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Museum of the Strange and Bizarre

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10/6/2008 12:30:35   
Lost Star

Museum of the Strange and Bizarre!

Location: Travel Map Zorbak's Hideout Meet Mr. Jypley

<<Scene: Battleon>>

A small cloaked figure enters

<<You>>: And just who are you, then?
???: I'm looking for someone who's strong, smart, and good at finding magical artifacts to give me a hand with a...problem.
<<You>>: Any chance I could help you with this problem?
???: Well...You do seem to be strong, and could probably find magic items. Some bounty hunter took a staff that's important to me. Problem is, he's way too fast for me to chase down...
???: ...And the one time I caught up with him, he punted me out of the way! Meh, now I need someone to make him pay and get me back my staff!
???: If you do, I'll give you a nice, big reward for it, too.
<<You>>: Done and done! I'll have your stick back in no time!
???: It's a powerful magical staff. Now stop thinking about it and go find it! He ran off to the east.
<<You>>: Wish me luck!
  • Go!

    You exit the scene

    <<You>>: Wait a minute...did he call me stupid?
    ???: Mehehehehehe...

    The mysterious cloaked figure exits
    <<Scene: Forest>>

    <<You>>: Finally! Those are definitely ROGUE TRACKS! I'm right on his trail-- now to go deeper into the forest and flush him out!

    <<Scene: Another part of the forest>>

    1 BATTLE
    Woodland Pack
    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Billy Magroo
    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Wood Golem
    Full Heal after every battle

    <<Scene: Forest, with Rogue>>

    Rogue: Let me guess. The little blue freak sent you after me?
    <<You>>: Between that and the staff, this is starting to make a lot of sense. Why'd you take it from Zorbak?
    Rogue: A man called Jypley wants it for some kind of collection. He looks like a freak, too, but he offered quite a payout if I gave it to him.
    Rogue: You're not getting between me and my payout, but I'll let you have a weapon...

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    The rogue disappears and leaves behind Zorbak's staff

    <<You>>: The staff doesn't seem to be all that magical, just ebil. Why would this Jypley person want it?

    Swirls of light begin to appear in the screen. The lights keep growing larger until they give off a blinding beam, and you are somewhere else
    <<Scene: Museum of the Strange and Bizarre>>

    <<You>>: What the...How did I get here, and who are you?
    Jypley: My name is Jerrik Jypley, curator of Jypley's Museum of the Strange and Bizarre. I brought you here with a teleport spell, of course.
    <<You>>: A teleport spell? But you hadn't seen what I looked like until now. Isn't that against the rules of magic or something?
    Jypley: Forget the rules. I have green hair!
    <<You>>: ...Right, then. Anyway, why did you bring me here?
    Jypley: Simple. I collect the strangest and most bizarre things in the world. What's more bizarre than an adventurer?
    Jypley: You have nearly limitless pocket space, almost no need for food, water, or sleep, and Death refuses to take your souls!
    Jypley: That's why, since you got in the way of my newest acquisition, I've decided I'll take you along with it. Enjoy your new life as an exhibit.
    Jypley: Oh, and don't try to escape...I'll just catch you again!!

    A swirl of light appears on Jypley, just like the one that teleported you to him, and Jypley disappears in a flash.

    <<You>>: I hate this place already. Time to bust outta this joint!! One well-placed strike right about HERE--
  • Escape!

    The currents that were binding you disappear

    <<You>>: I can handle whatever little surprises he might have for me. I'm not staying in some cage for the rest of my life, believe it or not!

    Click on the arrow to move right to the next room

    <<Scene: Frogzard head exhibit>>

    <<You>>: Now, what is this? It looks like a frogzard's head, but it's so tiny.
    Jypley: That is an ancient shrunken head of a frogzard. I don't know exactly how old it is, but it is cursed?
    Jypley: But don't worry, it'll only take effect if you look into its eyes.

    The words RIBARG!!! move across the screen and fade away. A tiny frogzard jumps in

    <<You>>: A tiny frogzard? It's kind of cute...

    Four other tiny frogzards jumps in

    <<You>>: ...This is all kinds of not good, isn't it?
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Pygmy Frogzards
    Full Heal

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their health potions if they have less than 4 on hand. Click on the arrow to move right.

    <<Scene: Elfephant exhibit>>

    <<You>>: Aw no, this is just wrong!
    Jypley: What's so wrong about it?! I found myself an honest-to-goodness Elephant Man. EVERY museum of the strange needs one!
    Elfephant: Um, I'm not even a Man. I'm half elf and half elephant. I'm an Elfephant.
    <<You>>: Jypley, you heartless little man. I'm going to free this poor soul from his cage...
    Jypley: Be my guest, but maybe you'll think twice if I tell you he is a cold-blooded killer who is just going to leap at your throat as soon as you release him.
    <<You>>: You can't fool me, Jypley.

    You raise your hand and the cage holding Elfephant is destroyed. Elfephant jumps up and hurls a red energy bolt from his hand right at you.

    <<You>>: Hey! Now that is just NOT NICE!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Click on the arrow to move right to the next room

    <<Scene: Glass Zeel exhibit>>

    <<You>>: A Zeel statue? What's so special about that?
    Jypley: Oh, that's no statue. It's a legendary Glass Zeel.
    Jypley: It's just like an ordinary Zeel, only it's transparent, you can read through it. Also, it gets angry if you look at it like that...
    <<You>>: Like...what? Like...

    The scene zooms in to the Glass Zeel

    <<You>>: ...THIS?

    The scene zooms even closer in to the Glass Zeel. The Glass Zeel suddenly opens its mouth.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 79-
    Glass Zeel
    Level 80+
    Glass Zeel Protector
    Full Heal

    Click on the arrow to move right to the next room

    <<Scene: Three exhibits>>

    <<You>>: A two-headed moglin? Are you going to attack me too?
    Rocky & Socky: We're Rocky and Socky!

    The scene zooms in to the two-headed moglin

    Rocky: We don't want to fight you, though. We want out of the museum, like you!
    Socky: Please get us out of here. Jypley's kept us here for years!

    The scene zooms back out

    <<You>>: Alright. Just hold still for a minute...

    The cage holding Rocky & Socky is destroyed. They jump off the stand.

    <<You>>: Please don't attack me!
    Rocky & Socky: No way we would do that!! Thank you for letting us out!

    Rocky and Socky escape the museum through the stairs in the background. Jypley enters

    Jypley: You're beginning to become an annoyance, little one. You've ruined some of my best displays!
    <<You>>: You've been keeping living creatures caged up for years! You think this is okay?
    Jypley: Most of them didn't mind. Besides, I still have the best museum in the world thanks to them, and I'd gladly do it again if I had the chance!
    <<You>>: That's...Unbelievable!
    Jypley: Believe it! Or... not!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Zorbak staff flies to you

    <<You>>: Maybe now he'll understand that he can't just keep people around for entertainment...Wait, what's that over there?

    The scene shifts right. Just beside Jypley's body, there is the Frogzard head on the floor. The Pygmy Zards jump in again.

    <<You>>: AHHHHHHGGGG!!!!
    Tofu Koofu: AHHHHHHGGGG!!!!
    Pickled Punk: AHHHHHHGGGG!!!!
    Jypley: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Pygmy Zards: Ribarg! Ribarg! Ribarg!
  • RUN!

  • Jypley's Walking Stick
  • Jypley's Shikomizue
  • Jypley'Z Swordstick
  • Jypley's Swordstick
  • Jypley's Canesword

  • Pygmy Frogzard Rabble
  • Multi-Element Pygmy Frogzard Rabble
  • Pygmy Frogzard Horde
  • Pickled Punk Z
  • Multi-Element Pygmy Frogzard Horde
  • Pygmy Frogzard Legion
  • Pickled Punk Z
  • Multi-Element Pygmy Frogzard Legion
  • Pickled Punk Z
  • Pickled Punk Z

  • Play again!
  • Leave

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz!

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