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RE: M's Cursed, Dreaded Poetry 1.75

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10/5/2008 23:42:29   

Leader of All

My powers are vast;
they grew fast.
Into battle I ride my horse;
my weapon of choice is my life-force.

The world depends on victory,
in this place most cannot see.
I admit: I was not ready
to have armies bow to me.

Yet I have been chosen to lead;
I am to remove the dragon’s seed.
I may be young with a possible story,
But the Gods chose me for glory.
So that is the reason why
I will never die.

I will continue the fight
for darkness against light.
The enemy is many,
their strength legendary.

Yet I fight for all things good;
I do not want to be misunderstood:
Our numbers are equal and they are greater,
but I will not fail as long as I’m a fighter!
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10/5/2008 23:45:08   

Let it Be Known

Let it be known
that I will not stand still
while there is still evil.

Let it be known
that darkness may be great
but light will dominate.

Let it be known
that fields may die
and crops may burn.
What evil won’t learn:
people will not stand by.

Let it be known
In our prized land, our jewel,
that tyrants will not rule.

Let it be known,
that we may perish
and lose all we cherish,
but will never surrender
until winter becomes summer.

Let it be known
that evil may kill
but we won’t stand still.
So by the seeds fate has sewn,
let it be known:

We will fight on
until evil is gone.
The belief I stand by
is that evil will die.

Let it be known
that evil will be killed
and my purposed fulfilled.

Let it be known
that evil may reincarnate,
but we will dominate.

Let it be known
that evil may come and sin
but that fear will never win.

Let it be known
that evil is eternal,
but its blade is dull.

Let it be known
Good is dominated
by the seeds fate has sewn,
and won’t rest ‘til evil is dead.

Let it be known
by the seeds fate has sewn
that evil cannot truly die.
But the same goes for justice;
our arrows will never miss.
Neither will accept disappearing
but I will keep on trying.
That is the policy I live by.
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10/5/2008 23:46:11   


Space is everything.
Space is nothing.
It is everywhere,
yet is nowhere.
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10/5/2008 23:47:10   


I have the power to kill
with nothing but my pencil.
With nothing but an eraser,
I can undo a serial killer.

I can give an item highly sought
with nothing but a powerful thought.
I can know thousands of faces
by only some quick traces.

I have ultimate control
over what is the goal.
Every time I write more,
I can feel the uproar.
Some may call me a monster,
but I am really just a writer.
Post #: 29
10/5/2008 23:48:15   


I cannot remember
what once was clear.
I have an extreme fear
that I’m losing my power.

I spread out too far,
shooting for a star.
Now I know the cost,
as nearly all has been lost.

I could not concentrate;
it was my doomed fate.
I wish that, soon, I’d be dead.
But my fate is to live on, instead.

I cannot remember
why I’ve lost my power.
What once was clear
has been lost, I fear.
Post #: 30
10/5/2008 23:49:17   

Live Another Day

If I were to live another day,
I really wonder what I’d say.
Would I go on, saying goodbyes?
Just accept my fate with sighs?

I wonder if I’d live on,
when I know all is gone.
Would I continue my sad existence,
and live eternally in this fence?

Amongst the many men,
would I be hero or villain?
I will never know.
It is my time to go…
Post #: 31
10/5/2008 23:50:24   


I came to seek acceptation,
to possibly find redemption.
What I found broke my heart;
there would be no fresh start.

People yelled, people shouted.
And this is before I even started.
I was damaged; I was dashed.
I was bruised; I was bashed.

My work was destroyed;
I was left an empty void.
I admired others, their work legend,
but found my own to just dead end.

I rebuilt; I restarted.
Again, I felt disappointed.
This place undid me;
that, I can now clearly see.

Time after time, I tried.
But my visions always fried.
My ideas are gone; they won’t be sent.
I will no longer feel disappointment.
Post #: 32
10/5/2008 23:51:33   


When I look at the planet,
it’s wonders all set,
this is what I see:
happiness cannot be.

Tragic endings come easily,
since that is how the world can be.
Happy endings are thrown away,
because happiness cannot stay.

All things come to an end,
lost forever or eternally legend.
My eyes can only see
the tragic world that’s come to be.

It dominates everything;
it leaves its sting.
Tales, poems and lives
all contain daggers and knives.

We live in such a place,
where depression shows its face.
Can we stop it? I don’t think so.
Happiness will remain a sad no.
Post #: 33
10/5/2008 23:52:36   


Some I call friend play deadly games,
and, for that, I am forbidden to speak their names.
I will not be able to call them warriors,
and certainly not some martyrs!

Even though they are no longer here,
they will linger on, eternally near.
While forgotten, with their pointless ends,
I can never stop calling them my friends.
Post #: 34
10/5/2008 23:53:41   


You cannot be told
about legends of old.
The tales are not given,
but, rather, liven.

It is the sad fate of all;
things like legends always fall.
For all the things they’ve been,
they’ll never be forgotten.
Post #: 35
10/5/2008 23:55:02   


Glitches are lousy;
they seem to hate me.
They appear fairly often;
never worse have they been!
Post #: 36
10/5/2008 23:56:19   

I Am, I’m Not

I’m not a leader;
I’m just a reader.
My profession is reading books,
not going out ‘n’ catchin’ crooks!

I’m not a hero;
I swear, I’m a zero!
You have the wrong person;
I can’t even hold a handgun!

How could I do good?
Break my back chopping wood?
Train me to your heart’s desire;
my skill’s not with sword, but lyre.

I’m a musician;
I’m a historian!
I’m not a fighter,
and certainly not a warrior!

Can’t you get it through,
your oh so heavenly mind?
I’m saying it once more to you:
I’m not one of your kind!

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Post #: 37
10/5/2008 23:57:35   


I am a god,
yet I’m a fraud.
People kiss my feet,
accepting their defeat.

This is not what I asked for,
yet I’m only receiving some more.
While some would kill for my vocation,
I yearn for nothing but a vacation.

When I look with my eyes,
this is what I do see:
People will bow to me,
as if I were a giant in size.

I came wanting only improvement.
Now, many can’t see my disappointment.
I’m a failure, not some hero!
But this, people will not know.

They look up to me;
to them, failure cannot be.
Why can’t they see reality?
The truth is, I’m not worthy.
Post #: 38
11/16/2008 5:53:37   


These, my train of thoughts,
as the stream goes,
flow naturally to me,
with editing and grammar large ‘no’s.

Here, I am free to do as I desire,
with short thoughts and long ones clashing.
My mind is streaming along, with nothing to do.
If this keeps up, I won’t know what I’m doing.

It doesn’t matter;
I don’t really care.
I’d rather lose myself in this world,
rather than giving up to reality, to surrender.

I can stay here forever,
dreaming about actually being clever.
Some call me stupid, an idiot.
Really, I don’t care; I’m alive and they’re not.

I space out, heading for here,
leaving reality nowhere near.
I care not about other’s opinions.
They’re dull and boring, unlike me.

I can say that I’m free,
in this place far from reality.
They are slaves in comparison,
so I’ll always cherish my freedom.
Post #: 39
11/16/2008 5:55:41   


Praise thyself;
the evil hath been slain.
Praise thyself;
though hast life on this day.

Praise thyself;
this day marks our triumph.
Praise thyself;
evil hath died today.




Put together:

Praise thy-self; [Indent][/Indent] D—C—D—
the e-vil hath been slain. [Indent] EFEDC-D—
Praise thy-self; [Indent][/Indent] D—C—D—
though hast life on this day. [Indent] EFEDC-D—

Praise thy-self; [Indent][/Indent] D—C—D—
this day marks our tri-umph. [Indent] EFED-C--C—
Praise thy-self; [Indent][/Indent] D—C—D—
e-vil hath died to-day. [Indent] EFEDC-D—

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Post #: 40
11/16/2008 5:57:08   

Finite War

Darkness reigns from the heavenly skies,
watching as the goodness of hearts fries.
This is not the way it should have been.
The underworld is heaven because of the forsaken.

How could we face destruction?
Utterly victorious, can’t they have satisfaction?
The heavens were to be our refuge, a home.
Now, we cling to dirt, afraid and alone.

We are ever closer to our end.
I see extinction just around the bend.
Does this mean that I’ll cry?
Will I curl into a ball and die?

No, I can’t; it has no relevance.
To fight is the reason for existence.
I must fight; this I stand by.
‘Cause the moment I surrender, I’ll die.

Why must we survive against their power?
Must we survive a siege in our tower?
They have as much reason to live as we do.
We all is done, why must one’s lives be through?

Neither side really wants this confrontation.
We’re losing badly and are facing extermination.
Yet compromises can never be an option,
since their survival depends on our extinction.

It saddens me to have to fight fir survival,
watching their kind die over matters so trivial.
But what other option could possibly be?
I hate to kill, but I can’t let them kill me.
Post #: 41
11/16/2008 5:58:25   


He was a nobody,
in love with a somebody,
no way to gain her,
no way to sway her.

He settled for what he got;
a janitor on their ship is what he got.
He would stare; he would dream,
but he’d always return to reality.

He lived his life a small figure,
maintaining his goddess’s ship.
While she and her group would adventure,
he would stay behind and dream.

Never could he imagine the cliché:
her group being captured a fateful day.
He was broken; he was shattered.
He was left without his love, without a life.

What could he possibly do?
When his reason for living was through?
He swore an oath on that day,
that he’d save them and make their captors pay.

He knew the odds were impossible,
that if she had failed, he was doomed.
But his mind was set, keeping stable.
The fight would be hard, but he would win.
He saw their ship departing with their cargo
and followed behind, following the flow.
He could die a painful death,
but by this time, he really didn’t care.

For hours, he followed, staying behind,
running through his head what combat he knew.
He was determined; he didn’t care what he’d find.
When they emerged, he prepared to fight.

It’s all because of that one little vow,
a few words meaningless to most, now.
He had sworn an oath on that day,
that they’d be freed and their captors pay.

As futile as it seemed,
foolish as others deemed,
he opened fire, hitting his foe,
but only leaving a dent in the shield.

What could he do?
Would he face death?
‘No!’ He refused!
His cause was noble.
He couldn’t accept defeat,
to bow his head to their feet.
He would strike back; he would win;
his mind became sharper than it’d ever been.

He twisted and turned the craft,
crashing the ship into the other.
He made his escape through the ventilation shaft,
now dedicated to his course forever.
He knew he was only a pretender,
but his goal meant he’d never surrender!
He swore an oath on that day,
to rescue them and make their captors pay.

He sneaked through the vessel,
his journey fraught with peril.
Could he be caught? Could he fight?
This wasn’t his job; he held no might.

Why risk life and limb on a pointless quest?
No matter what, he’d have a hole in his chest.
One old thought he’d heard before drove him on;
knowing her words was more than enough.

Hope itself will never die;
it will shoot through the sky.
He told himself that on that day,
they’d be rescued and their captors pay!

This he knew to be only truth!
No matter the cost, there’d be a way!
His friends would escape the planned fray;
this much he swore to himself!

He jumped in, surprising the guards.
They were tough, but he was hard.
His determination was great;
they could never break his resolve.

He won the fight,
grabbed the keys.
He brought the guards
to their knees.
He was determined
to fight to the end.
They might beat him,
but never would he die!

Hope itself would never fall;
it is the greatest weapon of all.
By swearing on this faithful day,
that his friends go free, his foes would pay!

His hope was great; his love was greater.
With these powers, his enemies weren’t better.
The good in his heart would triumph;
his will would slay any evil in his way.

This was his mission;
this was his cause.
He would save them all
without a pause.

He rushed forward, keys in hand.
We would save his goddess’s band.
When guards did oppose him,
he dispatched them in a whim.

He located their cell,
glad that they were well.
They were shocked to see him;
he responded with a grin.

He armed them with weapons,
and gave them their bearings.
Getting in would be only half the battle;
if they weren’t careful, they’d be slaughtered like cattle.
He knew hope was very high;
now his hope had breached the sky.
He had made sure on that day,
they’d be free and their captors pay.

They fought their way through the ship,
hoping their plight was not a one-way trip.
They headed to the control level,
hoping to escape the body of the devil.

They found what they wanted:
a way of this deathtrap.
After they downloaded the map,
the decision was made to blow it up as they leave.

But there were some problems;
the crew was told to operate the guns.
There was death;
there was destruction.
The fight was brutal;
the battle was unforgiving.
But, in the end, all were living.
All due to one man’s skill found by love.

The self-destruct was set;
their hopes had been met.
He got praised for his new-found skill;
he said it was just his fighting will.

The group asked no questions;
the time for praise was later.
They were still in danger,
nothing but escaped invaders.
The group dashed for their hope,
reaching the exit with no resistance.
At the moment, he realized his reason for existence;
A single man met them, gun in hand.

The captain was revealed,
the mastermind of the capture.
The captain fired his pistol,
but he acted as a shield.

They opened fire,
avenging his mortal wound.
When offered a trip to the hospital,
he refused; they must leave soon.

The escape was attempted,
but for one final foil:
to launch their escape pod,
one would stay behind, left for dead.

He urged them on;
without his sacrifice, they’d all be gone.
He confessed his feelings of love,
and then forced them in.

He gave them his thanks;
they gave him his joy.
He assured them of his happiness,
and that one thought kept him from sadness:

He knew that when he swore on that day,
that he’d succeed, even if both he and enemies would pay.
But his love drove him on, with their saying a motivator:
Hope itself will never die.
It will shoot through the sky.
As long as there is happiness,
hope will conquer sadness.
Post #: 42
11/16/2008 5:59:27   


When grief strikes,
leaving holes in hearts,
what can you do?
Give up and say it’s through?
If you do, I’ll never forgive;
don’t give up; keep up the fight!

Keep on writing;
keep on fighting!
Never give up;
never surrender!
You are no pretender;
you are a leading contender
for the position of our leader;
I consider you my superior.

So ignore despair;
life may not be fair.
But keep in mind:
we’re depending on you.

I don’t care
about quality.
If your writing
was the worst
In our city,
I’d still read!

You are better
Than you know.
Please don’t deny
that this is so.

You are amazing;
you are stunning.
You may feel pressure
from such praise.
But we’ll read,
no matter what.

Writing may be hard,
the words not flowing.
But it’s never done with ease,
so, for us, please…

Keep on writing;
keep on fighting!
When you surrender,
it’s finally over.
After all you’ve done,
how far you’ve come,
I can’t see how
you’d turn back now!

Keep on writing.
Keep on fighting.
You are a pillar of hope,
And shall forever inspire.
Post #: 43
12/25/2008 3:51:40   

A Movie

Now would be
the perfect time
for a movie,
if it weren’t
for our drinks,
and that we’d never agree.

We got up early,
or stayed up all night.
Even as soon as three,
we had started to fight.

Oh, the joys of vacation;
it’s a lovely time in the year.
With roads covered in ice,
it’s impossible to steer.

We left an hour late
at five in the morning.
But isn’t our luck so great?
Two hours passed climbing our hill!

When we got
to the road,
we slipped,
and we slode!

Don’t you love the ice?
I find it to be rather nice.
When it was finally dawn,
at least we were out of our lawn.

We crawled our way
to the nearest city.
Then I could only pray
as we missed a car my seconds.

Oh, such a lovely day.

We survived the highway,
so I could finally sleep.
The next thing I remember,
we’re running from a semi!

Oh, the joys of vacation;
‘the best time of the year’!
When the roads are ice,
accidents are forever near!

Once the ice was navigated,
bumpy roads soon dominated.
Oh, we’d been traveling for hours
with only one interruption.
But then I looked at the signs:
Not half-way there; rather a vacation!

Caught in heavy traffic,
losing day’s light,
we’re nowhere near,
and soon it’ll be night!

For the first time in years,
we’re considering quitting.
Renting a hotel,
and breaking into tears.

We would start again,
just waiting a night,
as crossing the mountains
is rather the fright!

Oh, the wonders of vacation;
a magical time, indeed.
It’s easy to be chained by despair,
but nearly impossible to be freed.

We took the wrong exit,
and I spaced out,
so now we’re lost again,
heading in the wrong direction!

To anyone but us,
this is comedy.
But after all this fuss,
it’s definitely tragedy.

I’ve never been through worse;
I don’t care what others say.
Cramped, roasting in the sun;
all can’t beat this day!
Post #: 44
1/19/2009 18:46:36   

Ghost Life

(To the tune of that music you here in those Clint Eastwood westerns, you know, the tune in the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? There’s only one that they play that often…)

Do as I say,
and you life.
But disobey,
and you die.
Perhaps someday,
I’ll set you free.
But for today,
you are mine.

We are cheaters;
we are scum.
I’m the hunter;
you’re the bum.
But at the end,
it does not matter.
We’re out for money,
and we win.

You might hate this,
this lifestyle.
But I tell you,
I’m even worse.
You face the noose,
but I kill friends.
So if we’re caught,
it’s my end.
Post #: 45
1/19/2009 18:52:39   


the power of infinity!?

I am—who I am.
You are—who you are.
I see—we a different.
You’re on earth—I’m a star.

Why can’t—you accept
that we—aren’t alike?
You rush—let time run you.
I stand—frozen in time.

We are—not alike.
You live—on the ground.
I stand—on a pike.
Can’t you—see the truth?
Time has torn—us apart.
You leap—stone to stone.
I walk—rock to rock.

You-and-I—generations apart.
You-fight-on—I-want-a fresh start.

We are—who we are.
You’re one—and I the other.
Time makes—all the difference.
It closes—all the gaps.
Yet it—tears open gorges.
It solves—all our problems.
Yet it makes—all our sor-row-.

I have come—to this peace.
I’ve accepted—all the facts.
When laid out—all the evidence…
Why can’t you—see time’s tra-cts?

I’ve-done—what I ca-n.
I’ve shown you—time’s de-n.
It spreads—to infinity-.
So can’t you—now see-?



I can’t—stand anymore!
This has—gone for
Too many—ye-ars.
You still—insist on fighting!
I, though—have tried peace!

You are—the scourge of my world.
You kill—all my hope.
You are—neverendingly stubborn.
You can’t—hope to kill me.
Time has torn—us awa-y.
Why can’t you—learn to see?!?
We are—separated by infinity!
Your eyes—are still closed.
Now please—open them.
We are—eternally apart.
Stop trying—to mold me.
I can—never be
what you—want of me.
So stop—open your eyes.
Learn to see—the painful truth!
Don’t force me—to be you.
We aren’t—one of a kind.
We are—clear and blind.
One is you—the other is me!
I have vision—you can’t see!
Stop trying—to guide me.
Only I—know what’s to be.
You can’t try—to mold me.
I have failed—to let you see.
You are blind—to my time.
I throw pebbles—you throw mountains.
In the end—neither will win.
Because—neither gains ground.
Why do—I still try-?
I think—it’s time to say goodby-e.


I-have—done-my best.
Yet-my—bullet’s-hitting a vest.
I-have—left-no impact.

I-am—frozen-in time.
This-was—how-I was born.
It-is—a-great crime…

I-once—pitied you.
Now-I—am-hating you.
I-have—seen-the truth.
Yet-my—bite-is just a tooth.

Here, any—thing-can be-.
I’ve-tried—to-make you see-.
But-it—just-is not in me-.


Each-is—e-qually futile.

So-I’m-sorry—I-should have known.
I-should-have-seen—this day would come.
I-am-leaving—and shall not retur-n.
We-can’t-live—separated by ti-me…
Post #: 46
6/29/2010 7:10:37   

Let it Be

We live on a planet,
Which is so in conflict.
While nothing is set in stone,
It ends up repeating, bone for bone.

Our world has endless pain.
And at the end, is just the same.
While most are suffering,
They never give up, always standing.

We fight tyranny,
In an effort, to be free.
But we can never see
How it’s the same, and can never be.

Life repeats, forever the same.
While pieces change, it’s an identical game.
Tyrants rise, then fall; their slayers gain fame.
But when one falls, more rise, to cause pain.

We can neverIndent escape the cycle.
We end upIndent in the same trouble.
We fightIndent the same battle.
We always haveIndent the same struggle.

Be it good against bad,
Or just struggling for life,
We’ll always end up sad,
And always have strife.

We’ll always suffer;
We’ll always falter.
We’ll always face cruel,
Trapped in life’s whirlpool…

So what can we do?
Just to get through?
Stuck in life’s stew,
The cycle forever renewed?

We live it out,
We cry and we shout.
We’ve found that nothing can change.
We should ride it out, no matter how strange…

And I Say…
We enter the Fray…
As things will Stay…
Just repeat the day…

hear, hear,[Indent] let it be;
stay in[Indent] serenity.
let us[Indent] truly see
how we[Indent] are always free.

hear, hear,[Indent] let it be;
let the world[Indent] roll over me.
the earth[Indent] holds the key;
forces can’t[Indent] part you and me.

Nothing has changed, and it never will.
We always have conflict, more than our fill.
We always face losses, and we don’t always win.
Sometimes we die, but mostly, we just try again.

It is useless, fighting the flow.
We can never leave, even if we know.
Our lives are filled with tragedy.
Yet even when trapped, we’ll still be free.

Our spirits are rarely broken,
And so we will live on,
While trapped in a den,
Most will live, the others gone.

Our world shows us the truth;
Traveling through time shows a broken phonebooth.
If we accept that life repeats and let it be,
We end up finding we’re close to free.

If we accept life is tragedy,
That it repeats, despite the branching tree,
Then what little happiness we find
Will be magnified, in our minds.

And I Say…
We enter the Fray…
As things will Stay…
Just repeat the day…

hear, hear,[Indent] let it be;
stay in[Indent] serenity.
let us[Indent] truly see
how we[Indent] are always free.

hear, hear,[Indent] let it be;
let the world[Indent] roll over me.
the earth[Indent] holds the key;
forces can’t[Indent] part you and me.

No matter what we end up doing,
Life will just keep on repeating.
And I say, just ignore it all:
Focus on what’s important; let empires fall.

While subtle differences always exist,
The same path is always taken.
No matter how hard we try, we get lost in the mist.
So I say, just let it roll, because it’ll never be broken…

But I am glad it remains this way.
No matter how miserable, I’d repeat any day.
Because one thing is always there,
Even if it is never fair.

Happiness can never die.
That policy, I’ll live by.
While what we love can be taken from us…
We’ll get it back eventually, I trust.

And so I Say…
We enter the Fray…
As things will Stay…
Just repeat the day…

hear, hear,[Indent] let it be.
stay in[Indent] serenity.
let us[Indent] truly see
how we[Indent] are always free.

hear, hear,[Indent] let it be.
let the world[Indent] roll over me.
the earth[Indent] holds the key.
forces can’t[Indent] part you and me.

hear, hear,[Indent] let it be.
stay in[Indent] serenity.
despite[Indent] tyranny,
we will[Indent] always be free.
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