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Crystal Asteroid

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1/23/2009 20:51:00   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Crystal Asteroid
(Also known as Shadowscythe Armada War / SDF Reliant - in opening cutscene)

Location: White Castle -> Crystal Asteroid
Objective: Land on the asteroid and try to find out why the Shadowscythe are interested.
Requirements: None
Release Date: Jan 23rd, 2009

Missions Available:
  • Asteroid Underground
  • Asteroid Cracking

    Shops Available:
  • Decimator Mecha
  • Hover Mecha

  • ShS Armada Salvage
  • ShS Armada Nova Gem Salvage
  • ShS Armada NG Starship Items
  • ShS Armada Starship Items
  • Valor Plaques Shop
  • ShS Armada Shops

  • Odessa
  • Dooder
  • Dragonoid
  • River
  • Sally
  • Starbuck
  • Sys Zero

    Odessa: I'd like you to join the crew of the Reliant, for a critical mission. Sys-Zero will brief you upon arrival.
  • Let's Go!
  • Back

    Sys-Zero: A huge Shadowscythe Armada has followed this strange asteroid into our sector. We need to know why!
    After 30% Victories: Sys-Zero: It's too late! The full shadowscythe armada has arrived! They are pushing us back!
    After 50% Victories: Sys-Zero: We have located a cave opening that leads deep within the asteroid. We are tarting to send troops down there.
    After 80% Victories: Sys-Zero: We've detected a huge energy source deep within that asteroid! I've never seen anything like this!
    After 90% Victories: Sys-Zero: We are surrounded on all sides. At least we will go down fighting!
    After 100% Victories: Sys-Zero: A huge Shadowscythe unit is blocking all of our attempts to place explosives on the asteroid's surface!
    After Boss Fight: Sys-Zero: Something HUGE is breaking out of that asteroid! Main screen turn on!

    Sys-Zero: Welcome aboard the SDF Reliant! Get ready for a fierce battle!
    Sys-Zero: Here's the situation. A huge Shadowscythe armada is following a massive asteroid that just drifted into this galaxy.
    Sys-Zero: We've never seen anything quite like this asteroid. It has strange crimson crystal formations all over it.
    Sys-Zero: Your mission is to land on that asteroid and try to find out why the Shadowscythe are so interested in it.
    Sys-Zero: I suspect that this red crystal may be some sort of energy source. There is minor seismic activity deep within that rock.
    Sys-Zero: There is only a short time before the full force of the Shadowscythe armada reaches this location.
    Sys-Zero: You will encounter resistance down there. Shadowscythe reconnaissance forces have already arrived.
    Sys-Zero: The fighting is extremely fierce. We are vastly outnumbered by this force.
    Sys-Zero: If we don't find out anything soon, then our orders are to destroy the asteroid and get out of here immediately!
    Sys-Zero: If the Shadowscythe want it so badly, then it can't be good...

    Watch Ending! (Unlocks after Boss Fight)
    Cutscene...Dragonoid breaks out of the asteroid and destroys the Shadowscythe Armada. Then comes over and talks to you.
    Dragonoid: <Character>, you fought with valor. You are not Shadowscythe.
    You: How do you know my name?
    Dragonoid: My auditory sensors can hear all frequencies, including your radio signals. I heard the entire battle.
    You: Are you a Dragon? How did you get stuck inside that asteroid?
    Dragonoid: That is history long past.... I am not a dragon. I was created by them as a weapon to use against the Shadowscythe.
    Dragonoid: 10000 years ago, Dragons were an incredibly advanced civilization.
    Dragonoid: They had established peace in their sector and dedicated themselves to the study of magic-science.
    Dragonoid: However, a terrible force known as Shadowscythe began a conquest of the universe.
    Dragonoid: It wasn't long before the Dragons and the Shadowscythe were embroiled in a war that lasted centuries.
    Dragonoid: The fighting took heavy tolls on both sides. Every Dragon victory was followed by a Shadowscythe victory.
    Dragonoid: Then, the Dragons created us, the Dragonoids. The Shadowscythe could not stop us.
    Dragonoid: There were 10 Dragonoids in total. Our forces pushed the Shadowscythe back to the border of their galaxy.
    Dragonoid: There was one Shadowscythe captain, Valoth, who figured out a way to stop the Dragonoids.
    Dragonoid: Since they could not destroy us, they encased us in crimson crystal and then sued an explosion that sent us drifting away.
    Dragonoid: They still couldn't defeat us. They were only able to crystallize five of us.
    Dragonoid: The remaining five learned to avoid the traps.
    Dragonoid: The final battle happened in a small star system called, Ligeia. The Shadowscythe soon realized that all was lost...
    Dragonoid: Unbeknownst to the Dragons, they had rigged a battlecruiser with powerful explosives and sent it into the sun.
    Dragonoid: The explosion was so strong, that it caused the sun to go supernova, destroying the entire system.
    Dragonoid: Realizing the Shadowscythe's plan at the last minuet, the Dragons activated the Hyper Ladder.
    Dragonoid: The Hyper Ladder was untested space travel technology. When they activated it, all Dragons vanished.
    Dragonoid: It had sent the entire race into another dimension. There was no winner in this war.
    Dragonoid: The Shadowscythe were so weakened afterwards, they had to return home to rebuild their civilization under Valoth's rule..
    Dragonoid: One Dragonoid was caught in the explosion and destroyed. I had drifted beyond out of the system by that time.
    Dragonoid: I have drifted through the universe ever since, collecting dust and debris... forming that asteroid..
    Dragonoid: The other four may still be drifting through space. I must find them. Perhaps our fates shall cross again.
    Dragonoid: Farewell, <Character>.

    In the Rec Room

    Talk to Starbuck:
    Starbuck: Oh! Hi, <Character>! Good luck out there on the Battlefield!
    After 20% Victories: Starbuck: This is tarting to get serious! I can't believe how vicious it is getting out there!
    After 30% Victories: Starbuck: I almost didn't make it back last time! Those new Shadowscythe units are very effective.
    After Boss Fight: Starbuck: You are a true Inspiration to our troops, <Character>. I salute you!

    Starbuck: Wow! That last battle was exciting! However, the fighting has been getting much tougher lately....
    Dooder: To think... Yesterday we were mere college students. Today, we are decorated soldiers!
    Sally: Well, I'd prefer to destroy that rock now and get out of here! We stand no chance against that armada!
    Dooder: Yeah, I think the strain of combat is having a negative effect on some soldiers' metal states...
    Dooder: Have you talked to River lately? She has been saying some pretty strange things...
    Sally: Yeah. She keeps staring out the window. Honestly, she's starting to make me a little nervous.
    Starbuck: The sooner we blow up that rock and get out of here, the better...
    Starbuck: Hey, <Character>! Maybe you should try to talk to River. None of us can figure out what she's talking about.

    Voices (Unlocks at 20% Victories)
    Starbuck: River kept wandering around the ship last night looking for something.
    Starbuck: When I asked her about it. She just said, "Shhh! Don't you hear"
    Sally: I'm really afraid for her. If she can't get it together, I don't think she'll make it through many more battles.
    Dooder: I'm worried about us! I hope she doesn't try to break the window or something crazy like that...

    Lost (Unlocks at 40% Victories)
    Sally: Last night, I found River huddled in the corner of the mecha bay. When I asked her how she was, she said, "Where am I?".
    Dooder: I think she's getting worse. Yesterday she kept asking me what year it was. She seems disoriented...
    Starbuck: Poor girl. I hope she snaps out of it soon.

    Crying (Unlocks at 60% Victories)
    Sally: Last night, River came into my quarters. Tears were running down her face. I feel so bad for her.
    Dooder: It's got to be that asteroid.... That thing gives me the creeps. I wonder if it's doing something to her.
    Starbuck: Poor River. I heard she barely survived her last combat mission. She fought a new type of unit called a Decimator
    Starbuck: It apparently destroyed her mecha in a single shot! As she escaped, her eject pod was hit.
    Starbuck: Luckily,the captian was able to teleport her out before the pod exploded!

    Screaming (Unlocks at 80% Victories)
    Sally: I got really freaked out when River ran screaming through this rec room. I think she's finally lost it completely.
    Dooder: Yeah. I heard that she needed to be sedated and spent the night in the brig.
    Starbuck: I heard Captain Sys-Zero took her off combat duty completely. It's too bad...
    Starbuck: Despite her troubles, she is still one of our best pilots. Her absence will be felt out there...
    Starbuck: <Character>, thanks for being such a good friend to her.
    Starbuck: I think she seems to calm down when she talks to you.

    Victory (Unlocks after Bossfight)
    Starbuck: <Character>, your battle against the Decimator was pure awesomesauce!
    Starbuck: It is so nice to see River smiling again!
    Sally: Everybody is smiling! We're going home, thanks to you, <Character>!
    Dooder: First thing I'm going to do when we get back is sink my teeth into a succulent slice of Mecharoni pizza!

    Talk to River:
    River: I can't sleep lately. My dreams have been getting more vivid... Something's down there. Something big...

    River: No one else believes me. Ever since we arrived her, I have been feeling something indescribable.
    River: It's kind of like waking up from a bad dream, but realizing that your are still dreaming...
    River: Next time you are out there, look deeply into the crystals... I'm sorry... Maybe it's nothing... You must think I'm crazy.

    Breathing (Unlocks at 20% Victories)
    River: Listen closely. Do you hear it? Sounds like someone or something is breathing.

    Dream (Unlocks at 40% Victories)
    River: I can't get this dream out of my head... I was floating in darkness... or was it pure light?
    River: No... It was spectrum of color that I cannot describe. A feeling of total... displacement.
    River: I was lost... voices surrounding me... saying, "We jumped out of time..."

    Treachery (Unlocks at 60% Victories)
    River: I.. I can't talk about it... Was it another dream? It was so real...
    River: A moment of great victory befouled by an act of pure hatred.... So many lives....lost...
    River: <Character>, I feel... sadness... It's like somehting is transmitting these emotions and images into my mind.
    River: I wish it would just stop!

    Ligeia (Unlocks at 80% Victories)
    River: I heard a voice last night. Someone screaming. "Ligeia!"!

    Relief (Unlocks after Bossfight)
    River: Now that the Dragonoid has escapedd the asteroid. My dreams have subsided.
    River: Sys-Zero Says that he thinks my experiences were caused by the huge mana-tech power source that powers it.
    River: The energy field must have crated an empathic link between me and the Dragonoid.
    River: But why was I the only one affected by it? At least I'm not crazy...
    River: Thank you for listening, <Character>! It means so much to me!

    Thanks to #13 and venturer90 for links.

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