that he received his weapon(s) of Apohellos from Daniel. He instantly jumped to his current level of power, along with the ability to contact Apohellos. However, he himself did not do anything, preferring to defend his now growing hometown of Helios. The reason Helios grew so much is because Farad—then the capital of ALL of Aared (The western land [named Faaradisia at the time] and eastern land were united at the time)—had been destroyed and some had managed to flee. With this new population, Jake decided to defend the new capital of Halaxos (the new name of the west side of Aared). It is guessed that he is the one Aersin mentioned as killing her if she let Helios fall. It is unknown why he wasn’t in Helios at the time but actually was in Eros, where he is found. It is hinted that perhaps Aersin and Jake had agreed to visit each other’s pride to dash each other in a friendly way. His introduction is in a flashback of Aersin for a milisecond, but his real introduction is in Eros.

Old Man:

The ‘old man’ is about 5’ 11.5” in height, but his arched back means that he may have once been 6’ 3” or higher. He wears a purple robe covering his whole body—even his face when his hood is up

—as a reminder of how he has lost his old power.
His skin—when revealed—is wrinkled and tanned and his eyes are revealed to be purple with a white iris. He wields a brown walking stick that appears very similarly to a shrunken, wooden version of

Dario’s sword/gun.

History: Not much is known about the old man, but it is known that

he is the former wielder of Dario’s sword/gun. It is revealed that he appeared in his 30’s when he passed on his weapon, but it is hinted he was anywhere from his 40’s to his 70’s when the passing occurred. It is just a rumor, but some say that he was the one who actually founded Eros.
Now, however, he sends new elementalists to do various chores meant to improve their abilities and runs shops (and a training center) to help further their abilities…at a cost, of course. His introduction is as a figure in the village in this fanfiction, though in the original version, it was altered a little.

Daniel the Blacksmith:

Daniel appears to be normal, with Brown eyes and his average height of 6’3.

However, he was once the user of light and passed his gift on. When he was the user of light, he appeared about in his middle twenties and had yellow eyes. His short hair was also blond, though now he seems to have brown hair. When he passed the gift on, he seemed to age a little and now appears to be in his upper 30’s or lower 40’s. It is suggested that he is not that much younger than the old man, so the appearance of major age difference may be related to the elements they used.

History: Not much is known about Daniel other than

he was once the user of light. When he passed on his gift, he retired into the town of Helios as a blacksmith. But some say that he actually was the founder of Helios many years ago back when his gift was new.
Now, he runs his blacksmith for all kinds of weapons and upgrading elementalists’ primary weapons with rare material. At a cost, of course, considering that the materials he uses are top-secret and ‘uber-expensive’, as he put it. His introduction is that of a normal blacksmith, but in this fanfiction, he is introduced at the point where he reveals he knows Arrow's secret.


Knoss is 6’ 5” outside of battle, though inside this becomes 7’ 1”. His eyes are silver colored and his skin is a metallic pale color. He has black ear-length hair, though in combat this becomes gray. When in town, he wears casual clothing, though outside of town he wears light robbing. Inside battle, he dons his battle armor and increases in height. His armor is pure silver in color, but has been heavily customized. On the back, there is some sort of energy pack to charge his ‘cells’ and he is protected by a glass helmet. His right hand’s guard seems to contain a blade inside—his usual weapon—and his left seems to contain a gun. His chest plate also is said to contain a cannon inside. With his finished appearance, Knoss appears more mechanical than human.


Knoss was born just an ordinary human in the town of Korus. He was particularly gifted at his town’s specialty—knowledge—but he still wasn’t satisfied. There was nothing he could do, as he was not skilled in magic—despite his vast knowledge he just did not have the ‘gene’ for it—nor was he a good archer or swordsman. He studied for many years and eventually found the answer when he created his own element…technology. Of course, the element remains unofficial and has no entity, but the powers he is granted are a nice backup.

History: Knoss doesn’t hide his history like some members of the party, but he isn’t exactly an open book either. It is revealed that he was once just as normal as any other kid, with the exception of his vast knowledge. His town considered him to be the greatest genius the town had ever seen since its founding, so he became the guardian of the town.

Yet, he had no skills in magic—through research he discovered that to use proper magic, you need a gene that he does not possess—nor was he a good archer or swordsman. After years of studying, he finally found the answer and managed to create his battle suit, literally fused to his body. The cost was enormous, but he had succeeded in creating an unofficial element of technology.
He meets Arrow and the party when they travel to Knoss and informs them that proper strategy will help the team. He insists that parties should be no greater than six each, so if one party is captured, the remaining will come. Arrow takes this gift generously and offers Knoss to join them, much to the chagrin of all the elements in the party. In this fanfiction, he is initially offered to be with the main party, though he states how--unless needed--he would prefer to be in the backup party.


When running his store, Anarch appears to be 5’ 8” and in his 16’s, but once he reveals himself to be an elementalist, his appearance changes to that of one in early 20’s at 6’ 4”. He has brown ear-length spiked hair, though while fighting, this becomes yellow. His eyes appear to be brown on his introduction, yet are in truth a light blue in color. In town, he wears a business suit, outside of town, he wears casual clothing, and inside of battle, he wears his fencing armor. His armor’s helmet is blue, while the rest is white. The steel lining in the front is yellow and when the need arises, he can thicken his fencing outfit to be leather armor, colored yellow with blue trimmings. In this form, his helmet is gone, replaced with a white headband.

His weapon is a rapier, decorated to be custom. The fancy guard—completely surrounding the hint—is golden and the blade is silver. At the very end of the hilt, however, there is a small blue gem for purposes unknown.

Powers: Anarch is the user of the secondary element of Energy,

also gifting him with contact of Linaar.
His powers are great, though his greatest feature is his determination. As long as he has a will, he cannot stop fighting and will never run out of power. His physical strength is not that great

—apparently his brother drained him physically years ago—
but his powers, despite being a secondary element, are on par with the primary elementalists. His weapon of choice—the rapier—means he is a melee specialist, knowing no ranged attacks by default.


Anarch is the younger brother of *Insert*, though he is lucky enough to have chosen the path of elements instead of evil. It is unknown where he once lived, but he and his brother obviously loved combat. While his brother preferred brute strength in the form of a long sword, he preferred rapiers, a decision that would eventually lead him to his powers. Eventually, he joined GMU along with his brother and quickly rose to some of the highest ranks, him envying Arrow’s team at the time. His brother—now called *Insert* was assigned to Arrow’s team, so the two shared quite the rivalry. When his brother turned evil—or maybe when he revealed that he was evil from the very start; it is hard to tell—he barely escaped with his life, fleeing all the way up to Hovership Lane to escape the fury. It is there that he found the lightning rapier, and lacking his normal weapon—*Insert* had long since broken it—he took it up to discover it was that of a secondary element. He rose to his current power level quickly, contacting the one revealed to be Linaar. He stayed there—running a small business renting hover ships to those wishing to go faster.
This is how Arrow first finds him, though he only reveals he himself is an elementalist after Arrow has a full party. He quickly joins, sharing the same goal as Arrow, becoming (by default) the second member of the second party. In this fanfiction, he is only briefly seen as a store manager before offering to join. He is also offered to go into the first party, but decides that he'll only go when necessary, preferring to be a backup.

I strongly advise for you to look for little holes in there!
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