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FunDead War!

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8/11/2008 11:39:28   
Lost Star

FunDead War!

Location: Travel Map Zorbak's Hideout A History of Violence Night of the Fundead

<<Scene: Outside a Darkovia Stone Mansion>>

You can skip the cutscene at anytime

<<You>>: Zorbak and Kabroz! So what is this I hear about a housewarming party?
Zorbak: mehehehehe....
Kabroz: Oh! Heh-- Yes, THAT housewarming party! Indeed-- You see, I have bought this prime piece of real estate here in Darkovia.
<<You>>: Very nice! It's, uh, cozy, in a disgusting sort of way.
Kabroz: Thank you! That's exactly what I'm going for.
Kabroz: While we're talking about decorating, I was hoping YOU could help me spice up the place with some special GUARD MONSTERS, brother!!
Zorbak: WHAT?? No, I couldn't... I'm getting a little tired of making undead abominations, to be honest. Meh, in fact, I'm even getting tired of starting wars.
Kabroz: ..............
Kabroz: You can't be serious. My brother, THE greatest Moglin necromancer, TIRED of making undead monsters and starting undead wars!! THE HORROR!!
Kabroz: And here I was finally learning to be PROUD of you...
Zorbak: Well-- I, uh-- I'm not THAT tired of the family business!!
Kabroz: WELL THEN!! Show me what you can do! Blow me away with your creativity, brother!
Zorbak: Meh! I will not be held liable for any property damage to your house, Kabroz!!

Zorbak raises his staff. A skeletal beast rises up from the ground.

<<You>>: AWG!!! It still has some GUTS in the chest cavity!!! YUCK!!
Zorbak: Meheheheheheeeee!!! JUST the kind of reaction I like!!
Kabroz: Yes! Yes!! Perfect!! That is a very nice piece of work, brother!
Kabroz: Sooo nice, in fact, that I think you should START A WAR just so you can annoy our houseguest here!!
<<You>>: ............ I don't really NEED you guys to start a war to annoy me.
Zorbak: I haven't started a war in nearly a year.... and I don't really feel like I HAVE to start wars any more to feel like I am doing something with my life....
Kabroz: ARE YOU REALLY MY BROTHER?!!! You must be someone ELSE'S brother!!! How can you not want to command an undead army??!!

Zorbak turns to face Kabroz

Zorbak: I-- I---
Kabroz: I can't look at you.

Kabroz turns away from facing Zorbak

Zorbak: ..................
Zorbak: Kabbie??
Zorbak: KABROZ!!

Zorbak turns to face you

Zorbak: NOW look what you've done!!
<<You>>: Wha--??? ME?? I didn't do anything!!
Zorbak: UNDEAD MINIONS--- ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • War!

    War Camp

    Night of the FunDead!
    Zorbak, ebil little blue Moglin necromancer, has sworn off running any more undead wars! But when his truly evil twin brother Kabroz DARES him to create some more original undead minions and then pressures him into using them in a new undead war, Zorbak's ebil instincts take control! The Night of the FunDead has begun!! Can you stop this freakish undead horde!?!
  • To Battle!
  • Shoot Undead!
  • Back to Town

    If you are a Guardian, you can click on the potion bag to refill your potions if you have less than 5 potions on hand.
    Clicking the treasure chest gives you a temporary Dracolich Rider armor. - Available for Adventurers AND Guardians

    Shooting one undead gives you +0.1% ranged bonus, to a maximum of +20.

    If you click on the doghouse, a message appears 'Why would you shake the doghouse?!' and you initiate a battle.

    Level 1 - 49
    Bad Doggie
    Level 50+
    Big Bad Doggie

    Twilly: Oh no's!!! Undead are everywhere! Artix and E think we'll find their leader if we beat them back to Darkovia!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Legendary paladin Artix Krieger has come to join us in battle!
    Vampireslayer E prefers fighting vampires and werewolves, but is skilled in fighting Undead as well!

    To Battle!

    The Staff of Astradex was found by Valencia the rare item hunter hidden in the long-lost Theran Crypt below Darkovia. It was used to defeat the Undead ArMegoggon Gleekus! - Guardian Only
  • Use the Staff of Astradex!
    If you are an Adventurer, you will receive this message 'If you become a Guardian, this gives you a strong temporary weapon to use in battle!'

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Artix Krieger
  • Warlic
  • Robina Hood
  • Vampireslayer E
  • By yourself

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE

    After 800,000 monsters were killed:


    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-14: Advanced CarnBorg (55)
    Level 15-49: Carnis Secundus (35)
    Level 50-69: Perfected CarnBorg (85)
    Level 70-89: Carnis (55)
    Level 90+: Greater C-Rex (60)

    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-14: Zombie (9)
    Level 15-49: Zombie Knight (20)
    Level 50-69: Zombie (49)
    Level 70-89: MechaZombie (69)
    Level 90+: Zombie Giant (77)

    Optional Full Heal after every battle

    <<You>>: Zorbak! Kabroz! End this madness immediately! I am... mad!

    Zorbak enters

    Zorbak: My army-- my poor army! Reduced to scattered piles of bone and rubble! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!
    Zorbak: TAKE THIS!!

    A rotten tomato flies and hits you, landing on the ground after bouncing off.

    <<You>>: HAHA!! That rotten tomato you tossed at me failed to burst and cover me in slimy ooze!
    Zorbak: How many times do I have to tell you? It is NOT a rotten tomato-- IT IS AN UNDEAD TOMATO! And this one is SPECIAL....

    Kabroz enters

    Zorbak: Ah, Kabroz!! Here just in time. Watch as my undead tomato makes this unwitting warrior into part of a VICTORY SALAD-- MY victory!!! Mehehehehe!!!

    The rotten tomato grows larger

    Level 1-29: Tommy Toe
    Level 30-49: Tommy Toe
    Level 50-69: Tommy Toe
    Level 70+: Tommy Toe

    <<You>>: THAT was NOT a boss, was it?? I mean, PLEASE... give me SOME credit.

    You receive a full heal

    Zorbak: Mehehe! Why would you think that was a boss?! OF COURSE it wasn't a boss!

    Zorbak raises his staff

    Zorbak: THIS, on the other hand, is a BOSS!!

    Level 1 - 21: Fundead Dragon Hatchling
    Level 22 - 44: Young Fundead Dragon
    Level 45 - 67: Fundead Dragon
    Level 68 - 84: Giant Fundead Dragon
    Level 85+: Elder Fundead Dragon

    <<You>>: HAHAHAHAHA!! Ahhhhhhhh...
    Zorbak: *clenches teeth*
    <<You>>: I have not laughed like that in a million years!!
    Kabroz: Hahahaha!! The warrior is LAUGHING at you, brother!
    Zorbak: YOU ARE, TOO!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr
    Zorbak: Soooo.... You do not LOOK a million years old!! But if that's what you WANT, that is what you will GET!!!
    <<You>>: Whatchoo talkin' bout, Zorbak??

    Zorbak raises his staff again

    <<You>>: Uhhh..... my head feels funny.....
    Zorbak: This'll teach you to laugh at ME!! NO ONE LAUGHS AT ZORBAK THE GREAT!!!

    The camera zooms in on Zorbak and Kabroz before zooming back out. Your head shrinks into a tiny skull.

    <<You>>: My mouth is soooo dry.... and my scalp too.... Can I borrow a mirror??
    Zorbak: Meheh... no.... I don't have one on me... mehe....
    Kabroz: Hehehe... WELL, brother, you have outdone yourself! It seems the OLD Zorbak is-- back!! Now-- let us go plot our NEXT move!!!
    Zorbak: No, wait-- not just PLOT-- Let us CEMETARY PLOT our next move!! MEHEHEHEHEHEEEEE!!!!

    Zorbak and Kabroz exit

    <<You>>: If I had tear ducts, I would cry.

  • Fundead Ripping
  • Fundead Shredding
  • Fundead Lacerating
  • Fundead Flensing

  • Fundead Kitten
  • Fundead Puma
  • Fundead Lynx
  • Fundead Lion

  • Replay Boss Battle
  • Go Back to Town

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. New location courtesy of icydarkstary.
    Monster List

    Level 1-11
    Undead Moglin Knight (15)
    Undead Paladin (6)
    Moglin Freak (10)
    Moglin Fiend (10)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (10)
    Undead Zard (5)
    Undead Fansarin (15)
    Nurse Botoxia (10)
    Undead Elf (10)
    Brain Spider Nymph (8)
    Fundead Kitten (3)
    Fundead Ripper (6)

    Level 12-29
    Moglin Fiend (20)
    Undead Moglin Knight (15)
    Moglin Fire Spirit (18)
    Undead Paladin (23)
    Moglin Freak (10)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (25)
    Undead Zard (20)
    Undead Fansarin (15)
    Nurse Botoxia (25)
    Brain Spider Nymph (15)
    Fundead Puma Cub (18)
    Fundead Shredder (22)

    Level 30-49
    Moglin Fiend (20)
    Moglin Death Knight (40)
    Moglin Fire Spirit (18)
    Moglin Freak (25)
    Undead Paladin (42)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (45)
    Undead Zard (40)
    Undead Fansarin (35)
    Nurse Botoxia (50)
    Undead Elf (30)
    Brain Spider Imago (28)
    Fundead Lynx Cub (36)
    Fundead Shredder (22)
    Fundead Lacerator (42)

    Level 50-69
    Moglin Ghost (46)
    Moglin Phantom (40)
    Moglin Death Knight (40)
    Undead Moglin Demon (58)
    Undead Paladin (65)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (45)
    Undead Zard (40)
    Undead Fansarin (35)
    Nurse Botoxia (50)
    Undead Elf (60)
    Jumping Brain Spider (48)
    Fundead Tiger Cub (54)
    Fundead Lacerator (42)
    Fundead Eviscerator (62)

    Level 70-84
    Moglin Ghost (46)
    Undead Moglin Demon (58)
    Moglin Freak (50)
    Franken-Moglin (50)
    Undead Paladin (75)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (72)
    Undead Zard (70)
    Undead Fansarin (60)
    Nurse Botoxia (70)
    Undead Elf (60)
    Tarantula Brain Spider (68)
    Fundead Tiger Cub (54)
    Fundead Lion Cub (72)
    Fundead Eviscerator (62)
    Fundead Flenser (82)

    Level 85+
    Undead Moglin Demon (58)
    Franken-Moglin (50)
    Moglin UberFreak (90)
    Undead Paladin (85)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (92)
    Undead Zard (90)
    Undead Fansarin (92)
    Nurse Botoxia (70)
    Nurse Botoxia (90)
    Black Widow Brain Spider (88)
    Fundead Lion Cub (72)
    Fundead Flenser (82)

    Monster lists by Scakk.

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