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The Space Girls

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7/31/2008 6:11:04   
Lost Star

The Space Girls

Location: The Devourer Saga Part 3: Hope The Space Girls

<<Scene: Battleon>>

You enter

<<You>>: What a perfect day in Battleon! I wonder what I can do today... Things seem so peaceful that I may not even be able to find any enemies to fight!

The Space Girls enter

Shelly: There! It's <<You>>! Get <<You>>, Space Girls!!! Get <<You>> now!!!
<<You>>: I spoke too soon.
  • Fight!

    Sally and Suzy!
    Stacy and Sandy!
    Sindy and Shelly!
    Full Heal after every battle

    Shelly: Hmmm... <<You>> fought well, but I didn't detect any signs that <<You>> is the Devourer. Sindy, did you?
    Sindy: No, I didn't. I, um, think we made a mistake, girls.
    <<You>>: Wow.. you thought I WAS THE DEVOURER!!!

    Scene zooms in on the Space Girls

    Shelly: Well, you DO possess a very powerful aura. I suppose our detectors could have confused you for a powerful being. You were able to withstand the six of us, either way.
    Sandy: Heehee! Yes indeedy!! It's not every day that we meet someone as formidable as YOU!!
    Susy: Are you guys going to honestly stand here and compliment this person all day?? We have a MISSION, people!!!
    Stacy: I must concur with Susy. If we do not "saddle up" soon and "ride out", we may not find the Devourer until it is too late.
    Shelly: Sorry, Stacy, but people here don't talk like that. This isn't WESTION, for goodness' sake! But you're right-- we need to go now.

    Scene zooms out

    <<You>>: Whoa! Hold your horses, cowpokes! Great, now you got ME doing it :P
    <<You>>: If you are all looking for the Devourer, or The'Galin-- well, he's GONE. He was here, alright, but we saved the planet and he left. It was QUITE a feat, if I do say so myself.
    Shelly: ................

    Sindy, Suzy and Sandy turn to face the other 3 before turning back

    Sindy: Well, now that is a tad embarrassing! And disappointing... We really wanted to help save the universe.
    <<You>>: It was really just this planet that was in trouble. And honestly, a lot of people died, and you six might have lost your own lives.
    <<You>>: So maybe it's a good thing you didn't try to fight a god of destruction like the rest of us, eh?

    Sindy, Suzy and Sandy turn to face the other 3 before turning back again

    Shelly: So the Devourer is a GOD??
    <<You>>: Oooohhh YES. A serious pain in the buttocks.
    Shelly: I don't think we were given the best information, girls. I mean, a GOD?? That could have been very bad for us.
    Shelly:* I concur.
    Susy: Hold on a second. Before we leave, I think we should consider asking our new friend here for a bit of, uh, HELP.
    <<You>>: Well, hehe, this is all quite flattering, but--
    Sally: OOOHHH-- Susy's right! Our friend here DID just defeat a GOD!! What challenge could a mere intergalactic overlord pose??
    <<You>>: ................. Like I said, I am flattered, but--
    Shelly: I don't believe we've EVER been in the presence of someone so ACCOMPLISHED and IMPRESSIVE before!
    <<You>>: *sweats*
    Shelly: <<You>>, follow us to our spaceship! We have so many Frequent Warpspeed Miles that you won't even have to pay for your trip with us!
    <<You>>: Heh... Well, intergalactic overlord notwithstanding, I don't see how I can pass up a trip into SPACE.
  • Go!

    Short cutscene with music showing the spaceship flying from Earth into space

    <<Scene: Inside the spaceship>>

    <<You>>: You can probably put all of your weapons away. We're probably safe aboard the ship!
    Shelly: Rule number one: You never know when the Intergalactic Overlord will attack!
    Stacy: Warp springs are coiled. Ready to jump!
    Sandy: Yayyy!! Fun!!!
    <<You>>: What can I expect when we "warp" or "jump" or whatever--

    Short cutscene showing the spaceship glowing green and suddenly warping into another area

    <<You>>: *GAG*
    Sindy: Don't worry-- That sensation of your medulla oblongata passing through your stomach will subside in a few hours. You get used to it after a few dozen warp-jumps!
    Stacy: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our orbital star base is apparently MISSING.
    Susy: There also seems to be a debris field floating towards us. Let's see: Missing star base. Replaced with chunks of space junk. Equals?
    Sindy: DARN THAT INTERGALACTIC OVERLORD! He blew up all our base!!
    Stacy: Evasive action! We must pilot our way through the space debris!!
  • !!!

    Spaceship Controls:

    MOUSE = Move

    Get the Spaceship as close to the space junk as you can without hitting it to get the highest score!


    10 hits will cause you to fail the task. Score 5 or more points to obtain a treasure chest

    If you lost all your hp or scored less than 5 points...

  • Sorry-- You did not score high enough to get a reward! Try again later and score more than 5 points to get a gold reward! - Continue the dialogue

    If you succeeded in the task...

    Big Treasure Chest

    Shelly: We did it!! Now, let's land this thing!

    Short cutscene showing the spaceship landing into the planet

    <<Scene: Another planet>>

    You enter

    Sindy: This place used to be a lot more colorful! It looks like the Intergalactic Overlord nuked our planet from orbit.
    Shelly: Wow.. nuked from orbit, like common alien parasites. What a low blow, even for the Overlord.
    <<You>>: This Intergalactic Overlord guy really IS a big jerk! We can't let him get away with this! Blowing up your star base and nuking your planet from orbit! How barbaric!!
    <<You>>: Um, could he nuke US, too? Since we're basically standing on one big bullseye?
    Sandy: Hee heeheee!! No, silly! Our spaceship is protected by a NUCLEAR UMBRELLA!! It's super high-tech!! And it's PINK, too!!
    Sally: We can't let this stand. The Overlord has a SUMMER HOME to the north of here. There is a good chance he will be there. Let's go teach him a lesson!!
  • Go!

    <<Scene: A swamp>>

    <<You>>: What is all this black goo? I thought it was swamp water at first, but it really is thick black GOO. I've never seen anything like it...
    Sindy: It's a mystery to us, as well. It wasn't here BEFORE our world was nuked.

    <<Scene: Another part of the swamp>>

    <<You>>: The sludge is everywhere!!
    Susy: Initial testing shows that the sludge is ORGANIC in nature. No wonder it smells like 3-day-old fish.
    <<You>>: That is putting it lightly...

    <<Scene: Outside the Overlord's summer home, near the swamp>>

    Shelly: There it is-- the Overlord's summer home!
    <<You>>: That place is huge. This Overlord must be pretty rich!
    Sindy: Oh, he's RICH. He is the wealthiest Overlord this side of the universe! Consider the fact that in SPACE there are no seasons... and yet he STILL has a SUMMER home!
    ???: *GLURB*
    Sally: Sandy, did you say something?
    Sandy: No, I didn't say anything. Unless I was daydreaming aloud again. Was I daydreaming aloud again??
    ???: *GLUB* *Glurgle* How brave of you *glurb* to come here seeking the Overlord!
    <<You>>: Oh great. The GOO is talking. I think I saw this in an episode of STAR JOURNEY: The Next Iteration, and it didn't turn out very well...
    Shelly: Talking goo is NEVER good.
    ???: The Overlord would NEVER waste her time *urggl* with the likes of you. Did you notice that while the plant life remains, what has happened to all of the ANIMALS??
    Sindy: YOU ARE THE ANIMALS!! The Overlord turned all the creatures of our homeworld into GOO!!!
    ???: And PEOPLE, too!! *blubb*
    <<You>>: That's just-- sick!
    Sandy: ----Aunt Nelly, are YOU in there? Blow some bubbles if you can hear me!!!
    <<You>>: Okay, Goo, I challenge you to battle!! If I win, you let us all go!!
    ???: *Pluurbb* Fine! I agree to your terms! But NOTHING CAN STOP THE GOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Fight!

    The Goo

    Shelly: You did it, <<You>>! Come on, girls-- We have to go! We have an entire universe to search for the Overlord!!

    You receive a Full Heal. The Space Girls exit

    <<You>>: WHOA!! Don't take off without me!! I don't want to be stranded on another planet!!

    The Space Girls return

    Sindy: Sorry! Not a very good way for us to treat a hero who battles gods and sludge monsters on a daily basis!! Come on!

    Cutscene showing the spaceship returning to Earth

    Space Girls

  • Worldly Blaster
  • World Blade
  • Dull Hoopdy-Hoop
  • Universal Blaster
  • Universe Blade
  • Sharp Hoopdy-Hoop
  • Cosmic Blaster
  • Keen Hoopdy-Hoop
  • Cosmos Blade

  • Play again!
  • Leave

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz.

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