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Frostval 2007

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12/31/2008 13:25:31   
Legendary AK!!!

Frostval 2007

Access Point: Opening Screen -> Frostval Book -> Chapter 2
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Icemaster Yeti's cave
Release Date: December 15th, 2007

Quests Available
Frostval War 2007
The Frost Cave
Chilly's Secret
We Three Spirits
Return to the Yeti Cave!

Frost Moglin
Icemaster Yeti
Papa Moglin

Defender's Medal Shops
Frostval Shop
Moglin Gift
Out in the Cold War Shop

Out in the Cold (Act 3)

Maya: It's very good to see you again <Character>... especially with everything that is going on!

To Battle
Takes you to Frostvale War 2007

Secret Mission (DA only)
Takes you to The Cave of Glaisaurus

Blizzy: Chilly, the other frost moglins and I were decorating town for Frostval where all of the sudden...
Chilly: ... Ice monsters began attacking the town! It was scary, just like last year... but this time we were able to fight them!
Chilly: But we didn't even get to finish decorating for Frostval.
Maya: King Alteon had sent me here to record the celebration, and I was able to call some of the heroes for help.
Blizzy: It's probably Icemaster Yeti again, trying to eat us or ruin our fun, but he doesn't stand a chance now that you're here, <Character>!
Maya: I'm not so sure, Blizzy. Icemaster Yeti hasn't been seen for more than a year... he might want revenge, but this feels different somehow.
Chilly: There's no way that it was Icemaster Yeti. No way!
Blizzy: That may be true son, but the ice monsters are all coming from the direction of the yeti's cave.
Maya: Then that is the only lead that we have. We have to find out why the monsters are attacking Frostvale, and stop them!
Maya: <Character>, it's up to you and the other adventurers to protect Frostvale.
Maya: You must push the monsters back to the yeti's cave and find out what is going on there, otherwise Frostval will be ruined!

Fully recovers your HP and MP.

Takes you to Defender's Medal Shops

Explore Town
Exits conversation.

Fizzle: Hi, <Class>! I really wanted to make you more weapons for Frostval but it's too dangerous with all of these monsters attacking. I'm sorry.

Frost Moglin: Welcome <Character>... I wish I could be happier to see you but as along as my family is in danger, I can't be happy.

Frost Moglin: <Character>, you have to stop these monsters of Frostval will be ruined... maybe forever!

Doozle: I can't believe we're being attacked by the same monsters again this year...
Rubix: Would you really want different, scarier monster? Think about it.

Frost Moglin: I'm sorry <Character>, it's too dangerous to leave the village and pick cocoaberries.

Frost Moglin: I'm really glad to see you again <Character>! I know that things will be alright now!

Frost Moglin: Maybe I can use this tree to reinforce the doors to my hut, so the monsters wont... Oh hi, <Character>.

Frost Moglin: I was writing a new song to celebrate Frostval, but now I'm too scared to write.

Frost Moglin: If those monsters get past you heroes, it won't be a very merry Frostval.

Papa Moglin: Greetings <Character>. Now that the moglins have seen you I'm sure they will be less frightened. Thank you for helping us again.

Out in the Cold (Act 4)

Maya: I can't believe it! You've saved Frostvale again! Thank you!

Blizzy: Thanks <Character>! We got your message and the frost moglins started the celebration right away! I've never seen them so happy!
Chilly: I knew that you and Icemaster Yeti wouldn't let us down! You're both heroes!
Maya: Once the town heard how Icemaster Yeti showed up to help you stop Xanta Claus...
Maya: ... Even after being kicked out of the village, it made everyone think twice about him.
Blizzy: I have to admit that I was wrong. He's a true friend to Chilly, and now he's one of the saviors of Frostval!
Blizzy: Speaking of Icemaster Yeti, we're going to be late!
Maya: Oh! <Character>, you Blizzy and Chilly have to hurry! There is something that you should see over at the Frostval Fire, to the left!
Maya: Happy Frostval!
Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!
Chilly: Happy Frostval! Lets go! Let's go!

Replay Battle
Takes you to Return to the Yeti Cave!

Secret Mission (DA only)
Takes you to The Cave of Glaisaurus

Fully recovers your HP and MP.

Takes you to Defender's Medal Shops

Exits Conversation

Fizzle: <Character>! I've made more weapons for the Heroes of Frostvale! Take as many as you like! You can't open them yet, but they will heal you!

Takes you to Out in the Cold War Shop

Blizzy: *whispers* We were just in time!
Papa Moglin: ...And so, it is with great pride that I hereby declare Icemaster Yeti...
Papa Moglin: ... an Honorary Frost Moglin and High Protector of Frostvale!
Papa Moglin: That is, if you want the title... If you can forgive our hasty judgement of you.
Chilly: Of course he will! Won't you Icemaster? If you're one of us, you'll never have to stay out in the cold ever again.
Icemaster Yeti: Chilly, you always believed in me, even when you had every reason to doubt me.
Icemaster Yeti: I'm really glad that the other frost moglins believe in me now too, and I'm happy to accept this honor...
Icemaster Yeti: But as long as you live here, then Frostvale is my HOME. A yeti always defends his home... and his friends... no matter what!
Chilly: YEA! This is my favorite Frostval EVER!
<Character>: Isn't this the second Frostval ever?
Blizzy: Don't ruin the moment. Three cheers for Icemaster Yeti, Defender of Frostvale!
<Character>: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
Frost Moglin: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
Frost Moglin: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
Blizzy: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
Papa Moglin: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Frost Moglin: Thank you again <Character>! You've saved the village, and now we have more than ever to celebrate! HAPPY FROSTVAL!

Frost Moglin: Happy Frostval <Character>! If you see Icemaster Yeti before I do, tell him thanks too! We owe both of you our lives!

Doozle: Am I the only moglin who notices that we were inches from disaster at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME last year too? Isn't that a LITTLE weird?
Rubix: You're thinking about things too much, just enjoy the party! Want some more cocoaberry juice?

Frost Moglin: This is the only place, and the only time of year that cocoaberries grow, <Character>. Enjoy it while you can!

Frost Moglin: Happy Frostval <Character>! I got you a present! But you can't open it until the new year...NO PEEKING!

Accept Gift
Takes you to Moglin Gift shop

Frost Moglin: <Character>, you've done it again! I've written letters to my whole family telling them about your heroic deeds! You're a legend!

Frost Moglin: This year I'm playing the Frostval Theme! If you can't hear it go to Options and turn your Music on! You can find it under the Sound options!

Frost Moglin: Thanks for saving us, <Character>. I promise to make this next year, my best year ever!

Papa Moglin: Seasons Greetings, <Character>! If you have an ice dragon head, and a dragon head weapon, then I can UPGRADE it for you.

Takes you to Frostval Shop

Thanks to
-- Lord_Darkovia for original entry.
-- Stephen Nix for entry rewrite and correction.
-- Voodoo Master for NPC link and corrections.
-- SalvationXI for corrections.
-- Peachii for correction.

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