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RE: Quest/War Bugs

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7/4/2017 10:38:20   

This might not be exactly the right place, but the newly returned "battle monsters" button takes me to Valencias z-token shop.


Browsers Tested:
Slimjet 10 (Chrome 50, Essentially)
Firefox 52.2 ESR
Opera 36

Flash Version:

Tried restarting, and clearing caches, all to no avail.

Clicking the background mountains works as usual.

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AQ  Post #: 726
7/4/2017 10:56:56   
Dreiko Shadrack

The mountains are the only battle monsters button, you're clicking the elite items button.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 727
7/4/2017 11:44:48   

then what is this? (see image)
yes, it currently (in its broken-ness) has the same function as clicking the "elite items" button.

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AQ  Post #: 728
7/4/2017 11:55:47   

It's only in the free server.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 729
7/4/2017 11:58:38   

what's only in the free server? i'm on the guardian one...
AQ  Post #: 730
7/4/2017 11:59:34   

It wasn't there when I check a few minutes ago when I saw your post.
edit: I don't see it on the guardian server so it might just be a matter of clearing my cache or not.

I have poked IMR, Right now it is waiting on hollow to be fixed.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 731
7/4/2017 11:59:50   

Anim's poking the devs about it.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 732
7/4/2017 12:06:49   

thanks for the clarification.
AQ  Post #: 733
7/4/2017 17:53:44   

Update: the button has disappeared, so business as usual again!
AQ  Post #: 734
8/18/2017 12:58:26   

I am not sure if this is a bug or not but I will report it.
There is a part at character pages saying war wins mostly at high leveled characters. I entered War of the Fangs a few times and beat the lich few times to. I also battled a series of monster and get a chest at guardian mode(Then returned to main screen then).
However I did not get any War Records at my character page(Like War of the Fangs 2 character wins for example). I get the reward at the end of the quest there are title options which says I must win a certain number of wars in order to get them. I cannot get them but of course I did not won 50 times too. That is probably because I did not scored enought victories. But like I said before I did not get a war win record too.
I am not sure if that is a bug but I decided to report it.

Here is my character page: http://guardian.battleon.com/Build30/charview.asp?temp=87143411

The Browser I use: Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0 - Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.15063
My Flash Version: Well I did not able to learn it, it says flash disabled when I check it. But I clicked on the button "Always enable flash player for this page" and I am able to play the game. Well maybe that is the problem or somehow related to it.
How many players online at this time: When I am writing this it says 7724 players are onlnie. When this thing happened it must be around this number. Probably somewhat close to it I did not know the exact number when I have beaten the lich.

I am not sure if this is a bug or something else or if I am have to do someting else to get a War Win Record. I clicked on todays events where all of the news appear(Like doom Knight) and Battle Of The Wangs scenerio in order to battle with the lich.
Maybe I did something wrong to get a record but I remember from legendary players page someone has a war Record of 551 wins or something like that about war of the fangs and he/she played recently so I think I should have gotten I record too.

That is a bit too long. Maybe I should have asked support. I am not sure if that is a bug or not but I decided to post it anyway.
Post #: 735
8/18/2017 13:02:46   
Dreiko Shadrack

war wins only count when the war meter is still active (which is to say before it hits 100%), it's not a bug.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 736
8/21/2017 19:12:12   
Meloette Wells

was doing the x mark's the spot quest at the pirate cove (The one you need the flower guest to start)

and found this guy (The Underbeast) while on the third location of the island.

Since I just got the guy again, here a picture of the location.

< Message edited by Meloette Wells -- 8/21/2017 19:14:45 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 737
9/15/2017 23:15:59   

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > The Final Battle!

need help crashing of game i want to quest and buy Evil Eyeglasses
after i finish 2 battle and 2 scenes it crash

hope you fix it tnx
Post #: 738
11/13/2017 8:51:23   

My lv140 character encounted a lv1 Frogzard while doing Terror Set quest.
AQ  Post #: 739
2/9/2018 16:00:05   

Has this bug been reported before? Not quite

Type of bug (Game crash/blackscreen, glitch, graphical error, typo, etc.): Lazy Quest doesn't add gold or xp after the first minute. Experimented with two characters Captain Awesome and Taz

Quest/War Bugged: Lazy Quest
Character Level: 150/27
Character page link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=39279046 / http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=57833178

Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did you clear cache? Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yes
Browser Info: Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
Flash version:

< Message edited by taz_td88 -- 2/9/2018 16:06:23 >
AQ  Post #: 740
2/9/2018 16:31:28   
Lord Markov

That's intended--the version of Lazy Quest you get through the portal should only be giving gold and xp for the first minute, not for anything afterwards.
AQ  Post #: 741
2/9/2018 21:29:36   

Bug details: Today's Event.

It went black, nothing is loading after I click Today's event. I dont see Smugglefest, Z token promotions, etc
Post #: 742
3/28/2018 12:08:23   
child of satan

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome Chrome 65
Flash version:

When gong through quests the game will freeze and I have to refresh the page and restart the game. I have tried clearing the cache and cookies and made sure my browser and flash is up to date but still got the same issue. Can anyone help?
AQ  Post #: 743
4/8/2018 0:10:04   

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Firefox Quantum 59.0.2
Flash Version:

After accessing the Devourer Saga, viewing the events of The Huntress Arrives, and returning to the saga screen, the Return to Town button fails to do as promised and actually only reopens the Devourer Saga. This may happen after other quests as well. I've been able to replicate this. I didn't clear my cache, but someone else was also able to replicate this. The Guardian Tower button works as expected.
Post #: 744
4/15/2018 2:40:01   

War: Out of order
Character Level: N/A (im level150)
Equipment: N/A
Screemshot link: N/A
Character page link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=41390828

Sorry i am relatively new to the forums, so let me know if i have done anything wrong. Just
yesterday i decided i was going to participate in the new war, when i was about to exit, i realised
there was rewards for the top players, providing me with an incentive to rack up even more wins. I constantly checked
the top character list pertaining to the wins, and realised my number had capped for some
reason, although this occurued i proceeded anyway. believing it would update in time. Today is the
subsequent day, and there is no change in the numerical. I was wondering whether this can be investigated, or if it cannot be helped.
Post #: 745
6/16/2018 20:49:52   
aq DarkKnight

Type of bug: Dialogue typo.

Bug details: Galanoth turned into Galana again the Queen of all Vampires all of a sudden.
Before bug occurred: The war counter have reached 100% three days ago and there five consecutive battles following it.

During Bug: Galanoth's name change at the end of the dialogue, before the opening of the reward chest.

After Bug: Reward chest opened and the quest shop is also incomplete.

Quest/War Bugged: DRaGONs gone WILD
Character Level: 150
  • Weapon: Voidsplinter Sunderer
  • Armor: Frozen Dragonslayer
  • Shield: Celtic Wheel
  • Pet: Underwyrmling

    Screenshot link: https://i.imgur.com/mY22TZi.png
    Character page link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=70499719

    Did you log out and log back in? Yes I did.
    Did you clear cache? Yes, this was done too.
    Did the bug happen again? The bug still persist.
    Browser Info: Internet Explorer 11.0.17134.1
    Flash version:

    Thank in advance. I hope this stubborn problem get fix soon.
    EDIT: I now included the whereabout of the problem that I encounter in my report.

    Image tags removed, please only use links on the forum. ~afterlifex

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  • Post #: 746
    12/16/2018 16:17:18   
    Magic Qwan

    I am fighting the leprechauns on behalf of the nightmare queen. My character page claims the opposite.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 747
    12/16/2018 18:50:05   
    Lord Markov

    If you're talking about the character linked under your avatar, that is displaying showing you've fought the leprechauns. There's nothing wrong there.
    AQ  Post #: 748
    12/19/2018 14:49:36   

    When facing Camilla in the Morningstar quest, my health bar glitches and "freezes" (the bar remains full even though the number accurately decreases).

    As a result, potions heal only 10% of what they should (about 22-23 hp) and oddly all my ally assists also do about 10% damage (while retro twilly heals nothing at all).

    Equip used:

    Igneus Sickle
    Demonic Armor
    Darkness Shield
    Shard IV: Hogg
    Retro Twilly

    Browser: Puffin (Android phone)
    Flash version: N/A
    Cleared Cache: Yes
    Logged back in: Yes, 3rd occurrence


    Post #: 749
    12/23/2018 19:39:37   
    Magic Qwan

    which side won?
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 750
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