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The Misfit Monster Gang!

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12/6/2008 6:05:26   
Lost Star

The Misfit Monster Gang!

Battleon > Speak to Twilly > Misfit Monster Gang

«Scene: Battleon»

Aquella: ....I find that kelp oil makes my hair more shiny than anything else. You should try it, Val!

The scene zooms in to Aquella and Valencia.

Valencia: Aquella, dear, remember who you're talking to. I actually ENJOY having dirt under my fingernails after a particularly invigorating treasure-hunting expedition.
Aquella: Don't get me wrong-- It's not like I actually worry about my hair.
Valencia: Hehehe... I understand. You do have a certain PIRATE to impress, after all.

Aquella blushes.

Valencia: Oh, I'm sorry -- did I embarrass you?
Aquella: Oh no, this is just some, uh-- Psychic Blush makeup I was going to show you...

The scene zooms out and three weird looking creatures enter the scene.

Valencia: We seem to have some visitors. Hello there!

The scene zooms in to the three creatures.

Blumble: Fehehehe, visitors indeed. Frabble, would you do the honors??
Frabble: Ohhhh yepper! WE ARE --

The scene shifts up to Finangler.

Finangler: UUUHHHUUUUU!!!!!

The scene shifts back down to Frabble and Blumble.

Frabble: Shush up, Finangler!! I'm speaking!!

The scene shifts up to Finangler again.

Finangler: HUUUU.

The scene shifts down to Frabble and Blumble once more.

Frabble: Thank you. As I was saying: WE ARE THE MISFIT MONSTER GANG!! Give us all of your stuff!!
Blumble: .............
Blumble: Oh Frabble... I just love your straightforward approach.

The scene zooms back out.

Frabble: Yeah!!
Finangler: UUUH HUHH!!

The scene zooms in to Valencia and Aquella.

Aquella: Wow, you three are very INSISTENT, aren't you? Looks like Frabble, Blumble and Finangler here could use a little lesson in manners. Ready to knock out a few teeth, Val?
Valencia: Actually, Aquella, these three seem to be a bit confused and unsure of their proper roles in life. Let me propose a deal--

The scene zooms out.

Valencia: We'll give you ALL of our stuff that we didn't give to the LAST gang that came through here. Truffle, go give them the LAST Z-Token we have.

Truffle flies over to Frabble for a short moment before flying back, showing that Truffle has given the Z-Token.

Blumble: Fehehehe!!! Another village has surrendered to our whims, men!! Onward, to greater spoils!!

The Misfit Monster Gang leave.

Aquella: How wonderful to meet new people!! If only we had visitors like that to Battleon EVERY day!

The scene zooms in and you enter the scene.

«You»: Who were THOSE weird guys that just hurried past me out of town??
Valencia: Those three guys, «You», called themselves the Misfit Monster Gang. I wouldn't quite call them harmless, but I think they might need some help.
«You»: Me? Help monsters?! Why would I do that??
Aquella: Because we asked nicely? We just have a feeling about them...
«You»: Ohhh, okay. But if I get pwned because of this, I'll know who to blame.
  • Go!
    You track the Mistfit Monster Gang several hours to the east...
  • Continue

    There are a few tracks on the ground, showing that the gang has been here before.

    «You»: At least this "gang" isn't too hard to follow. They don't seem to be very experienced in covering their trail...

    Earth Element Monster
    Earth Element Monster

    Full Heal after every battle

    The tracks show that they split into different directions.

    «You»: Hmmm...I knew this would happen. They split up. I wonder if they know someone is following them...

    A half-monkey / half-boy-like creature enters.

    «You»: Whaaa!! A half-monkey / half-boy!!
    HanuBoy: Sheesh!! That's ALWAYS the reaction I get!! The name's HANUBOY! Please do not call me HALF-anything. I am 100 percent HanuBoy.
    «You»: Sorry, It is just a little shocking.
    HanuBoy: You fight dragons and trolls, right? How shocking can I be?
    «You»: ........... Not very? I suppose it's just the strangeness of your appearance.
    HanuBoy: Yeah, yeah. I get it. Everyone looks at me the same way. Let's cut to the chase. You're obviously tracking my friends.
    «You»: I just want to talk to them.
    HanuBoy: Oh, okay. So that weapon you're holding is a high-tech talking device. I see. So did they finally do something... BAD?
    «You»: They tried to rob my town, but weren't very good at it. I think they got away with one Z-Token.
    HanuBoy: I TOLD them it was a bad idea. They started calling themselves the Misfit Monster Gang or something.... They aren't really sure where they are supposed to fit in.
    «You»: --- Fit in?
    HanuBoy: In the whole scheme of things. No one really accepts them. Evil bosses won't hire them for their armies, and heroes-- such as yourself-- either react with surprise or laughter.
    «You»: So they feel left out? Like they don't belong? Poor guys. And now they're trying their hand at villainy.
    HanuBoy: They've been my friends for years, but now is the time for-- an INTERVENTION. Help me get them all in one place so we can talk them out of this before it's too late!
    «You»: Sounds like a plan to me!
  • Let HanuBoy help you on your quest! - You obtain HanuBoy as a guest
  • Quest on without HanuBoy's help!

    Regardless of choice

    HanuBoy: My friends are a bit stubborn, so I'm sure they'll put up a fight! We need to get all of them together at once!
  • Go!

    You are given three choices.

  • Follow the big tracks!
      «Scene: Near a waterfall»

      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal

      «Scene: Underwater»

      1 BATTLE
      Water Element Monster
      Full Heal

      «Scene: Back on the surface, near a waterfall»

      1 BATTLE
      Level 0-24: Finangler (9)
      Level 25-44: Finangler (29)
      Level 45-64: Finangler (49)
      Level 65-84: Finangler (69)
      Level 85+: Finangler (89)

      Full Heal

      You return to your choices of which tracks to follow again, until you have finished following all 3 tracks.
  • Follow the medium tracks!
      «Scene: Forest»

      2 BATTLES

      1 BATTLE
      Level 0-24: Frabble (8)
      Level 25-44: Frabble (28)
      Level 45-64: Frabble (48)
      Level 65-84: Frabble (68)
      Level 85+: Frabble (85)

      Full Heal after every battle

      You return to your choices of which tracks to follow again, until you have finished following all 3 tracks.
  • Follow the small tracks!
      «Scene: Plains»

      2 BATTLES

      1 BATTLE
      Level 0-24: Blumble (10)
      Level 25-44: Blumble (30)
      Level 45-64: Blumble (50)
      Level 65-84: Blumble (70)
      Level 85+: Blumble (90)

      Full Heal after every battle

      You return to your choices of which tracks to follow again, until you have finished following all 3 tracks.
    After you have finished following all 3 tracks...

    «Scene: Battleon»

    HanuBoy: Okay, guys, come on out. We need to talk.

    The Misfit Monster Gang enter the scene.

    Blumble: This is kind of embarrassing...
    «You»: My new friend here, HanuBoy, told me why you three have been getting into trouble lately.
    Frabble: Uh-oh... Hey, psst, Blumble! We should all gang up on them and get out of here!!
    HanuBoy: Frabble, we HEARD you just then.
    Frabble: Oh. Sorry.
    «You»: Do you have anything to say for yourselves?
    Finangler: Uuhhhhh uuuhhhh!
    Blumble: Finangler, please, let me do the talking.
    Blumble: ...........
    Blumble: ATTACK, Misfits! ATTACK!!!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    «You gain Hanuboy as a guest»
    Level 0-24: The Misfit Monster Gang (20)
    Level 25-44: The Misfit Monster Gang (40)
    Level 45-64: The Misfit Monster Gang (60)
    Level 65-84: The Misfit Monster Gang (80)
    Level 85+: The Misfit Monster Gang (100)

    Full Heal

    «You»: Look, I know things can be tough when you feel like you don't fit in. Most people, and uh, monsters go through it at some time or another.
    «You»: But one thing is certain -- Doing bad stuff to yourself or others can only lead to bad results.
    Blumble: But what are we supposed to do when NO-ONE wants us around??
    «You»: How can you know that NO-ONE wants you around if you haven't gotten out and met EVERYONE? And being mean isn't going to win you any friends, either.
    «You»: Just be yourselves. If you like just hanging out together, do that. Do things that you all love to do!
    «You»: If you want more friends, go out and meet other...monsters... at monster clubs and other... monster places.
    «You»: Just be your normal, friendly selves. If someone else isn't friendly back to you, then that just means they wouldn't make good friends anyway.
    Blumble: Well, that sounds reasonable. I think we can do that! What do you say, guys?!
    Frabble: Yeah!
    Finangler: Huuhhhuuuuu!!
    «You»: For starters, you can add ME to your friends list!
    HanuBoy: Thanks, «You»! Come on, everyone! Number one on our to-do list is coming up with a new name for our gang!

  • Face Hammer
  • Face Hammer of Bashing
  • Guardian Face Hammer of Wrecking
  • Face Hammer of PulveriZing
  • Face Hammer of Shattering
  • Face Hammer of Smashing

  • Guardian HanuBoy
  • HanuBoy
  • Playful HanuBoy
  • HanuBoy Z
  • Sprightly HanuBoy
  • Spirited HanuBoy

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Typo fix from Stephen Nix. Correction by Nova Gryphon.

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