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RE: Armor/Weapon/Shield/Spell/Misc/Title Bugs

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1/3/2019 4:11:59   

Sword Master Emblem doesn't recognize Perfectly Balanced Blade as sword.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 1876
1/6/2019 21:58:16   
Jack O

Type of bug (Game crash/blackscreen, glitch, graphical error, typo, etc.): Glitch

Bug details: Running out of Stamina with the Thunderbird Joust helm on will cause you to keep the Dex/Luk stay bonuses and apparently they stack

Before bug occurred: I was just farming the Dragon of time for experience on my mage and when I got to the Carnax part I needed to put my helm on in order to reduce his energy damage and because I was a Sol Neko and had a SP guest..I kept burning though my sp way too fast

During Bug: Because of the excessive burning of SP I had to keep putting the helm back on and I was farming the dragons all day

After bug: I didn't know what was causing it until I fought him for the who knows how many times I have done it, I wasn't 100% sure it was the helm until I tried it and I can confirm it is the helm misc.

Item Bugged: Thunderbird Joust Helm
Other Equipment: Festive Leprechaun, Dragon Staff, Thunderbird Joust shield
Screenshot link: https://sta.sh/0dandwuu01k
Character page link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=76676948

Did you log out and log back in? Yes. Logging off gets rid of the effects but the bug occured again
Did you clear cache? Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yes
Browser Info: Google Chrome?
Flash version: latest version I hope

should be fixed now~afterlifex

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AQ DF  Post #: 1877
1/10/2019 5:13:07   

There is a bug with the Geocastellum armor, it no longer has the quick cast skill (sp--> every element resist modification multiplicative ie. all damage taken is x.82554).
what I mean is that the skill is grey and cannot be viewed or clicked.
Is this a bug or has the feature been removed?
Post #: 1878
1/11/2019 6:29:59   

Is this a bug or what? why does New Year's Surprise says +NaN BtH now instead of a fixed number and then when I try attacking, all attacks miss? Also Purple Rain seems to be consistently failing now and not succeeding even once.

Frostval Giftbox weapons' specials are also not doing any damage.

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AQ  Post #: 1879
1/11/2019 13:55:16   

Armor of Frostval Past's skill is glitched at times since it didn't change the element of my attacks to ice and i had to log out to fix it as i was playing on the launcher.
Post #: 1880
1/14/2019 20:11:55   

Berserker's Hides Nightmare Visage skill is not reducing the enemy's health after their END get's reduced.
Post #: 1881
2/22/2019 1:12:04   

i upgraded my shield of awe to shield of Awe!!! then i tried to change it back to the permanent ultraguardian shield, it took my z-tokens and yet i still have the Shield of Awe and no Ultra Guardian shield :/

update: Can't swap to any other permanent no drop now either!!

logging in and out didnt fix anything. Even went as far as downloading the artix launcher just to see, and the problem is still there.

Yea this is definitely something the dev's will need to fix as its only happening to the character i upgraded the shield of awe on, not my other one, :/

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AQ  Post #: 1882
2/22/2019 14:55:15   

Bug details: Fragile not decreasing health of monster upon infliction

During Bug: Inflicted Fragile via Shinyaro Form's skill on various monsters including Combat Practice Trainer.

After bug: Monster damage only decreased by exactly the damage portion of the skill. The Fragile status did not decrease the monster health.

Item Bugged: Shinyaro Form

Did you log out and log back in? yes
Did you clear cache? yes
Did the bug happen again? yes
Browser Info: Safari and Chrome
Post #: 1883
2/22/2019 17:30:17   

any time someone attacks with Blazing Bloodzerker as their first armor after logging in, their HP goes to 0

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Post #: 1884
3/10/2019 12:14:45   

Weapon Bug: I upgraded my Hasu-Horimono through the inventory upgrader (lv150 to lv0) and now it's stuck in melee mode, it doesn't have the magic/melee toggle on the handle. For this particular weapon, I use it with my mage, so I need the magic version.

Thanks. FIXED Thanks!

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Post #: 1885
3/13/2019 3:47:35   

Caladbolg's extra damage that occurs when a monster is bleeding does not activate if the bleeding came from a different source (in my case from Vampire Transformation). i.e. the popup that is supposed to occur when a monster is already bleeding does not pop up. The bleeding effects do appear to stack, though.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1886
3/16/2019 17:27:15   

The Retro Vorpal Edge's special attack does not do any damage, and looks a little off.
Post #: 1887
3/18/2019 17:27:47   

Has the Kitsune Mask been changed. It does not give -10 fire resistence any more.

It has! It now reduces incoming Fire damage by 50%. This isn't displayed on the stats pane, but it's working. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 1888
3/24/2019 15:59:02   
lifetime dreamer

Bug details: Squidge pet's (Entangled) effect on Monsters never lasts until Character's turn to attack. The MOB saves every single time.

Did you log out and log back in? yes
Did you clear cache? yes
Did the bug happen again? yes
Browser Info: Chrome
AQ  Post #: 1889
3/26/2019 14:41:51   
lifetime dreamer

Bug details: 13th Mask does not appear to be decreasing Darkness Dmg. Unusually large Darkness hits are still being received. This is after I switched it to the new level 0 option,

Did you log out and log back in? yes
Did you clear cache? yes
Did the bug happen again? yes
Browser Info: Chrome
AQ  Post #: 1890
3/30/2019 10:20:40   

Squidge is not doing any damage.
AQ  Post #: 1891
4/3/2019 13:10:26   
red vector

Bug Details: Kitsune Mask not decreasing damage, possibly INCREASING damage
Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did you clear cache? Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yes
Browser used: Microsoft Edge

20 hits from Combat Trainer, 10 without Kitsune Mask, 10 with.
Without Mask: 62 50 38 39 41 44 43 49 49 35 avg 45
With Mask: 72 65 51 59 66 63 61 45 46 49 avg 57.7
Equipment: Spark of Serenity, no shield

Fixed, thanks! ~IMR

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AQ AQW  Post #: 1892
4/5/2019 22:21:58   

Type of bug (Game crash/blackscreen, glitch, graphical error, typo, etc.):

Bug details: The skill Shield of Insight does not create a shield. Instead, it heals you without a cost to your SP or MP.
Before bug occurred: Entered into battle

During Bug: I can spam the skill and heal myself

After bug: Continued to occur.

Item Bugged: Insightful Armor of Awe (permanent, neutral)
Other Equipment: Any equipment that my character is using (click on my character link)
Screenshot link:
Character page link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=6357255
Did you log out and log back in? yes
Did you clear cache? yes
Did the bug happen again? yes
Browser Info: Google Chrome
Flash version:

< Message edited by lolerster -- 4/6/2019 12:41:52 >
AQ  Post #: 1893
4/17/2019 11:12:49   

For the Darkknight's Cleaver, the dread ability is actually increasing the opponent's health. Almost as some sort of reverse glitch is happening.

https://ibb.co/wNmHdDB Link to the glitch. The opponent's health went up to over 8000 despite having 200 of its endurance destroyed.

< Message edited by thedestructivemoglin -- 4/17/2019 11:18:22 >
Post #: 1894
4/22/2019 4:02:32   

Type of bug (Weapon + weapon atacks):

Bug details: Can only use 1 out of 4 attack options with the weapon Undead Clerics Arm, 1) Lifegiving light, 2)Raising spirit, 3)Holy stars and 4) mana meditation, mana meditation being the only one that works.
Before bug occurred: Has been occuring ever since i have gotten the weapon from Golden Gift Box

During Bug:Only being able to use 1/4 attack options with weapon.

After bug: still on going.

Item Bugged: Undead Clerics Arm
Other Equipment: all a mix of all the armor and misc in my invent, see char page for list.
Screenshot link: https://gyazo.com/fec3db6b390bae3dfac7462c137cc4a0
Character page link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=87544109

Did you log out and log back in? Yes multiple times.
Did you clear cache? No i play on the website so i dont think i have the option too clear.
Did the bug happen again? It has only ever let me use mana meditation and none of the others.
Browser Info: Microsoft Edge windows 10
Flash version: lastest i believe it was last modified on the 12th of april 2019.

p.s Gyazo is secure, its something ive had a long time when I used to take screenies for moderative work on other games.
Post #: 1895
4/29/2019 11:50:38   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Fiend of Light somehow doesn't display its armor lean under the mugshot of your character, or the battle menu. My other armors work fine. I'm not sure though if that effects outgoing or incoming damage in any way. Proof image.
Post #: 1896
5/5/2019 19:58:17   

Elven Sniper Assist is the only SPell that is considered a guest attack.
However, this is far from true in practice. It is not boosted by Neko passives and toggles, does not cause Bleeding or Burning and is not boosted by items that increase guest damage.
AQ  Post #: 1897
6/1/2019 8:46:10   

Hey! I just joined this forum, sorry if I miss on some etiquette, I just wanted to drop this here real quick cause I think it's weird. I'm also not sure if this is the right section but it's item related so here goes.

I just upgraded to guardian after about 10 years (woo!) and I remember I had a Pzycho's sword in my inventory which was at a level I could use. Ever since I upgraded the thing became a level 120 weapon (I'm barely 50) and its price spiked up to 500k which for low-level me is a decent amount. Problem is I didn't notice this and put it in my vault instead of selling it so I can't really take it out of the vault now and do anything with it (understandably, since it would facilitate transferring money around characters which sounds a bit exploit-y). But I don't really have any other character to do that on so I'm a bit stuck on what to do with the weapon, is there a way I could just sell it? It's hogging up a slot in my vault and I'd love to use it before I got to lv 120.

Many thanks in advance!
Post #: 1898
6/3/2019 9:12:07   


Book of Burns

Fire tome with standard damage spell, standard burn spell, MP shield, a spell to gain charges, MP regen spell, and an option to spend 30 charges to cast two tome spells in a turn. Passively gets 1 charge per turn per fire spell in your inventory.

Bug: Passively gets 1 charge per turn per fire spell in your inventory [this feature is not working]
Bug: standard damage fire spell option is missing

Chrome version: 74.0.3729.169
Flash version:
Game engine version:44.44

< Message edited by ruleandrew -- 6/3/2019 9:14:56 >
AQ  Post #: 1899
6/5/2019 22:29:33   

Crimson Lyfang Mace is not correctly taking account the lycanthropy inflicted by Invoke Weredragon Breath. Sometimes the element turns into fire and sometimes element remains unchanged even though the weakest element may not be either. Few times the element changed into something that is neither strongest or weakest element on the mob and no other effect was in effect. This occurs in all battles.

Also, Crimson Lyfang Mace does not take account elemental changes inflicted by Fu dog after lycanthropy was inflicted by Invoke Weredragon Breath. This occurs in all battles-

Chrome version: 74.0.3729.169
Flash version:
Game engine version:44.44
AQ  Post #: 1900
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