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Elemental Demigod's Insanity

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7/10/2008 13:29:40   

Elemental Demigods’ Insanity

Inspired by Shadowfran101’s game of ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’, originally by Nex Del Vida

Written by Mastin

He had been a warrior throughout his life. Firus had known nothing but battle. Yet a kind hearted person changed his view. With this in mind—when that individual was killed—he swore the rest of his life to peace. Fifty years later, he still held that goal in mind, but was getting too old. Yet, the elements called him. After receiving a wound to his body for teaching his beliefs in a place of war, he ‘died’, only to be given rebirth as the demigod of Air, sharing the power of Wind as well. However, the power of ice—a power used to seal people away for eternity, his ultimate way of peace—is buried deep within. So deep, not even he knows of this power until it is activated. Firus has sworn that he will use his powers for peace, no matter what the cost, all to remember—to protect—what he has known. He will achieve peace by stopping the wars. And now, he has that power. Influence over another’s mind via visions, powers capable of leveling an army, and much, much more are all within his grasp now. His sword, shield, and armor are not meant to destroy; his very soul will find a way to make the world peaceful.

A slave by birth, it was hard for him to know peace. Yet he desired this greatly, eventually escaping. He met Firus and the two agreed on one thing…the world needed peace. And he would even help Firus. However, when his friend (Firus) was killed, he realized the truth (well, what he thinks as such)…the only way to truly achieve peace would be to kill every man alive, since death is the ultimate peace. He killed himself wishing to obtain this for himself, only to find himself not dead yet. He was given the blessing of the elements, becoming demigod of Death and Darkness. His goal being to kill. Death would be the reward of all; there would be no way out of it. His sword will force the world into death, goal of peace achieved. Nexus is about to use his massive powers—influencing another’s thoughts via dreams, powers that destroy armies, and much, much more—to cause peace to forever be brought upon the world…

Just a child, he had suffered greatly. Not knowing the feeling of love, he grew up and kept those thoughts in his head. For a reason that mystifies the rest of the demigods, an element was actually attracted to this man, so when he jumped of a cliff and died, he was miraculously reborn with the power of Water, making him a demigod. With this power—mostly used to influence another’s dreams or to threaten them with some kind of his other strength—he would spread his childish wishes to all. His sword and shield to him are but mere toys to be used to achieve this. Moyal has come to bring happiness through child-ness to the world…

Fureon: His father died during war. He mourned, feeling great pain. His mind warped to be that of one loving what had killed his father. He wanted war. Firus was quite disappointed when meeting this man at the time, as was Nexus. However, Nexus took pity on him and killed the poor young man. Though he was not gone; fire embraced him. His warped mind recognizes nothing but war and chaos, so that is his goal. His powers of manipulating ones’ mind and leveling armies shall be used to cause armies to fight. His sword shall cause chaos and war…

Ramus: He was born into a hard life, full of misery and fear. No good came of this, as he eventually began to long for this elusive freedom. His mind got close to warping, but he swore to exterminate all evil instead of becoming that evil. He died at an early age without a single thought of happiness. But this was not the end: The light embraced him. His powers of manipulation were destined to be used to destroy evil and bring happiness to the world. His massive powers capable of leveling armies shall be used to finally bring a utopia to the people, where happiness reigns over all individuals and where evil is gone…

Evil has a way of warping one’s mind. Crufiern once was a normal person, but when he underwent torture every day, his mind warped to love the very thing he had been experiencing: pain. He tortured his family to death before killing himself, wishing to bring eternal pain to all. His powers over the Nature should not have been granted to him—the nature bringing happiness—but it was, giving him rebirth as a Demigod. Now, he will strike across the land with his visions he projects, leveling armies worth of people in agony along the way. Now he fights for that soul purpose, his vision blinded against any other way. The way of pain is all that Crufiern will know…

Flight. The very image of freedom to some, Avian no exception. Born a slave, he dreamed of flying with the birds. He eventually escaped his oppression, forming a league of freedom. The order grew and almost forced the slave lords to give up. Almost being the key word. He was recaptured and tortured some more, still longing for the freedom of flight. All his adventurous nature would never get to be explored, as being a slave condemned him to eternal grounding. He killed himself, still a slave at the time, in an attempt to free himself. The way of flight embraced him, as he became one with flight. Sharing the power of Wind is a mere small price to pay, as now he can achieve his goal: freedom for all. His powers to send visions shall be used to destroy the slave lords yet again, his powers of leveling armies aiding in the escape of slaves. Freedom is coming for the world, as long as Avian is there…

The weirdest incidents can sometimes cause confusion. But utter insanity is a goal that none could imagine. He had been born in a normal village. When it was stampeded by elephants, he lost all sense of himself, turning into a crazy vagabond. He thought of himself as a god, building several temples to honor…him. His last act of craziness before leaving this world: He set aflame to himself as the ultimate sacrifice to him. However, the earth had seen his pain and embraced him, forcing him to become a demigod. His warped mind now goes about, digging into other’s dreams to drive them to the same state he is in. When he feels like it, he concentrates his army-leveling powers into a specific area, driving to locals mad. Sherog shall use his blade to bring the madness, the insanity, the utter craziness of his mind to the world…

“Hello, Darkness, my old friend…” Those words, followed by absolute silence are what define Xian. He had seen the pain of the world, yet realized that this is his home. The world need not speak for there to be listeners, nor does there have to be listeners for the world to speak. His original goal was to bring silence to all; perhaps by killing them? However, when he himself had died and became a demigod, he realized that the people on the earth are not the true evil ones. The evil things: The elements themselves. Why, in the name of the planet, would they torment the world so by choosing the worst individuals possible to use them? It—to him—is simply unacceptable. Humans can wait for their downfall. His goal is to eliminate ALL demigods—including him. After all demigods are dead (except for him), he’ll try and destroy the elements, including his own Darkness and Void. If he succeeds, his life will be stolen away. If he fails, then the elements will kill him. If he somehow survives, then he will end the suffering of the world by killing all humans. He knows that what he is setting out to do is evil, but he can’t let the evil of the world continue. He has no illusions of what he is doing; he merely believes that his evil may lead the world to finally rest. “I am the demigod slayer; you will stand no chance…I am Xian: slayer of all things good.”

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